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									                                                  Helsinki, November 14th, 2002

Application Procedures

For five days in April 2003 the PULMAN-XT Project arranges three training workshops
for Public Library Managers or Senior Librarians, from Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, and
Montenegro, Yugoslavia, to be hosted in three centres of excellence - Helsinki
(Finland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Veria (Greece)

Workshops take place in:
Helsinki 5-10.4.2003
Veria 12-17.4.2003
Ljubljana 5-10.4.2003

All workshops are held in English.

The purpose of the three training workshops is to provide training and first-hand
experience of new developments for Public Library Managers in countries or areas
where policies and implementation are less advanced. The purpose is also to
encourage 'multiplier' dissemination of findings by participants. The workshops will
focus on management, project management, ICT, communication, international co-
operation and new skills in librarianship, but shall touch upon topics such as public
service, special user groups and library buildings too.

Workshop participants must be Library Managers, future managers, Senior Librarians or
policymakers. The three workshops hold 33 participants all together i.e. 11 participants
for each library destination. Each applicant must make a prioritised list of destinations.

Selection of Participants:
The following criteria apply
- Participants' English language skills must be sufficient to enable participation without
- Participants must be Library Managers, Senior Librarians future managers or policy
- Participants must generally take an interest in international co-operation
Application form:
On the application form applicants must state educational level, work experience, areas
of professional interest and any prior participation in national or international activities of
relevance. Furthermore he or she must include a plan or schedule for future publicizing
of workshop experiences and learnings. On the last day of the workshop participants
must fill out an evaluation form that will form the basis of a future report about the three
workshops. In addition participants are obligated to write a short (min. 2 pages) report in
English for publishing on the PULMAN website.

Travel and Funding:
The Training Workshops receives financial support from the PULMAN-XT Project.
A grant of up to 200 Euro can be assigned to each participant for travel expenses if the
price in total exceeds this amount. Apex tickets must be used if travelling by flight.
Participation, accommodation and meals are funded by the PULMAN-XT project.
Refunding of travel expenses requires documentation i.e. invoices or copy of travel
tickets. Travel expenses exceeding the amount of 200 Euro plus expenses for private
sightseeing and miscellaneous (phone, beverages etc.) cannot be refunded by the
PULMAN-XT Project. Applicants should be aware of any national requirements of visa
for destination countries.

Country Co-ordinators are requested to distribute the tree workshop programmes and
application forms to interested parties. Each country, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and
Montenegro, can apply for 3 participants. Programmes and application forms are also
available on the PULMAN website:

Application deadline: 10 January 2003

Application forms must be mailed to:

Helsinki City Library
Kristina Virtanen
P.O.BOX 4100
FIN-00099 City of Helsinki
Fax +358-9-310 85434
Tel: +358-9-310 85313

Helsinki, Finland: Kristina Virtanen, e-mail:
Ljubljana, Slovenia: Breda Karun, e-mail:
Veria, Greece: Ioannis Trohopoulos, e-mail:

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