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Problem Solving entry slip


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									  Williamson County Schools

                           HONORS COURSE PORTFOLIO

                              ENTRY SLIP FOR OPTION #8
  (To be completed by the student when submitting work to the portfolio)

Honors component (Option #8):
Extensive opportunities for problem solving experiences through imagination, critical analysis, and application


Algebra students use their problem-solving skills all through the course. This sampling
shows students using their skills to connect some concepts learned in Algebra 1 with an
application in Geometry.

Content Criteria: the problem solving experience will:
       extend and/or link to a course content standard or enhance the depth of student understanding within the
       demonstrate skills and knowledge gained in the course and applied to the problem,
       provide evidence of the thinking and thought/problem-solving processes that were applied during the
        exploration of and solution of the problem, and
       present evidence of solutions/conclusions with supporting evidence and/or justification in an appropriate

Select one for portfolio submission per semester; problems must have prior approval by

Reflection (What I Learned—guiding questions):
How did this problem solving experience impact your thinking and understanding? How did it challenge or strengthen your
understanding of the course content? How does the problem solving connect with course content? What further problems
does the assignment cause you to think about? Why did you choose these particular problems? Explain how knowledge,
understanding, and skills gained from this assignment will impact your future.

  Pilot Year 3 2008-2009

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