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                                     is the European subsidiary of the American

based AVX Corporation, which is the world‟s leading supplier of electronic

     For more than forty years, AVX has been involved in the research,
development and manufacture of ceramic based components for the electronics
industry and is now one of the most successful components manufacturers in the

The AVX product portfolio to includes:

    Tantalum capacitors, where it is now the largest supplier worldwide with
    40% market share.
    Power Capacitors
    Timing devices
    Specialized Military and Space products.

      Supplying a complete spectrum of passive and interconnection products to
just about every major electronics company, AVX has a global turnover in excess
of US $ 1300M. As a respected part of the highly successful Kyocera Group of
Companies, AVX Limited has complete responsibility for the marketing of AVX;
Kyocera; Elco and Thompson brands throughout Europe.

     Working intensely to establish an excellent reputation for providing high
quality products, AVX seeks to develop interactive relationships and regularly
consults with customers to help forge the link between R&D and the real world
market place. More formal partnerships also exist and move forward the
technology development process, the aim being to reduce the total procurement
costs to the benefit of all concerned.

      AVX products are used in virtually every electronics based product
manufactured today. From computing through telecoms to the automotive and
aerospace industries, there is virtually no major manufacturer with whom we do
not trade.

      Greenville, South Carolina


           Myrtle Beach          Ontario       Texas          Arizona
           Washington           Maine        Minnesota        Indiana
           California           Brazil


      Fleet, Hampshire, England


   Fleet      Jerusalem          Milan       Munich         Paris




   Singapore         Hong Kong           Korea       Taiwan
          China        Malaysia


             China        Czech Republic

     El Salvador       Israel

    Germany          Japan         Korea         Malaysia

    Mexico      Northern Ireland

    Singapore         USA
1922 Radiola Wireless Corporation was born in a tiny shop on 17th Street in New
     York City.

1924 The founders of the Radiola Wireless Corporation sold the name “Radiola” to
     a set manufacturer and coined the name “Aerovox” which means „voice of the

1948 Electrical Reactance started operations in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

1949 Aerovox acquires Electrical Reactance as a Ceramic Capacitor manufacturing

1961 Multi-Layer Ceramic (MLC) capacitor technology becomes established.

1972 AVX Corporation was incorporated on 24th April 1972 manufacturing Multi-
     Layer Ceramic capacitors as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aerovox

1976 AVX Limited formed to meet European market needs.

1977 El Salvador; San Salvador manufacturing facility starts production.

1978 AVX Limited opens its first European manufacturing facility in Coleraine,
     Northern Ireland.

1983 Juarez, Mexico manufacturing facility starts production.

1987 AVX expands its product line to include „Tantalum‟ and „Glass‟ capacitors by
     acquiring the Tantalum operations of STC, and the Glass capacitor operations
     of the Corning Glass Works.

1990 AVX Corporation merges with the “Kyocera Corporation”, a Japanese
     conglomerate manufacturer of a wide range of high technology products
     including ceramic cutting tools, thermal print heads, heating elements,
     resistors and solar cells, amongst many others.

1996 AVX Limited announces a £46 million investment to expand production at its
     Coleraine facility. This provided a materials development suite and a suite of
     clean-room facilities using latest clean-room technology.

1997 Another European manufacturing facility opens in Uherske Hradiste in the
     Czech Republic as a satellite division of the Coleraine facility. Concentrating
     on the „Testing‟ and „Packing‟ operations previously based in Coleraine this
     development reduced the overall manufacturing costs and enables the
     Coleraine facility to concentrate on the fabrication processes and development
     of new more added value products.

          For many years AVX has provided the backbone of technological support for
            the burgeoning telecoms market. As technologies moved from analogue to
               digital our fast developing expertise in passive components has helped
               provide reliable and cost effective telecommunications to both business
              and the family. Sophisticated mobile telephony, fast and secure PABX‟s
and a myriad of networking products are all now well within reach. From the newest
satellite telephones to the most complex telephone exchanges, the reliability of
AVX‟s components help to ensure direct, immediate communication – guaranteed!!

                Computing serves the needs of many in the world today. Entire ICT
                     strategies rely upon the thousands of capacitors, resistors, fuses,
                     timing devices and connectors that contribute to the reliable
                      operation of the modern PC. The Company accounts running
solely     on        computer, the business executive on the move, a teaching aid in
the classroom or at home, all of our lives in one way or another are enhanced by

                        Almost everything we buy is reliant upon automotive
                        transport – for the transport of fresh food from farm to
                     market; business people to meetings; expectant mothers to
          hospital. The modern engine must be economical and environmentally
friendly – only possible through superb digital electronics and reliable components.
Nobody wants an accident to happen, but if it does happen, safety devices such as the
airbag and anti-lock brake systems (ABS) save lives. Microelectronics waiting to
function – The accident happens – The electronics function. – The life is saved.

                                AEROSPACE & DEFENCE
                                With some of the highest specifications of all markets,
                            the Aerospace & Defence industries provide some of the
      greatest challenges for AVX. Mission critical equipment subjected to extremely
high speed, incredible acceleration, severe vibration and extreme temperatures – the
cost of component failure is almost incalculable. Satellites and space travel are no
longer futuristic concepts, but in the big money world of today‟s launches there is no
room for failure. „Ariane‟ uses 1,000‟s of advanced capacitors from AVX – each one
critical in its operation.
                       AND CONSUMER
                          Involvement in almost every part of the Medical; Industrial
                          instrumentation and Consumer market place is assured by
                          AVX‟s superb reputation with components in everything
                       from televisions and camcorders; processing equipment and
scientific instrumentation to hand-held games consoles. Helping improve the quality
of life through miniaturisation and reliability enhancement, AVX components are
found in the enormous range of micro-health appliances that can be used to benefit
life in just about any environment. Unobtrusive hearing aids and heart monitoring
devices demonstrate supreme reliability in diverse medical applications where many
of us take the idea of supreme electronic component reliability for granted.
MIS Organisation in AVX
Worldwide             100 people

Coleraine             18 people       12 Development 6 Operations & Tech Support

Currently there are two major sales and logistics data centres, Greenville, S.C. serving
the Americas and Coleraine N.I. servicing Europe and Asia

IT Systems
In Coleraine all critical business applications run on IBM I-Series (aka AS400) or
Windows Servers. These include:-

I-series based manufacturing application servicing both the MLC and Elco divisions
of the company based in both Coleraine and the Czech Rep

Core Sales Order Processing and Logistics application running on an IBM i-series
supported by:-
Lotus Notes based CRM module.
Windows Server based XML, RosettaNet and EDI Server (WebMethods).
I-Series based Corporate Extranet Site for Customers, Distributors and Agents.
WiFi enabled warehouse-tracking system.

Windows Server based data warehouse and analysis database

This platform is now being developed as a unified Sales Order Processing and
Logistics application supporting all of Europe and Asia. Ultimately the goal is to
expand it to be a global application supporting all of AVX worldwide

This system will deliver 24 x 7 operation, to AVX Sales Groups (both internal and
external) and shipping functions throughout the entire AVX worldwide operation.
The GSOP platform will be a multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country, multi-
time zone application supporting AVX‟s interface with its global customer base of
blue-chip electronic companies.

These companies are at the leading edge of factory management and logistic
techniques and expect world-class response, flexibility and reliability from their

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