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					                           Curriculum Vitae

I.     SURNAME, NAME             De Lira, Idevaldo Antonio

                                 +49 173 17 19 636

III.   DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH   October 18th 1977 in
                                 Osasco/SP - Brazil

IV.    NATIONALITY               Brazilian

V.     MARITAL STATUS            Married

VI.    CURRENT RESIDENCE         Stuttgart, Germany

VII.   HIGHEST RELEVANT          • Graduated in Mathematics (BSc) in Universidade
       QUALIFICATIONS              São Judas Tadeu (São Paulo / Brazil)
                                 • Technical degree in Electronics/Data Processing
                                 • Microsoft Certified (Solution Developer) – 1996
                                 • Siebel Certified – 1999

VIII. LANGUAGES                  •   Portuguese: mother tongue
                                 •   English: fluent
                                 •   Spanish: fluent
                                 •   German: good
                                 •   French: basic

IX.    SUMMARY                   Eleven years of IT experience, mainly in financial,
                                 telecommunications and energy industries in
                                 several countries. Design, development and
                                 maintenance of business applications. Advanced
                                 knowledge on several databases and programming
                                 Six years experience in implementation,
                                 configuration and maintenance of CRM using
                                 Siebel Enterprise Applications, also for different
                                 industries and countries.

X.     IT EXPERIENCE             Languages: .NET, CSharp, Java, VB, Oracle
                        All Microsoft (Windows family)
                                 Databases: Relational databases, Microsoft
                                             Access, SQL-Server, Oracle; High
                                             Oracle skills, from installation,
                                             administration, performance tuning.
                                 Others:     Siebel (5, 6 and 7), COM, PL/SQL,
                                             Microsoft Office family

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XI.      SIEBEL EXPERIENCE                  Specific Siebel main skills:

                                            • Overall Siebel Project lifecycle;
                                            • CRM processes within Siebel in all stages;
                                            • Advanced configuration using Siebel Tools;
                                            • Environment set-up and administration:
                                              installation, seed-data maintenance;
                                            • EIM and eAI;
                                            • Assignment Manager;
                                            • Siebel Anywhere, client installation;
                                            • Siebel Remote;
                                            • Scripting with Siebel VB or eScript. COM
                                              integration between Siebel and External
                                            • Use of Business Services and Virtual Business
                                            • .COM Applications;
                                            • CTI
                                            • Server Installation and Administration
                                            • Siebel Workflow

XII.     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (in descending chronology)

      KC-Holding – Stuttgart (Germany)                               (Oct.2004 – Jan.2006)

         KC-Holding provides real estate funds to around 85,000 clients. These funds are
      based on real estate investments located in Germany, the USA and Switzerland.

         The purpose of the project was originally Consulting, Migration, Training and
      Support, in order to help their small IT department team who was working without
      being really structured and often led to errors and unnecessary time consuming
      tasks, leading us afterwards to the management of several projects with the main
      goal to analyze and reorganize the processes, so that solutions could be offered,
      developed and implemented with increased productivity and reduced costs.

          Perhaps the most important part of these projects was the realization of a new
      module for the investor's profits calculation. After a complete analysis, the new
      calculation module was developed using an Oracle Database for the data and
      programs (SQL, PL/SQL, Java), and Oracle JDeveloper/JHeadstart for the web interface.
      It is now being used in a production environment, importing/exporting data from
      their old DBase files. The Client is now thinking about a SAP implementation as Funds
      Administration system, integrating the new module.

         KC-Holding has an existing DBase system that was migrated to a system called
      Angarde working with Oracle database. Old system's analysis were done and all data
      analysis, data cleaning and data conversion created to perform the data migration
      and the development of new functionalities through SQL, PL/SQL and self-developed
      importing tools.
         KC-Holding has also an existing Siebel 2000 eSales prototype application that was
      developed to satisfy user needs including interfaces with Angarde.
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   Training and support were provided for developers and key-users at KC-Holding
during every phase of the project: Analysis, Data Mapping, Data Migration, Data
Cleaning, Development, Configuration and Rollout.

   Technology used: Oracle Database 10g, Oracle JDeveloper 10g, Oracle JHeadstart
10g, SQL and PL/SQL, Java, Siebel, VB and VBA.

Telemar – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)                              (Jun.2004 – Sep.2004)

   Implementation of a Siebel 7.5 eCommunications solution, for the wireline division
of this telecommunications company. Focus on design and provision of business
solution for Opportunities, Revenues, Quotes, Contracts and Proposals. Transfer of
Siebel knowledge for trainees.
   Main objectives are to avoid at maximum the usage of coding (for future
migrations), so for that we focused in advanced configuration and resources like
Workflows, Action Sets, Personalization, Validation Rules and Assignment Manager.
Successful rollout beginning of September 2004.

Oi – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)                                              (May.2004)

   This was a very short assignment, where I brought my Siebel expertise to help
Accenture in building a prototype to achieve an integration between Siebel,
Mainframe (using Applinx) and local web applications. The core of the integration is
CCF (a .NET Application owned by Microsoft and Accenture), and the main idea is to
have a few Siebel Views showing data from legacy applications. Also keeping Siebel
with minimum configuration, and integration intelligence inside the .NET application.
Building of .NET WebServices to allow Mainframe and Siebel access for data retrieve.
   The subject of the prototype is: The company is a telecom, which have their wire
line division are still using mainframe, and wireless division using Siebel. An on-going
Siebel project is taking place for the wire line division, but in the meantime, they
would like to have a single call-center for both divisions, and the call-center will be
based on the Siebel platform. Then comes the need to have Siebel integrating data
with legacy applications.

White Martins (Praxair Inc.) – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)         (Nov.2001 – Apr.2004)

   This is a Siebel 2000 project for Call Center and Sales Force Automation,
developed together with Accenture. The back office runs with JD Edwards, and
interfaces with WebMethods. Brazilian local branch of the Praxair Inc, an American
company of Natural Resources and Energy.

   This industry involves several business rules that should be handled within Siebel,
demanding a great quantity of development for configuration and interfaces. My main
responsibilities were to provide definitions for the most complex entities, like
Accounts, Contracts, Orders, Prices and Invoices, and also build and implement them.

   Initial data-load using home-developed applications using COM integration, and
EIM. Development of several PL-SQL procedures to convert and process data for

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   Knowledge transfer and support for the team at technical and process levels, as
they had a young group, most of them in their first Siebel project. Adviser for
development, best practices, implementing and roll-out, which started on November
2003 and was done in five steps with 2-3 months gaps between them.

Siemens – Buenos Aires (Argentina)                           (Jun.2001 – Oct.2001)

   Extension of their solution: migration to Siebel 2000 and functionality expansion.
Addition of new modules (Siebel Anywhere, Assessments and Projects). Aggregation
of 70 new users with the objective to cover the whole sales and post-sales on
communications division. Massive campaigns with CTI integration and SmartScripts.

   Support for the started project in Mexico, that was based on the Argentine
repository with minor changes for some of the existing interfaces and configuration.

   Implementation for Siemens Chile, which shares the same application and database
of the Argentine solution.

Siemens – Caracas (Venezuela)                                           (May.2001)

   Their project was based on the Argentine project (using a changed template and
Spanish version). Minor changes on a few interfaces and configuration to comply their
needs. Set-up of Development, Test, Training and Production environments. Also a
few Actuate reports changes. Rollout successful.

Fujitsu-Siemens – Munich (Germany)                           (Oct.2000 – Apr.2001)

   Another project working together with Accenture to develop a pan-European
solution using Siebel 2000. The system was using five different languages and
multiple currencies. Focus on features like eChannel, eConfigurator, Marketing
campaigns, Proposal Generator and Pricing. Interfaces with their local SAP system
using EIM and EAI. Also EIM and PL/SQL procedures to prepare the initial data-load
using EIM.

Siemens – Buenos Aires (Argentina)                           (May.2000 – Sep.2000)

   Implementation of Siebel 99 (Analysis, infrastructure, development, training) for
the IC (Information and Communications) division.

    My key role was to lead the Process and development team, composed by other
five members. Focus on new features not included in the “Reference Solution” –
standard template developed by Siemens-Accenture, see info below – like Smart Scripts
and Quota Management. Interfaces with SAP using EIM.

   During this project, I supported the rollout of this template in Malaysia and
Australia (implemented without changes from the original template), and the first
analysis for implementation in Venezuela.

Siemens Ltda – Sao Paulo (Brazil)                            (Mar.1997 – Apr.2000)

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   Development of legacy Visual Basic 4.0/5.0 with SQL Server applications (Analysis,
developments, tests and implementation). Extensive use of COM integration.

   These applications were responsible to control the entire process from back office
and sales. The sales systems were replaced by Siebel, and back office systems were
replaced by SAP.

   Implementing, configuration and supporting of Siebel 99.
   Specific Siebel tasks: Siebel installation, configuration using Siebel Tools, EIM,
Siebel Anywhere, Siebel VB and on-line integration between Siebel and Visual Basic
applications using COM objects.

   Worked together with Siemens AG (IC-Information and Communications division)
and Accenture in a Siebel Project called “Reference Solution”, which objective was the
creation of a Siebel template, "ready-to-run" to be implemented at others Siemens
Local Companies. This template was successfully finished in April 2000 and was also
adapted and implemented at the Siemens Brazilian office.

Disoft Sistemas – Sao Paulo (Brazil)                          (Aug.1995 – Feb.1997)

   Development and maintenance of Visual Basic 3.0 with Access, SQL Server and
Sybase relational databases.

   These applications are designed for finance use, customer credit area, for example
Leasing calculations. Some clients of this company were banks like HSBC, Lloyds Bank,
Citibank, Bank of Boston etc.

   Renovation and migration of these applications from Visual Basic for DOS to VB
3.0. (Developments, tests and implementation).

DIMEP – Sao Paulo (Brazil)                                    (Feb.1994 – Aug.1995)

   Test and maintenance of electronic circuits. This company works with security
access control, like security doors/gates with magnetic or bar-code cards. These
equipments are controlled by PC's using serial communication and assembly codes.

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