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              Where does business agility come from?
              What competitive advantage does it offer?
              Which products and vendors deliver it?

              AND WEB SERVICES:
              Optimizing Your Enterprise Nervous System
               The Westin Century Plaza Hotel and Spa. Los   Angeles, California
June 17 – 19, 2002   1 800 778 1997 or +1 203 316 6757
         Insight. Advice. Solutions.
         All from expert Gartner analysts who have seen the application integration future.

APPLICATION INTEGRATION                                        AND         Web SERVICES
June 17 – 19, 2002                                                                     Now more than ever, the stakes are high for application integration and Web
                                                                                       services. The infrastructure is evolving. Capabilities are expanding. New
                                                                                       vendors are emerging. And everybody expects near-term payback on every
                                                                                       dollar spent. How can you be sure you’re making the right move? Where can
                                                                                       you find the help you need? At the one application integration conference that
contents                                                                               sets the standard for all the others, Gartner Application Integration and Web
                                                                                       Services: Optimizing Your Enterprise Nervous System. After just two-and-a-
SPECIAL FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . .2
                                                                                       half days, you’ll take away all the information you need to thrive in today’s
CONFERENCE AGENDA . . . . . . . .3                                                     volatile business atmosphere, including:
SESSION DESCRIPTIONS . . . . . . .4                                                      • What technology trends and technical advances you must incorporate into
                                                                                           your own application integration planning and deployment
CORPORATE SPONSORS . . . . . . .9                                                        • How application integration can support Web enablement, customer rela-
CONFERENCE INFORMATION . . .10                                                             tionship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM)
                                                                                         • Which vendors will survive the inevitable – and ongoing – industry shake-
REGISTRATION FORM . . . . . . . . .11
                                                                                           out, and which won’t
Premier Sponsors                                                                         • How competing middleware products compare, and how to evaluate their
                                                                                           true business value to your organization
                                                                                         • How .Net and J2EE software platforms will change the nature of the enter-
                                                                                           prise network
                                                                                         • How to ensure return on investment and long-term competitive advantage
Corporate Sponsors                                                                         for your business
                                                                                         • What other enterprises are doing, and what quantifiable business results
                                                                                           were achieved
                                                                                         • How Web services, XML, open standards and other new technologies are
                                                                                           changing best practices in application integration design and management

                                                                                       You’ll leave with an “A” list of leading integration vendors.
                                                                                       If you’re planning an integration or Web services project, you can’t afford to
                                                                                       miss our newly expanded vendor and product sessions – designed to help
                                                                                       you identify, select and evaluate appropriate tools and providers through
                                                                                       hands-on demonstrations by knowledgeable vendor representatives. The
                                                                                       bottom line? You’ll see more leading vendors at one event than you’ll see all
                                                                                       year – and get an important head start on your purchasing decisions.

IT Vendor Demonstrators
AltoWeb                                    Silverstream Software
Hexware Technologies                       Sonic Software
Jacada Inc.                                WRQ, Inc.                                    WHAT IS THE ENTERPRISE NERVOUS SYSTEM?
SEAGULL                                    Grand Central
                                                                                        The new foundation for business processes, Web services, customer
Media Sponsors                                                                          relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM),
                                                                                        and other key e-business enablers, the Enterprise Nervous System
                                                                                        (ENS) is the underlying network, application architecture and
                                                                                        standards that glue together multiple business units and their data,
                                                                                        applications and processes. Gartner forecasts that building a rational
                                                                                        ENS architecture is the single biggest IT challenge – and opportunity –
                                                                                        of 2002, and for those organizations that succeed, will result in
Sponsor List current as of March 4, 2002                                                significant cost reduction and business growth.
The presence and contributions of “Premier Sponsor,” “Corporate Sponsor,” “IT Vendor
Demonstrator” and “Media Partner” organizations at this event does not constitute in
any way endorsement by Gartner of those organizations or their products.
Special Features

 Who should attend…            … and why.                    SPECIAL CONFERENCE FEATURES THAT
                                                             ARE OURS ALONE.
 • IT/IS executives            In just two-and-a-half        Real-world Case Studies
 • Strategists                 days, attendees will          Now more than ever, you need application integration solutions that work –
 • Directors                   leverage Gartner’s proven     at a cost that can be justified. You’ll find them in Gartner’s exclusive
 • Project managers            application integration and   case studies – documented and detailed illustrations of successful
 • Leaders                     Web services expertise to:    implementations that clearly illustrate what works, what doesn’t, and why.
 • Architects                  • Lower costs                 Facilitated Peer Networking
 • Integration specialists                                   Trade scenarios, exchange ideas and share concerns with your peers
                               • Streamline business
 • Planners                                                  about today’s most important integration and Web services topics – all with
                                 processes                   the guidance of experienced Gartner experts.
 • Systems integrators
 • Technical services          • Build and maintain
                                                             Pre-conference Middleware Tutorial
   managers                      relationships
                                                             Master the terms, trends and technologies of middleware – the key enabler
 and anyone in your            • Increase productivity       of today’s application integration and Web services – at our special Sunday
                                                             evening tutorial, Middleware 101. We’ll explore how middleware is used
 organization responsible
                                                             for multi-tier application deployment, how integration and distributed
 for selecting, planning, or                                 applications differ, the role of middleware in Web services, and much more.
 implementing integration
 solutions or Web services –                                 Vendor Case Study Panels
                                                             Gartner conference attendees want to learn how vendors help their clients
 within the enterprise or in
                                                             solve critical Application Integration and Web services issues. In the Vendor
 a business-to-business                                      Case Study Panels each vendor will have the opportunity to present one of
 environment.                                                their very best client case studies. Each vendor will outline:
                                                               • The business issues that initiated the project
                                                               • Details of the actual project
                                                               • The solutions the vendor provided
                                                               • Specific business results that were attributed to
     “The conventional network                                   the implementation
     is mutating into an Enterprise                          Gartner analysts will moderate the panels and session participants will be
     Nervous System (ENS), where                             encouraged to ask challenging questions of the vendors regarding the case
                                                             studies involved.
     the network is as intelligent as
                                                             One-on-One meetings with Gartner analysts
     the applications that run on it.”                       Our exclusive one-on-one analyst consultations provide invaluable advice
                      — Roy Schulte, Gartner                 on the best integration strategies, tactics and technology investments for
                                                             your organization – all in private, solutions-driven sessions that yield
                                                             immediate results.
                                                             One-on-Ones are available exclusively to clients who are paid, registered conference
                                                             attendees. Non-clients or clients provided with complimentary attendance to the
                                                             conference are not eligible for these sessions. Look for more details in your
                                                             confirmation package.
 FREE TO EVERY ATTENDEE: GARTNER’S                           Corporate Sponsor Showcase Reception
                                                             You won’t want to miss our Corporate Sponsor Showcase – hands-on
                                                             product demonstrations conducted by knowledgeable vendor
                                                             representatives. For more information about becoming a Corporate
 Each of our attendees will receive a complimentary          Sponsor or exhibitor, contact Michelle Castonguay at +1 203 316 3068
 copy of Gartner’s updated edition of “Introduction          or e-mail michelle.castonguay@gartner.com.
 to Middleware Vendors and Products” report, a
 summary of the latest positioning of over 100
                                                             Sponsor Workshops
                                                             Our Corporate Sponsors will offer workshops to discuss their best
 leading application integration vendors. This valuable
                                                             practices and introduce their products and solutions – the perfect
 report, not available anywhere else, covers each            opportunity to experience your options before you buy.
 major category of middleware – important reference
 material for anyone planning an IT purchase.

Register today at www.gartner.com/us/eai or call 1 800 778 1997 or +1 203 316 6757                                                                  2
Agenda at a Glance
Sunday, June 16, 2002
4.00 pm – 7.00 pm       Pre-Registration
4.30 pm – 5.30 pm       Middleware 101: Technology Tutorial
5.45 pm – 6.45 pm       The CIO Agenda: Leading the IT-Enabled Business

Monday, June 17, 2002
7.00 am   – 6.30 pm Registration
7.00 am    – 6.30 pmCorporate Sponsor Consultation Area
6.45 am   – 8.00 am Continental Breakfast
8.00 am   – 8.30 am Welcome and Conference Introduction
8.30 am   – 9.30 am GENERAL SESSION: The Enterprise Nervous System Changes Everything
                    TRACK SESSIONS Tracks A, B, C and D run concurrently
                    Track A: Web Services               Track B: Management Issues          Track C: Enterprise Nervous                      Track D: Business Activity
                                                                                                     System                                           Monitoring (BAM)
10.00 am – 11.00 am J2EE, .NET and Web Services:        The Missing Link: IT Indicators for
                    Software Architectures For The New Business Value (B1)
                    Enterprise (A1)
11.15 am – 12.15 pm Web Services Scenario: Integration                                                                                       Business Activity Monitoring Scenario:
                    And Much More (A2)                                                                                                       The New Competitive Advantage (D2)
12.15 pm – 1.45 pm Attendee Lunch and Corporate Sponsor Showcase Dessert Reception
1.45 pm – 2.45 pm Service-Oriented Development: How Guidelines for Successful
                    and Why It Will Work (A3)           Implementation Projects (B3)
3.00 pm – 3.45 pm Sponsor Workshops
4.00 pm – 4.45 pm Sponsor Workshops
5.00 pm – 6.00 pm GENERAL SESSION: World Without Secrets
6.00 pm – 8.00 pm Corporate Sponsor Showcase Reception

Tuesday, June 18, 2002
7.00 am – 6.00 pm   Registration
7.00 am – 6.00 pm   Corporate Sponsor Consultation Area
7.00 am – 8.00 am   Networking Breakfast
                    TRACK SESSIONS: Tracks A, B, and C run concurrently
8.00 am – 9.00 am Portals: Gaining Advantage from                                                 IS Architecture: New Approaches that
                    Web-Focused Integration (A4)                                                  Encompass Integration (C4)
9.15 am – 10.15 am Application Server Scenario: Battle of                                         Integration Software: Selection Criteria
                    the Platforms (A5)                                                            and Vendor Positioning (C5)
10.30 am – 11.30 am Vendor Case Study Panels
11.30 am – 1.00 pm Attendee Lunch and Corporate Sponsor Showcase Dessert Reception
1.00 pm – 2.00 pm Integrating Legacy With the Web:        Case Study: The Enterprise              Business Process Management:
                    Nothing Created, Nothing Destroyed, Nervous System in Action (B6)             Application Integration’s Guiding
                    Everything Transformed (A6)                                                   Light (C6)
2.15 pm – 3.15 pm XML Scenario: Good Progress But         Application Integration and             Rules Will Do Just That: Rule (C7)
                    Big Holes Remain (A7)                 Middleware:The Worldwide Market (B7)
3.30 pm – 4.30 pm Extending the Enterprise Nervous        Finding Integration Skills to Implement Disaster Recovery in an Integrated
                    System to Your Trading Partners (A8) an Enterprise Nervous System (B8)        Enterprise (C8)
4.45 pm – 5.30 pm Sponsor Workshops
5.30 pm – 8.30 pm Hospitality Suite Event

Wednesday, June 19, 2002
7.30 am – 8.30 am       Breakfast With The Analysts
                        TRACK SESSIONS: Tracks B, C, and D run concurrently
8.30 am – 9.30 am                                                                       Packaged Applications: Applying Your Data Warehouses and Operational
                                                                                        Integration Strategy (C9)            Data Stores: Where they Fit in BAM
9.45 am – 10.45 am                               Building the Business Case for         On The Road: Mobile Middleware for Business Intelligence: Analytics for the
                                                 Application Integration (B10)          Nomadic Business (C10)               Modern Enterprise (D10)
11.00 am – 12.00 pm GENERAL SESSION PANEL: Conclusions and Projections: Integration From 2002-2006
12.00 pm            Conference Adjourns

                                                                                             Check the Web for the latest additions to the agenda!

About Gartner
Gartner is the premier provider of technology and business research and advisory services. Leading companies worldwide use
our insight to build, guide and grow their businesses. With more than 20 years of experience, 1,400 research analysts and
consultants in more than 80 locations worldwide, Gartner helps companies make smart decisions, recognize and seize new
opportunities and move their businesses in the right direction.

Session Descriptions
   Sunday June 16, 2002                               DAY 1                                              (A1) J2EE, .NET and
                                                      Monday June 17, 2002                               Web Services: Software
   Middleware 101:
                                                                                                         Architectures For the
   Technology Tutorial                                GENERAL SESSION
   Jess Thompson, research director, Gartner
                                                                                                         New Enterprise
                                                                                                         Yefim Natis, vice president and research director,
   Middleware is a key enabler in modern              The Enterprise Nervous                             Gartner
   integration and Web services solutions,            System Changes Everything                          New applications depend on the
   but the technology is dynamic and the              Roy Schulte, vice president and research fellow,
                                                      Gartner                                            existing enterprise data and
   terminology ambiguous. This optional                                                                  transactions. Which modern
                                                      Enterprises are migrating to a
   tutorial presentation provides a                                                                      architecture (J2EE, .NET, Web services
                                                      fundamentally new way of organizing
   middleware taxonomy, explains its                                                                     or another) is the best fit to meet
                                                      computer systems and business
   components and investigates the                                                                       enterprise requirements for agility,
                                                      processes, but many are unaware they
   trends in middleware products.                                                                        scalability, integration and access?
                                                      are making this shift. The traditional
     • How does middleware used for                   boundaries between applications are                  • What will be the technology evolution
       deploying multi-tier, distributed              fading as interactions increase and                    and business case for J2EE?
       applications differ from that used to          functions are packaged into reusable                 • What will be the technology evolution
       integrate applications? Can a single           software services. The conventional                    and business case for .NET?
       product be used for both?                      network is morphing into an enterprise               • Will Web services supersede today’s
     • What will be the key integration               nervous system (ENS) where the                         application integration architectures?
       middleware trends during the next              network is as intelligent as the
       five years?                                    applications.                                      (A2) Web Services Scenario:
     • What types of middleware will be                 • How will software design and acqui-            Integration and Much More
                                                                                                         Daryl Plummer, group vice president and
       used to deploy Web services and                    sition practices change as IS man-             research group director, Gartner
       how will that differ from software                 agers seek to implement the “agile”            Web services products and concepts
       that makes use of Web services?                    enterprise?                                    permeate the industry, bringing new
   The CIO Agenda: Leading in                           • If the “network is the computer,”              technologies and, equally importantly,
   the IT-Enabled Business                                what will make the enterprise net-             new business models. Web services are
   Ellen Kitzis, group vice president, EXP, Gartner       works of the next five years different         poised to catalyze the creation of new
   The new business agenda means CIOs                     from those of the past five years?             markets and have significant impact on
   must deliver long-term e-enablement                  • How can enterprises extract prag-              many existing areas of IT, including
   and short-term opportunities.                          matic value from the enterprise nerv-          application integration.
   Additionally, they must understand the                 ous system and avoid the pitfalls of             • What are Web services and how will
   key business objectives driving their IT               excessive promises and hype?                       they affect software development
   management and technology strategies.                                                                     and deployment?
   This presentation examines the Top 10              TRACK SESSIONS
                                                      (Please note: Tracks A – D run concurrently)         • How will Web services evolve over
   Priorities of today’s CIOs as well as:                                                                    the next five years?
     • How will business dynamics                     TRACK A: WEB SERVICES
                                                                                                           • How will Web services impact soft-
       reshape CIO agendas?                           Web services represent a rethinking of
                                                                                                             ware markets?
                                                      the concept of business components,
     • What will be the continuing priorities
                                                      built on a foundation of a few popular
       for CIOs?
                                                      XML-based standards including SOAP,
     • How will CIOs deliver on multiple
                                                      WSDL and UDDI. This track covers the
                                                      concept, the promise, the limitations
                                                      and the best practices in this crucial
                                                      development in software design and

Register today at www.gartner.com/us/eai or call 1 800 778 1997 or +1 203 316 6757                                                                            4
Session Descriptions
    (A3) Service-Oriented                          • How can managers identify a trail of        dashboards and other alerting
    Development: How and                             evidence linking business value to IT       mechanisms and improve business
    Why it Will Work                                 value indicators?                           processes.
    Daryl Plummer, group vice president and        • How can IS managers communicate               • How will BAM and the Enterprise
    research group director, Gartner
                                                     the business value of IS?                       Nervous System come together to
    The emergence of Web services and                                                                deliver business benefit?
    service-oriented architecture is driving     (B3) Guidelines for Successful
                                                                                                   • Who are the BAM vendors and from
    a new style of development. Service-         Implementation Projects
                                                 Gary Long, vice president, Gartner
                                                                                                     which sectors will they emerge?
    Oriented Development of Applications
    (SODA) helps build applications in a         Most IS managers understand that                  • What will be the technical foundation
    service-oriented world. As components        good application integration takes more             of a BAM strategy?
    become services, developers will require     than just buying middleware and tools,
                                                                                                 GENERAL SESSION
    new Integrated Service Environments to       but they may be unclear on how to get
    build the next generation of software.       started. This presentation summarizes           World Without Secrets
                                                 the practical, step-by-step issues              Richard Hunter (Author of the upcoming book
      • How will Service-Oriented                                                                “World Without Secrets”), vice president and
        Development of Applications impact       involved, with special attention to the         director of research, GartnerG2
        development of Web services and          first integration project. We provide
        future applications?                     readiness checklists as an aid for
                                                 project planning.
      • How can Integrated Services
                                                   • What skills will be needed on the
        Environments emerge as the
                                                     application integration project team?       Within the next decade, much of the
        de facto development platform
                                                   • Which organizational issues will have       activity of humans and the machines
        for Web services?
                                                     the greatest impact on project suc-         around them will be recorded; most
      • What will vendors do to affect                                                           of what's recorded will be available to
        the emerging Integrated Services                                                         anyone who wants it badly enough;
        Environment?                               • What will be the most common inte-
                                                                                                 and all of us will be inundated with far
                                                     gration pitfalls, and how can they be
    TRACK B: MANAGEMENT                                                                          more information than we can handle
                                                                                                 effectively. World Without Secrets author
                                                 TRACK D: BUSINESS                               Richard Hunter, Vice President, Security
    Success in application integration
                                                 ACTIVITY MONITORING                             Research, Gartner Inc., will discuss the
    depends on smart management as
                                                 Business activity monitoring (BAM) is           implications for our personal lives and
    much as it depends on good
                                                 a Gartner term for providing real time          our institutions.
    technology and design. This track
    evaluates the payback of integration         access to critical business performance
                                                 indicators to improve the speed and
                                                                                                 DAY 2
    projects, IS staffing concerns, vendor
    viability issues, and software acquisition   effectiveness of business operations.           Tuesday June 18, 2002
    and related management issues.               Application integration provides a
                                                                                                 TRACK A (continued)
                                                 foundation, but BAM provides much
    (B1) The Missing Link: IT                    of the business benefit. This track will        (A4) Portals: Gaining
    Indicators for Business Value                discuss the concept, vendors, and               Advantage from Web-Focused
    Chuck Tucker, vice president, Gartner
                                                 the technical requirements that                 Integration
    Leading IS organizations struggle to         underlie BAM.                                   Gene Phifer, vice president and research director,
    identify sound measures of business                                                          Gartner
    value. This session introduces a new         (D2) Business Activity                          Enterprise portal deployments are in full
    approach that enables enterprises to         Monitoring (BAM) Scenario:                      swing, and in spite of a market
    construct a trail of evidence leading        The New Competitive                             shakeout and global recession, portal
    from operational business value              Advantage                                       products are being purchased in large
    measures to indicators of IT’s               David McCoy, vice president and research area   numbers. Critical to the success of
                                                 director, Gartner                               portals is their integration framework,
    contribution, to gauge the readiness of
    their IS organizations to add future value   BAM exploits the opportunities for              and this differentiator will be the key to
    and to create scorecards for                 improvement created by the event-               survival for portal product vendors.
    communicating this.                          driven enterprise. Business intelligence,
                                                                                                   • What will be the trends in enterprise
                                                 leveraging the enterprise nervous
      • How will IT create business value?                                                           portal technologies, and how will the
                                                 system, enables businesses to detect
                                                                                                     portal application server drive the
                                                 and analyze events, implement
                                                                                                     future path of portal products?

Session Descriptions
     • Which vendors will survive the                     • Which architectural approaches to                 • What B2B architectures will allow
       shakeout in the portal product mar-                  Web integration will enable enterpris-              enterprises to effectively enable B2B
       ket, and how will vendors of tradi-                  es to develop new composite appli-                  integration with tens of thousands of
       tional integration technologies affect               cations and Web services out of                     trading partners?
       this shakeout?                                       legacy assets?                                    • How will enterprises bridge the func-
     • What will be the best practices in                 • Which technologies and products will                tional, syntactic and semantic gaps
       deploying enterprise portals, and                    effectively support Web-based com-                  between the enterprise nervous sys-
       how will the integration framework                   posite applications and Web services                tems of independent organizations?
       drive TCO and supportability?                        development and deployment?                       • How will enterprises manage some
                                                                                                                of the unique integration challenges
   (A5) Application Server                              (A7) XML Scenario:
                                                                                                                that occur when linking their ENS to
   Scenario: The Battle of                              Good Progress But Big
                                                                                                                trading partners?
   the Platforms                                        Holes Remain
   Yefim Natis, vice president and research director,   Jess Thompson, research director, Gartner and
   Gartner                                              Wes Rishel, vice president and research director,
                                                                                                            TRACK B (continued)
   BEA Systems’ WebLogic and IBM’s                      Gartner                                             (B6) Case Study: The
   WebSphere dominate the Java                          XML is the basis for a rapidly growing              Enterprise Nervous System
   application server market today, but                 collection of nascent and would-be                  (ENS) in Action
   can the two vendors defend their                     standards proposed by a wide variety of             Moderator: Roy Schulte, vice president and
   marketshare against new initiatives by               organizations. In this presentation, we             research fellow, Gartner

   Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation                 examine this collection, propose a                  A wide range of enterprises are using
   and many others? Will Microsoft.NET                  framework for understanding it, and                 ENS concepts, XML, and publish-
   rewrite the map of the application                   identify those aspects most likely to add           and-subscribe backbones to optimize
   platform market?                                     value to IT and e-business                          operations, enhance customer service,
                                                        organizations.                                      reduce errors, accelerate their business
     • What will be the key trends in the
                                                          • When will XML be ready for                      processes and cut clerical costs. This
       application server market?
                                                            prime time?                                     session examines in detail two case
     • What will be the leading infrastruc-                                                                 studies, a low end project that cost less
       ture vendors’ strategies to win in the             • What should enterprises do in
                                                                                                            than a half million dollars and a high end
       application server market?                           advance to prepare for the arrival
                                                                                                            backbone costing more than 10 million
                                                            of standards?
     • How will the smaller infrastructure                                                                  dollars, that used surprisingly similar
       vendors compete in the application                 • Which XML standards will really
                                                                                                            design concepts.
       server market?                                       matter for Web enablement, Web
                                                            services, application hosting                   (B7) Application Integration
   (A6) Integrating Legacy with                             and integration? Which organizations            and Middleware (AIM):
   the Web: Nothing Created,                                will propose and which will actually            The Worldwide Market
   Nothing Destroyed, Everything                            deliver them?                                   Joanne Correia, vice president, Gartner
   Transformed                                                                                              This session examines the market
   Massimo Pezzini, vice president, Gartner
                                                        (A8) Extending the Enterprise                       for Web services, portal software and
   While mainstream enterprises are still               Nervous System to Your                              application integration middleware from
   looking for gradual, cost-effective ways             Trading Partners                                    its beginnings, through the present
                                                        Benoit Lheureux, research director, Gartner
   to “Web enable” their mainframe-based                                                                    and into the future. We will discuss the
   application assets, Web services                     Much is being said about Web services,              2002 – 2006 forecast, market drivers
   technology aims to improve legacy                    RosettaNet, other technologies and                  and inhibitors, and the relationship to
   reusability for composite applications               the related business issues involved                the worldwide software and IT services
   and services. To accomplish this goal                in linking large numbers of trading                 industry.
   users will be forced to radically rethink            partners. This presentation focuses
                                                                                                              • What will be the major trends in
   their Web integration strategies.                    on the key business and technical
                                                                                                                vendor positioning/strategy/growth?
                                                        scenarios, standards and best-practices
     • Which technology and business                                                                          • What affect will the Web services
                                                        emerging as enterprises increasingly
       trends will impact enterprises’ strate-                                                                  movement have on the application
                                                        collaborate electronically with many
       gies for Web integration of main-                                                                        integration and middleware and
                                                        trading partners.
       frame applications?                                                                                      portal markets?

Register today at www.gartner.com/us/eai or call 1 800 778 1997 or +1 203 316 6757                                                                       6
Session Descriptions
      • How will overall IT Industry trends            applications. This presentation analyzes        • What affect will the widespread
        and dynamics affect the AIM market,            how the real world practice of IS                 acceptance of BPM by vendors and
        including portals?                             architecture is evolving in response to           users have on the state of BPM
                                                       new technical and business imperatives.           technology?
    (B8) Finding Integration Skills
                                                         • How does architecture for a fast-           • How will BPM technology evolve to
    to Implement an Enterprise
                                                           changing, heterogeneous application           support new business opportunities?
    Nervous System                                         portfolio differ from classical IS
    Michele Cantara, principal analyst, Gartner                                                        • Which vendor and user strategies will
                                                           architecture?                                 best address BPM’s potential for
    Scores of IT professional service firms
    and software vendors proclaim their                  • How will information architecture             success?
    unique approach to application                         and IT architecture adapt to business
                                                           components, Web services and
                                                                                                     (C7) Rules Will do Just
    integration, Web services and business
                                                           the evolving nature of integration        That: Rule
    activity monitoring. This presentation                                                           Jim Sinur, vice president and research area
    evaluates the disparate vendors and                    middleware?                               director, Gartner
    approaches, to help enterprises                      • What will be the critical success         The high rate of change in business
    maximize their investments as they                     factors for implementing architecture     processes is driving a dramatic
    move to new architectures.                             during the next five years?               resurgence in the Business Rule Engine
      • What factors will drive enterprises to                                                       (BRE) market. The more advanced
                                                       (C5) Integration Software:
        use IT professional service vendors                                                          implementations of the enterprise
                                                       Selection Criteria and Vendor                 nervous system will increasingly use
        to obtain Web services and enter-
        prise integration?
                                                       Positioning                                   rules engines, not only to handle
                                                       Jess Thompson, research director, Gartner
      • What strategies will IT professional                                                         changes within the enterprise, but also
                                                       The turmoil in the integration
        service vendors employ with regard                                                           to enable flexible collaborative
                                                       middleware market continues as weak
        to Web and enterprise integration?                                                           commerce relationships with trading
                                                       vendors wither away or get acquired,
      • What will be the key criteria for              and strong vendors grow and morph
        selecting IT professional service              their products and strategies. The              • How will the role of rules evolve as
        vendors for Web and enterprise                 market remains sufficiently fragmented            the enterprise nervous system
        integration?                                   to support multiple types of successful           matures?
                                                       vendors, but enterprises must avoid             • What will be the costs and benefits
    TRACK C: ENTERPRISE                                pursuing a dead end path in the rapid             of BREs?
    NERVOUS SYSTEM                                     evolution of this technology.                   • How will the BRE market grow and
    The organizational principles of                                                                     evolve over the next few years?
                                                         • What will be the key requirements for
    application software development and
                                                           an application integration broker?
    the nature of the basic enterprise                                                               (C8) Disaster Recovery in
    network are changing, along with the                 • Which vendors will dominate the           an Integrated Enterprise
    enabling technologies. This track                      market for application integration        Donna Scott, vice president and research

    reviews the new design concepts and                    middleware suites during 2002-            director, Gartner
                                                           2006?                                     Large enterprises are challenged in
    the evolution of application servers,
                                                         • How can user enterprises minimize         recovering complex and integrated
    integration middleware and other forms
                                                           the risk of investing in dead-end         applications, such as those that include
    of software technology, providing
                                                           technology?                               integration brokers, application servers,
    actionable advice for IS professionals.
                                                                                                     proprietary packaged applications and
    (C4) IS Architecture: New                          (C6) Business Process                         legacy mainframes. This presentation
    Approaches that Encompass                          Management (BPM):                             provides best practices for managing
    Integration                                        Application Integration’s                     integrity of complex environments.
    Roy Schulte, vice president and research fellow,   Guiding Light                                   • How will trends in business continuity
    Gartner                                            Jim Sinur, vice president and research area
                                                                                                         impact large, integrated enterprises?
    Most architecture initiatives fall short of        director, Gartner
    expectations because of unclear goals,             Demanded by the increasing pace of              • What technologies and best prac-
    insufficient management support, or a              change in business, and the desire for            tices will enterprises use to recover
    fundamental misunderstanding of how                an agile enterprise, BPM opportunities            integrated application environments?
    much uniformity is desirable in a world            are no longer esoteric. BPM has                 • How will the disaster recovery servic-
    of heterogeneous B2B and internal                  become a staple of application                    es market evolve, and how will enter-
                                                       integration strategies. Let the innovation        prises determine whether to insource,
                                                       begin!                                            outsource or do both?

Session Descriptions
   DAY 3                                        (C10) On the Road: Mobile                    (D10) Business Intelligence:
   Wednesday June 19, 2002                      Middleware for Nomadic                       Analytics for the Modern
                                                Business                                     Enterprise
   TRACK B (continued)                          Massimo Pezzini, vice president, Gartner     Howard Dresner, vice president and research
                                                The ubiquity of wireless networks and        director, Gartner
   (B10) Building the Business                                                               Never before has there been a greater
                                                the exploding variety of portable
   Case for Application                                                                      imperative to translate data into insight.
                                                gadgets will foster a new set of
   Integration                                  applications that must integrate with        As the cornerstone for e-business
   Gary Long, vice president, Gartner
                                                established enterprise systems and the       initiatives, business intelligence supports
   While the benefits can be huge,                                                           analysis of business data and delivers
                                                Web. This session focuses on the
   implementing an application integration                                                   external access to critical information for
                                                architectural challenges and middleware
   broker is an expensive proposition. This                                                  customers and suppliers. This
                                                evolution driven by enterprise
   session provides guidance, including                                                      presentation addresses driving forces,
   checklists, for constructing and                                                          market trends, methodologies and
   evaluating the business case for               • How will mobile devices and wireless
                                                                                             relevant vendors.
   application integration.                         technology affect enterprise applica-
                                                    tion architectures?                        • What strategies will enterprises
     • Will the “triggers” for integration be                                                    adopt to succeed with business
       business or technical? Should the          • Which classes of middleware will
       benefits analysis be based on busi-          best support m-business strategies,
                                                    and how will they evolve?                  • What technological breakthroughs
       ness drivers or technical drivers…or
                                                                                                 will enable the next generation of
       both?                                      • Which vendors will provide compre-
                                                                                                 business intelligence applications
     • What will be the best ways to evalu-         hensive m-business middleware?
                                                                                                 to emerge?
       ate the case – a cost/benefit analysis
                                                TRACK D (continued)                            • How will business intelligence
       or an ROI?
                                                (D9) Data Warehouses and                         software vendors react to ongoing
     • How should the business case be                                                           market shifts and challenges?
       communicated? Who will be the tar-       Operational Data Stores:
       get audience? The “champion”?            Where they fit in BAM                        GENERAL SESSION PANEL
                                                Kevin Strange, vice president and research
   TRACK C (continued)                          director, Gartner                            Conclusions and Projections:
                                                For years, organizations have tried to       Integration From 2002-2006
   (C9) Packaged Applications:                  make sense of their islands of               Moderator: Ben Lheureux, research director,
   Applying Your Integration                    information, investing in operational data   Gartner
                                                                                             Other Participants: David McCoy, vice president
   Strategy                                     stores (ODS) and data warehouses with        and research area director, Gartner; Yefim Natis,
   Jeff Comport, vice president and research
                                                varying degrees of success. With the         vice president and research director, Gartner;
   fellow, Gartner                                                                           Roy Schulte, vice president and research fellow,
                                                increased need for real-time data
   Packaged applications from vendors                                                        Gartner
                                                analysis, will some of the old strategies
   such as SAP and Siebel often make up                                                      Four senior Gartner analysts review the
                                                be “new” again? Will the data
   the backbone of an enterprise’s ERP,                                                      overall industry trends in application
                                                warehouse play a role in providing
   supply chain and CRM processes.                                                           integration, and synthesize the insights
                                                perspective to BAM?
   Package vendors have their own                                                            and recommendations from the
   integration tools and strategies that          • What strategies will organizations       conference. They will also take a look
   must be reconciled with an enterprise’s          pursue to achieve successful data        ahead at the major events and trends
   integration architecture.                        warehouse implementation?                that will shape the direction of
     • How will the integration architecture      • What will the role of the Operational    integration design and technology
       offered by packaged application              Data Store be in the age of BAM?         during the next four years. Attendees
       vendors evolve?                            • Will data transformation (ETL)           will have the opportunity to participate in
     • How will collaborative, inter-enter-         vendors and application integration      an open question-and-answer session
       prise business processes for CRM             vendors collide?                         for issues not resolved earlier in the
       and SCM be supported by integra-                                                      conference.
       tion architectures?
     • How will the evolution of Web
       services and integration technology
       impact application and business
       process outsourcing?

Register today at www.gartner.com/us/eai or call 1 800 778 1997 or +1 203 316 6757                                                               8
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    programming model, or programming language.

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