Nikola Tesla Secret-Magnetic Energy Generator Scam Or Not by canhdong90


									      Nikola Tesla Secret-Magnetic
     Energy Generator Scam Or Not
If you haven’t heard of the magnetic generator scam, you must be living in same
place without electricity thus you haven’t been exposed to online sites that have been
exposing a certain supposedly effective means of getting energy for free. The
aforementioned energy-saving strategy is dubbed.

If you are not familiar with the name Nikola Tesla, let’s just say that without this man you
won’t be presently enjoying internet, microwave, and television and most likely you would
still be relying on lamps or candles. Widely considered as the father of electricity, Nikola
Tesla pioneered the use of energy hence prompting a sudden shift in lifestyle. The next
question you might ask is why such product said to be inspired by a genius is associated
with magnetic generator. For us to have more grasp of this concern, let us study the
product itself.

The Tesla secret which others have already dubbed as the magnetic generator scam offers
one promising claim. To divulge the secret held by the great inventor and scientist in terms
of producing free electricity. Of course willing customers need to sign up and pay for the
product, but the people behind this otherwise quirky offering claim that the initial
investment individuals will have to shell out is worth it for they will eventually be free from
electricity charges. Indeed it is an interesting prospect since energy price goes through the
roof consistently.

But this promising possibility is the exact same thing why some people regard this Tesla
secret a magnetic generator . They argue on the grounds of the impossibility of acquiring
free electricity. Such argument is of course countered by the business’ specified yet non-
exhaustive Tesla secrets they provide as samplers through the internet.

The product takes into account the energies that emanate from both the sun
and the earth. With the sun’s positive energy and the earth’s negative energy, a certain
void or space in between has resulted which carries a concentration of energy voltage that
is around 360,000 volts. This energy source is insulated by air and can be tapped anytime
we want to through a specific means that for so many years was known only to Tesla, up
until now. This is where the product comes in. It promises to share to willing buyers the
supposedly free-energy capacitor devised by the deceased genius. They are adamant that
such implement exists and that their product is not a scam.

Truly those who wish to cut cost in terms of their lifestyle expenses can be easily lured by
this product. The prospect of not paying for one’s electricity and still get to enjoy modern
living is something most people would want to get their hands on. Especially during this
dire economic situation, every dollar that one can save is an amount that can help ensure a
somehow promising future for them. The best thing to do by interested buyers is to
conduct major research regarding this product before making their purchase. It is the only
way to know whether it is a magnetic generator scam or not.

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