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Webcasting Everywhere


Getting On Web with
StreamGenie            TM

Greg Lowitz
Director, Webcasting Solutions Business
Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
                                                                  StreamGenie Highlights
                                                     •   Six camera/video inputs (3 composite, 3 S-

       innacle Systems is shaping the future of          video)
       Internet streaming with the introduction of   •   Professional-quality audio processing with ultra
       StreamGenie -- the world’s first portable         low-noise microphone preamps, 3-band EQ and
       total solution for live, multi-camera             stereo balanced XLR inputs and outputs
webcasting. Imagine performing your next             •   Integrated video switcher with dual TBCs
webcast with the production quality of               •   Real-time 3D digital video effects with full
professional television – all from a system you          4:2:2:4 internal signal processing
can "hand carry" or haul in the trunk of your car.
                                                     •   Professional titles with TrueType fonts and
Through the Pinnacle Internet Initiative, Pinnacle
                                                         award-winning TitleDeko character generator
Systems is leveraging proprietary chip
                                                     •   Graphics and Chroma Key over video
technology and video systems integration know-
how to create an exciting new class of products      •   On-screen monitoring on large 15.1" active
for live and on-demand streaming over the                matrix LCD display
Internet.                                            •   Uncompressed video and audio outputs for
                                                         archiving and later editing
Easy to Use and Portable                             •   Real Networks and Microsoft Web-encoded
To enable webcasting for a wide range of users           stream outputs
and applications, Pinnacle Systems has               •   Integral LAN and optional ISDN connectivity
developed an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that   •   Rugged all-metal packaging ideal for field and
is quick to learn. Connect video cameras or other        mobile webcasting
video/audio feeds to StreamGenie and attach to a     •   Compatible with Pinnacle Systems
                                                Webcasting Portal

              suitably equipped Ethernet LAN,         viewing. You can even archive your webcast in
              ISDN or DSL/Cable modem for             RealNetworks or Windows Media format
              broadband connectivity to your          directly to disk.
              company, campus, Internet server
              or Webcasting service provider.         When it's time to output to the web, StreamGenie
                                                      supports live streaming in both RealNetworks
              For superior audio control, every       and Microsoft windows media formats. The
              StreamGenie includes a compact          dual-encode version even lets you stream both
              portable 12-channel Mackie mixer        formats concurrently -- at different bit rates!
              with four ultra-low-noise balanced      Whether your audience has a 28.8k modem -- or
              microphone preamps and 3-band           a broadband Internet connection of 300k or
              EQ. The balanced inputs virtually       greater, StreamGenie has all the power you need
              eliminate noise and hum from your       to meet the most demanding webcast
              webcast, ensuring crystal clear         requirements.
              audio. With its compact size and
              rugged portable package,                The CastConnect.comSM Advantage
              StreamGenie is well suited for          To help you get "On Web, On Time," Pinnacle
              webcasting corporate events,            Systems is teaming with leading application
              distance learning, government           service providers, such as Video Networks and
              meetings, conferences, concerts,        others, to make your webcasting experience as
              and pay-per-view live                   easy as possible. By logging on to Pinnacle
              entertainment -- or just about any      Systems' webcasting portal, called
              application where you need    , you'll be able to register,
              "webcasting to go."                     schedule, and provision your webcast -- to one or
                                                      one million people. Credit card payment means
All the Tools You Need                                you can webcast from anywhere, anytime,
What's more, StreamGenie includes all the tools       without worry. takes the
you would expect to find in a television              hassle out of webcasting. This lets you focus on
production studio - and then some. A six-             your webcast without worrying about how to
channel video pre-switcher and dual TBC's             provision or load balance the streams.
ensure flawless switching between any two live
video sources, including camcorders, VTRs, and        The Video Streaming Future is Here
other switcher feeds. A real-time 3D-digital          Until recently, viewing Internet video required
video effects engine performs page turns, fly-        long file downloads and offered limited video
aways, picture-in-picture, and a host of other        quality. However, as corporations and Internet
exciting web effects – with the quality and feel      service providers roll out a global broadband
of live television. Even a high-quality still store   infrastructure, the market is quickly moving
is built inside - great for keying in colorful        towards real-time streaming video to the
graphics or images. You can also import files         desktop. For example, it is estimated that 25-
from popular graphics programs like Microsoft         30% of U.S. Households will have high-speed
PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop.                       DSL or Cable Modem access by 2003, enabling
                                                      sustained video streaming rates of 300 kbps and
Plus, Pinnacle Systems' award-winning                 higher. Freedom of choice, unlimited content,
TitleDeko character generator comes standard --       and global viewing are fueling the demand for
ideal for creating high-impact titles and lower       streamed video over the Internet.
thirds - just like you see on live news. Never
before has this much processing power been
                                                      How Pinnacle Systems is Shaping the
available inside a portable solution like
StreamGenie.                                          Webcasting Market
                                                      In January 2000, Pinnacle Systems announced
To broadcast your stream, an integral 10/100          the formation of its new Webcasting Solutions
LAN port and available 56K global modem               Business, headquartered in the heart of Silicon
simplify connection to intranets, ISDN, DSL,          Valley - home to hundreds of Internet start-ups
and analog phone lines. An uncompressed               and recent success stories. This new group is
composite and s-video output enable you to            focused solely on providing a range of products
archive your webcast to tape - making it easy to      and services for global Internet and webcasting
repurpose your webcast for later on-demand            applications. This focus is already helping
                                                      Pinnacle Systems to redefine the market for

webcasting. Through close customer and                professional web media encoders designed for
application focus, Pinnacle Systems is                rack-mount installations where choice of serial
developing cost-effective solutions that enable       digital, component, or composite inputs is
webcasting "everywhere, anytime." As a                important.
worldwide leader in digital video with over one
million video editing seats shipped, Pinnacle         Target Markets and Applications
Systems is one of the few companies with the          The portability and flexibility of StreamGenie
technology breadth in both video and computers,       make it suitable for a wide range of applications.
spanning the market from consumer to                  In the corporate communications market, for
professional to broadcast.                            example, webcasting boosts employee morale,
                                                      productivity, and sense of community. The
This experience helps us solve one of the most        impact of webcasting transcends all distance and
demanding and exciting challenges in the web          can be felt thousands of kilometers away,
streaming business - portable live Webcasting         helping remote employees feel "connected" to
with multi-camera switching, real-time effects,       events at the headquarters. After a recent
titling and encoding for the web. This is a natural   internal webcast of Pinnacle System's quarterly
extension of our existing business and leverages      financial results, numerous e-mails followed
core Pinnacle Systems' technologies that have         from internal employees who underscored the
been graced with six Emmy awards.                     positive impact they felt while watching the
The spread of broadband networks, advanced
codecs and servers optimized for the broadband        "The big news was the affect the webcast had on
infrastructure is making it possible for the          me. I really felt I was connected to the meeting -
picture quality, frame size and frame rate of         right there - part of Pinnacle - and I had a
video streamed over the web to approach that of       GREAT SEAT!" - Jon Gedymin, Broadcast
professional television. Pinnacle Systems             Regional Sales Manager
believes that the growing availability of
broadband networks will stimulate increased use       "It was wonderful - thank you so much. I've
of high quality video streamed over the web. In       missed many company meetings because of
turn, this will create new demand from Pinnacle       having to be here at the front desk while they
Systems’ customers for professional video             were going on - today was different - I loved
production solutions tailored to the specific         seeing it. Thanks again." - Lynne Steffen -
needs of webcasting.                                  Receptionist

Executing Our Strategy                                Building on this example, target markets for
"Viewing broadcast quality video on the Internet      StreamGenie include:
will be an essential component of the Web
experience in the near future," says Mark             •   Live corporate presentations, meetings, and
Sanders, President and CEO, Pinnacle Systems.             events
"As demand for professional-quality streaming         •   Education/Distance Learning
increases, Pinnacle Systems intends to offer a        •   Live entertainment
full range of Web solutions using our most            •   Government, legislative, and Institutional
advanced technology. Pinnacle's role is to
                                                      •   Professional Videography and Webcasting
empower the next generation of content creators
                                                          service providers
who want to reach new audiences through live
Webcasting."                                          •   E-commerce websites with live sponsored
StreamGenie is the first in a family of new
products from Pinnacle Systems optimized for          Webcasters who have had to develop custom
live broadband networked video content                hardware and software can now turn to Pinnacle
creation. Other products in development are           Systems for a proven, reliable, off-the-shelf
more studio oriented. Others integrate with the       webcasting solution. Greg Posten, who manages
workflow of traditional post-production               webcasting for the Sun-Netscape Alliance
processes such as non-linear editing. We are also     Learning group in Mountain View, California
leveraging our streaming engines for high-            notes:
quality, professional web encoding. For
example, StreamFactory is a new family of             "We’ve performed hundreds of webcasts over
                                                      the past year with home-built solutions and

understand what it takes to do it right. We’re      StreamGenie Product Specifications
excited to be working closely with Pinnacle’s       (subject to change without notice)
Webcasting Solutions Business to develop
commercial off-the-shelf solutions that meet the    Video and Audio I/O
needs of corporate webcasters like us."
                                                    Video Inputs: 3 Composite (BNC) and 3 S-
E-commerce companies such as           Video (Y/C) 4-pin DIN.
want to leverage live webcasts of special events    Video Outputs (uncompressed): 1 Composite
to attract more consumers to their virtual          (BNC) and 1 S-Video (Y/C) 4-pin DIN.
shopping site. Specialty broadcasters, such as      Video Signal Processing: 4:2:2:4 internal
The Health Network, webcast medical                 Video Standards: NTSC or PAL, specify
procedures over the Internet, including the first
                                                    Genlock Input: Yes (BNC) with loopthrough
live birth in 1998. Videographers and
                                                    Internal TBC: 2 (program and preset mix buss)
independent producers can use StreamGenie to
                                                    Audio Input: Analog stereo or dual mono XLR
develop new sources of revenue.
                                                    balanced analog line level -10 to +4 dBu
                                                    Audio Output: Analog stereo or dual mono
Summary                                             XLR balanced analog line level -10 to +4 dBu
The future of webcasting is here today. With        Support for Integral CD Player: Yes. Loop
webcasting and web media encoding solutions         output of sound card into mixer.
such as StreamGenie and StreamFactory,
Pinnacle Systems is pioneering exciting new         Web Stream Output
developments for Internet. We believe that the      Formats: RealNetworks SureStream (G7) and
freedom to broadcast -- without limitation -- is    Microsoft Windows Media. Note: Dual CPU
one of the most compelling aspects of this new      version required to support both formats
medium. Rely on Pinnacle Systems to take you        simultaneously.
into the Internet era -- where "Webcasting          Data Rates: Typical 28K, 56K, 100K, 300K, 1
Everywhere" is the way business is done.            Mb, user selectable and variable.
                                                    Concurrent Data Rates Supported: Depends
For more information, refer to
                                                    on video motion and CPU speed. Contact
                                                    Pinnacle Systems for additional characterization
                                                    Frame Rate: Up to 30 fps (NTSC) or 25 fps
                                                    Network Connection:
                                                    10/100 Mbit Ethernet LAN;

                                                    Additional Processing
                                                    Real Time 3D DVE: Yes, effects include
                                                    transitions, wipes, fades, page turns, fly aways,
                                                    picture-in-picture, and more.
                                                    Character Generator: Title Deko, TrueType
                                                    Font Support
                                                    Still Store: Yes, multi-page
                                                    Chroma Key: Yes, limited to chroma key over
                                                    video input

                                                    Other Characteristics
                                                    CPU: Single or Dual Pentium III 550 MHz
Webcasting “To Go” mobile case with wheels          Display: 15.1" Active Matrix LCD
included with every StreamGenie                     RAM: 128 MB for single CPU version
                                                    256 MB for DUAL CPU version
                                                    Hard Disk: 18 GB SCSI
                                                    CD ROM:48x Typical
                                                    FDD: 3.5"
                                                    Power Supply: 300 W autoranging 100-230V
                                                    Weight: 43 lbs. (rugged metal package)
                                                    Dimensions: 9"x14"x17"

Audio Mixer Specifications

Main Mix Noise: 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, 1/4"
Main out, channels 1-4 Trim @ unity gain,
channel EQs flat, all channels assigned to Main
Mix, channels 1 and 3 Pan left, 2 and 4 Pan right.
Main Mix knob fully counterclockwise, channel
Gain knobs down: -100dBu
Main Mix knob unity, channel Gain knobs down:
(90dB Signal to Noise Ratio, ref +4dBu)
Main Mix knob @ unity, channel Gain knobs @
unity: -84.5dBu
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 1kHz @
+14dBu, 20Hz-20kHz. Mic in to Main out:
Attenuation (Crosstalk) 1kHz relative to 0dBu,
20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, Line in, 1/4" Main Out,
Trim @ unity Main Mix knob down: -85dBu
Channel Alt / Mute switch engaged: -84dBu
Channel Gain knob down: -83dBu
Frequency Response
Any input to any output 20Hz to 60kHz: +0dB/-
1dB 10Hz to 100kHz: +0dB/-3dB
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) Mic in to Insert
Send out, max gain 150 ohm termination:
-129.5dBm unweighted
Common Mode Rejection (CMR)
Mic in to Insert Send out, max gain
1kHz: better than 90dB
High Shelving: ±15db @ 12kHz                         Mackie 1202-VLZ-PRO included standard with
Mid Peaking: ±12dB @ 2.5kHz                          every StreamGenie
Low Shelving: ±15db @ 80Hz
Power Consumption: 100,VAC, 120VAC,
220VAC options, 50/60Hz, 25 watts
Weight: 6 lbs. 8 oz. (3 kg)


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