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A condominium is a combination of co-ownership and individual ownership. Those who own an apartment house or buy a condominium are co-owners of the land and of the halls, lobby, and other common areas, but each apartment in the building is individually owned by its occupant. In some states, the owners of the various units in the condominium have equal voice in the management and share an equal part of the expenses. In other states, control and liability for expenses are shared by a unit owner in the same ratio as the value of the unit bears to the value of the entire condominium project. The bigger condominium owners would have more say-so than the smaller condominium owners.

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									                             Short Form Condominium Lease

         Lease Agreement made on the (date), between (Name of Lessee) of (street address,
city, state, zip code), referred to herein as Lessee, and (Name of Lessor), of (street address,
city, state, zip code), referred to herein as Lessor.

1.      Premises Leased. For and in consideration of $__________ paid by the Lessee, which
is acknowledged to have been received as part payment of rent accruing under this Lease, and
in further consideration of the terms and conditions of this Lease, Lessor hereby leases to
Lessee Condominium Unit Number ____, hereinafter called the Unit, of (Name of
Condominium), hereinafter referred to as the Condominium, together with a _____% undivided
interest in the common areas and facilities of the Condominium as described in this Lease, and
together with the exclusive right to use Storage Bin Number (number) and Parking Space
Number (number). The Unit and the rights appurtenant to the Unit are hereinafter called the

2.      Term of Lease. The term of this Lease is from (date) to and including (date), for the total
rent of $_____________.

3.      Payment of Rent. Lessee agrees to pay Lessor rent in the amount of $___________
per month, due and payable in advance to Lessor on the _______ day of each month. Lessee
further agrees to pay any and all condominium common area and facilities maintenance
payments for the terms of this Lease. Such payments are presently $___________ per month,
and are payable to (Name of Condominium Association). Lessee agrees to pay for any
additional increases in the common area and facilities maintenance costs that may occur during
the term of this Lease.

4.      Condition of Unit. The parties agree that the Unit has been rented in good order and
repair. Lessee acknowledges that he has inspected the Unit, and the Unit is in good order
except as otherwise noted in writing to Lessor.

5.     Utilities. The following utilities are the sole expense of Lessee: (Name Utilities).

6.     Lessee’s Covenants
       A.       Lessee agrees not to use or permit the Premises to be used for any illegal,
       immoral, or improper purposes; not to make or permit any disturbance, noise or
       annoyance detrimental to the Premises or to the comfort and peace of any of its
       inhabitants or neighbors; and not to use the Premises for any purpose other than as a
       private dwelling for Lessee and the members of Lessee's family. Lessor reserves the
       right to terminate this Lease at any time this condition is violated.

       B.     Lessee agrees not to assign this Lease or to sublet any part of the Premises
       except with the written consent of Lessor.

       C.     Lessee agrees to pay the cost of repairing all damage to the Premises caused by
       Lessee or members of Lessee's family, and agrees to leave the Premises in an orderly,
       clean and sanitary condition identical to that in which the Premises are rented (with the
       exception of ordinary wear and the decay and damage by fire or the elements only).

       D.      Lessee agrees that if default is made in the payment of rent, or if any of the
       terms of this Lease are violated, Lessee waives all right of notice to vacate, and Lessor
       will be entitled to re-enter and retake possession immediately, and the entire rent for the
       next rental period will be due and payable at once.

7.      Lessor’s Right to Inspect and Show Premises. Lessor agrees that Lessee is entitled
to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the Premises. However, Lessor reserves the right to
inspect the Premises as necessary, and to show the Premises to prospective tenants during the
(number) days prior to the expiration of this Lease. If this Lease is executed by more than one
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