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									Presented By
Mark Wine
Business Development &
Trade Specialist

State of Missouri DED-BS

301 West High St. Rm 720

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Ph: 573-522-6524

Fax: 573-526-1567

Investment Expectations

  Export Readiness
Investor Expectations:

•   Rapid Growth Potential
•   Active Participation in Management
•   Distinctive Element or Product
•   Competitive Advantage
•   Strong and Detailed Business Plan
•   Reasonable Expectations for Return on
A Professional Business Plan
       is ESSENTIAL
         •   Description of Product/Service
         •   Proposed Amount of Financing
         •   Description of Market Segment
         •   Past 3 Years Financial Statements
         •   Current Interim Financial Statements
         •   2-3 Year Projected Financials
         •   Monthly Cash Flow Projections
         •   Current Personal Financial Statements
         •   Key Management Profiles and Strengths
    Primary Causes for Rejection
• Inexperienced or Unqualified Management
• Weak Product or Service
• Lack of Sufficient Return on Investment
• Inaccurate, Incomplete or Fraudulent
• Poorly documented or Incomplete Business
To Contracts & Agreements
• Delivery When
• Purchases & Sales
  as Agreed
• Quality
• Consistency
• Quantity
• Pricing Stability
• Protection of IP and
  Patent Rights
 • Integrity

 • Reliability

 • Transparency

 • Honor

 • Good Name
Management Issues Involved
  in the Export Decision
              • Management Objectives
              • Experience
              • Management and
              • Production Capacity
              • Financial Capacity
              • A Business & Export
                Plan Based on Realistic
                Factors & Projections
      Resource Web-Sites
For Business Plans
 www.bplans.com

Export Plan Development
 www.export.gov/exportbasics

International Trade Information Resources
 www.fita.org
Missouri’s Global Representation
                               London, England                    Seoul, Korea
   Jefferson City,
   Missouri, USA
   OIM Headquarters
                                                 Mainz, Germany                  Tokyo, Japan

                              Accra, Ghana

  Monterrey, Mexico
                                                                                    Taipei, Taiwan

        Guadalajara, Mexico
 October 12 Start of Registration of Food Facilities under the
                  Bioterrorism Act of 2002

In response to increased security threats post-September 11, 2001, the US
Congress passed the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness
and Response Act of 2002 (the Bioterrorism Act), which President Bush signed
into law June 12, 2002. Under this act all domestic and foreign food facilities
that manufacture, process, pack or hold food for human or animal consumption
in the U.S. will be required to register with the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration by December 12, 2003. There is no registration fee but failure to
register could result in civil or criminal action. If foreign facilities fail to register
and also attempt to import food into the U.S., the Bioterrorism act requires that
the food be detained at the cost of the private parties involved (i.e. the owner,
purchaser, importer, or receiver of the food).
Registration began on October 12, 2003. Registration may be electronic, via the
Internet, or by paper through surface mail. However the FDA strongly
recommends electronic registration because registering facilities will receive
confirmation of electronic registration and a registration number
instantaneously. Registration by mail may take several weeks to several
months. On October 12, 2003 the FDA will publish a final registration rule and
launch an electronic registration system. Registration is the first in a series of
measures to increase security of U.S. food imports. Subsequent measures will
include regulations for the establishment and maintenance of records and prior
notice of imported food shipments. For additional information on the
Bioterrorism Act and a sample registration form please visit:

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