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									The Echo
Issue 8, November 2006

return from the Apple Isle, for your information
By Rod Beecham                             Stewart did his postgraduate work     an academic. If I’d wanted to do          “Firstly, financial accounting is
STEWArT Leech may not be well          in Tasmania, and, “with the exception     that I would have stayed a chartered very much related to capital markets,
known to undergraduate students        of one small stint at the University of   accountant or been in business.”       financial statements and analysing
because he currently teaches only      Sydney,” spent the next 26 years of                                              financial information. Management
postgraduates. But as Head of the      his life in Hobart.                                  Accounting vs               accounting looks at performance
Department of Accounting and               “I was appointed to the Chair in             Information Systems             evaluation in organisations and,
Business Information Systems, he       Tasmania in 99 and had been Head        Asked about the relationship between finally, accounting information
is an important figure in the Faculty, of Department down there ever since.      the long-established practice of systems is looking at things like the
and his history and the direction of   It was a three-year appointment but       accounting and the relatively new effect of an ErP (Enterprise resource
his research are of great interest.    no one else ever wanted to do it!”        phenomenon of information systems, Planning) system on organisations.”
    Stewart is a Commerce graduate         Friendly pressure was placed on       Stewart comments: “It’s an uneasy         Stewart’s major research, over
of the University of Melbourne,        Stewart by his old university to return   relationship. Especially in Australia, the last 5 years, concerns the effects
and after a short period in industry,  and he did so in July 2000, partly to     there are probably few of us who of computer-based decision-aids on
he was attracted back in 970 as a     be closer to his elderly father and       cross the boundary between the two. insolvency and corporate recovery.
Senior Tutor to support staff in the   partly to escape the responsibilities     The distinction between financial         The research has evolved from an
first course offered in Electronic Dataof being Head of Department and           accounting and that of management interest in exactly how insolvency
Processing (EDP) in the Faculty of     to devote more time to pursue his         accounting is fairly clear,” he says.  practitioners make decisions about a
Economics and Commerce.                research and his teaching, which                                                 company they’ve been put in charge
                                       have always been important to him.                                               of when it’s in financial difficulties.
           The Apple Isle                  “I think these days there are                                                   “This seemed to me to be much
The University of Melbourne was two careers in academia,” Stewart                                                       more significant than an auditing
not the first institution in Australia reflects, “I had previously been                                                 judgement, because the judgement
to offer EDP: the University of offered a Dean’s job and I’d said no.                                                   of the insolvency practitioner was
Tasmania introduced such a subject If you go down that track you end up                                                 essentially affecting the future of the
in 965. After three years, Stewart being Pro-Vice-Chancellor, maybe                                                    company, its staff and its creditors.
left Melbourne for Hobart to take even Vice-Chancellor, but that’s a                                                    We discovered we could model
over this subject.                     very different career-path from being                                                            continued on page 2

 Do you want to experience
 learning in a new culture
 or country?
                                          Exchange at U Penn? You bet!
                                          Pasarn Intarangsi is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science student who recently began his
 The Faculty of Economics                 exchange at the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School of Business) in the USA.
 and Commerce promotes                    My exchange journey began in New did not have time to properly unpack
 opportunities for Australian             York where I spent a week enjoying or settle down until the week after!
                                          the sights, crowds and atmosphere       The first taste of classes at the
 students to take part of
                                          of the Big Apple – America’s Wharton School of Business was not
 their degree at an overseas
                                          biggest and busiest city – before only overwhelming and intimidating,
 university.                              making my way to the University of but also challenging and intriguing.
 It’s never too early to start            Pennsylvania.                           I found myself in a class where half
 thinking about exchange                     My first impression of U Penn of my classmates were MBA students
 and applications for                     was that the campus was very old, and half were undergraduates who
 Semester Two 2007 close                  charming. It made me feel like I had had Wall Street internships!
                                          was walking through a historical        In lectures I was also bombarded
 on Monday December 4,
                                          landmark, rather than a university.   by screenshots from Bloomberg,
                                             However, I soon realised that and managed to get myself three
 See www.ecom.unimelb.                    this should not be a surprise to me assignments due in a week.                         because I was walking through           Overall, the first three weeks of
 exchange/ for details.                   America’s first university, an actual my exchange have been fascinating
                                          historical landmark.                  and thanks goes to all the staff from
 Exchange – what an                          During my first week there were Melbourne University who helped to Commerce exchange student
 experience!                              so many orientation activities that I make this exchange possible.           Pasarn Intarangsi at Capitol Hill

From the Teaching and Learning Unit - 205 Babel Building, (03) 8344 3645/4464                                                                                
                CommuniKate                                                                   Hot dates and red tape
                                                                                 Thursday 26 October: Call for expressions of interest in mentor positions
                                                                                 for the First-Year Peer Mentoring Program. Applications (statement of
 Dear CommuniKate,                                                               interest and CV) and enquiries to rebecca at
 Now that the semester has finished, I would like to get some work monday 30 October – Friday 3 november: SWOT Vac period.
 experience over the summer break. I just don’t know how to go about monday 6 november – Friday 24 november: Semester 2 exam period.
 this though…any thoughts?                                                       Thursday 16 november: Applications for the National Youth roundtable
 Thanks,                                                                         close. The Government’s youth consultation process, roundtable brings
 Jess                                                                            together young people from across Australia to discuss issues that impact
Dear Jess,                                                                       upon youth. For information visit
Good for you! I applaud the initiative. Here are some ideas.                     Friday 24 november: Honours applications close.
                                                                                 Saturday november 25: Last day for timely 2007 re-enrolment.
Put together a list of companies that do work in fields you are interested in or Sunday 26 november – Saturday 9 December: You can still enrol for
that would be useful to you for when you graduate. Do some initial research 2007 but you will incur a $250 late enrolment fine.
either by phone or internet and find out the name of the manager in charge of monday 4 December: Study Abroad/Exchange applications due for travel
the division/unit/store that you would like to work in. If you are not sure of in Semester 2, 2007.
the specifics, find out the name of the HR manager. Make sure you ask your After Saturday 9 December: If you have not successfully re-enroled you
networks for recommendations and referrals.                                      will be cancelled from your course and will need to re-apply for admission.
Send a one-page letter to this person. You want the tone to be open and Tuesday 5 December – Friday 15 December: Special Consideration
friendly, and demonstrate that you are professional and competent. Start by Exam & Final Subject rule Exam period.
explaining who you are and make it clear what you would like of them.
Don’t waffle, get straight to the point. For example:
  Dear Ms Jones,
                                                                                              Babel Babble
                                                                              Exam information again, exams come around so quickly! Please be sure to
  I am a second-year Economics and Commerce student at the
                                                                              read the exams section of the SIS webpage thoroughly, especially if you are
  University of Melbourne and I would like do some work in your
                                                                              in your first semester. Exams can be stressful, so don’t add to the pressure
  organisation over the semester break.
                                                                              by not knowing where your exam venue is and arriving late. Allow for unex-
Now you want a concise statement about what you have to offer the pected events such as public transport or traffic problems (What? Never?).
organisation. If you only had 60 seconds of somebody’s time what would • Your seat number will be available three days before your exam on the SIS
you say to influence them? Highlight the ways in which you could add value website. remember, this changes for each exam.
– quick learner, enthusiastic, strong analytical skills, attention to detail. • Check and re-check your exam times, venues and dates! Unfortunately,
                                                                              missing an exam because you misread your timetable is not grounds for
   I believe I could be a valuable addition to your team over the next
                                                                              special consideration.
   three months because I am/have [insert value-adding qualities].
                                                                              • Take your student ID, pens and pencils. Check first if you are allowed to
Suggest the type of work you want to do, but leave their options open. Attach take a calculator and, if so, make sure you have the appropriate type.
a one-page executive summary of relevant work experience or transferable
                                                                              Students who have failed a subject in their final year should familiarise them-
skills you possess, but beware of embellishing. Think confident but factual.
                                                                              selves with the Final Subject rule (FSr). Please refer to the Undergraduate
   Ideally, I see myself in a support role in [accounts division, HR          Handbook or talk to us in the Undergraduate Student Centre (ground floor,
   division]; however I am open to other opportunities you may have.          Babel Building) if you are unsure about your eligibility for the FSr.
   I have enclosed a one-page executive summary to provide you with           Summer Semester times are available on the SIS timetable. Please check
   information on the skills and abilities I can bring to a position. I will  these times carefully and ensure that if you are enrolled in two subjects,
   call you by the end of the week to discuss this request.                   there are no lecture clashes. Also be aware of the census dates for withdraw-
   Yours sincerely,                                                           ing from Summer subjects, available at
   Jess Smith                                                                 aspx. Summer Semester is very short so you have less time to withdraw. You
Executives are so overloaded with emails, you may make more impact with may only enrol in subjects up to the first day of teaching.
sending the letter on good quality paper. Be very, very careful with proof- Information about Special Consideration, contacts and links to the applica-
reading. First impressions count, and if you have made errors you may not tion are available at
get a second chance. Finally, make sure you follow up; the cost of hesitating
                                                                              It is your responsibility to remain in contact with the University during the
may be huge. Great careers have started on such humble beginnings!
                                                                              holidays so please check your University email account regularly. The Un-
CommuniKate                                                                   dergraduate Student Centre will be closed from 25 December – January 3
If you have a question that you would like CommuniKate to answer, please and will re-open from 8.45am –5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
send your queries to:
                                                                                              continued from page 1                   Journal of Digital Accounting

What’s The Echo?
The Echo is a student newspaper created exclusively for students stud-
                                                                                              insolvency decisions. We built an
                                                                                              expert system to test the theory that
                                                                                                                                         He has been recognised by the
                                                                                              such a system could be used in the      American Accounting Association
ying in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. The Echo is de-                                                                        where he was awarded the Artificial
                                                                                              field by a novice – say, someone two
signed to reflect student opinions and ideas, but to do that we need                                                                  Intelligence/Emerging Technologies
                                                                                              or three years out – to make the same
to hear from you. We welcome student contributions, including
                                                                                              decisions an expert would make.”        Section 2003-2004 Outstanding
stories and articles about interesting people or events within the Faculty.
                                                                                                  Indicative of his experience and    Educator Award “for pioneering
If you would like to contribute to The Echo please email ralever@unimelb.
                                                                                              standing in the field are Stewart’s     work and inspirational leadership in
                                                                                              positions as Associate Editor of the    the teaching of artificial intelligence
                                                                                              International Journal of Accounting     in accounting” and the 2005-2006
The Echo is a monthly newspaper for all students in the Faculty of Economics and                                                      Outstanding researcher Award “for
                                                                                              Information Systems, as well as his
Commerce, published by the Teaching and Learning Unit. All information in The Echo is
provided in good faith and is derived from sources believed to be accurate and current as     membership on the editorial board       extraordinary academic achieve-
at the date of publication. Views expressed by contributors are not necessarily endorsed or   of a number of leading academic         ments and leadership in research”.
approved by the Faculty or the University of Melbourne. Print run: 2000. Contributors:        journals, including: the Journal of        And how did he end up being
rod Beecham, Pasarn Intarangsi, Ben Le, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Yee Fei Liew, Thomas            Information Systems, Intelligent        a Head of Department again?
Nguyen, Emily Zhang, Dr. Martin Davies, Rees Quilford and the Undergraduate Office.
Production and Layout: rebecca Lever. Printed by: Streamline Printing.                        Systems in Accounting Finance and       Stewart laughs. “Maggie was very
                                                                                              Management and the International        persuasive!”

From the Teaching and Learning Unit - 205 Babel Building, (03) 8344 3645/4464                                                                                              2
Students at work, rest and play Twenty questions - with Yee Fei Liew
WheRe to now? Ben Le chats to some recent economics and Com-
merce graduates to find out where their paths have taken them.                      Hui Ling is in her final semester of the BCom.

Reality is hitting home for final-year      “It was one of the scariest things     Describe yourself in three words…Way too old.
Commerce students who are about to       I’ve ever done,” said the bubbly 22-      Describe a typical day for you…Wake up, eat,
graduate and embark upon pursuits        year old.                                 sleep, typical everyday stuff…oh yeah, classes.
in work, further study and travel.          “But the experience was awesome        What are you passionate about? Lots of things.
   The Faculty of Economics and          and I’d definitely recommend to stu-      my favourite day of the week is…No preference.
Commerce’s Graduate Destination          dents to go out and see the world.”       What are you reading at the moment? Fleur-
Survey revealed that 89 percent of          Travel was also a must for Jason       de-lis by Isolde Martyn.
students from the 2005 cohort joined     Dang, who currently works as a full-      how do you feel being at melbourne Uni? Great! I’m loving it.
the full-time workforce within four      time auditor at mid-tier accounting       I’m at my happiest when…happy things happen. A trip to the Bahamas
months of graduation.                    firm William Buck.                        or a Lamborghini wouldn’t be too far off.
   Job descriptions were dispersed          Jason backpacked through Europe        What do you think defines Australian culture? Diversity.
across the four disciplines from ac-     and Asia as part of his three-month       Who would you most like to meet? Can’t think of anyone right now.
countant to research economist,          adventure with two friends.               Seen any good movies lately? Step Up. Nothing like a guy, a girl and a
while employers ranged from the             “Oh my god, it was so much fun.        fantastic final production to rev things up.
prestigious Big 4 accounting firms       Although I really enjoy the work I’m      I’m most afraid of…Chucky, maybe.
to banks and management consult-         doing as an auditor too. I’m just glad    When I was a kid I really loved…Barbie. Chucky ruined that.
ing firms.                               I have done both work and travel          What music are you listening to at the moment? Everything. If I like it,
   While most students did pursue        since graduating.”                        I listen to it.
full-time work, taking time off to          Michael Lie, a final-year account-     People would say my worst habit is…they don’t say, they just laugh,
travel still remains a popular option    ing and finance student, has chosen a     frown, or poke.
for many students.                       different path and hopes to join the      Where would you most like to travel to? There are so many places I
   For 2005 graduate, Melissa Yap,       Faculty’s honours program in 2007.        don’t even know where to begin.
now working as a full-time mar-             “I really like the idea of further     my last meal would be…a fantabulous affair. Hopefully my dentures
keting intern at Mini Cooper, the        study, plus an extra year at uni isn’t    would hold out then.
prospect of travel and work seemed       really that bad either,” said the ambi-   What annoys you? Bad service.
equally appealing.                       tious student.                            how would you describe your style? Casual chic.
   After much deliberation dur-             All three students agreed that it      The most embarrassing trend I followed was…I don’t remember
ing her final semester, Melissa pur-     was important for students to try dif-    anything particularly embarrassing…no scandalous stuff here.
chased her tickets and set off alone     ferent things before settling into a      If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? An end
on a two-month trip to Europe.           permanent job.                            to all suffering.

                                                                                   Anna Jones is a Lecturer in Higher Education
                                                                                   in the Teaching and Learning Unit.
                                                                                   Describe yourself in three words…Hard-
                                                                                   working, patient and a bit moody sometimes.
                                                                                   Describe a typical day for you…Get up, walk
                                                                                   the dogs, come to work, go to the gym, go home,
                                                                                   do some work on my Ph.D thesis and sleep.
                                                                                   What are you passionate about? Ideas, the
                                                                                   environment and the state of the world. And
                                                                                   travel, which is my favourite thing.
                                                                                   my favourite day of the week is… Saturday because I don’t have to go
                                                                                   to the office.
                                                                                   What are you reading at the moment? Apart from books for my thesis,
                                                                                   Love Over Scotland by Alexander McCall Smith. It is a really gentle,
                                                                                   funny and very perceptive book.
                                                                                   how do you feel being at melbourne Uni? Loving it! It’s a great place
London calling: Melissa Yap and her friend take time out to visit the              to be.
world’s most famous department store, Harrods                                      I’m at my happiest when…I’m in the countryside.
                                                                                   What do you think defines Australian culture? relaxed, its friendliness
                                                                                   and self-deprecating humour.

Jelly Slice                       From the kitchen of Geraldine Fitzgerald
                                                                                   Who would you most like to meet? Colin Firth. How superficial is that?
                                                                                   Nelson Mandela maybe.
                                                                                   Seen any good movies lately? Jindabyne. I like seeing Australian
Who’s Geraldine? Geraldine is one of the friendly faces in the Undergradu-
ate Student Centre in the Babel Building. If you try any of her recipes let        movies but the ending of this one was a bit unconvincing.
her know how you liked them at:                                I’m most afraid of…Failing my Ph.D. No, global warming really.
                                                                                   When I was a kid I really loved…Playing with my sister. Going
Top layer ingredients:  packet of raspberry/strawberry quick set jelly –          camping with my Dad.
-/2 cups of boiling water.                                                       What music are you listening to at the moment? Dixie Chicks. Mozart
Base ingredients:  packet of Marie biscuits – 25g of melted butter.              when I’m working.
middle layer ingredients:  can of condensed milk – 2 lemons, juiced –             People would say my worst habit is…Getting grumpy when I am tired.
 Tbsp of plain gelatin –  cup of boiling water.                                  Where would you most like to travel to? The Arctic Circle. I want to
method: Dissolve jelly in water; let cool. Crush biscuits and mix with but-        go to Iceland, Alaska and northern Canada.
ter, press into a 9x9” baking pan lined with foil and put in fridge until set      my last meal would be… A masala dosai - an Indian dish.
(5-0 minutes). Dissolve gelatin in water and add to condensed milk. Mix           What annoys you? Car alarms and bossy people.
gently. Add to base once it is set. Put back into fridge. Once the condensed       how would you describe your style? Scruffy. I don’t like ironing.
milk layer is firm, gently spoon the raspberry gelatin on top so as not to dis-    The most embarrassing trend I followed was…Overalls.
turb the other layers. Allow to set firm in fridge, then cut into squares.         If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? War.

From the Teaching and Learning Unit - 205 Babel Building, (03) 8344 3645/4464                                                                             3
Money guru shares a wealth of knowledge
The entrepreneurial Investment          motivating and interesting, and re-      about the sharemarket, entrepreneur-    If you are interested in joining,
Club’s (eIC) last blockbuster           ceived extremely positive feedback       ial success stories and leadership.  please email
guest speaker event for 2007 was a      from students who warmed to his              EIC will be organising many or call to speak with one of the club
smashing success.                       presentation style.                      more guest speaker and corporate founders on 0423 774 970.
   A packed lecture theatre of bud-         “As his feet are grounded, you       networking events in 2007.                                - Emily Zhang
ding entrepreneurs were mesmerised      can relate to what he says and there
by the motivating words of reuben       is a genuine sense he wants to help”
Buchanan, described by students as      one student said.
“awesome”, “inspirational” and “full        Other students said they enjoyed
of knowledge”.                          his sense of humour and remarked
   reuben is founder of the Wealth      that he wasn’t like other presenters
Creator magazine and host of the        they had heard.
2005 TV show by the same name,              This isn’t surprising as reuben
as well as being the face the popular   has had over 3 years of experience
Money Market Report.                    in TV advertising.
   reuben has wealth of knowledge           EIC is a new and exciting club run
and experience in wealth creation       entirely by University of Melbourne
and public speaking, having inter-      students, and is the only student in-
viewed a host of great entrepreneurs    vestment club in Australia.
such as Sir richard Branson, robert         EIC aims to raise awareness of en-
Kiyosaki, rupert Murdoch and Don-       trepreneurial investment opportuni-
ald Trump, to name just a few.          ties by creating a vibrant educational   Budding entrepreneurs: Donald Payne, Evgueni Filippov, Simon Wang ,
   reuben’s tips on investment/en-      atmosphere in which students can         Phuong Mai Nguyen, Jolene Buchanan, Reuben Buchanan, Jess Logan,
trepreneurial strategies were both      actively participate in discussions      Navid Wasimi, Yi Ming Hu and Edward Payne

                                                                                 Good Mornington, noon and night
                                                                                 SOme 37 Postgraduate students               Astounded by the isolation
                                                                                 recently attended an excursion           and beauty, they also learned
                                                                                 to the mornington Peninsula,             of the recent fight for the area’s
                                                                                 travelling to Point nepean               preservation as public land.
                                                                                 national Park for an open-air               We travelled on to three wineries:
                                                                                 tractor train ride, to the very          Stoniers, Tuck’s ridge and The
                                                                                 end of the peninsula.                    Cup’s Estate and then to Arthur’s Seat
                                                                                      Students learned about the now      for a slow lunch in perfect sunshine
                                                                                 abandoned military installation, and     while enjoying the stunning views of
                                                                                 how it was the location of the first     the bays. Home by 7.00pm, a fine
                                                                                 allied shots fired in anger in both      day was had by all.
                                                                                 WWI and WWII.                               Excursions are intended to
                                                                                     Students also learned about the      offer students an appreciation
                                                                                 loss of the then Prime Minister          of Australia’s unique lifestyle
                                                                                 Harold Holt off Cheviot Beach in         and culture, and allow them to
                                                                                 the 960s, and the paranoia that         mix, make friends, and practice
                                                                                 followed during the days of the          their English.
                                                                                 domino theory and the “red scare”.                         - Dr Martin Davies

Leading lights prove illuminating for students
On October 17, esteemed guests          but also an understanding of human       • Darren Saffin, President of the        noted that emotional intelligence is
and students held an open discus-       behaviour to lead effectively.           Melbourne Junior Chamber of Com-         becoming more important as an ef-
sion on leadership at the inaugural     • Marilyn Forde, CEO of The CEO          merce, encouraged students to “go        fective tool of leadership.
Student Leader’s Forum.                 Circle Melbourne, offered a differ-      out and play”, to develop leadership        Questions flowed from the audi-
    Organised by AIESEC Mel-            ent view in that not everyone is a       through extra curricular activities.     ence and various topics were dis-
bourne, the event gathered various      natural leader whereby they are the      • Julia Fraser, Director of Leader-      cussed including women in the work-
distinguished community leaders to      first person that people turn to, but    ship and Community Programs of           force, leadership characteristics and
impart their wisdom, knowledge and      that a good leader means doing the       Asialink, suggested that good lead-
                                                                                                                          how to develop them, the changing
experiences, to help students become    best that you possibly can.              ers have good character, the ability
                                                                                                                          concept of leadership, culture and its
leaders in their own right.             • Andrew Dexter, MD of JPMorgan,         to build and maintain relationships
                                                                                                                          impact on developing leadership and
    The concept and importance of       suggested that having a vision, a per-   across all cultures, and the mindset
leadership was discussed as the sev-    sonal tool kit, and being aware of and   to learn from past failures.             leadership in politics.
en panellists shared their opinions:    seizing opportunities allowed for the    • Peter Ellyard, Executive Director of      With the overwhelmingly positive
• Christopher Shen, Principal of CJS    development of leadership.               Preferred Futures, advocated the no-     feedback from panellists, visitors and
High Performance Consulting, iden-      • Peter Matthey, Partner Transaction     tion that having preferred futures for   students, AIESEC Melbourne hopes
tified that young people not only       Services of KPMG, recognised the         ourselves and taking steps to make       that the event becomes a staple in the
need a strong work ethic, and the       importance of teams and that leaders     them happen will allow for effective     University calendar.
belief and drive to become leaders,     must have a team behind them.            leadership in all other settings. He                        - Thomas Nguyen

From the Teaching and Learning Unit - 205 Babel Building, (03) 8344 3645/4464                                                                                 4

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