How to Install Ubuntu by chrismp72


									Steps for safely installing Ubuntu along with Windows (ie. dual-boot)

1)   After selecting the language, click on Forward button.

2) In next window, you will be asked to ensure that – your system satisfies its minimum
requirements – like 4.4 GB Drive space. It is recommended that you install third-party software.
Click on Forward button.

3) Now this is the most critical step, where most people feel difficult in dealing with Ubuntu or any
other Linux Distros.
If you haven’t installed any other version of Ubuntu then you will get only two option -
Option – 1 : Erase Everything and Reinstall – it will delete everything (all the data/files and other
OS like Windows 7) and reinstall Ubuntu 11.04 on your hard drive. If you select this option then
you can skip few steps, although it’s not recommended, better go for second option.
Option – 2 : Something Else / Advanced Partition – it’s not so difficult as it seems. No files will be
deleted and if you are using Windows 7 and want to use both Windows and Ubuntu in parallel, then
this is the correct option for you. When you choose this option 2nd,

Now select the hard drive(if you have more than one), then the partition, where you want to install.
After selecting the partition, first un-allocate/delete, then select that free space and click on Add.
Then specify the details like -
       Partition Type – ‘Primary’
       File System – ‘Ext4′
       Mount Point – ‘/’
       Beginning
Then click on ‘Install Now’ button to proceed.
4) Now Enter some basic information during the installation procedure and hit Forward button.
Your Geo-Graphical Location – Select your country from the Map

Then, select the keyboard Layout, leave it default if you aren’t sure.
Then Enter some basic information like – Your Name , Computer Name, Login Info (Username,
and Password).

Then wait until the installation is complete.
5) Restart the computer.

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