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									                      Easy Ways of Earning FREE Money and Supplies
                             for Lake Street School 2008-2009
Lake Street School PTO earns money with some easy programs that are run throughout the school year. Below are the list
of programs that we participate in and their descriptions.
                                DID YOU KNOW?
                                You can support the PTO through the United Way's 2008 Community Campaign
                                at your job! You can even indicate if you would like to money to be used for a
                                specific purpose: playscape, programs and assemblies, field trips, family
                                programs, etc.

Here is the info you will need:
Our Designation Code is: AG9265
And our full name is:
VERNON , CT 06066

Box Tops for Education: Collect Box Tops!               Box Tops are found on many food items and can be clipped and sent
in to school with your child where we can redeem them for $.10 each. Your family and friends can also be enlisted to
help collect the Box Tops for your child to bring to school. Each classroom has a Box Tops container where your child
will place them. Every month a great group of parent volunteers collect, count, bundle and mail the Box Tops to General
Mills. We then receive cash for each Box Top collected. You can visit www.boxtops4education.com to find a complete
listing of all the products that carry the Box Tops or visit our website at www.lss-pto.com.

Project A+: This program is sponsored by Tyson Foods.         Each eligible label earns Lake Street School PTO $.24.
These labels can be found on various Tyson products located in your grocer’s freezer case that display the Project A+
labels. These labels are also collected in the Box Tops container at school. For a list of participating products, you can go
to www.tyson.com/projectaplus/ or visit our website at www.lss-pto.com.

Fast Fixin’ Home Team Rewards : This program is sponsored by Advance Brands and is found in your
grocer’s freezer section under the brand name Fast Fixin’. They offer fully cooked chicken, beef and pork meals such as
Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, Fire Roasted Chicken, Sirloin Philly Beefsteak, Sausage Links and much more. Fast Fixin’
products are available at Shaw’s, Big Y, and Price Chopper. Each label you send in is worth $.30. You can go to their
website at www.advancebrands.com to learn more about their products.

Used Toner Cartridges: This Program is sponsored by Hartford Toner.             This program allows us to collect used
toner/ink cartridges and redeem them for cash. This not only helps LSS PTO, but it also helps the environment by
removing waste from landfills. You or your child bring in your used cartridges and deposit them in the blue recycling
container near the Lost & Found in the main hall. Have your family and friends and co-workers save their cartridges for
you as well. You can find out if your company recycles their used cartridges. All cartridges earn money for our school!

Target: This program is called Take Charge of Education. To participate, you simply enroll your Target charge card
(RED card) at www.target.com. Click on Take Charge of Education (under Community), then designate Lake Street
School (under Find/Designate School). Target will donate 1% of purchases charged with your card to Lake Street School.

Bolles Motors : This program is sponsored by Chrysler.        We have been running this program for two years and have
had great success. During the Welcome Back Ice Cream Social on Thursday, September 11, 2008, PTO volunteers will
be in the hallways at school at 6:30 PM asking parents to spend 5 minutes filling out a questionnaire from Chrysler. For
every questionnaire filled in, Lake Street School receives $5.00. Last year in the course of three hours we raised $800.00!
Anyone who is over 18 can participate, and it costs you nothing except a minute of your time for LSS to make money on
this quick and easy fundraiser.
Campbell’s Labels for Education: This program is sponsored by Campbell’s.                Each label or juice top collected
earns Lake Street School PTO points that are redeemable for items for our school. Eligible brands include Campbell’s
Soups, Franco-American, Pepperidge Farm Products, Swanson’s, Market Day, V8, and Prego. These labels are collected
in the same manner as Box Tops and placed in the Box Tops container in each classroom. You can go to
www.labelsforeducation.com to find out more information on your Campbell’s product labels and tops, and for a
complete list of eligible products.

Price Chopper: This program is called Tools for Schools and begins in September and runs through mid-December
after which the school needs to choose what to purchase in January with the points earned. You earn points with every
dollar you spend and “bonus” points when you choose specially marked products. Parents and family who enrolled in this
program last year should have automatically been enrolled this year, but you can check to make sure by going to
www.pricechopper.com to verify. You can also have your Price Chopper Advantage card scanned at the store and
designate Lake Street School if you have not yet enrolled.

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