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       INSIDE THIS ISSUE . . .                                 APWU PHOENIX METRO AREA LOCAL
    Vice President’s Report ...................2
    Associate Office Report ...................3
    Clerk Report ...................................4
    Maintenance Report .......................5
    MVS Report ...................................5
    Ask The Advocate...........................6
    Scholarship Program .......................7                                                                                                                April, 2009

                                                                      President’s Report

Your Questions And Concerns
                                                        sponded that management is looking       a Plant Manager hold a town hall           taking LWOP for active military serv-
                                                        at a lot of things and MDO Dave          meeting for employees and personal-        ice or while absent due to an illness
                                                        Dilettoso is looking at Automation       ly address their questions and listen      or injury approved by OWCP. Also if
                                                        staffing on all three tours. As soon     to their concerns. Management has          you utilize six months of LWOP in
                                                        as Clyde goes over Dave’s propos-        scheduled the first AFSM 100 to be         one year, it impacts your retirement.
                                                        als, he will let me know of the im-      moved to the Plant on May 2, 2009,
                                                        pacts. Clyde also stated that man-       the second AFSM 100 will be moved              insuRing youR Rights
                                                        agement is reviewing the current         to the Plant on May 9, 2009. Clyde            I think it’s important for all APWU
                                                        T-2 schedules, and he stated that it     also informed employees of his tenta-      represented employees in all Crafts
                                                        did look like management would           tive plans for when the Flat Sequenc-      to know we are reviewing everything
                                                        reduce some of the staffing. Clyde       ing Sorter (FSS) machines will be up       to insure that impacts are kept to the
                                                        assured me that when his review is       and running at the WVLDC. The              minimum. When employees are in-
                                                        completed, he will let me know what      FSS hasn’t passed its first article test   formed of their duty assignments be-
                                                        the impact will be. We will keep you     and Phoenix won’t run the FSS until        ing abolished or reposted, they see
                                                        informed.                                it passes – the next test is scheduled     the final outcome of management’s
                                                                                                 for June 2009 and after that August        actions. Your stewards and officers
by Mary Lou Pavoggi,
                                                         RegistRy RooM And nixie                 2009. Management has requested             propose a lot of changes to manage-
                                                            P&DC Registry Room employees         that headquarters only send four FSS       ment’s decisions that cause fewer
                                                        also had questions regarding rumors      machines and believed four AFSM            employees to be affected and those
       Asbestos ReMovAL                                 about management abolishing the          100’s could be moved from Rio to           employees don’t even know. So make
   Many Phoenix P&DC employ-                            T-2 registry duty assignments and        the WVLDC. Clyde stated that Cus-          sure you take the time to thank your
ees had concerns whether or not                         replacing employees with some type       tomer Service will be staying at Rio       Stewards, Craft Directors, and Offic-
the Postal Service removed the as-                      of suction system like the banks.        and management may still keep out-         ers for all their efforts on behalf of
bestos properly over by the box sec-                    Clyde Jones explained that Phoenix       going AFSM 100’s at the Plant when         you; they fight hard for you!
tion. Immediately the Plant Manager                     is a test site for a “chute” installa-   everything else goes to the WVLDC.
was contacted as was our National                       tion that would allow items to be de-                                                    suPPoRt ouR tRooPs
APWU Safety Representative Co-                          posited in the registry room without         undeRstAnding LWoP                        I want to take this opportunity to
rey Thompson regarding the proper                       someone being there. He stated that         It seems a lot of employees are         recognize and thank Motor Vehicle
procedures of asbestos removal. The                     management would not make any            taking LWOP since mail volume is           Steward and Driver John Sparks and
USPS utilized a contractor licensed                     staffing changes based on the test un-   down, and I wanted to make sure you        his wife Phyllis for getting our Lo-
and certified in asbestos removal                       til he reviews the results. The Senior   understand your rights. I’ve heard         cal involved in adopting a group of
and the USPS Asbestos Coordina-                         Plant Manager went on to say that        from our stewards that there are em-       soldiers and encouraging everyone
tor oversaw the containment proce-                      management is continuing to look         ployees who believe that if they take      to take a few minutes of their time
dures. An environmental monitoring                      at work hours and duty assignments       LWOP that they won’t lose any leave        to thank our troops by writing to
company was hired to monitor the                        in the registry room due to the re-      because management offered them            them. We are pitching in by giving
air quality before, during, and after                   duction in mail volume. He also in-      LWOP, and it was scheduled. Please         personal donations to purchase items
the removal procedure. The project                      formed me that the Nixie Section at      don’t get confused regarding sched-        our soldiers have requested. We are
was competed on Saturday, March                         the P&DC will be moving out onto         uled leave and unscheduled leave           all proud of our troops serving our
14, 2009. The containment tenting                       the workroom floor due to their con-     when you’re leaving early or utiliz-       Country so take the time to write a
and air filtration was left up to con-                  cerns with working live mail behind      ing any LWOP. In the Employee              letter or send a donation to APWU
tain the dust from the saw cutting                      closed doors.                            and Labor Relations Manual (ELM)           Supports our Troops: 3741 East At-
and concrete removal. After review-                                                              Section 514.24 it states: “Employees       lanta, Phoenix, AZ 85040. See our
ing everything the Postal Service did                       Rio sALAdo ChAnges                   who are on LWOP for a period, or           local website, bulletin boards, or call
in their containment of the asbestos                       On February 23, 2009 Clyde Jones      periods, totaling 80 hours (normal         the Union Hall for more information
with Corey Thompson, it appears                         informed the APWU of manage-             number of work hours in one pay pe-        (602) 437-8173. Thank you John and
that management followed all safety                     ment’s intentions to move two AFSM       riod) during a leave year have their       Phyllis for your years of time, dedi-
procedures.                                             100’s from the Rio Salado facility to    leave credits reduced by the amount        cation, and love you’ve given our
                                                        the P&DC. The following day, Febru-      of leave earned in one pay period.”        troops!
     touR 2 AutoMAtion                                  ary 24, 2009, Clyde informed all Rio     Meaning if you earn eight hours of            The deadline for our annual
   Many employees at the Phoenix                        Salado employees of management’s         annual leave a pay period, when you        Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship is
P&DC have raised questions about                        intentions. I attended all meetings to   utilize 80 hours of LWOP, you lose         April 30, 2009. Read the complete
the future of T-2 automation. Sen-                      inform employees of their Collective     eight hours of annual leave. There         rules on page 7 or on our website
ior Plant Manager Clyde Jones re-                       Bargaining Rights. It was nice to see    are exceptions to this rule if you are


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Page 2                                                                                            HEATWAVE                                                                      April, 2009

                                                                                             Vice President’s Report

                                                               Communicate With Your
     HEATWAVE is the official publication of:
    American Postal Workers union, AFL-Cio
            Phoenix Metro Area Local
                3741 e. Atlanta Ave.
             Phoenix, Arizona 85040

                                                               Union And Stay Informed
                   (602) 437-8173
    and is published 12 times per year.

    Web Site:
    Phoenix MetRo AReA LoCAL APWu
                        oFFiCeRs                                                                           your duties and hopefully help gener-      will not be eligible. As information is
    Mary Lou Pavoggi .......... General President                                                          ate revenue. You can either fax them       limited at this time, please visit our                                                                        to the Union Hall: 602-437-2070 or         Local Website: www.phoenixapwu.
    Joe Cuccinotto ......................Vice President                                                    send me an e-mail: vicepresident@          org for updated information.
                                                                                                  Please include the
    Jim Pavoggi ........................ Business Agent
                                                                       Station or A.O. where you currently               Websites thAt WiLL
    Bob McDonald .............Secretary-Treasurer                                                          work. Our President, Mary Lou Pa-                 keeP you inFoRMed
    Kathy Shaft..........................................DIR                                               voggi meets with District Manager             In previous articles I have listed sev-
    Neil Davis...............................Rep-at-Large                                                  Larry James on a quarterly basis and       eral websites that are available for all to
                                                                                                           will gladly present your shopping list     visit for updated information pertaining
                 CRAFt diReCtoRs
                                                                                                           at the next meeting.                       to the Postal Service. Again, I empha-
    Renee Breeden ...................................Clerk
                                                                                                                    size the importance of trying to keep
    Mike Isaacson ........................ Maintenance                                                                     veRA                       current on what is happening around
                                                                          The Postal Service recently re-         us on an almost daily basis. The current
    Steve Auerbach ........ Motor Vehicle Service                                                          ceived approval from the Office of         headlines read: Postal chief says post
                                   by Joe Cuccinotto,                                                                     office running out of money – Postal
                                                                                                           Personnel Management (OPM) to of-
                                                               executive vice-President                                                               Service closing Administrative Offices,
               steWARds CounCiL                                                                            fer voluntary early retirement (VERA)
                                                                                                               Eliminating positions, offering early
    John Palmer..............................Chairperson                                                   to eligible employees nationwide. As
                                                               Attention WindoW CLeRks                     usual, the Postal Service is excluding     outs – Restoring the Financial Stabil-
    Sarah Rodriguez ...............................Editor
                                                                  During a recent Union Meeting            a group of employees, which includes       ity of the USPS. These stories are all
    Isaiah Braddock ................Retirees Director          many window clerks voiced their con-        ET’s, MPE’s and Maintenance Me-            at On
    Roy Braunstein .............Legislative Director           cerns about not having the necessary        chanics. In order to be eligible for the   you can read stories titled: USPS and
                                  tools to properly perform the functions     VERA, you must meet conditions set         The Economic Gloom – Postmaster
    Terrie M. Davis .. Human Relations Director                of their job. Your lobbies are woefully     forth by OPM. That includes being          General to face Congress over com-
                                                               short of supplies for customer use or       at least 50 years old with 20 years of     pensation – Drilling Down-Recession
    Kwane Vedrene ...........Health Plan Director
                                                               for customer sales. You are asked to        creditable federal service or any age      Takes Toll on Direct Mailing Ads. You
    Joe Zamenick..... Communications & Media
                                                               up sell products that you do not have       with 25 years of creditable federal        can read many more stories about what
    Danean Hammer ............. Sergeant-at-Arms
                                                               available for sale. You are short labels,   service. The age and years of service      some think is the cause of our prob-
    Terry Mattioli .................. Sergeant-at-Arms
                                                               envelopes, tape, pencils and pens. In       criteria must be met by the effective      lems. What is the real cause? Read as
    Freeman Stuart ................ Sergeant-at-Arms
                                                               order to help you, we need your help.       retirement date of this VERA, July         much as you can, then you decide what
        This publication is for the express purpose of         Please send a list of supplies that you     31, 2009. If you do not meet the crite-    the future holds for you.
    educating and informing members of Phoenix Metro
    Local APWU.                                                need in order to properly perform           ria by the July 31, 2009 deadline, you        The Struggles Continue.
        Any member in good standing is permitted to
    submit articles for publication. Articles are included

                                                               Letter To The Editor
    on a space available basis. Submissions must include
    your name, signature and address or pay location for
        The Local reser ves the right to edit all
    submissions. Material containing slander or libel
    will not be accepted. Copyrighted material must
    be accompanied by permission to reprint by the
        the deadline for all articles is the 15th of the
                                                               by bill harris                              could get by without refilling the po-     brutal. A receptionist was hired.
    month.                                                        A recent report and brutal com-          sition, and those union funds would           During both terms of past Presi-
        Opinions expressed are those of the writer
    and not necessarily those of Phoenix Metro Area            ments about the cost of running this        be put to better use representing the      dent Breeden, the E Board discussed
    Local, its officers or the editor. All articles should     Local may appear to many members            members. I was on that E Board and         the costs of running the Local every
    be submitted to:
                                                               as a recent epiphany. As a former E         we made that decision about mid-           month and giving the membership
                                  Board member (Maintenance Craft             way through President Breeden’s first      and their representatives more for
                       or                                      Director) throughout the entire terms       term. We operated the Local without        their hard earned dues money. Our
                 HEATWAVE                                      of those past leaders who put their         a receptionist for about six or seven      membership numbers were already
              3741 E. Atlanta Ave.                             heart and soul into this Local like         years. One of the reasons we made          showing the decline back then as
               Phoenix, AZ 85040                               Rob Strunk, Bob Bradshaw, Steve             that decision was because we had four      reported by Chuck Wyrick, the Sec-
                                                               Zamanakos, Renee Breeden, Chuck             full time officers. Realize of course,     retary Treasurer at that time, and as
                                                               Wyrick and Dave Kalandyk, I can as-         maintaining a position like the recep-     the governing board for the Local we
                                                               sure the members that this is not and       tionist has more costs involved than       discussed many options. One of those
                                                               should not be considered an epiph-          just a salary. About five and a half       options was to revert the Secretary
                                                               any. While I agree that steps must          years ago, the new E Board decided         Treasurer position back to part time.
                                                               be taken sooner or later, as a past E       they wanted a receptionist. As good        The Local had changed the Consti-
                                                               Board member and as a dues paying           dues paying members, I recall Broth-       tution during Brother Strunk’s last
        In affiliation with the APWU National Postal           member, I feel it is my right and re-       er Kalandyk and myself attending           term as President to make it full time.
    Press Association.
                                                               sponsibility to point out some appar-       monthly meetings at the time and try-      But when a proposed constitutional
                                                               ent overlooked facts; these facts will      ing to persuade the membership and         amendment to revert the Secretary
                                                               also be brutal.                             the E Board that from a financial per-     Treasurer position back to part time
                                                                  For those of you with tenure in this     spective, it would not be in the local’s   came up, about six or seven years af-
                                                               local, you will remember that after         best interest to hire a receptionist. We   ter having made it a full time office, it
                                                               a prior receptionist quit (many years       spoke of the same facts presented in       barely made the floor for discussion.
                                                               ago), the E Board of past President         the aforementioned report. We were         Again, Brother Kalandyk and I were
                                                               Renee Breeden decided that the Local        treated as sore losers; that was a bit                         continued on page 8

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April, 2009                                                                    HEATWAVE                                                                             Page 3

                                                   Associate Office Report

Associate Office Update
                                           do, as it is shown in their performance      assignments that currently have rotating      ment. Our stewards are doing a great
                                           scores. He gave service awards to Gary       days off. Chief Steward Debbie Keatley        job in representing employees in the Sun
                                           Sukkert for his 35 years as a postal em-     will ensure that Article 12 of our CBA        City Installation. Grievances have been
                                           ployee and Judy Horbelt for her 25 years     and our LMOU is abided by when this           resolved where management improp-
                                           as a postal employee. In my 33 years at      occurs. There have been recent bargain-       erly utilized ODL employees out of the
                                           the Post Office, I’ve never seen a stand     ing unit work grievances at the Down-         proper overtime rotation; the ODL em-
                                           up to thank employees like Clyde held        town Station where the supervisor is          ployees that were bypassed were given
                                           – it really meant a lot to the employees     clearing carriers of accountable mail.        overtime make-up opportunities. Also,
                                           at the EVDDC. I hope Clyde’s thanks          Debbie does such a fantastic job by tak-      grievances were resolved where manage-
                                           and appreciation of employees rubs off       ing care of all the grievances in Peoria      ment improperly utilized non-ODL em-
                                           on other management personnel. Also,         and settling them at the lowest level.        ployees prior to utilizing available ODL
                                           I want to thank Chief Steward Frank             Queen Creek: Chief Steward Nellie          employees up to 12 hours in a day or 60
                                           Alexander and Steward Traci Thurman          Dole works hard representing the em-          hours in a service week. These bypassed
                                           for all they do in representing the Clerk    ployees in Queen Creek and ensures that       ODL employees were compensated at
                                           Craft at the EVDDC.                          management abides by our CBA and              the appropriate overtime rate all hours
by Jim Pavoggi,
                                              gilbert: Gilbert PTF clerks are work-     LMOU.                                         the non-ODL employees worked. The
business Agent
                                           ing less than 40 hours and the Union is         scottsdale: We’re working on set-          Union prevailed when management
                                           going over the casual hours weekly to        ting up a labor management meeting.           unilaterally stopped compensating an
    Apache Junction: I want to thank       make sure our CBA is enforced. We’ve         Scottsdale Kachina is reposting a couple      employee their higher level pay, when
chief Steward Margie Moshiri for stay-     had issues with choice vacation cancella-    of jobs – our stewards had to file a griev-   they were entitled to saved-grade. We
ing on top of everything going on in       tions where management is violating our      ance on this action because manage-           were successful in getting this employee
Apache Junction – keep up the good         LMOU by not reposting the cancelled          ment assigned two employees hours and         back pay for all the saved-grade they
work!                                      leave so others can submit. Construc-        days off as unencumbered without giv-         were owed. I want to thank the Stewards
    Avondale/goodyear: Chief Stew-         tion of the new Fiesta station is behind     ing them the opportunity to bid and be        Force: Chief Steward Dwane Tomczak
ard Donna Seaquist and Steward Pam         schedule and they don’t have a date that     awarded their reposted duty assignment        and Stewards: Irene Rhoades and Mike
Thames do a fantastic job enforcing our    it will be finished yet. I want to welcome   or another duty assignment. We are re-        Castrovinci.
CBA and LMOU in our Avondale and           Connie Bernal as our new Steward in          questing in our make whole remedy that           tempe: I want to thank the Stewards:
Goodyear stations. They’ve had a lot       Gilbert and thank her for volunteering.      they compensate out of schedule pre-          Amanda Serbin, Pam Doyle and Sue
of grievances regarding improper over-        glendale: I want to thank and recog-      mium. I want to thank all our Scottsdale      Griffin for their dedication to our mem-
time rotation between the two facilities   nize our Glendale Chief Steward Annie        Stewards for working on the Scottsdale        bers in Tempe and for doing such a good
– these issues are now resolved. Keep up   Caouette, Step 2 Designee Randy Deck-        grievances: Chief Steward Dawn Gray           job.
the good work!                             er and Stewards: Tami Aggers, Tom            and Stewards: Linda Yaeger, Sheryl               Wickenburg: Wickenburg is also ex-
    Chandler: Chandler is having over-     Magness and Alli McQuillin, for all they     Timberlake, Greta Garrett, Orlando            periencing low mail volume and their
time issues where management has           do in resolving issues at the lowest level   Gutierrez, Gary Eastman and Denise            PTF’s are not getting 40 hours a week.
been improperly utilizing non Overtime     and keeping up with everything going         Kolac.                                           All of the Associate office griev-
Desired employees to work overtime         on in Glendale.                                 sun City/surprise: In Sun City/            ances that were appealed to step 2 in
instead of utilizing employees on the         glendale Remote encoding Center           Surprise, management is reposting one         2008 have been met on and resolved or
ODL. Thanks to our Chandler stewards       (ReC): All of the officers and staff of      job as a pool and relief duty assign-         appealed to step 3 and/or Arbitration.
force these grievances have been settled   Phoenix Metro Area Local wish Glen-
and the appropriate ODL employees
have been compensated: Chief Steward
                                           dale REC Chief Steward Peggy Royster
                                           a successful surgery and early recov-                           Member’s Corner
Arnie Gedek and Stewards: Leslie Tay-      ery. The full time officers will be taking
lor, Marilee Hall, Jessica Tallabas and    turns going to the REC while she’s gone                                                       The Phoenix Metro Area Local
Karen Thomas.                              and show support of Steward Allison                                                        #0093 would like to recognize our
    evddC: EVDDC PTF clerks are            O’Konski. Management has changed                                                           members that are experiencing life
still working less than 40 hours, and      T-1 jobs by half an hour. I want to thank                                                  changing events. Member Richard
management is hiring more casuals. I       Chief Steward Peggy Royster and Stew-                                                      gilliam from the Gilbert Main Sta-
want to thank President Mary Lou Pa-       ard Allison O’Konski for taking care of                                                    tion is recovering from a surgery he
voggi and Maintenance Steward Bill         the employees at the REC.                                                                  had in February. Get well soon!
Heich for attending a meeting with            Mesa: We’re seeing many grievances                                                         Unfortunately we also have to
Maintenance Manager Rick Quinn to          regarding management performing bar-                                                       deal with a part of life that we wish
ensure that Article 12 of our Collective   gaining unit work, both mail handlers                                                      wasn’t so prevalent. We have mem-
Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and our         and carriers are continually performing                                                    bers that are dealing with a death
Local Memorandum of Understanding          clerk duties. Our stewards are working                                                     within their family or be it a special
(LMOU) are abided by when manage-          very hard to stay on top of these griev-                                                   friend. Member James C. Murphy
ment finalizes their proposal to abolish   ances. Please do your part, request to                                                     who works in maintenance at the
T-3 maintenance jobs and repost those      see a steward when you witness these                                                       GMF on T3, lost his mother. Re-
                                                                                        by terrie davis,
maintenance jobs on T-1 and T-2. We’ll     violations and write a detailed statement                                                  uben C. Robledo Jr., T-1 from Rio
                                                                                        human Relations director
keep you informed when management          for the Union. We have a labor manage-                                                     Salado, lost his father. Ron scheck
produces their final proposal. All main-   ment meeting scheduled at the end of                                                       from the Ahwatukee station P/L
tenance employees at the EVDDC             the month. I want to thank the Mesa             By the time that you read this ar-         044, lost his wife. ernest espinoza,
should thank Steward Bill Heich for        Stewards and let them know how much          ticle, the summer heat will surely be         a T-2 clerk at Rio Salado, lost his
keeping abreast of everything going on     we appreciate them: Richard Doherty,         creeping upon us. We hope that you            brother. Patsy orlando who works
in the Maintenance Craft. It was nice to   Patrick Celaya, Michelle Wilk and Paul       take great care to protect yourself           at the GMF T-1, his wife lost her
be at the EVDDC when the Senior Plant      Scheibenreif.                                from the high temperatures that of-           aunt. To all of these members we
Manager Clyde Jones came out to recog-        Peoria: The Peoria postmaster is          ten gets many of us in trouble, espe-         send out our prayers and condolenc-
nize employees for the hard work they      planning on reposting three clerk duty       cially in our later years.                    es to you and your family.

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Page 4                                                                             HEATWAVE                                                                             April, 2009

                                                           Clerk Craft Report

Presidents Conference
                                            rampant. As we all know, the USPS                lowing is the report given by APWU Presi-        we included item number 7 and 3. One
                                            has put out a mandate that all facilities        dent Burrus to the delegates at the Presidents   is management’s interest (item 3 on
                                            must cut out overtime. As a result of            Conference. President Burrus’s report was        work schedules) and one is the Union’s
                                            this Supervisors and Postmasters have            tape recorded and transcribed for your infor-    interest (which is returning work to
                                            taken over the duties of the Clerks. In          mation.                                          MVS after Highway Contractors con-
                                            some offices the PTR hours have been                 APWU President Burrus: This is the           tract expires).
                                            reduced as their duties are being per-           rationale behind the LMOU. Here is                   Now, if MVS doesn’t grow, it is go-
                                            formed by management. While the                  what it does. It creates the opportunity         ing to die. Simple fact, you come here
                                            APWU has been successful in winning              for the parties to engage in discussion          in ten years from now and MVS has ei-
                                            these grievances, employees are being            on issues that are important of both par-        ther grown to have more members than
                                            placed in a hardship because of the              ties. It does not change a single employ-        it presently does or it will be like the
                                            time it takes to get the issue resolved.         ees work schedule not withstanding if            special delivery is-dead. Either grow or
                                               Another avenue the USPS is using              there has been. I assume there has been          die. You are not going to stand still and
                                            to downsize the work force is disci-             a lot of objection raised. Not one single        just criticize. You are not going to say
                                            pline. All Locals has seen an increase           MVS employee has had their schedule              management is bad, they don’t know
by Renee breeden,
                                            in discipline. Most of the discipline is         changed as a result of the memo. The             what they are doing. You are still dying.
Clerk Craft director
                                            relating to attendance irregularities. We        specific intent was that it requires any         So, what I intended to do was create a
                                            have seen this locally. But what is more         change to the employee schedule, be              frame work.
   On February 28, 2009, the first quar-    alarming is Arbitrators are siding with          passed by the Union. The Union has to                Both sides have not relinquished
ter Presidents Conference was held in       the position of the USPS and we are              agree to it. Management does not have            any rights. The Union has the right
Washington, DC. All the local Presi-        losing more cases on attendance prob-            the right to agree to it with imposing in-       to say no. I talked to Bob (Pritchard)*
dents or their designee get together to     lems than we ever have.                          teraction. So, number one, management            the other day. He told me he went to
discuss the issues facing their Locals.        This gives you an idea of what is hap-        cannot use the memorandum as a vehi-             a meeting and management was look-
As you might imagine, the hot topic         pening to other Locals. Some are expe-           cle to change any employee schedule.             ing at Columbus, Ohio. They were told
discussed was the financial state of the    riencing what we are going through,                  Now, we are operating with some              to change something like 60 to 70 em-
Postal Service as it relates to employees   some are in more dire situations.                basic difficulty. We have a craft that           ployee’s schedules to 8 within 11 or 8
being excessed out of an installation                                                        is not growing, there are threats. This          within 12. The Postal Service was will-
and downsizing. The other hot topic         PostAL vehiCLe seRviCe (Pvs)                     memorandum did not start when I                  ing to give up anything but subcontract-
concerned the Memorandum of Un-             AMended WoRk RuLes PiLot                         started discussing it. The MVS craft             ing. They are wasting some breath. You
derstanding between APWU President             On January 15, 2009 APWU Presi-               officers had been involved in these dis-         make your argument, if they don’t give,
Burrus and USPS Vice President Tu-          dent Burrus signed a Memorandum of               cussions for several years. At a certain         you don’t give. You tell them no, just
lino concerning Postal Vehicle Service      Understanding (LMOU) that would al-              point and time they agreed to disagree.          like they tell you no. But you are not
Amended Work Rules Pilot. It was my         low amending work rules for the Mo-              Their differences were then elevated             going to make any changes unless you
honor to represent the Phoenix Metro        tor Vehicle employees. This LMOU                 to Tony Viglanto and Bill Burrus. We             engage in the dialogue. You have got
Area Local as a delegate to that confer-    is intended to be a pilot program for            have a history of working some things            to discuss something that is of interest
ence.                                       selected sites. The sites selected would         out over the years. So, we began discus-         to them. You cannot go into manage-
                                            have to be agreed to by the parties in-          sions of how we could bring this about.          ment and tell them I want you to do
        doWnsiZing And                      volved. If a Local Union does not want               What my objective was, and I’m not           this. Management’s response is, well I
             exCessing                      to participate in the pilot according to         trying to satisfy any perceived problem          have some wants too. So, let’s put it all
   We are not alone in our struggles.       the LMOU, they would not be forced               that management has – that’s their prob-         in play. Let’s talk about what they want
Here are some of the problems and           to. It should be noted that the PMAL             lem – what I was trying to do was find           versus what you want and in the proc-
issues that other Locals have gone          has already put our National Officers            a vehicle by which we could engage in            ess if you can reach agreement, you do
through.                                    on notice that we do not want to be in-          discussions that could possibly lead to          it. If you can’t reach an agreement, you
   Locally, we have all heard the ter-      volved in that process.                          growing the craft. Now, I can cite like          don’t. But for anybody to suggest that
minology “Tour 2 Compression of                For those sites agreed upon, the work         all of you can, areas of mismanage-              you don’t even engage in the dialogue,
Hours.” In Phoenix we have seen the         schedules for the MVS full time positions        ment, of improper subcontracting and             that you just stay where you are to date
bid jobs on T-2 being reverted as em-       would be changed whereby they could              talk of management won’t letting us do           and just criticize, you aren’t going any-
ployees either retire or bid out. Most      work 8 hours within 9, 8 hours within            it. That has no value at all; it’s spend-        where.
of the Locals in the Eastern part of        10, 8 hours within 11 and 8 within 12            ing time, spending breath. But it does               Every argument we made on Article
the U.S. have lost their T- 2 operations    consecutive hours. As a result, manage-          not change anything. The only way you            32 we have lost. The most recent one,
and employees are forced to work later      ment was to stop subcontracting out              change things is to engage in discus-            Tacoma, Washington who was success-
hours.                                      runs for those selected sites. In addition,      sions, engage in negotiations between            ful in returning the work to MVS but we
   Management back East has extend-         there is language in the amended work            the two parties.                                 lost the Article 32 argument. This is not
ed the radius for excessing to 750 miles.   rules that would allow work in different             What we did in this memorandum,              an issue that has been addressed over the
We currently are within a 500 mile ra-      crafts, which could include the opera-           was we set up a frame for work. We               years. We’ve tried in every interest arbi-
dius. Employees are going into installa-    tion of mail processing equipment and            said, “Look, management, you have an             tration regarding contract negotiations,
tions where employees are earmarked         manual distribution of mail.                     interest in elongating the schedules to          to change Article 32. Our best effort was
to be excessed out of that installation.       As a result of this LMOU, many                achieve greater flexibility including the        the language put in there factoring cost.
As a result some employees excessed         MVS employees, as well as the Clerk              merging of duties across craft lines.”           Simple fact, if we are cheaper, we get
out of their installation have been re-     Craft Employees, became concerned                Now, that is earth shattering. Article           it. If we’re not cheaper we don’t get it.
turned to their former installation.        how this would impact the crafts. They           7 has always contained that language.            Management won’t agree. So, there is a
These employees are currently awaiting      wanted to know the thought process be-           Management has always had flexibil-              point where you recognize that just argu-
another assignment. You can imagine         hind this LMOU as well as the respec-            ity to assign employees across lines to          ing about it is not enough. Just criticiz-
what this is doing to those employees       tive National Craft Officers involved in         fulfill their full-time obligations to those     ing management about it is not enough.
and their families not knowing where        the discussion prior to the LMOU be-             employees. But we incorporated that              At some point you have to engage them
they are going to end up.                   ing signed by President Burrus. For my           language in the memorandum. For us,              in discussions.
   Bargaining Unit Work is running          brothers and sisters of the MVS craft the fol-   we wanted to bring the work back. So,                                   continued on page 6

                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                                                     
April, 2009                                                                 HEATWAVE                                                                           Page 5

                                           Maintenance Craft Report

The Union Will Insure That The Contract
Is Followed During This Time Of Change
                                        the beginning of May. The staffing           for you being assigned work that is        the stations it has become clear that
                                        impact would consist of three, tour 2        not on your route sheets. If this is the   many jobs have been changed im-
                                        employees from Rio getting their jobs        case, then all that work must be put       properly, with either new start times
                                        reposted to the GMF – that was the           on a work order, something I am sure       or days off being given to the resident
                                        only change we were told of. Manage-         is not being done out at the stations.     custodians without these jobs having
                                        ment believes that the current staffing      This work should then be added onto        gone up for bid; which is a violation
                                        at the GMF on the other tours will be        the staffing package and could make        of the National Contract. To correct
                                        able to handle the increased opera-          the difference in how many jobs are        this, many jobs may get reposted with
                                        tional maintenance workload.                 placed into a given station. This work     new days off and start times. Along
                                           Another item of note is that by           can include, but not be limited to the     those same lines, jobs may also get
                                        now all the station custodians should        dumping of UBBM or delivering ex-          reposted to properly handle the nec-
                                        have their new route sheets and have         press mail.                                essary coverage from the MS-47. The
                                        had some training on how to read                Recently many custodians have           Union is involved in these discussions
                                        and use them. Although we are still          seen that on a recent posting a list of    and will ensure that the contract is fol-
                                        in dispute over final staffing num-          jobs was included which stated that        lowed at all times. Although the con-
by Mike isaacson,
                                        bers, this is a good start in getting into   those jobs may not be filled if they       tract does provide them the latitude to
Maintenance Craft director
                                        compliance with the National MS-47           become vacant. There are a couple          adjust staffing as needed, it does not
                                        award. I do ask that if you are a sta-       of reasons why this may be; the first      give management a free hand to do
   Spring is here, and with it comes    tion custodian and you notice work           is that due to the area-wide staffing      whatever they wish.
some of the changes we have been        that you had been doing on a regular         situations, many of Phoenix’s jobs            To conclude, I would like to wel-
hearing about. The first of which is    basis is no longer being performed,          are under withholding. These jobs          come two of our brothers on their re-
the impact of the AFSM movement         then please document this and get            are being held aside so that someone       turn to work and a send a good job
from Rio Salado to the GMF. In a        it to your steward. Dan Holdridge            who loses his job will have some-          to our NBA Chuck Sundgaard for
meeting with PM Jones, MM Lena-         has been taking the lead on getting          where to be placed. Another reason is      getting them back. I also hope you all
han, President Pavoggi and myself,      the stations squared away and will           that there are ongoing discussions on      enjoy the last vestiges of cool weather
the Union was notified that two flat    know how to file the grievance on            changes on the staffing and schedul-       before the heat kicks in.
sorters were to move to the GMF in      the change in work. The same goes            ing of the custodians as a whole. In          In Solidarity.

                              Motor Vehicle Service Craft Report

Is This Really Happening?
                                        trucks. Now I have nothing personal-         not heard anything different concern-      pens to you, ask for a steward, as that
                                        ly against anyone, as it does nothing        ing the Memorandum pertaining to           would be a violation.
                                        but create problems. However if you          work hours.                                   If you are running a truck and the
                                        think about it you can only wonder              If management decides to change         A/C unit goes out or is not working,
                                        why the heck anyone would do this            your hours on a daily basis you are        write it up so that the shop can get it
                                        as the HCR drivers are taking work           entitled to a 50% premium for all          fixed .That way when it is summer
                                        away from us. Granted the driver is          hours worked outside your bid hours.       they will all be working. When trucks
                                        trying to support his/her family but         I have heard that they may be chang-       are serviced, they should have every-
                                        it’s hindering our ability to continue       ing some drivers on a daily basis to       thing working like it was new.
                                        to support our families. Management          cover segments or runs. If that hap-          In Union Solidarity.
                                        is probably laughing their butts off.

                                                                                     It’s Not Just A Hearing World
                                        They are getting cheap labor and
                                        now the postal drivers are actually
                                        preparing to give their jobs away, not
                                        realizing the food is coming off their       by Lenore beatty,                          your sign language you learn and get
by steve Auerbach,                      table. I don’t get it and I am glad I        t-3 Automation Clerk                       information. Don’t be afraid to stand
Mvs Craft director                      don’t. Again I have nothing against             We all know of the web site WEB-        up for your rights. Only you (the deaf)                      anyone but I will be damned if I ever        MD, now there is a web site for the        have the power to protect your rights.
  Recently a member approached          get friendly with someone that is tak-       deaf and hard of hearing called            The deaf have come together as a
me and asked me for what my opin-       ing my job. They say “I got to eat”, This web site has a per-       group and fight for your rights. The
ion regarding an incident he had wit-   well I have a family as well and we          son signing in ASL different diseases.     hearing can’t help, unless you teach
nessed. He told me what he had wit-     need to eat too.                             You can click on a disease and a per-      the hearing. You can’t allow yourself
nessed and I was completely amazed.         The survey results concerning the        son will sign what the disease is. Very    to be pushed aside. Having interpret-
I gave him my opinion which he          modified work week were that 92%             cool website.                              ers is your right. Ask for interpreters
agreed with, and asked me to inform     were willing to try the options we dis-         It’s not just a hearing world. As a     for any meetings. If you don’t get an
everyone else about. The incident       cussed. We are waiting on manage-            deaf person you have your own rights,      interpreter go to your union and file
that he witnessed was pertaining        ment to agree or disagree; if agree-         your own place on this planet and in       a grievance, also file EEO’s. This is
to HCR drivers and MVS Drivers.         ment is reached, we will move to the         this job. The hearing and non hear-        your post office and your job too, it is
They were both loading each other’s     next part of building runs. We have          ing all share the same space. Through      not just for the hearing.

                                                                                                                                                                     
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Page 6                                                                                  HEATWAVE                                                                               April, 2009

                                                                  Ask The Advocate
                                                 That could be the end of this article, be-       forget those ten paid holidays, and if we        few minutes to remind them just how im-
                                                 cause look around you, it’s pretty scary out     work them, we get the choice of ‘holiday         portant it is to belong.
                                                 there. Our Union protects us against being       pay’ or an additional day of annual leave
                                                 “laid off”.                                      to use at our convenience. We earn 13 paid              ARbitRAtion uPdAte
                                                     But the people, who know me, know            sick days a year and we have the ability to         We have been tasked with a very de-
                                                 that I write like I talk, so let’s continue.     save it, we can use it for prolonged illnesses   manding schedule for Arbitrations so far
                                                 Where are my glasses? Let’s review the           if necessary. We are an ‘aging’ work force.      this year. Along with my fellow National
                                                 life of a casual. Believe me, if we had no       Health coverage is another huge benefit.         Arbitration Advocates; Randy Decker,
                                                 Unions we would all be casuals. When we          Strong Unions negotiate for the health and       and Joe Zamenick, I have been assigned
                                                 make regular, we are guaranteed 8 hours          welfare of their members. We have the op-        Arbitrations that include discipline for at-
                                                 work or pay per day and guaranteed 40            portunity to choose between many health          tendance issues. As I have previously re-
                                                 hours work or pay per week. Are the casu-        plans to suit our needs. No Union, no in-        ported, discipline for attendance is an Advo-
                                                 als? Yeah, lately some areas are farmed out      surance; if you don’t believe it ask a casual    cates nightmare. Our current Arbitrators
                                                 of their chosen bid jobs to work in other        about their insurance coverage.                  continue to rule that, (this is a quote from
                                                 areas, often causing a longer commute.               The APWU is committed to maintain-           an Arbitrator on the current panel) “If you
by JoAnn gerhart,                                This may not be the work that you chose,         ing the language in the Collective Bargain-      are scheduled to go to work, you better
national Arbitration Advocate                    but we are guaranteed that daily work. If        ing Agreement. We are strong fighters            have a very good reason for not showing
                                                 there was no work available, we would be         against contract violations. But to remain       up”. This includes reporting for work on
    I want to thank everyone who emails          sent home, “go ahead and clock out”, “check      strong and have the ability to keep fight-       time as scheduled. I cannot emphasize
me, please keep them coming. As an Ar-           back tomorrow to see if we need you”. But the    ing the daily battles, now more than ever        enough the importance of maintaining a
bitration Advocate I want to keep in touch       Union negotiated safeguards against such         before, we must stick together. There are        good attendance record.
with our members and try to address con-         practices for the workforce.                     daily reminders in the media of how bad
cerns that are brought to my attention. It’s         We have the right to sign up for; or be      our economy is. This is a tumultuous time                 CALL CenteR CAse
a great opportunity to catch up with some        excluded from; working overtime. Yes,            in our lives. The layoffs, the foreclosures,         As reported by our President Mary Lou
co-workers I have not had the pleasure           there are exceptions like December or            the corporate scandals, and greedy scoun-        Pavoggi, the secondary “Call Center” case
of working with in many years, it really         other heavy months but I think it is pret-       drels are monopolizing our daily conversa-       will have already been heard by time you
does seem like a lifetime ago that I was the     ty obvious that those heavy months are           tions which impact our lives in a negative       are reading this article. National Business
Chief Steward on T-3 at the GMF.                 scarce lately. The point is it is our choice.    manner. Therefore try to think of positive       Agent Steve Zamanakos is the Advocate
    I have worked in two distinctly dif-         We enjoy vacation leave granted to us at         aspects of your life, like the choice you        for this case which is scheduled for April
ferent areas, the GMF and Rio Salado. I          the beginning of every year so we don’t go       made to work for the USPS and joining            7, 2009. I will be the Technical Assistant.
remember when the GMF was so new                 without paid vacation even when we use           the APWU.                                        During the month of April, our Local has
and fresh and overwhelmingly large. We           it before we actually earn it. It is true that       We are very fortunate. The USPS is           six other Arbitrations scheduled to go for-
moved there while I was just hired into the      many companies offer paid vacations, but         a great place to work especially with the        ward. I will give updates on the outcomes
Postal Service (about six months). As silly      they control when it is used, usually during     APWU watching out for us. If you know            of these arbitrations, as they relate to us
as it may seem, I really got ‘lost’ one night.   their convenience. We have the ability to        of a fellow worker that is not in the Union,     all, as soon as we receive the Arbitrators
I was totally turned around and could not        use paid vacation leave year round. Don’t        or has talked of dropping out, please take a     Awards.
get back to the MOB section from the
“Round House”, which was where I was
sent to pick up some flats. That is how con-                                            Clerk Craft Report
fused I was due to being hired into such a
large workforce and unfamiliar facility,         continued from page 4                            You win a grievance on Article 16, Arti-            Show me a driver that takes a load
completely out of my element, and on the            Let me give you a hypothetical. Let’s         cle 13 and Article 14 but you don’t win          and drives 6 hours unloads and pick
night shift. One thing that wasn’t confusing     assume you can bring in 20 more ve-              a grievance on Article 32. We’re not             up another load and drives 4 hours
was my decision to join the APWU the             hicle runs. We could bring in 20 jobs            winning those. I have personally been            back. He is on the clock for that entire
minute I got hired. It has been such a bless-    where management would insist be 8               involved in Article 32 negotiations. I           time. So, any comparison between the
ing from the first day on the workroom           within 10. Would any responsible offi-           am the one that got air conditioning.            APWU contract and the 8 within 9 or
floor, and continues now. Knowing that           cial reject that? Would you say, I’m not         I got the radios. I got the upgrades for         8 within 10 is the exception. We spun
there is someone watching out for our best       going to take them unless it’s 8 within          the Motor Vehicle craft. So, anybody             off the Clerk Craft because the work is
interests; within such a large company;          9? I don’t want 20 new jobs unless it’s 8        that says I don’t have the craft interest at     continuous. Their work continues. Mo-
makes the work environment less intimi-          within 9. That would be stupid.                  heart just has a faulty memory. What-            tor Vehicle is not continuous. It starts
dating.                                             You have a forum where you have               ever advances they had over the past 20          and it stops. Then there is a lull then it
    It breaks my heart every time I hear a       something they want and you make                 years, I have negotiated. I got payment          starts up again. To get 8 within 9 given
member say they want “out of the Un-             clear what you want. Now in play in              for travel. I got the Body and Fender-           those circumstances this is a major ac-
ion”, or that “the Union is worthless”, or       that LMOU, is item 3-elongated sched-            men up to double time. When I came               complishment. I would dare say there
that the Union has never “helped them”.          ule and item 7 which is contracted ac-           into office they were sixes. I got all the       is not a trucking company in this coun-
You don’t need to have a grievance to have       tivities. When you go into a room to-            drivers to sevens and eights.                    try that has 8 within 9 guaranteed every
been helped by the APWU.                         gether you might reach an agreement,                When you file a regional grievance-           day not matter what the circumstance
    The first ginormous reason to keep our       you might not. But if you don’t reach            Step 3 grievances/arbitration, you af-           are. So, this memorandum was intend-
APWU strong is the “No Layoff Clause”            agreement you didn’t lose anything.              fect one employee or 20 employees.               ed to facilitate discussions to give us the
in our Collective Bargaining Agreement!          Let’s say to management, assuming that           I made a decision that affected every            opportunity to engage in discussions. It
It’s in Article 6, which was negotiated          I now negotiate the application of the           employee in the craft. I challenge any-          doesn’t lead to a change of schedules.
by the APWU and states in part: “Each            memo, if you bring 25 new runs back              body whether they are mad or my best             That requires a second agreement ,an-
employee who is employed in the regular          into our facility, I will consider making        friends or my relatives, I challenge any-        other agreement. By talking to Bob
work force as of the date of the Award of        80% of them 8 within 10. Management              body to show me a contract better than           (Pritchard) and others I don’t anticipate
Arbitrator James J. Healy, September 15,         says, I bring them back if you make              the APWU. Just one contract. Show                that they are going to agree to any kind
1978, shall be protected henceforth against      90% of them 8 within 10. Now, we are             me one that guarantees a 40 hour work            of change. But it gives us a start. End of
any involuntary layoff or force reduction.”      talking on my side of the ledger. We are         week. Don’t give me all that bullshit            Burrus Report.
. . . “upon the completion of six years of       talking about bringing jobs back. Just           about how the teamsters are. You show               Next month my article will be on the
continuous service” . . . therefore anyone       merely criticizing what management’s             me a contract that they have that is bet-        Family Medical Leave Act and what
who was hired prior to the signing of the        doing is not bringing a single job back.         ter than ours. What people say is I’ll get       it means to you. Until then keep your
current CBA November 21, 2006, is pro-           I hear militants that say no, never ever.        teamsters to represent me but I will use         chin up and we will keep fighting the
tected under the “No Layoff Clause”.             What are you doing ruining the craft.            the APWU contract as a base.                     battle.

                                                                                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                     
April, 2009                                                                  HEATWAVE                                                                        Page 7

Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship Program
   Every year the Phoenix Metro             will be deposited with the post-sec-     members shall be appointed by the         envelope and the envelopes are to be
Area Local awards four scholarships         ondary school attended by the stu-       President. The President shall be the     placed in a drawing container. There
in the amount of $1000 to graduating        dent. When the recipient notifies the    chief overseer of the Committee.          shall be four (4) winners and a suffi-
high school seniors. The scholarship        Phoenix Metro Area Local he or she           16. The Committee shall be con-       cient number of alternates drawn.
program was established to provide          has been accepted, $1,000.00 will be     vened by May 6 or the Monday there-          19. All disputes concerning the
educational funding to help children        sent to the business office to be ap-    after. The Treasurer will have verified   Scholarship Program shall be sub-
of members and to honor longtime            plied to the cost of tuition, room and   all the membership qualifications by      mitted to the President within thirty
member and union activist Maurice           board.                                   this date.                                (30) days of the drawing, in written
Sadowsky. To be eligible, an applicant         14. Phoenix Metro Area Local              17. The application forms for         form. They shall be placed before the
must be the son or daughter or under        may discontinue awarding new schol-      the scholarship shall appear in the       Scholarship Committee for review.
legal guardianship of a someone who         arships if funds do not permit.          Heatwave in the months of February,       They shall be answered, in writing,
has been a member of the APWU                  15. The Scholarship Committee         March, and April. The drawing             within fifteen (15) days.
Phoenix Metro Area Local, in good           shall consist of up to four (4) mem-     shall be held at the May General             20. These rules governing the
standing, for at least one year from the    bers. Two (2) of these members           Membership Meeting of the Phoenix         Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship
final application date. Be sure to read     shall consist of the current elected     Metro Area Local.                         Program can be amended, changed
the Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship            Secretary/Treasurer and a member             18. The Committee, upon verifi-       or deleted once a year only at the
Application and Maurice Sadowsky            of the Local Executive Board appoint-    cation of each application, shall place   November General Membership
Scholarship Program Rules printed           ed by the President. The remaining       said application in plain “like type”     Meeting.

      MAuRiCe sAdoWsky                                              MAuRiCe sAdoWsky sChoLARshiP PRogRAM
    sChoLARshiP PRogRAM                                    Phoenix MetRo AReA LoCAL, AMeRiCAn PostAL WoRkeRs union
                RuLes                                                      sChoLARshiP APPLiCAtion
     1. Applicant must be son or
daughter of an active member of the              This scholarship application is offered to current graduating high school seniors, whose parent or legal guard-
Phoenix Metro Area Local.                     ian must have been a member in good standing for at least one (1) year from the April 30 application deadline.
     2. Applicant’s parent or legal              This application must be sent to: Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship Committee, 3741 E Atlanta Ave. Phoenix,
guardian must have been a member              AZ 85040, and postmarked not later than April 30 of the year of graduation.
of the APWU Phoenix Metro Area                   Winner must rank in the upper fifty (50) percentile of high school graduation class. Transcript of same will be
Local, in good standing, for a total of       requested of winning applicants.
at least one year from the final applica-
tion date.                                                                            APPLiCAnt inFoRMAtion
     3. Applicant must be a senior
attending high school or other corre-         Scholarship Applicant’s Name_______________________________________________________________________
sponding secondary school.
     4. Sons and daughters of Phoenix         Applicant’s Social Security No.______________________________________________________________________
Metro Area Local Executive Board
and APWU National Officers are not            Home Address___________________________________________________________________________________
eligible for consideration.
     5. Scholarship recipient must            Home Phone_____________________________________________________________________________________
attend an accredited post-secondary
school of his or her choice. Applicant        High School ________________________________________________________Year of Graduation_____________
must make own application to the
school.                                                                        APWu union MeMbeR inFoRMAtion
     6. Applications for a scholarship
must be made on an official application       Parent’s Name (or Guardian) ________________________________________________________________________
form. Completed application forms
                                              Social Security No._________________________________________Craft__________________________________
must be sent to Maurice Sadowsky
Scholarship Committee, 3741 E.                Work Location___________________________________________________________________________________
Atlanta Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040, and
postmarked not later than April 30 of         Home Address___________________________________________________________________________________
the year of graduation.
     7. Applications not mailed per           Work Phone_____________________________________________________________________________________
this rule will be rejected.
     8. Scholarship must be used to-                                                APWu oFFiCe inFoRMAtion
ward pursuing post-secondary school                                          (To be completed by APWU Union Office ONLY)
     9. Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship          Date and time of application receipt__________________________________________________________________
Program will provide four (4) scholar-
ships per year.                               Membership Verification___________________________________________________________________________
    10. If award winner fails to attend       (Date Joined Union)
post-secondary school in the award            VERIFIED BY_________________________________________________________________________________
year, the award will go to an alternate.
    11. Winners must rank in the up-             This information will be treated in conformity with rules and regulations as established by the Maurice
per fifty (50) percentile of their high       Sadowsky Phoenix Metro Area Local Scholarship Committee.
school or other corresponding second-            The committee, upon verification of each application, shall place said applications in plain “like type” envelopes
ary school graduation class.                  and the envelopes shall be placed in a drawing container. There shall be (4) four winners and a sufficient number
    12. Each scholarship will be              of alternates drawn at the May General Meeting. Disputes shall be submitted, in writing, to the president within
$1,000.00 for one year of post-second-        (30) thirty days of drawing. Disputes will be placed before the Scholarship Committee for review and answered
ary school.                                   within (15) days.
    13. The amount of the scholarship

                                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Page 8                                                                                             HEATWAVE                                                                                       April, 2009

                        Upcoming Membership Meetings
                                                     Phoenix Metro Area Local
                                                                                                                    IMPORTANT DATES
                                                   American Postal Workers union                                      APRIL                                          MAY
                                                       3741 e. Atlanta Ave.
                                                                                                                      1          April Fool’s Day                    1         Payday
                                                        Phoenix, AZ 85040
                                                                                                                      3          Payday                              5         Cinco De Mayo
                    April 22, 2009 – Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.
                         Stewards’ Council at 5:00 p.m.                                                               12         Easter                              10        Mother’s Day

                                                                                                                      15         Heatwave Articles Due               15        Payday
           May 20, 2009 – Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                 Heatwave Articles Due
                                                                                                                      17         Payday
           June 20, 2009 – saturday, 12:00 p.m.                                                                                                                      16        Armed Forces Day
                                                                                                                      22         General Membership
          July 15, 2009 – Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.                                                                                  Meeting                             20        General Membership
          August 15, 2009 – saturday, 12:00 p.m.                                                                                                                               Meeting
                                                                                                                                 Earth Day
        september 16, 2009 – Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                    25        Memorial Day
                                                                                                                      24         Arbor Day
                Certified Interpreters Provided. Food will be served at each meeting.                                                                                29        Payday

Letter To The Editor
continued from page 2                                                Local’s savings. While my recounts of      were accused of trying to get even                  the recent economic situation has
tagged as sore losers; that was brutal.                              the past seem harsh, they are true; ask    for having lost attempts at reelec-                 gripped our nation and certainly af-
   In summary, I for one know the cur-                               your current President, Vice President,    tion. What the membership should                    fects our Local, it is not the cause
rent E-Board needs to manage our dues                                or Clerk Craft Director how they recall    have been watching these last six or                of our need to act. Are we going to
money wisely. None of the E Boards I                                 them. I recall whose self-interests were   seven years is what this Local has                  continue to spend money on con-
have served on had to go into any of the                             at stake when Brother Kalandyk and I       spent our dues money on. What                       ventions and conferences, I would
                                                                                                                Brother McDonald should have                        hope so. I went to conventions and
                                                                                                                been saying to the membership eve-                  conferences, met with my peers and
                                                                                                                ry month since he has held the Sec-                 our leadership, for the education and
                                                                                                                retary Treasurer position, is exactly               knowledge that is so essential to per-
                                                                                                                what he said in the article. This                   form in the position I held. That is
 non-Profit org.

 Permit no. 188
  u.s. Postage

                                                                                                                report is old news. This issue has                  dues money well spent. Do I believe
   sparta, Wi

                                                                                                                been put off for nearly two terms of                future representatives of this Local
                                                                                                                office now, that’s six years. While                 need this experience, I sure do!

                                                                                                                Silent Auction For A
                                                                                                                 Hand-Made Quilt!
                                                                                                                                Looking For A great Mother’s day gift?
                                                                                                                   We are holding a silent auction for the quilt shown here. This quilt
                                                                                                                was hand-made by maintenance employee Kent Henderson’s 80-year-old
                                                                                                                mother. This beautiful quilt is 60” x 68”. Send your bid in a sealed enve-
                                                                                                                lope along with your name, address, phone number, pay location and city
                                                                                                                you work in to:
                                                                                                                   ATTN: COPA COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                   Phoenix Metro Area Local
                                                                                                                   American Postal Workers
                                                                                                                       Union, AFL-CIO
                                                                                                                   3741 E Atlanta
                                                                                                                   Phoenix AZ 85040
                                                                                                                   To see a full color photo of the
                                                                                                                quilt, visit
                                                                                                                We will be taking bids until Monday,
        Phoenix Metro Area Local #0093

                                                                                                                May 4, 2009, so that we can get the
        American Postal Workers union

                                                                                                                quilt to the winner before Mother’s
                                                                                                                Day, which is May 10th.
                                                                                                                    Contributions or gifts to COPA are not deduct-
                                         Address Service Requested

                                                                                                                ible as charitable contributions for federal income
        3741 E. Atlanta Ave.

                                                                                                                tax purposes. COPA will use the contributions it
        Phoenix, AZ 85040

                                                                                                                receives for political purposes, including making
                                                                                                                contributions to candidates for federal, state and
                                                                                                                local offices, and addressing political issues of
                                                                                                                public importance. Contributions to COPA are voluntary. More or less than the suggested amount
                                                                                                                may be given, and the amount given or the refusal to give will not benefit or disadvantage the person
                                                                                                                being solicited. Federal law requires political action committees to report the name, mailing address,
                                                                                                                occupation, and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a
                                                                                                                calendar year.

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