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                                                                 budget worksheet brought to you by sweet beginnings wedding Consulting

can you afford a                                                                                            budget worksheet
wedding planner?                                                                                            budGEtEd ItEmS               budGEtEd     total CoSt   dEPoSIt   Balance Due

By Elana Lancit                                                                                             RINGS

                           If you’re asking yourself “Can I afford                                          Engagement

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                                                                                                            Wedding Bands
                           to hire a planner?” perhaps a better
                           question would be “Can you afford                                                Subtotal

                           not to?” For most busy brides-to-be,
                           hiring a professional wedding planner
                           is no longer a luxury but a necessity.                                           Coordinator/Planner
                           Whether you work full time, part                                                 Insurance Coverage
                           time, attend school, or have other
obligations, working with an experienced planner will save
you time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress.
   Event planning services can range from a one-time con-                                                   StatIoNERY

sultation, to full planning services. A professional planner                                                Announcements
will determine your needs and customize a package to
                                                                                                            Notepaper for Thank You’s
meet them. Experienced planners can look over contracts,
                                                                                                            Reception Napkins
guide and advise you through the planning stages, and
most importantly, assist you on the day of the wedding.
   If you’re reading this and saying “I’m organized and
                                                                                                            Guest Book
most of my wedding planning has been completed with-                                                        Other
out a planner,” I still encourage you to have a professional
planner assist you on your wedding day. A planner will
ensure vendors arrive punctually and set up according
to your plans, make sure everything runs smoothly, and                                                      PERSoNal EFFECtS
ensure that you and your family enjoy the day.                                                              Beauty & Hair
   It is most important to hire a professional and expe-                                                    Wedding Dress
rienced planner. Below are some questions to keep in                                                        Bride’s Garter

mind when interviewing a planner.                                                                           Lingerie

1. What kind of education or training in event planning                                                     Make-Up
                                                                                                            Veil & Headpiece
     does the planner have? Ask to see certificates and
2. Does the event planner have a business license and
                                                                                                            Going Away Outfit (Bride)
     insurance? Ask to see both.
                                                                                                            Gown Cleaning &
3. Is the planner a member of any bridal and industry                                                       Preservation
     associations?                                                                                          Formalwear Rentals (Groom)
4. How many trained and certified planners does the                                                         Going Away Outfit (Groom)
     company have working for them? Ask for names.                                                          Subtotal

5. Is planning events their full time career or do they have
     other jobs and plan weddings on the side for fun?
6. How many weddings does the company plan in a year
                                                                                                            Ceremony Site
     and how many does the company take on one day?
                                                                                                            Reception Table
7. How many years experience does the company or the
     individual you are interviewing have?
                                                                                                            Bride’s Bouquet & Corsage
Elana Lancit, President of Sweet Beginnings™ is a Professional Bridal
Consultant ™. Sweet Beginnings™ has several locations in the Lower                                          Bridesmaids’
                                                                                                            Bouquets & Corsages
Mainland to serve you better. Please visit us at www.asweetbeginning.
com for a professional wedding planner in your area.

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    budGEtEd ItEmS               budGEtEd    total CoSt     dEPoSIt     Balance Due   budGEtEd ItEmS            budGEtEd   total CoSt   dEPoSIt   Balance Due

FloWERS, CoNt.                                                                        GIFtS
Boutonniere: Groom,                                                                   Bride & Groom
Attendants/Ushers,                                                                    Bridesmaids
Fathers, Grandfathers
                                                                                      Groom’s Attendants
Corsages: Mothers,
Grandmothers                                                                          Table Favours
Special Others                                                                        Charitable Donations

Subtotal                                                                              Subtotal

PHotoGRaPHY & VIdEoGRaPHY                                                             tRaNSPoRta tIoN
Formal & Candid Portraits                                                             & a CCommodatIoN
Engagement                                                                            Limousine
Wedding                                                                               Car Rental
Wedding Package                                                                       Parking Attendant
Parents’ Albums                                                                       Hotel Accommodation for
Extra Prints/Cassettes                                                                Out of Town Guests

Subtotal                                                                              Subtotal

RECEPtIoN                                                                             SPECIal PaRtIES

Number of Guests                                                                      Bridal Luncheon
Hotel (catering supplied)                                                             Rehearsal Dinner
Hall Rental                                                                           Bridesmaids’ Party
Catering                                                                              Bachelor Party
Beverages                                                                             Subtotal

Gratuities (15% catering bill)
Decorating Rentals
Music: Live
Music: DJ
                                                                                      Passport Fee
Subtotal                                                                              Luggage
                                                                                      Travel Insurance
                                                                                      Honeymoon Night
WEddING CaKE                                                                          Honeymoon
Wedding Cake                                                                          Subtotal

Cake Boxes
Cake Knife                                                                            granD total
Cutting & Wrapping


Marriage License
Ceremony Site Fee
Officiant’s Fee
Decorating Rentals


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