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					    Virtual Reality
Presentation by Jacinta Mba
          CIS 121
     Professor Kearse
What is Virtual Reality?????
• Virtual Reality-        • Vir`tu*al- existing in
  creating a virtual          essence or effect, but
  environment in which        not in actual form
  the user manipulates    •   Re*al`i*ty- the state
  objects and                 of being true
  surroundings to be of   •   Immersive- to
  a real existence            become deeply
Types of VR to be Discussed

• Immersive

• Text-based

• Augmented VR
What is Immersive VR????

• A type of VR in which the user becomes
 immersed (deeply involved) in a virtual
 world. It is also a form of VR that uses
 computer related components.
Components Of
Immersive VR
• HMD or Head
 Mounted Display
 which is the helmet
 the user wear. Inside
 the helmet is a
 display that allows the
 image to remain in
 front of your eyeballs
 regardless of your
 head movements.
Data Gloves

• A glove that can sense the position of the finger
  which can be used to control and interact with
  the virtual images being displayed.
Types of Non-immersive VR

• Text-based VR – when a reader of a
  certain text form a mental model of this
  virtual world in their head from the
  descriptions of people, places, and things.
• Augmented VR- the idea of taking what is
  real and adding to it in some way so that
  the user obtains more information from
  their environment.
A Few Facts:

• Virtual reality has been around since the
• Coined by Jaron Lanier
• One of the newest forms of technology in
  the computer world
Everyday use of VR

            Everyday use of Virtual reality

     Daydreaming       Reading         Video Games

• What does HMD stand for?
• Name the different types of VR?
• Name the components that makes up
 Immersive VR?

• Bonus- Name another form of VR not
 mentioned in the presentation.


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