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        Nelson Board Office                                               Payroll Department
         570 Johnstone Rd.                                                 570 Johnstone Rd.
            Nelson, B C                                                       Nelson, BC
               V1L 6J2                                                           V1L 6J2
        Phone: (250) 352-6681                                             Phone: (250) 505-7049
         Fax: (250) 352-6686                                               Fax: (250) 352-6626

                                       Payroll Department



We are pleased to advise you that you are now set up to receive your pay slip by email. Your
pay slip will be sent to the email account you recently specified:


The pay slip will arrive as an email attachment in PDF format. To view the attachment you will
require the software Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or greater. This software is free and can
be easily downloaded to your computer from
To protect the confidentially of the information on your pay slip, a system generated PIN number
must be used to access the attachment. At the present time this number cannot be changed to
reflect a personal number. Your generated PIN number is                                         .
This number can be used to access all future pay slips.

Please memorize this number or store this information in a safe place. If you do require access
to the number or you have questions, or concerns with this, please contact Teacher/TOC Payroll
at (250) 352-6681, extension 7049.

Thank you,

Teacher & TOC Payroll

Revised February/06

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