Investige a Hacked Email Account by anakabahambu


									Investige a Hacked Email Account
It has become a very common problem for a persons email service to be hacked so that another
person has access to your email account. In most cases this is done by an email spammer to
send out spam emails. This way the spam is traced back to you and not to them and they can
shield themselves from prosecution. These email spammers will usually hack into your email
account by tricking you into revealing your pass words to them through the use of phishing or
trojan emails. But there is another kind of hacked email account that can be far more invasive of
your privacy. This kind of case involves a person that is in your life and wants to spy on you by
reading all your private emails. It could be an current or ex spouse, an employee or a relative.
But it is a person that wants to violate your privacy and read all of your confidential email

This kind of email hacker is far more dangerous as they have a personal interest in invading
your privacy and the information they obtain can be used against you personally.

Dangers of an Email Hacker:

- They can know who you're communicating with.

- They can follow you

- They can learn all your secrets Signs of a Hacked Email Account:

- Emails are marked read before you read them.

- Emails are deleted before you read them.

- People seem to know information they could only know from reading your mail.


If you do an online search about dealing with a hacked email account most of the advice you'll
encounter will center around changing passwords and reporting the offence to your ISP. This
may be sound advice if you are dealing with a spammer but if you are dealing with the stalker
type mentioned above you'll want to protect yourself from this potentially dangerous person.

You'll need to catch them in the act, document the offence and report them to the police. Just
recently an estranged husband was arrested and faces 5 years in prison for reading his exwifes

This can be accomplished with the help of a private investigator that has the experience and
tools to investigate and document this offence and help prepare your case and even testify on
your behalf.
If you feel you're the victim of an email hacker and you're serious about seeking justice and
restoring your privacy and security there are professionals you can turn to for help.

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