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									                      More Money! 101 Money Making Ideas
                          Financially S.M.A.R.T. Services

                    There are many different ways to generate income, but most people are
                    not aware of them. This exciting Audio CD gives you dozens of practical
                    opportunities to earn extra income. Learn how to make extra money with:

          The telephone is an indispensable tool for communication, but it is also useful for earning an
          income. Learn how to make money, anywhere and anytime with this vital instrument...

          With millions of prospective customers available on the internet, the options for earning online
          are almost endless. Learn how to surf the web to discover profitable business opportunities...

          YOUR HOME
          Your home can be your most valuable possession in more ways than one, as it can provide
          you with the means to earn. Learn how to turn your residence into a money-making asset...

          A VEHICLE
          Instead of having your vehicle as just an expense item, why not turn it into a money-making
          machine? Learn how to generate profit while driving on the road...

          Animals are much more than just faithful companions, as they can provide you with a valuable
          source of income. Learn how to make a living by working with the animal kingdom...
          You don’t have to discover gold in your backyard to strike it rich. Learn how to use simple and
          innovative agricultural techniques to reap rich rewards from even a small piece of land...

          It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so the food industry
          could be the route to a bigger bank account. Learn how to use cuisine to create cash...

          There are always opportunities to make money from trading goods, once you find out what
          people are willing to buy. Learn how to make a living from selling unusual items...

          In this information age, people are more than willing to pay for the training they need. Learn
          non-traditional methods of earning from the education industry...

          There are many personal services that are in constant demand, which can help you to create
          recurring income. Learn how to turn your talents and natural abilities into money...

          You will not only achieve independence from high energy bills by using alternate energy
          sources, you can also gain financial freedom. Learn how to profit from the energy crisis...

          You can do more than help the environment by repairing and recycling unusable items; you
          can also earn extra money. Learn how to turn people’s waste into your source of wealth...

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