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Landing Page Optimisation – 5 Conversion Tips by netseek01


Netseek Internet Marketing is a privately held Australian organisation specialising in the areas of online marketing.

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									If you're relatively new in the field of landing page
optimisation, you will love these five tips. They are
meant to be implemented without having to go
through so much technical stuff. You can
implement them today. So, if you want to achieve a
landing page that converts, go share this article
with your programmer and get things moving.
First of all, you need to design the page based
on your target market. Design is an area often
forgotten by beginners when it comes to
landing pages conversion optimisation. That's
because they settle for templates they get for
free online. You can do this provided you've
done some prior research about your target
market's preferences. Here's an extra tip: blue is
proven to convert in niches targeting
professionals and executives.
Next, use your target market's lingo. A "lingo"
means the specific language used in a particular
field of interest. For example, sports writers use
a certain lingo. This is true in landing page
optimisation too. Go read online forums where
your prospects participate. Use their own
words in persuading them to take action. They
will immediately feel a sense of identification
and trust the page.
Third major tip: give them something free. The
rule here is keep it related to the product you
are selling. If you're selling training videos, you
might want to give them access to a snippet of
one of your best videos. You can also use a
special report in the form of an e-book. The most
common landing pages conversion
optimisation tactic is to grant them access to
your newsletter. Read next tip.
Always use an auto-responder. You need to
make sure the prospect gets an email from the
moment he or she opts into your landing page.
Introduce yourself a bit and give him the links
to important pages like Contact Us or About Us.
They expect to hear from you immediately.
Finally and perhaps most importantly, test your
page. Landing page optimisation is all about
finding and using what converts. There's no
instant magic formula that can guarantee you
optimum results right off the bat. You need to run
at least a split test, wherein your traffic is split into
viewing two separate pages. See which converts
better and use that one.

If you're new to landing page optimisation,
reading more about it online is the best way to get
going. You can also choose to consult experts who
can help you. But for now, use these five tips.

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