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									                A Café Owners Guide - How To Make An Extra $200 A Day
                         Written by Michelle Pavel,

        Money Making & Saving
         Ideas for Your Café

           If you don’t use these strategies,
                 your competition will!

Café Owners Guide – How To Make An Extra $200 A Day                         2
                A Café Owners Guide - How To Make An Extra $200 A Day
                         Written by Michelle Pavel,

Legal Notice
This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial
advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal,
business, accounting, and finance field.

No guarantees are made that you will make an extra $200 a day; it is up to individual
commitment and effort put into implementing the strategies outlined in this book.

Check with your local council if you need a permit to carry out any of the ideas, you don’t
want to waste that hard earned extra cash on a fine.

You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading and referral purposes.

This book is under copyright by Michelle Pavel and cannot be reproduced, copied, or sold
without the permission of the author. To obtain exclusive resale rights please contact me via

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                A Café Owners Guide - How To Make An Extra $200 A Day
                          Written by Michelle Pavel,

You can sometimes make quick cash with very little effort but some money making ideas
may take a little more time and effort, however, will be worth it. Not all these ideas will be
suitable for your business, but with a little imagination you may be able to come up with
your own idea from one of these. If you use one of them and receive 10 x the cost of this
book, wasn’t it worth it. Any one of these ideas could make you an extra $200 or even save
you $200 a day.

Below is a list of customer attraction and sales ideas for you to consider incorporating into
your daily schedule to help boost your sales:
 1.     Get rid of afternoon leftover’s but don’t throw it away, sell it cheap
           a. Buy a basket or trolley
           b. Fill it with goodies and drinks (cakes, wraps, sandwiches, other left overs)
           c. When the afternoon rush slows down and you have a spare staff member
              available to sell your left over goodies (most of the items will likely sell
              themselves), ask them to walk around offering shoppers and retailers your
              excess for ½ price (ie. muffin were $4 now $2). I recommend using a junior
              to reduce your costs.
           d. Other areas they could visit would be the Admin areas of department
              stores, office blocks and shop fronts
           e. Ensure customers know the food is fresh (ie. baked today-to be sold today).
          Always put representatives in uniform to help with branding your café,
                      it will also make customers feel more at ease!
      If you don’t have a uniform consider a smart apron with logo and name badge.
 2.     Make up wraps/sandwiches/snacks with a variety of drinks. At around 10 or 11
        take them around to shopfronts/administration departments/offices for on the spot
        purchase. Make up package specials including drink and cake. This could also
        work for hot foods and prepackaged meals to be heated like Indian, Thai, pasta,
        rice etc.
 3.     Create a special offer where sandwich and drink is $8 (for example). Include a
        set menu to limit the deal and customers pay extra for additional fillings or types
        of drinks.
 4.     Provide shopfronts with the option to text, phone, email, twitter their lunch
        orders before 10 am or other times to suit your needs (ie. dinner). Deliver before
        11am to avoid the busy period and being shorthanded; using a junior will keep the
        costs down.
         Ensure freshness, quality and healthy food options and your customers
         will keep coming back plus they will pay top dollar for the convenience!
 5.     Provide a delivery service for workers in your immediate area (ie. shop front,
        retailers, tradies). Most can’t get away easily if they are the only one manning the
        store or office. This alone will encourage sales because of the convenience.
 6.     Determine the best way to setup and manage a system that works best for you
        and document it, so new staff have the information they need to get up to speed
        quickly, saving you time and money.
 7.     Chat to text allows you to send messages via text to ask your customers if they
        would like to place an order for today’s special. You can send a menu link, a phone
        number, or just have one SMS special for the day.

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                A Café Owners Guide - How To Make An Extra $200 A Day
                         Written by Michelle Pavel,

 8.    Use Saturday shoppers to your advantage. Saturday is the busiest day. Shop
       attendants barely get time to eat. Delivery will be a godsend. Entice them to put a
       sandwich, drink, snack etc in the fridge for later.
 9.    Help your staff to feel confident, especially juniors. This will reduce outlay and
       increase profits. Train your staff to fully understand your business values,
       policies and procedures. This will save you so much in the long run and also
       help you to retain staff.
            Ensure your staff are properly trained and comfortable with the
                           tasks you have assigned to them!
 10.   Offer a VIP membership where members get a free lunch with every 10 more
       purchases, or maybe bring a friend and both meals are ½ price (put a limit on the
       value of the free or discounted meals).
 11.   Find daily/weekly timeslots (even if only 10 minutes) to work on ideas for
       attracting customers; have a quick brainstorming session with your staff.
 12.   Establishing an online ordering service that can also process payment will not
       only be convenient for your customers it will also make processing more efficient.
       If you have a standard menu, keep it simple to avoid over complication.
 13.   Offer discounts /specials that are exclusive to your shopping centre (ie.
       Westfield) or a particular company, where workers of stores in the centre or a
       nearby office receive a discount or something extra for buying at your café.
 14.   Offer businesses in your area sandwich/wrap platters and 2lt juice for a set
       price (eg. $60) – serves X amount of people. Don’t just wait for them to have a
       meeting or function, demonstrate the benefits of lunch cost reduction if a number
       of employees put in together to purchase a platter they could save $X each lunch
       time. Offer variety in platters so each day is different.
 15.   Hand out flyers to customers offering daily specials (ie. Saturday between 10:30
       – 11am = $5 coffee and cake or 1.30 – 2pm = $7 sandwich and drink).
 16.   Have a special Family Day menu = where a family of 5 can buy 4 meals and get
       one free or children under 5 eat free (they don’t each that much anyway) from a
       set menu.
 17.   Go into partnership with shopfronts to create an exclusive offer for stores and
       shoppers. Show your XYZ docket and receive a free biscuit with every coffee,
       bottle water with every sandwich, ice cream/cream with cake, etc. Use something
       with low cost to you but the customer feels like it’s a bargain. It doesn’t cost much
       to give free cookie, bottle of water, but you just sold a coffee or two, a sandwich or
       two, etc. You are still making money on the deal.
                 Ensure you provide the best freebie for the lowest cost
                           with the highest perceived value!
 18.   Go into partnership with a restaurant where you can buy in bulk and save money
       on non-perishable items.
 19.   Have   special   days    to   attract   interest.         More       ideas   on   the website For example:
          a. Munchies Monday’s (sweet deals)
          b. Twisted Tuesdays (wrap offers)
          c. Wicked Wednesdays (dessert and coffee)
          d. Thirsty Thursday (buy 2 drinks and get one free)
          e. Friendly Friday (bring 2 friends and receive one free drink each with each

Café Owners Guide – How To Make An Extra $200 A Day                                             5
                 A Café Owners Guide - How To Make An Extra $200 A Day
                           Written by Michelle Pavel,

  20.   Introduce a Bring a Friend Day and provide entertainment for free.
  21.   Start a donation campaign, where with every lunch package purchased a portion
        (name it, ie. $1) goes towards children in need. For example: An advertisement
        could say “With every lunch meal you purchase you are helping a child from a
        poverty stricken family in Australia to receive a meal”.
  22.   Start a newsletter that is sent out electronically and printed for pickup in store
        (gives the customers something to read and also keeps you in their mind for next
        time). You could even get close by shop owners to pay for advertising in the
        newsletter and make extra cash (say $20 each advert).
  23.   Start up a special offer notification service where you electronically send out
        messages to members when you have special offers or you are trying to get rid of
        excess or unwanted afternoon stock. This would be especially successful if you
        have meals available like quiche, pies, desserts that are suitable for evening
  24.   Got meals left over at the end of the day? Put up an A frame or visit shopfronts to
        tell them about the special offer. Workers and shoppers may decide it would be
        nice not to have to cook tonight. If you were going to throw it out, you might as
        well sell it for ½ price. If you do that all the time, workers will likely just drop in to
        find out what is the special for the night.
  25.   Make up an A frame that could say “At X time we are offering XYZ until all sold
        out”. You can do this everyday.
  26.   Give your customers a voucher when they pay for their meal (over agreed value
        maybe), which offers them something if they come back to buy X by a certain date
  27.   Hand out small free samples of your specialties to entice new customers
       Always know what your competition is doing (spy) so you can stay ahead.
    If they take your idea, find a way to make it more appealing to your customers!

I know there seems to be a lot of free stuff going out the door, but these days customers are
looking for more value and love freebies. If you don’t do it, your competition just might.

If you do any or all of the money generation ideas in this book you will be well on
your way to raking in substantial extra cash each day.

I would love your feedback ( and value your support, so please
feel free to ask any questions or provide me with your experiences, and more
importantly, your testimonials and I will help promote your business as well.

Best wishes
Michelle Pavel
Business Enhancement Educator

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