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Passive income could be considered almost like the Holy Grail of Internet marketing or any other
money making business opportunity. The streams for this kind of income require some time and
energy to set up and start up, but it must be done correctly, can be put on virtual auto-pilot and it
starts cranking out revenue without a lot of additional effort your part.

Many people are under the mistaken illusion that passive income could be created only by
successful 'guru' type. These would be internet marketers who do a massive mailing list and high-
profile people who do joint ventures with each other.

This form of income is indeed a goal that anyone who is willing to put in time and effort, can most
certainly achieve and much quicker than anyone may think possible. You have to make decision
and determination to take action and stay in the game until you achieve what you started, focusing
on creating results and learning from your mistakes in order to achieve your goal.

Here are some ideas for creating this kind of income streams:

Create information products

With digital technology products, use your knowledge and expertise (if you have some) to create a
product whether it be a video, audio program or a text eBook, you create this product once, but
you keep on selling it for years generating repeatable cash.

Sell advertising on your website

Design a successful website or blog on a good and popular topic. Work on generating a lot of
traffic and then start to accept and sell advertising on your site. Visit similar blogs in your field of
business and get an idea of how much they do charge vs. how much traffic they are generating.
Create your own price list for different sizes ad spots for your site and then send invitation to
advertisers to purchase ads on your site.

Affiliate marketing
Pre-selling and producing up interest and demand for other people's products, is a low-cost way to
start generating this form of income streams. Ones you've created a blog, articles and videos with
resources than it will start working for you. But what you are marketing, has a recurring income
component, you're selling the product once, but enjoying the returns for as long as the customer
stays with the program.

Multi-level/ Network Marketing

When you join a network marketing company and when you start selling products for them, and
begin recruiting others to sell products under you, you are creating a passive income not only from
their efforts, but from the efforts of that your down line recruits.

All of these ideas require an initial investment of time, energy, ideas and some money. But once
you get them set well, it should and will run successfully, your efforts will begin generating income,
and will repeat it many time over and over.

If you have grown tired of trading time for dollars, then go ahead and select one of the projects
mentioned and begin investing the time and energy in building it for better tomorrow for you and
your family. Ones you do one successfully, and then do it all over again thereby multiplying your
passive income.

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