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					                                                                        5 класс

1.Перепишите текст, вставляя предлоги.

         My brother Tom and I like to go ________the Zoo________ our Granny.
         We usually get ______ ______ o’clock _____ the morning<clean our teeth, have breakfast. We can see many
 animals and birds ____the Zoo. I like to stop _____the birds cage. They fly or sit _____the trees singing songs. I like to
 listen _____their songs. They are so beautiful.

 2.Перепиши, вставляя по смыслу слова

 ……………….tourists visit Scotland every year. It is a ……………….country.
 One of the most ……………..cities is Edinburgh. Many people visit in the summer for the Edinburgh Festival. It is the
 ………..time of the year for the hotels.
 …………….tourists come in the winter……………….it is cold and windy. But the hotels are…………………at this time
 of year.

   Слова для справок: cheaper, busiest, famous, lots of, fewer, beautiful, because.

 3. Кто это?

 X is not an insect. It doesn’t live with lots of other Xs. It doesn’t have wings. It helps us because it eats lots of flies. It has
 eight legs.

 Insect- насекомое;        Wings – крылья

                                                              7 класс

1. (15 баллов) Помогите Ватсону ответить на вопрос Холмса.
Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson were sitting by the fire in the study of 221 b Baker Street. They sat in silence for a long
time, before Holmes spoke. «Tell me, Watson. What is it that occurs four times in every week, twice in every month, but
only once a year?» « I’ve no idea, Holmes,» grunted Watson.
Silence - тишина
occur - происходить, случаться
grunt – ворчать

2. (20 баллов) Прочитайте текст. Запишите пары: номер пробела - слово.
                                                      Sending a telegram.
A student came to a new...a). There he stayed at a ...b), sent a ...c) to his mother and went out for a walk around the town.
First he went ...d), then he walked in the park. He walked for a long time. He got ...e) and decided to come back to the hotel.
But he didn’t remember the ...f). He said to himself, «What must I do? I’m lost.» Then a brilliant ...g) came to his mind. He
went to the ...h) and sent one more telegram to his mother. The telegram said, «Dear mother! Please, send back my
address.» As soon as he ...i) the answer, he found the way to the hotel. He was ...j)!
Telegram, address, happy, idea, town, hotel, shopping, tired, received, post office.

3. (15 баллов) Выберите глагол в нужном времени. Запишите только пары: номер предложения - буква.
1)I ... my key. I can’t come into the flat.
a)lost b)am losing c)have lost
2)...your friend often ... to classical music?
a)do, listen b)does, listen c)is listening
3)My granny ... dinner now.
a)cooks b)cook c)is cooking
4)We ... to the concert last week.
a)went b)have gone c)go
5)Every Sunday I ... until 10 a.m.
a)sleep b)sleeping c)have slept
                                     8 класс.

I. Write out the words or names which are connected with Great Britain.      15 баллов
    The Hermitage, Tom Sawyer, Admiral Nelson, Athens, the Beatles, Newton,
    Harry Potter, Tolkien, McDonalds, Congress, Harvard University, Tchaikovsky,
    Luciano Pavarotti, Henry Ford, president, Oxford, Shakespeare, New York,
    Madam Tussaud’s, Disneyland, pence, Sherlock Holmes, the Queen, the Thames,
    The Eiffel Tower, St.Paul’s Cathedral, Pentagon, Red Square, Wimbledon,
    Hollywood, the Kremlin, Loch Ness Monster, Christopher Columbus.

II. Put the conversation in order.                                                   20 баллов.
    a)   Batteries?
    b)   Can I help you?
    c)   Certainly. Have you checked the batteries?
    d)   Oh, I didn’t know that. Do you sell them?
    e)   Thanks.
    f)   The microphone. Could you have a look at it, please?
    g)   What doesn’t work exactly?
    h)   Yes, we do. You need a couple. Here you are.
    i)   Yes. I bought this cassette recorder here last week and it doesn’t work.
    j)   Yes. It needs batteries.

III. Look at the Alex’s timetable, read the text and answer the questions:                                 15 баллов.
1) What lesson is Alex having?               2) What day is it today?                3) What is Alex's favourite subject?
     Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday               Thursday                Friday               Saturday
       Art                 English                Music                  Science                English               Maths
     Russian              Geography             Technology              Literature             Literature               Art
                                                      B R        E     A K
     P.E.                  Russian                History                  P.E.                 History               Science
   Geography               History                English               Geography               Russian                 P.E
                                                      L U        N     C H
      Maths                 Maths                 Maths                  Russian                  Maths                 Art
Alex studies in the 7 form. He is doing well in a lot of subjects. Today he has got a good mark in English. He read the text
very well. But yesterday he had some problems at school. He made a lot of mistakes in the dictation and, besides, he
couldn’t show the British Isles on the map. Now he is writing a test, but he can’t remember when World War I began. He
didn’t do his homework properly. After lunch he is going to study Maths. Tomorrow he will have his favourite subject. Alex
usually studies it twice a week.

                                                               9 класс.
I. (22 балла) Match the quotations from the first column with the composition topics from the second column.

                    QUOTATIONS                                                                TOPICS
1. “The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to           a. Describe the role of art in life.
         keep on being a success.”                                   b. What are the problems that come with ageing and what
2. “Boxing is just show business with blood.”                             can be done about them?
3. “Without the past the pursued future has no meaning.”             c.“Beauty is only skin deep.” Do you agree?
4. “Art is much less important than life; but what a poor life       d. What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming
         without it!”                                                     famous?
5. “Making money is fun, but it’s pointless if you don’t use         e.How important is it to protect the environment? Discuss.
         the power it brings.”                                       f. Stress and anxiety can lead to early death. Why is this and
6. “It’s not how old you are it’s how hard you work on it.”               what can we do about it?
7. “The process of living is the process of reacting to              g. What is the point of learning? Discuss.
         stress.”                                                    h. How much can knowledge of past events help us make
8. “In the eyes of the nature, we are just another species in             decisions in the future? Discuss.
         trouble.”                                                   i. How does the mass media affect people’s lives? Discuss.
9. “In the factory we make cosmetics, in the store we sell           j. Violent sports should be banned. Discuss.
         hope.”                                                      k. “Power and money go hand in hand.” Discuss.
10. “Television is simply automated day dreaming.”
     “Education is a progressive discovery of our own
II. (13 баллов) Fill in the correct word from the list below:
     stubborn, responsible, respectful, imaginative, selfish, polite, impatient, conceited, tolerant,
     ambitious, snob, trouble-maker, industrious

1. Brian is always so ………………; he hates waiting.
2. Tom is very …………..; he is the most well-mannered person I know.
3. Julie is a bit of a ………… and constantly disrupts the class.
4. Dave tends to be ………… with his belongings, and won’t lend them to anyone.
5. Mr Brown is a very ……………… worker who works late at the office almost every night.
6. Martha is so …………..; she will never change her mind.
7. Nicholas is extremely ………………. of children and never loses his temper with them.
8. She is a bit of a ……………; she tends to look down on people.
9. Ben is very ……………..; he’s always coming up with new ideas.
10.Catherine is very ………….. – she can be trusted to look after the children on her own.
11.Daniel is ………….. of his elders and always gives older people his seat on the bus.
12.Lucy is a(n) ………….. girl; she wants to own her own company before she is 25.
13.Jo is a bit ……………; she thinks she’s really clever.

III. (15 баллов) Read the text. Some lines are correct and some have a word which should not be there.
     If a line is correct, put a tick (۷) in the space provided. If a line has a word which should not be there, write it in the
     space provided.

                                                        A Trip to the Funfair
 0      We have had been planning for a long time to go to                                           00            have
00      the funfair for my brother’s birthday, so on the big                                         0              V
 1      day we all piled up into the car and set off. The traffic                                    1
 2      was so much bad that day that it took us nearly two hours                                    2
 3      to get there. Then we discovered that half the people                                        3
 4      in town had been had the same idea. The place was so packed                                  4
 5      that you could no hardly move. My brother wanted to go                                       5
 6      on the roller coaster, so we joined the queue – which it seemed                              6
 7      to be about a mile long – and waited for our turn.                                           7
 8      By far the time we got to the front of the queue, my sister                                  8
 9      was complaining that she was so afraid to go on the ride,
10      and even my brother looked a bit apprehensive. Just then
11      a man announced that there was a technical problem
12      and the ride was made closed. With a sigh of relief
13      we went to get something to eat, had a go on                                                 12
14      the bumper cars, played a few of games – my brother                                          13
15      won a huge teddy bear – and then we went to home.                                            14

                                                           10 класс.
I.        (20 б.)Read this text. Use the word in given capitals at the end of each line to form a word that
          fits in the space in the same line.

                            Unusual beliefs
          Despite the fact that this is now the 21st century, an
         (1)                number of English people appear                      INCREASE
          to (2)               in the paranormal. What is                         BELIEF
          the (3)                 for this?                                       EXPLAIN
         (4)                have found the answers to many of                    SCIENCE
          our questions, but the more (5)                we make,                 DISCOVER
          the more we want to know. The (6)                 need                  PSYCHOLOGY
          for (7)                that we have appears to be very                  SECURE
          strong. For this reason, a belief in the (8)         of                 EXIST
          aliens, and especially, the (9)              of contact                 POSSIBLE
          with alien life forms is (10)             common.                       EXTREME
II.    (15 б.)Match a word in list A with a word in list B and complete the sentences with the
       compound nouns you have formed.
       A                                                  B
        best desert feature head                           friend film island lights
        operating oxygen pen traffic                       lines seller supply system

       1. Have you read the latest                             by John Grisham?
       2. I write to my                           by e-mail.
       3. If you were stranded on a                       , how would you pass the time?
       4. Microsoft Windows is a well-known                       .
       5. Rainforests are very important for the                    of our planet.
       6. She had a small part in the new                     with Leonardo DiCaprio.
       7. The                       of English newspapers often use a special vocabulary.
       8. There was a serious crash because the                         weren't working.
III.   (15 б.)Complete this test using the words in the box.
        are don't going see taking to will won't

       We have decided that we are (1)                   to Tenerife for our holidays this winter. My
       holidays (2)                start until two days before Christmas and the last flight is on the
       same day, so we (3)              have to leave work a little early. We (4)             going to
       stay in a little hotel in a small village, so there (5)          be too many other tourists. I'm
       going (6)                 take a pile of books because Andrew is (7)             a windsurfing
       course while we're there – I don't think I'll (8)                    much of him! It should be
       the perfect holiday.

                                                 11 класс.

I.     (15 б.) Read this text. Use the word in given capitals at the end of each line to
       form a word that fits in the space in the same line.
       Moonrock Day
       Monrock Day, released next week, is the story of the (0) mysterious            MYSTERY
       Emmo Curtin, President of the Galaxy. During his (1)                  , the    CHILD
       world had been (2)                 by a race of aliens whose own planet        COLONY
       had been (3)            abandoned following a nuclear war. The film            PERMANENT
       describes the (4)               between the young Emmo and an alien            RELATION
       who develops a terminal (5)               after picking up a strange rock.     ILL
       Emmo discovers that moon rock is (6)                   for aliens, although     SAFE
       humans cannot be harmed by it. When he receives an (7)                    to   INVITE
       the alien headquarters, he (8)                    the alien leader             THREAT
       with the rock. So begins the remarkable career of Emmo Curtin – but
       to say any more would be to spoil the film. Don't miss it!
II.    (20 б.) Complete these sentences using words from the box.
        badly best    favour   good    happy mistake     most    promise shopping      suggestion

       1. Could I make a                about what to do this weekend?
       2. I did          in the test because I hadn't attended the classes.
       3. I don't see why I should do you a              if you never help me.
       4. I make the same                  in every composition I write.
       5. If you do the               , I don't mind cooking.
       6. It would do you a lot of                to have break for a couple of days.
       7. Just do your             and you should be OK.
       8. She only said it to make you               .
       9. Why did you make a                   if you didn't mean to keep it?
       10. You should always make the                   of the opportunities you have.
III.   (15 б.) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first
       sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use
       between two and five words, including the word given.
       1. You are not allowed to use more than five words to fill the spaces. (can)
           No more than                                              to fill the spaces.
       2. I think they invented the whole story just for a joke. (made)
           I think the whole story                                         just for a joke.
       3. The price includes entry into the museum. (included)
           Entry into the museum                                             the price.
       4. People say that the temple is over 1,000 years old. (said)
           The temple                                           over 1 000 years old.
       5. 'If I were you, I'd go there in the autumn,' he said to me. (advised)
           I                                          there in the autumn.
       6. Archaeologists have failed to find the lost city of Atlantis. (still)
           The lost city of Atlantis                                           found.

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