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					                                                                                      Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter
                     President                                                        P.O. Box 515022
         BARBARA NIEMEYER                                                             Dallas, TX 75251
                   Ericsson Inc.
                 Vice President
             JENNIFER JONES
                Blockbuster Inc.
              PHILLIP MOORE          TO:      RIMS Education Partners
          Boy Scouts of America
               PAM COLPOYS           FROM: Cheryl Johnson, Education Chairperson, DFW RIMS
              Harolds Stores Inc
            Assistant Secretary                            Executive Director, Risk Management, Dallas
               RAY McQUEEN
           Greyhound Lines, Inc.
                                                           Independent School District

                      Directors      Happy New Year to all of you! Below you will find a number of programs in which
             ANGIE BALDWIN
              Hunt Oil Company       your school or your students may participate. There are lots of opportunities for
             DAYNA NICKLES           scholarships and learning opportunities from the DFW Chapter RIMS and the RIMS
            Tenet Health System
                  MEL BANGS          Society. I encourage you to take advantage of some or all of these programs to promote
               Omni Hotels Inc.
        CHRISTINA PETERSON           Risk Management. As Chair of our Education Committee, you need to know that RIMS
                  Broadlane Inc.     is committed to Education as one of our highest priorities. Thanks and best wishes
               Ben E. Keith Co.      always!
                  RIMS Delegate      Free Educational Memberships to RIMS
                  LOU HOWELL
                   Mary Kay Inc.
                   Past President    DFW RIMS will pay the $100 membership fee for education members. In exchange,
                   MARK RYAN
                        Oxy, Inc.    we ask you to attend at least three monthly meetings per year. An individual who is a
                     Committees      faculty member at a college/university, and teaches risk management, insurance,
                                     benefits or related studies may be considered as an educational member. Contact
                  TAMMY HOM          Cheryl Johnson at 214-932-5279 or email if you are interested.
               CROSSMARK Inc.
             Community Service
                 CINDY HENRY         DFW RIMS Chapter Scholarship/Grant Program
                       Atrium Inc.
            CHERYL JOHNSON           DFW RIMS Chapter provides scholarships and grants to local universities at our Fall
Dallas Independent School District
                 External Affairs    Conference in October. In July, you will be receiving scholarship packets that include
                      Terri Grabbs   scholarship/grant applications. Please contact Daryl Wigington at 817-877-5700 or
 Alliance Residential Management
               House Hospitality     email for additional information.
                  TAMMY HOM
               CROSSMARK Inc.
  Membership (Administration)
             KEVIN REYNOLDS          Shadow a Risk Manager Program
                    Archon Group
     Membership (Development)
                 JUDY ROGERS         DFW RIMS Chapter would like to invite local risk management students to spend a day
           Flowserve Corporation
                      Nomination     with a DFW RIMS member or associate to give the student a "real life" experience one
                       Mark Ryan     on one with a risk manager or broker. This program is available at anytime. If you
                         Oxy, Inc.
                       Placement     have any students who are interested, have them email their interest and resume to
              Publicity/Historian    Karen Nickerson at .
            ANGIE BALDWIN
             Hunt Oil Company
Student Internship Program

One of the hardest things for a person starting their career is not to have any experience in their given field. With some
general experience in a variety of topics, the entry risk management person will be able to start and become more
functional quicker than someone without any practical experience. That student will be able to see that the academic
topics he/she has learned are actually applicable in the real world.

Your DFW RIMS chapter has an existing internship program and is now approaching you for interested students who
would like to gain some actual risk management experience. All he or she has to do is submit a proposal.
Proposal Guidelines: If any of your students are interested in participating in this exciting and rewarding program
please have them submit a letter of interest, resume and grades to Cheryl Johnson by fax or email. Interns must possess
a GPA of 2.7 or higher. Any chosen interns will be required to submit a final report outlining his/her working
experience at the company.

We already have member companies needing interns. Some of the job descriptions include
   Review and analysis of commercial insurance policies
   Analyze asbestos lawsuits to determine appropriate policies under which claims should be tendered
   Working with a variety of RMIS systems and assist in report production

 If you have any additional questions, please call Karen Nickerson at 214-688-1992 ext. 216 or Internships may be available all year.

Spencer Scholarship

The deadline date for submission of 2006-2007 academic year undergraduate, graduate and pre-dissertation
PhD scholarship applications has been changed from March 4, 2006, to January 31, 2006.

Full-Time Applications
To download a full-time scholarship application please go to

      • Full-time student (12 hours or more per term) - undergraduate junior/senior,
   master's degree candidate or teaching oriented pre-dissertation Ph.D
      • Field of study - normally a major or minor in a risk management
      • Career objective in risk management
      • GPA of 3.3 or higher
      • Relevant work experience
      • Leadership skills
      • Strong academic/employer recommendations
      • Doctoral students should have had meaningful work experience

   The Spencer Educational Foundation awards scholarships on the basis of merit and does not discriminate on
   the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, handicap or veteran status. A complete scholarship
   application must be received by January 31, 2006.
    Risk Manager In Residence Program
The following universities and colleges were selected by the Foundation to receive
grants to host a "Risk Manager In Residence" program on campus during the 2005 -
2006 academic year:

         Ball State University
         Eastern Kentucky University
         Illinois State University (Katie School)
         Illinois Wesleyan University
         Indiana State University
         LaSalle University
         Mississippi State University
         Southwest Missouri State University
         Temple University
         University of Calgary-Alberta
         University of Central Arkansas
         University of Hartford
         University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The selected universities chose the following risk managers to lecture 2-3 days:

        • Lance Ewing of Caesar’s Entertainment will lecture at Ball State University
      • David Holmquist, Los Angeles Unified School District, will lecture at Eastern Kentucky University
      • Dan Kugler, Snap-On Incorporated, will lecture at Illinois State University (Katie School)
      • Gail Sater, Musicland Group, Inc., will lecture at Illinois Wesleyan University
      • Susan Meltzer, Sun Life Financial (Canada), will lecture at Indiana State University
      • Zakia Campbell, Morgan Stanley, will lecture at LaSalle University
      • Jeffrey Vernor, USAA Enterprise Risk Management, will lecture at Mississippi State University
    • Mary Daniels, American Agency System Insurance Services, will lecture at Southwest Missouri State
    • Cathy Reineke, Safeworks, LLC, will lecture at Temple University
    • Patrick Hurley, Consolidated Edison Co. of NY, will lecture at the University of Calgary-Alberta
      • Edward Katersky, BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc., will lecture at the University of central Arkansas
      • James Kasprzyk, McDonald's Corporation, will lecture at the University of Hartford
      • Stephen Finley, Denver Public Schools, will lecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

For Universities Submitting Proposals

The Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. is requesting proposals
from colleges and universities (preferably two-to-three pages in
length) for the Foundation's 2006 Risk Manager In Residence
Program. Grants of up to $3,500 (plus grants, each will be
issued to colleges and universities who submit acceptable
proposals on how they would 1) best utilize visiting risk
managers for two to three days at their campus, i.e. curriculum
and classes the visiting risk manager would lecture and,
2) estimated table of expenses incurred by the risk manager's
lecture (hotel, transportation, promotional expenses, dinner/receptions, etc.

The Foundation has set the following criteria for participating schools in the "Risk
Manager In Residence" Program:

      • The attending risk manager must work outside of the college/university's state.
      • The risk manager must be a member or associate member of the Risk and Insurance
Management Society, Inc.
      • The risk manager cannot be an alumnus of the school.
      • Participating faculty must be willing to prepare and coordinate an itinerary with the
attending risk manager (i.e. transportation, lodging, preparing a presentation schedule).
      • At least three-to-five presentations to students should be scheduled.
      • Follow-up and final reports sent to the Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. should include
 a concise but descriptive detail of the risk manager's visit and the benefits derived including a full
 accounting report of expenses incurred.
      • Willingness to involve finance faculty and students.

 The deadline for proposal submissions is February 10, 2006.

 Please send your proposal to the:

 Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc.,
 Risk Manager In Residence Program
 1065 Ave. of the Americas, 13th Floor
 New York, NY 10018

 NOTE: Contact Greg Dodd at 972-577-6559 or email him at if you are
 interested in this program, but have financial or logistical concerns.

2006-2007 Spencer Part-Time MBA Scholarship Application Form
With the interesting expansion taking place in the scope of the RISK MANAGEMENT function in organizations, the Spencer Educational
Foundation, Inc. is proud to offer scholarships to outstanding part-time MBA applicants who are studying risk management and its many
related disciplines. To this end, the Foundation will award scholarships of up to $10,000 each for the 2006-2007 academic year. The award is
given based on the assumption that the recipient will be enrolled part-time or online at an institution of higher education during the 2006-2007
academic year. There is no deadline for applying but a complete application must be received within 30 days. The financial amount of
the award would be equal to the student’s actual tuition and fees cost, offset by any corporate reimbursement, to a maximum of $10,000.
Candidates in Executive MBA programs are ineligible for these scholarships. Each recipient of one of these scholarships will be
designated as a “Spencer Scholar.”

The Education Committee of the Foundation will consider applicants who meet the following criteria for the 2006-2007 academic year: (1)
enrollment status: part-time MBA candidate (minimum of 12 hours of study per 12 month period) including AACSB accredited distance
learning degree programs; (2) field of study - normally a major or minor in a risk management discipline; (3) career objective in risk
management; (4) relevant work experience; (5) leadership skills; and (6) strong academic/employer recommendations and, (7) strong
undergraduate academic performance.

The Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. awards scholarships on the basis of merit and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex,
religion, national origin, age, handicap or veteran status. Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. directors, officers and members of their families
are ineligible for scholarships awarded by the Foundation.

The award check, made out jointly to the student and to the university, will be sent to the university the Spencer Scholar indicates he/she will
be attending part-time during the 2006-2007 academic year to be maintained on account. The funds shall be applied to tuition, books and risk
management/insurance curriculum-related expenses.

In order to apply for a Spencer scholarship, the entire application form must be completed. Recommendation forms (academic and/or
employer) may be submitted separately but must be received within 30 days of submission of your scholarship application. All materials,
except for original transcripts, may be sent electronically to, or by mail to the Education Committee, Spencer Educational
Foundation, Inc., 1065 Avenue of the Americas, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018. A completed application package consists of: the
application form, an essay, transcript(s) of undergraduate and graduate school record(s), and a minimum of three recommendation forms (at
least one academic recommendation). Incomplete packages will not be accepted for selection. If you are mailing your application, please do
not staple any part of this application.

If a Spencer Scholar does not pursue a part-time education during the 2006-2007 academic year, he/she will forfeit the award. Any unused
portion of the award must be returned to the Foundation. There will be no exceptions. However, he/she is free to reapply for a scholarship
award in the future when his/her education is pursued.

Inquiries regarding this application may be emailed to
DFW RIMS Part-Time MBA Scholarship

DFW RIMS has also created one graduate scholarship to be awarded to a student or deputy member who is interested
in pursuing a part-time MBA with a Risk Management discipline. The criteria are similar to the Spencer MBA
Scholarship. If you would like additional information, please contact Greg Dodd at 972-577-6559 or email him at .

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