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   The Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) is a registered charitable organization. We identify significant needs
   and unite leaders and organizations to collaborate and take action for positive change towards a
   healthy, inclusive world. Together we have a far greater impact than anyone can do alone.


   What is a third party event?
   Third party events are generously planned and organized by individuals and groups from communities
   across Canada raising funds supporting the Rick Hansen Foundation and its programs.


   Step 1

   When you’re ready, download and complete our Third Party Event Application Form and our Third Party
   Event Policies. All events must be approved by the Foundation before they are publicized or held.

   Step 2

   Send your completed application and signed policies to:

                ATTN: Catherine Cornish, Development Officer
                Rick Hansen Foundation
                300-3820 Cessna Drive
                Richmond, BC V7B 0A2

                Fax: 604-295-8159


   Catherine will contact you within 5-7 business days of receiving your application to further discuss your

   Once your fundraiser has been officially approved, a signed copy of the application will be forwarded to
   the event organizer along with additional information to help you get started.

   Choosing an Event
   “Anything is possible” with a little imagination, but we have some suggestions that have worked for
   others in the past:

           ‘a-thon’ (spin-a-thon, wheel-a-thon,                   fitness challenge
            walk-a-thon etc.)                                      gala
           car wash
           bake sale
        yard sale                                               BBQs
        tournaments

Find a venue that would be appropriate for your event based on the number of people attending, the
audience interests and ages, and of course the overall vision for your event.

Raising Funds
Set a fundraising target that you feel is attainable. Keep your event expenses as low as possible and where
possible, ask individuals and/or local companies to see if they could donate supplies/services or offer
discounts for your event needs. If you require a letter of endorsement, please contact Catherine.

In addition to your main event, there are a number of other opportunities you can consider when holding
your fundraiser to help generate additional dollars:

        auctions – silent or live
        ticket sales
        partial proceeds from food and beverage sales*
        sponsorships
        raffles, bingo or 50/50 draws*
        pledge-based activities (e.g. head-shave)

* Certain gaming and/or food & beverage service licenses may be required. Please refer to your Municipal
Hall, Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch, Police, Liquor Control & Licensing Branch to determine if you need
any licences and how long it takes to get them. This will ensure you can obtain all necessary permits, licenses
and insurance in time for your event.

Securing sponsors is a great way to cover event costs while recognizing and promoting caring companies in
your community. From the venue space, food supplies or even advertising space, local businesses can be
great partners to have on board for your event and help to keep your overall costs down. Please notify
Catherine in advance if you plan to secure sponsors.

Recruiting Participants
Write a list of guests to invite – don’t forget to include your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, or
whoever you think is appropriate for your event. Encourage them, if applicable, to spread the word and invite
their friends, family, co-workers, neighbours etc. to attend as well to help grow your attendance.
Communicate the call to action through email, social media, phone, community message boards, local
papers, and of course, through word of mouth.

Recruiting Volunteers
Consider the various tasks required to make your event a success. Do you need helpers on the day, in
advance or even after the event to help organize and/or clean up at the end? If so, consider recruiting
  volunteers to assist with your event – put the call for volunteers out to your friends and family, community
  message boards, local papers or perhaps simply through word of mouth.

  Make sure you provide your confirmed volunteers with an overview of their roles and responsibilities and, if
  applicable, any training required.


  Pre-event support from the Rick Hansen Foundation includes the following items available upon request:

         event poster 8.5” x 11” – electronic template
         event poster 11” x 17” – electronic template
         donation form for cheques and credit card donations
         donation form for cash gifts
         ‘in Support of’ Rick Hansen Foundation logo usage
         background information on Rick Hansen and the Rick Hansen Foundation
         Rick Hansen website event posting
         event-specific online donation page.

  Simply contact your Foundation representative to learn how you can access these items for use to promote
  your event.

  Event Specific Materials
  Please forward all your customized event materials, including event posters, ads etc. to us for review prior to
  printing and distribution.

  Other methods of promotion include:

  Social Media
  Create an event page with your event details and link it to the Rick Hansen Facebook group so your attendees
  can see what is happening at the Foundation and all the programs and initiatives your fundraising will
  support. Remember to update it often as your event date gets closer.

  Tweet your event details and ways to participate to your followers. Let people know why you are doing the
  event and give progress updates to maintain interest. And let us know you are tweeting! Add
  @RickHansenFdn to your tweets so we can retweet and help you spread the word!

  Share information on why you are doing the event and what is. Include links back to the foundation website
  ( and/or facebook page and encourage readers to visit and learn more about what the
  Foundation is doing.
   Are you creating your own website for the event? Contact your Foundation representative for more

   Create your event specific Rick Hansen Foundation online fundraising page. This can then be linked through
   your event website, Facebook event page, Twitter feeds and blog postings.

   Local Community Media
   If your event is open to the public, why not inform your local media about your fundraising initiative?
   Remember when reaching out to the media the following:

          Be interesting and innovative to help get their attention
          Be direct and concise – what key information do you want them to communicate on your behalf?
               o Be clear about the “what, when, where, who and why.”


   The Foundation will issue tax receipts for eligible gifts of $20.00 and up. Eligible donations requiring a tax
   receipt must be accompanied by a donation form indicating the donor’s full name, address, phone number
   and the amount donated. Once your event has been approved, the Foundation will send you donation forms
   if required.

   All eligible online donations will automatically receive a receipt.

   For donations not requiring a receipt, please collect all funds and write one cheque made out to the Rick
   Hansen Foundation for the total amount collected. Please do not send cash.

   Tax Receipts
   The Rick Hansen Foundation adheres to the provisions outlined in the Income Tax Act.

   Contributions, if appropriate, will be receipted by the Rick Hansen Foundation in keeping with the Canada
   Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines. Funds raised will support the mission of the Rick Hansen Foundation,
   Charitable Registration #107659427-RR-0001.

   If you would like to request that charitable receipts be issued for donations collected at your event, please
   contact our offices at least four (4) weeks prior to your event date to inquire whether the donations are
   eligible to be receipted under CRA guidelines.

   As per CRA guidelines, no receipts will be issued to corporations sponsoring an event in return for recognition
   and promotion.

   For fundraising events such as galas, dinners or golf tournaments, a tax receipt may be issued for the entry
   fee, or ticket, less the “advantage”. Advantage can be defined as the benefit the participant will receive as
   part of their entry fee or ticket, such as prizes, food or green fees. Please note that the advantage cannot
   exceed 80% of the entry fee.

   For more information check out the Canada Revenue Agency website:


   This is it – the big day when your event will be a success and you will be helping the Rick Hansen Foundation
   accelerate progress toward a healthier and truly inclusive world!

       1) Have fun!
       2) Take pictures of your event to share with your attendees and with the Foundation.
       3) Keep track of donors’ names and contact information on your donation forms so you can:
             a. request official tax receipts for these individuals after the event (remember, eligible gifts of
                  $20 or more receive an official tax receipt)
             b. provide letters or emails of thanks for their thoughtful contribution and attendance at your


   Please complete a Third Party Event Accounting Form (this will be provided upon approval of your event) and
   send it, along with your donation forms and event proceeds, to your Rick Hansen Foundation representative
   within 30 days of the event:

   Catherine Cornish
   Development Officer
   Rick Hansen Foundation
   300-382 Cessna Drive
   Richmond, BC V7B 0A2

   Please do not send cash. For cash donations, please send one cheque made out to the Rick Hansen

   Thank your event participants, volunteers and sponsors by sending them an email or note card of thanks. Let
   them know what a success your event was and how they helped you to make it a success.

   Let us know how it went! Send in an event summary to your Foundation representative including the total
   amount of funds raised, number of attendees, memorable moments and any photos taken during the event.

   Rick Hansen Foundation is pleased to recognize your support and efforts with an official certificate
   recognizing your success. Your event may even be recognized on our website!

   If you need any additional information, please contact:

   Catherine Cornish
   Development Officer
   Rick Hansen Foundation
   300-382 Cessna Drive
   Richmond, BC V7B 0A2

   P: 778-296-1543 | F: 604-295-8159 | E:

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