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									                                              Customer Survey Results
                                              Services to Older Adults


Branch where survey returned


  AG        B          CWS         CH         DN          HN        KG          MH            S         JDS            SH     SGR       TA
    37           45      11          33         32             8     120             9            19          6          11     68        24

  W        web          N/A       Total
   109       93               5     630

                                    Branches where Surveys Returned (Alphabetical Order)

           120                                                                                                    109

           100                                                                                                           93

            80                                                                                    68

            40                           33   32
            20                    11                 8              9                    11
                                                                                 6                                             5
                  AG      B       CWS    CH   DN     HN    KG       MH     S    JDS      SH       SGR   TA        W     web   N/A

                                       Branches where Surveys Returned (Descending Order)

           120           109

           100                    93


            40                                                 33   32
            20                                                                           11        11    9         8     6     5
                  KG      W       web SGR      B     AG    CH       DN   TA      S       CWS      SH    MH        HN    JDS   N/A

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                            Customer Survey Results
                            Services to Older Adults

KG     W      web    SGR    B        AG     CH     DN     TA     S        CWS    SH        MH
 120    109     93     68       45     37     33     32     24       19     11     11           9

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                                Customer Survey Results
                                Services to Older Adults

W      web    N/A       Total
 109     93         5     630

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                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

HN       JDS       N/A       Total
     8         6         5     630

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                                   Customer Survey Results
                                   Services to Older Adults

Question 1:

Are you Male or Female?


 Male Female     N/A       Total
  234    391           5     630

                                         Responses by Sex




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                                                    Customer Survey Results
                                                    Services to Older Adults

Question 2:

What is your Postal Code?


B0J B0N B0P B2J B2R B2S B2T B2V B2W B2X B2Y B2Z B3A B3B B3E B3G                                                                                              B3H
 38   5   1    1   3  1    3  17  83  15  45  8   55  2   9   8                                                                                                44

   3  1    3  17  83  15  45  8

  55  2   9   8   44 10   17 20   61  24  11  7   20  13  3   21

  35  6   15  5   2

N/A Total
  22 630

                                                             Responses by Postal Code



    60                                                       55

    50                                              45                      44
    40                                                                                                                                35

    30                                                                                               24
                                                                                                                                 21                         22
                                                                                           20                      20
    20                               17                                               17
                                               15                                                                                              15
                                                                                 10                       11
                                                         8            9 8
    10                                                                                                         7                           6
               5                                                                                                                                    5
                         3       3                                2                                                          3                          2
                   1 1       1

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                            Customer Survey Results
                            Services to Older Adults

B3J    B3K    B3L    B3M    B3N    B3P    B3R       B3S    B3T    B3V       B3Z    B4A      B4B
  10     17     20     61     24     11         7     20     13         3     21     35           6

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                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

B4C    B4E       B4G       N/A      Total
  15         5         2         22 #REF!

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 2:

What is your Postal Code?

Results (full listing)

B0J 1B0    3             B2V 2B6            B2W   3A3       B2X 1G6       B2Y 4A6
B0J 1K0    1             B2V 2C5            B2W   3A4       B2X 1G7   2   B2Y 4A7     3
B0J 1N0    5             B2V 2C7            B2W   3C9       B2X 1H2       B2Y 4B3     2
B0J 1P0                  B2V 2J8            B2W   3G3 2     B2X 1H3       B2Y 4E9
B0J 1T0    7             B2V 2L2            B2W   3G4       B2X 1M6       B2Y 4G1
B0J 1W0                  B2V 2P5            B2W   3G7       B2X 1Z1       B2Y 4G4
B0J 1Y0    2             B2V 2T7            B2W   3J6                     B2Y 4H1
                         B2V 2V9            B2W   3J9       B2X 2A1       B2Y 4L3     5
B0J 2E0                  B2V 2X1            B2W   3W4       B2X 2H1       B2Y 4L7
B0J 2K0    4                                                B2X 2H4       B2Y 4L9
B0J 2L0    3             B2W 0A6   5        B2W   4A1       B2X 2P3       B2Y 4W8
B0J 2R0                                     B2W   4A3       B2X 2X4
                         B2W 1B1            B2W   4C6       B2X 2Y6       B2Z 1A3
B0J 3A0                  B2W 1B6            B2W   4C8       B2X 3M3       B2Z 1C4
B0J 3B0    5             b2w 1r3            B2W   4E9       B2X 2P5       B2Z 1G1
B0J 3H0    2             B2W 1R7 2          B2W   4H2                     B2Z 1H1
                         b2w 1S4            B2W   4M8       B2Y 1J4       B2Z 1H9
B0N 1L0                  B2W 1T5            B2W   4P6       b2Y 1J7   2   B2Z 1J1
B0N 1X0    3             B2W 1T8            B2W   4W6       B2Y 1M9       B2Z 1N9
B0N 1Z0                  B2W 1W4            B2W   4Z4       B2Y 1R8       B2Z 1S4
                         B2W 1X1
B2J 1T4                  B2W 1X2 3          B2W   5A5       B2Y 2B4   2   B3A 0A4     2
                                            B2W   5A6       B2Y 2B5       B3A 1A3
B2R 1E2                  B2W 2A8   2        B2W   5B6       B2Y 2C9       B3A 1N2
B2R 1S2                  b2w 2b8            B2W   5C2       B2Y 2G6       B3A 1R1
B2R 1W7                  B2W 2C3            B2W   5C4       B2Y 2M4       B3A 1V7
                         B2W 2E4   2                        B2Y 2L5       B3A 1W1
B2S 1P4                  B2W 2G8            B2W   6A1       B2Y 2S5       B3A 1W7
                         b2w 2g9   2        B2W   6C8   2                 B3A 1Y7     3
B2T 1A2                  B2W 2J4            B2W   6H2       B2Y 3C8   3
B2T 1E7                  B2W 2J9            B2W   6J3       B2Y 3E1       B3A 2H6
B2T 1H7                  B2W 2L8            B2W   6L6       B2Y 3J5       B3A 2J1
                         B2W 2R5            B2W   6M7       B2Y 3M2       B3A 2J7
B2V 1C6                  B2W 2T6            B2W   6M8       B2Y 3N3       B3A 2K2
B2V 1H8                  B2W 2V5            B2W   6P1   2   B2Y 3P9       B3A 2K7
B2V 1L7                  B2W 2X1            B2W   6P7       B2Y 3W2       B3A 2L8
B2V 1P6                  B2W 2X3            B2W   6P9       B2Y 3W6       B3A 2M3
B2V 1R6                  B2W 2X4   2        B2W   6S2       B2Y 3W8       B3A 2M7
B2V 1Y1                  B2W 2X8                            B2Y 3Z5       B3A 2R3
B2V 1Y8     2            B2W 2Y3                                          B3A 2R5     3
                         B2W 2Z4   3                                      B3A 2V6
                         B2W 2Z6                                          B3A 2V8
                         B2W 2Z7   2

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                            Customer Survey Results
                            Services to Older Adults

B3A 3E2       B3H 1A1            B3K 2C2       B3M 1B2       B3N 1E6
B3A 3L6       B3H 1A5            B3K 2E7       B3M 1K6       B3N 1G1
B3A 3R1       B3H 1C2            B3K 2H8       B3M 1K7       B3N 1S3      2
B3A 3S6   2   B3H 1H1            B3K 2L9       B3M 1M5       B3N 1S7
B3A 3T8       B3H 1H9 2          B3K 2P3       B3M 1M9       B3N 1S8
B3A 3X3   2   B3H 1K3                          B3M 1R5       B3N 1X6
B3A 3Y7   2   B3H 1L6            B3K 3B8       B3M 1S8       B3N 1Z4
              B3H 1M3            B3K 3C1       B3M 1T1
B3A 4A3   2   B3H 1N6            B3K 3C4       B3M 1T7       B3N 2A6
B3A 4C8       B3H 1N7            B3K 3G2       B3M 1W4       B3N 2E9
B3A 4E2       B3H 1Y3 3          B3K 3H1       B3M 1X8   3   B3N 2H8
B3A 4G3       B3H 1Y5            B3K 3S1       B3M 1Y9       B3N 2K9
B3A 4J3                          B3K 3T8       B3M 1Z3       B3N 2L1
B3A 4L5       B3H 2J1                                        B3N 2L9
B3A 4M7       B3H 2L1            B3K 5K9       B3M 2C8       B3N 2P4
B3A 4N3       B3H 2S9            B3K 5L3       B3M 2H4       B3N 2Y6
B3A 4P1       B3H 2W3            B3K 5N7       B3M 2M2       B3N 2Z7
B3A 4P9       B3h 2Y5            B3K 5T4       B3M 2N7
b3a 4r1                          B3K 5V3       B3M 2X9   2   B3N 3B5      1
B3A 4R9       B3H 3J9                          B3M 3A2       B3N 3E2
B3A 4T7   2   B3H 3K5   2        B3L 1K1       B3M 3B4   3   B3N 3E3
B3A 4V3       B3H 3L2            B3L 1P4       B3M 3C7       B3N 3J4
B3A 4W2       B3H 3M8            B3L 1R4       B3M 3H1       B3N 3L6
B3A 4X7   2   B3H 3N2            B3L 1R7       B3M 3K2       B3N 3M4
              B3H 3R7            B3L 1V9       B3M 3K4
B3B 1A1       B3H 3S9   2                      B3M 3K6       B3P 1B3
B3B 1A4       B3H 3Z8            B3L 2A2       B3M 3N1       B3P 1B4
                                 B3L 2B9       B3M 3N7   2   B3P 1C2
B3E 1A7       B3H 4H5            B3L 2E1       B3M 3N9       B3P 1E8
B3E 1B1       B3H 4J6            B3L 2H7       B3M 3S9       B3P 1E9
B3E 1B3       B3H 4J8            B3L 2X8       B3M 3V3   3   B3P 1T9
B3E 1C3       B3H 4J9   2        B3L 2Y9       B3M 3W5   2   B3P 1X6
B3E 1G1       B3H 4K8                          B3M 3X4
B3E 1G6       B3H 4K9   5        B3L 3C4       B3M 3Y5       B3P 2E5
B3E 1J4       B3H 4R1            B3L 3G9       B3M 3Z7       B3P 2K6
B3E 1J7       B3H 4S7            B3L 3T1                     B3P 2M6
B3E 1M8                          B3L 3Y3       B3M 4A1       B3P 2R8
              B3J 1B5   2        B3L 3Y7       B3M 4A7
B3G 0A2       B3J 1V1                          B3M 4B6       B3R 1A5      2
B3G 1A1                          B3L 4A6       B3M 4E7   2   B3R 1B4      2
B3G 1E6       B3J 2K9   2        B3L 4C7       b3M 4H2       B3R 1S7
B3G 1G8                          B3L 4P2       B3M 4J5       B3R 1Z5      2
B3G 1J7       B3J 3A5            B3L 4R4       B3M 4K4
B3G 1K6 2     B3J 3R3                          B3M 4K5   2
B3G 1S3                                        B3M 4K8
              B3J 4A2   2                      B3M 4M6
                                               B3M 4N6
                                               B3M 4P1
                                               B3M 4P8
                                               B3M 4S2
                                               B3M 4Y1

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                            Customer Survey Results
                            Services to Older Adults

B3S 0A1   3   B3Z 3A2            B4A 4B1
B3S 1H8   2   B3Z 3A3            B4A 4C8
B3S 1L3   2   B3Z 3R3   2        B4A 4E6
B3S 1M2   3                      B4A 4G8
B3S 1P2       B4A 1E2            B4A 4K3
B3S 1P4   2   B4A 1G5            B4A 4M2   2
B3S 1P5       B4A 1R1
B3S 1R7   2   B4A 1S8            B4B 1G2
B3S 1S5       B4A 1W3            B4B 1N4   3
B3S 1T2       B4A 1W3            B4B 1N6
B3S 1V5       B4A 1W6
              B4A 1X6            B4B 3G1
B3S 2L4
              B4E 1G2            B4C 1N2
B3T 1B1       B4E 1L9            B4C 1V7
B3T 1C6                          B4C 1V9
B3T 1J8       B4E 2N1            B4C 1Y6
B3T 1K5
B3T 1N1       B4E 3B2            B4C 2B4   2
B3T 1N3       B4E 3B8            B4C 2E1
B3T 1R1                          B4C 2H1
B3T 1R9       B4G 1A4            B4C 2H7
B3T 1T3       B4G 1A9            B4C 2L7
B3T1W6                           B4C 2M2
B3T 1W8       B4A 2B4            B4C 2Z4
B3T 1Z7       B4A 2E4            B4C 2Z7   2
              B4A 2G4
B3T 2A2       B4A 2G9            B4C 3C5
              B4A 2H8
B3V 1B4       B4A 2L2
B3V 1H3       B4A 2L3
B3V 1L5       B4A 2M1
B3Z 1A9       B4A 2M6
B3Z 1E1   2
B3Z 1G5       B4A 3A7
B3Z 1G6       B4A 3J9
B3Z 1H4   2   B4A 3K3
B3Z 1H9       B4A 3M7
B3Z 1J9       B4A 3R1
B3Z 1K7       B4A 3W7
B3Z 1L3       B4A 3X3   2
              B4A 3Y2
B3Z 2C4       B4A 3Y8
B3Z 2G2       B4A 3Y9
B3Z 2G4
B3Z 2J8
B3Z 2J9
B3Z 2T1

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                                        Customer Survey Results
                                        Services to Older Adults

Question 3:

In which age group do you fall?


 60-64 65-74 75-84          85+         N/A      Total
    210   261   119            24          16      630

                                                     Responses by Age



                                    19%                        33%

                                            41%                              N/A

                Responses by Gender - Female                            Responses by Gender - Male

                       2%                                                   1%

                      4%                                                   3%

          16%                                                                         30%
                                  36%                            24%

                                                 60-64                                           60-64
                42%                              65-74                                           65-74
                                                 75-84                      42%                  75-84
                                                 85+                                             85+
                                                 N/A                                             N/A

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                         Customer Survey Results
                         Services to Older Adults

    60-64 65-74 75-84    85+     N/A       Total
F      141   163    61      16         8     389
M       69    97    57       8         3     234

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                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

Question 4:

Do you have a Halifax Public Libraries card?


  Yes      No Not Sure       N/A     Total
   601       12      2          15     630

                                             Library Card Holders

                                       2% 0%

                                                                    Not Sure

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                                                Customer Survey Results
                                                Services to Older Adults

Question 5:

In the last year, which library outlet did you visit most often?


  AG        B          CWS          CH          DN             HN                KG         MOB        MH          S        JDS            SH     SGR
    57           43      20           37          18             10               125          6         11            23         8          11     85

  TA        W              N/A      Total
    26       118              32      630

                                                     Library Outlet Visited Most Often



                                                                                            23                         26
            30                     20           18
                                                         10                           11           8    11
                  AG         B     CWS CH       DN       HN        KG    MOB MH              S   JDS    SH    SGR      TA   W     N/A

                                         Library Outlet Visited Most Often - Descending Order



                                                                        26       23
            30                                                                             20    18
                                                                                                       11     11       10    8         6
                  KG         W     SGR     AG        B    CH            TA        S        CWS   DN    MH     SH       HN   JDS   MOB

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                            Customer Survey Results
                            Services to Older Adults

KG     W      SGR    AG     B        CH     TA     S        CWS    DN     MH     SH     HN
 125    118     85     57       43     37     26       23     20     18     11     11     10

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                              Customer Survey Results
                              Services to Older Adults

TA     W      N/A     Total
  26    118      32     630

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                         Customer Survey Results
                         Services to Older Adults

JDS       MOB    Total
      8      6     598

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                                         Customer Survey Results
                                         Services to Older Adults

Question 6:

What other library outlets did you visit regularly besides this one?


  AG        B        CWS       CH        DN        HN          KG     MOB        MH          S        JDS         SH       SGR
   101          39     26        44        11        20         104      3         10            23         7          3     80

  TA        W      None       Total
    33          54   183        741

                                        Other Library Outlets Visited Regularly

          200                                                                                              183
          120                                      104
           60                      44
           40                                                                                33
                             26                                       23
           20                            11                      10         7
                                                          3                       3
                 AG    B     CWS CH     DN    HN   KG MOB MH          S    JDS   SH   SGR    TA       W    None

                             Other Library Outlets Visited Regularly - Descending Order

          200    183
          120          104   101
           60                                 44   39
           40                                             33
                                                                 26   23   20
           20                                                                    11     10       7    3     3
                None KG      AG SGR      W    CH    B     TA CWS      S    HN    DN   MH     JDS MOB SH

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                             Customer Survey Results
                             Services to Older Adults

None    KG     AG     SGR    W        CH     B        TA   CWS    S        HN     DN     MH
  183    104    101     80       54     44       39     33   26       23     20     11     10

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                                Customer Survey Results
                                Services to Older Adults

TA     W        None    Total
  33       54     183   741

                                                           Page 21 of 97
                                  Customer Survey Results
                                  Services to Older Adults

JDS       MOB    SH       Total
      7      3        3   738

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                                           Customer Survey Results
                                           Services to Older Adults

Question 7:

Please indicate how often you visited the Library in the last year.


                           More than                    More than
  A few          Once a                    Once a
                            once a                       once a No answer        Total
  times          month                      week
                            month                         week
          52          46         194              168         156           14        630

                                                        Visit Frequency



                                                            31%              A few times
                                                                             Once a month
                                     27%                                     More than once a month
                                                                             Once a week
                                                                             More than once a week
                                                                             No answer

               Responses by Gender - Female                                 Responses by Gender - Male

                    2%                                                           0%
                           9%                                                                     6%



           28%                  A few times                                                     A few times
                                Once a month                                                    Once a month
                                More than once a month                                          More than once a month
                                Once a week                                                     Once a week
                                More than once a week                                           More than once a week
                                No answer                                                       No answer

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                          Customer Survey Results
                          Services to Older Adults

    A few        Once a  More than    Once a  More than
    times        month    once a       week    once a No answer   Total
                          month                 week
F           34        31       117        107        91       9     389
M           18        15         76        61         63      1     234

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 8:

What is your favourite time to come to the Library?


Weekday Weekday Weekday                Saturday Saturday     Sunday
mornings afternoons evenings           Mornings afternoons afternoons
       266         317          78              64         73             115              913

                                           Favourite Time in the Library





          150                    317

           50                                                                                       115
                                                  78            64               73
                 Weekday      Weekday           Weekday     Saturday         Saturday             Sunday
                 mornings     afternoons        evenings    Mornings        afternoons           afternoons

                                              Responses by Gender




          100                  205

           50                        111
                                                                                47                72
                                                39 38        41                       24               41
                 Weekday      Weekday           Weekday     Saturday         Saturday             Sunday
                 mornings     afternoons        evenings    Mornings        afternoons           afternoons

Note: The electronic version of the survey had "Saturday evening" as an option instead of
"Saturday afternoon."

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                             Customer Survey Results
                             Services to Older Adults

         Weekday Weekday Weekday Saturday Saturday         Sunday
         mornings afternoons evenings Mornings afternoons afternoons
Female         176       205        39       41        47         72     580
Male            88       111        38       22        24         41     324

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                                          Customer Survey Results
                                          Services to Older Adults

Question 9:

How do you usually get to the Library?


                            Driven by
  Drive        Public                                                  No
                            friend or       Walk         Other                      Total
 own car     Transport.                                              Answer
       428            48            39             99            7            9           630

                                                 Getting to the Library

                450          428

                                           48           39
                                                                                   7              9
                                            Driven                    Walk
                            Drive Public Transport. by friend or family           Other           No
                           own car                                                              Answer

Note: In the paper version of the survey, there was a blank to fill in if the patron
chose "Other". This blank was not available in the electronic version.

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                                          Customer Survey Results
                                          Services to Older Adults

Question 10:

Please rate the branch you visit most often for comfort and accessibility overall.


Excellent Good         Fair     Poor           NA     Total
      397   177           28       10            18     630

                                          Branch Comfort and Accessibility




                                                           63%                       Good

Fair (28 Responses)

  SGR         AG        B        W         CWS        KG       JDS       S       T
     11            4        3         3       2            2         1       1       1

Poor (10 responses)

  SGR         CWS      KG        NA
          6      2          1         1

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 11:

What could we improve to make the branch you visit most often easier for you to use? (eg. hours of service,


 Answer      NA      Total
    337       293      630

Facility Requests for Improvements
maybe a little larger facility in Woodlawn area
eliminate stairs
Opening hours should be visible from car park
Seating areas for quiet reading--probably impossible given the very limited space available
Better washrooms. Be open Mondays! Better computer space, more computers, air conditioning, make library
grounds smoke-free zone or close windows in reading room. I would like to use the library on Mondays but would
have to go to KG or Alderney.
Larger premises. But parking and access to Woodlawn are convenient, so moving it to another but larger location
might not be an overall improvement.
Don't like dropping small CDs and DVDS into huge drop off box for books. Could you make separate box for
these as in Alderney Gate?
More & comfortable seating. Currently the main floor seating is crowded into a room with a lot of activity. (CD's -
DVDs) not inviting for quiet.
have a washroom in the library (4), Better toilet facilities, higher toilet seats/bowls, paper hand towels
designated area for seniors, larger print signage
Get control of the young children in the area. I fear for my safety.
facility, space, seating
new facility (upgraded)
electric doors
This library could be improved by having larger facilities if the funding were made available.
Bedford needs a new library.
Woodlawn is a bit crowded because of the numbers of people who use it, not to move it but increase the area.
please don't move
I notice there is no accessibility for mobility challenged persons.
larger and more accessible building
More space (3)
better and more comfortable sitting areas. More newspapers and more copies
air condition in the Summer months.
I would like the Bedford Library to be on the side of Highway where Bedford Place Mall is, so that I could walk
because it is too dangerous to cross and we need a new Library in Bedford in comparison to other Libraries.
More comfortable chairs (2)
The configuration of the building is the biggest limitation, reference isolated upstairs, warren downstairs, staff do
their best. (SG)
It would be nice if it could be enlarged a little however, I find it a perfect library and the staff must have been hand
picked. They are wonderful.
closer, on the same level as A G, free, parking would assist me to make my visits - I have some mobility
problems; parking much better at Dart North branch, but rougher area, not always feeling as safe
I would like to see more outside drop-off outlets for after hours.

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Woodlawn often over-heated & it's difficult to find things sometimes.
coming from the car park up the elevator it would be nice not to have to go down the escalator to gain access.
Provide an enclosed quiet area
 Greater area so you are not squeezing between shelving, computers and chairs.
shelf too high or too low (3)
Perhaps raise shelves a bit as bending down is sometimes difficult
more staff, this is a very busy library with a hardworking staff
room for display of current fiction (this I am told is being worked on)
More comfortable seats, sometimes I need a rest as well as a book.
Eliminate lowest book shelves. difficult to access or view with bi-focals!
 have kids area separate
New Library essential. Preferably with a public area for socializing or rest facility or for friendly people exchange.
Woodlawn, increase size

Service Requests for Improvements
It would be great to have more computers. (4)
You have a home delivery and pick up for books and cassettes but none for DVD's or videos. I am pretty much a
shut-in and would really appreciate that service.
Honour system for checked out material - one day's grace so there's no waiting for items to be checked in.
The books I have requested this past winter seem to be taking a VERY long time to become available....I
understand they cost money and so forth!!!!
Addition of 'coffee corner'
no dancing or bands/music. It's supposed to be quiet.
more computer classes (2)
 Also as a Baby Boomer it would be good to have the overdue fines changed from 65 to 60 in line with other
outlets, stores etc.
Allow access to the computer from my home on Sundays. I suspect this is the day used for maintenance. The
method of alerting for holds can be annoying when a person has several items each week. Possibly an Email???
I do become concerned about getting DVDs back in 3 days as for books I can go on line and renew from home.
Better telephone communication when you are informed about a book that has been on hold, arrives.
self check out (2)
Better entrance and exit area very congested area
Home delivery of Library Guides for those of us who do not have access to a computer.
My previous library had a table set up with books for sale that the library could not use. $.50 for paperback and
$1.00 for hardback. Always something for everyone.
If possible easier computer access to other Lib-systems in province
on-line inter-branch transfers
Perhaps a list of available movies, either DVD or VHS or both. Then one could check the 'movie book' about them.
more daytime workshops
Use email to advise us when books are available. More places to sit and read.
Holds thru e-mail. Don't phone holds during the supper hour, please.
more internet facilities
add another printer with colour available
I sometimes find the phone calls about holds a bit time-consuming! (but I love to be reminded)
The computer search/reference system is the most difficult, most intimidating I've ever seen. Who's responsible
for recommending/ accepting it?
you could add a water cooler with pure water to drink

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

DVD loans longer for seniors, pubt 7 day loans quicker into 3 week loans
Ability to ask for catalogue (computer) help, without leaving computer station.
I would like to see a special area for customers joining or having a problem so others could check out more
quickly. If you are running in to pick up a 'hold' it's maddening to have to wait an age to get one book checked
Decrease shelf time for holds and increase time allowed to borrow
help with the computer
Assistance with material for the visually impaired e.g. CDs and tapes. Courses for learning basic computer skills
such as email.
The bottom shelves of the books are very difficult to use. You probably have heard that from users already, but
for older adults this is a particular challenge. It is not just reaching the books, it is trying to figure out what the
titles are so that you can, for example, doing a shelf search for a fiction or mystery, decide whether or not you are
interested in the book.
 a coffee shop (NOT a chain like Starbucks - do a deal with Steve-a-Reno who's local and not a franchisee).
name tags on would help
More assistance.
List library guide on top of pages, with names of branches in large print.

Hours of Service Requests
hours 9 am openings (2)
Open at 8am
open earlier in the morning (4)
open on Mondays (13)
Friday night openings (23)
It would be good to go on my way home from work. I'm sure other people would agree.
Longer hours, more days of the week.
more hours of service (6)
hours of service (2)
can only come to day programs
Sunday hours should be longer or do not open on Sundays at all.
I like Mon. opening- possibly open at 9.30 A.M. I really appreciate what the library offers; programs, computers
plus the varied reading material
Open Sunday afternoons all year (11)
more hours on week-ends, less racket.
earlier opening on Saturday
open at 9:30 am Sundays all year.
Would like to see regular hours throughout the week and year as in years gone by.
I wished you were not closed on Monday & Summer you close long I think it is Sun & Mon
Extend opening hours, earlier than 10am and Sundays.
hours of service - longer
hours 10-6pm. 7 days a week.
open on Mondays -perhaps
I must schedule my time to work around library. I would like this the other way around.
Shatford more hours
Longer hours for kids after school as well as adults.
Saturday till 7
Consistent and expanded hours.
It's pretty convenient as my time is open and I am able to come during the week, maybe, if the hours were
increased on Saturday to 9pm, that's the only change that might be helpful to others.

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                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

Open more day of the week or at least more evenings. Provide a place for a cup of coffee somewhere in the
building. Provide more newspapers (diff. cities) in reference room.
7 days a week, evenings especially Friday & Saturday nights. Don't go shopping but would like to pick up a book
to listen to or have read to me. When depending upon people to pick up reading material for you or to take you &
they work Monday to Friday til 5pm, they can't pick you up or your reading material until 7pm on Friday or
Saturday night because Saturdays are for the kids. They would like to take their kids to the library on Friday or
Saturday night for project work, family night & take me with them for a full family night.
Summer Sunday service, Saturday Evening service
More evening hours on weekends. The staff at Woodlawn are excellent- helpful, friendly, know- their stuff!!!

Magazine section could be expanded. There should be magazines with cultural and political comment. ( e.g. the
New Yorker and the Western Standard)
Much appreciated separation of fiction, (Romance, mystery etc.) It would be nice if the same applied to DVDs.
I would love Tauton's Fine Cooking magazine made avail at the Woodlawn branch please.
Increase size and selection.
more classical music CDs
More new books. I have read most of the books I like at this branch, I use the hold process to get more books.
Increase the choice of reading materials in the different categories
More copies of current DVD movies.
changing books more often, having reading areas somewhat apart from traffic (other than book selection, which
is normal)
More movies to be available in library when visiting.
always, more copies of requested new books so that waiting times for these most popular books can be shortened.
DVD's are hard to see
have book here rather than ordered in especially cowboy books large print
Larger books collections, means more space
Have a religious section. What is there now is out of date.
Perhaps change the selection of magazines sometimes eg. for certain magazines I need to go to branches other
than my closest (or regular)
Books take a long time to come even the ordered ones.
more books & magazines quiet reading rooms/areas more computers (Cole Harbour) International & Canadian
Newspapers/ Antiquarian Book Room
Better quality books on disk, not just (ugh) Mary Higgins Clark and murder.
Have educational information on DVDs
I would like to see the book collection expanded, quality always trumps quantity.
Everything about the CWS branch is excellent except for it's holdings. These need to be increased substantially.
We often go to KG because of it's better holdings. Also should open 7 days per week year round.
Would like to see more variety in DVDs. Seem to have more DVDs in CH than in Sackville.
More copies of books in demand
How about switching the large print/talking book sections with DVD/video sections, mostly younger persons.
More copies of non-fiction books
British newspapers
Better quality VHS tapes and CDs. For every 5 I bring home and I can usually watch only 2 if I'm lucky because
the quality is so bad.
Have more large print mysteries in soft cover, (trade with other branches as I've read all ours)
I read pocket books, easier to carry on bus. If racked by author alphabetically access would be vastly improved.
Low shelves are inaccessible.
database services, access to some.

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                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

Please have a separate section for faith based or inspirational reading.
more non-fiction books
still find the DVD system poor
More non-fiction new materials in paperback including biographical clearly marked without any mix with fiction
I would love to see more movies available for loan.
more paperback books as these are easier to carry for older people, allow CD to be kept longer
could you please get a recent copy of Romance Anthology. The copy at desk is too out of date, but such
a book is very useful.
have more fiction or exchange the collection with other outlets
new books
change the books more often, more new books
alphabetic system for music CDs by recording artists, easier to find.
At the entrance to each non-fiction aisle place a label with general content re: cooking, gardening, war, DIY, etc.
Along with Library ref. #'s.
the only thing I could say is there are not enough books.
Provide more new classical music CD's
It sometimes gets congested at the DVD counter and I have witnessed some frustration by browsers. Can this be
I read a lot of Romance and would like to see a special section for that. I use to go to the Tomas Raddall before
the lovely one in Tantallon, they had this section and it made it much easier to find what I was looking for.
searching the web catalogue is not easy - needs to be more user-friendly

I would use my branch at other times of day if the facility were not over run with teenagers who just seem to be
hanging around.
Put a stop to using cell phones in the library! Please!
less noise
Sometimes I find the young people are extremely loud in the library. I have to remind myself that libraries are not
the quiet places they were when I was young.
More quiet spaces with no teenagers!
staff to be more cheerful at Woodlawn
separate area for young people
Curtail noise from groups of chatty teenagers pretending to be doing homework
to keep noises down. and also have nicer staff on.
 staff to urge troublesome youth out.

Parking on site / more parking
more free parking, that is my reason for coming in the evening, otherwise I would use it in the daytime!
perhaps 'HRM' could suggest something, re parking problems
Provide parking, open earlier
parking at the same level as the entrance( an impossibility) or a door and elevator at the back entrance
Better parking facilities --most times they 30 minute parking area is full ,sometimes with HRM vehicles . The 30
minute parking does not allow sufficient time for library users . How about a library users pass or reduced parking
rates underground ?
move handicapped parking
Increased transportation is much needed for many reasons, including access to libraries from the extended
regions of the HRM.

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Woodlawn needs wheelchair parking right in front. Books are too heavy for me to carry, a very bad back and hips
At SG one parking space for 5-10 min for dropping off or picking up.
 Would it be possible to have some kind of validation certificate for parking in the Ferry Terminal parking lot.
Sometimes it is difficult to find a parking spot in the area designated for patrons of the local facilities a and then
you have to drive around until you can find a meter.????
Handicapped parking closer to entrance to minimize walking.

Positive Comments
Nothing x 52
I think we have a very good system. We could use new book purchases; but, when I say this, I know that money
is the problem.
This is a great library. I am happy with the way it is.
your web site is a great services. Also giving seniors more leniency is much appreciated.
You seem to be doing the best possible given the state of the building.
the hours are good
Your are OK. We recently moved here from Vancouver and I'm impressed with the Halifax City Library system.
excellent service
everything is fine, maybe the some of the staff could smile more
Library at Keshen Goodman has written directions on posts besides numbers to designate subjects
Basically satisfied with hours of service & facilities & library services.
I think you are being as efficient as possible with the small space you have at Woodlawn. The location is good (I
would hate to have to go downtown or to Cole Harbour Place).
Can't think of anyway you could improve.
I live very close to Alderney Gate and love it on the waterfront. There are places to eat and access to the ferry
and Halifax and the Theatre. The library always has a good selection of material in various forms, and you can
always request a hold for material that is not available. Computer access is excellent and efficient. The library
gives me much enjoyment in my life.
Not much you can do about the building. Everything else works well - especially counter staff. DVDs need to be
shelved by topic, rather than alphabetically ie romantic comedy, sex and violence, etc.
hours, etc. works out fine for us
Frankly, I don't know how it could be done
Just joining when I came here with my son who is a member. Staff very informative.
It is sufficient for my needs.

Recognition of men and women who successfully raised/had 5 to 22 kids.

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Customer Survey Results
Services to Older Adults

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                Customer Survey Results
                Services to Older Adults

' about them.

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Customer Survey Results
Services to Older Adults

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                Customer Survey Results
                Services to Older Adults

be shortened.

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                                        Customer Survey Results
                                        Services to Older Adults

Question 12a:

In the last year, what types of library materials have you borrowed from the Library?


                       Large Reg. Print                        Non-
 Audio                                                                                   DVD            VHS
               CDs      Print   Fiction Magazines             Fiction Pprbacks                                       Other
 Books                                                                                  Movies         Movies
                       Books    Books                         Books
       77        206        193       421     178                  366     286                  293         213           25

                                        Items Borrowed from the Library






       150                                                                    286       293

       100              206                                                                           213
                                  193                   178
          50                                                                                                    25
               Audio    CDs    Large Print Reg. Print Magazines    Non-     Pprbacks    DVD        VHS       Other
               Books             Books      Fiction               Fiction              Movies     Movies
                                            Books                 Books

DVD and VHS Exercises
photo books
more equality in access to new DVDs, a lot of seniors don't have home computers to access new movies and
reserve them.
inter-library loans (2)
Language Tapes
Upgrading my high school
Medical / Wellness Books (2)
travel info, artists info
occasionally children's books for my granddaughter (2)

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                                    Customer Survey Results
                                    Services to Older Adults

Scott & Unitrade Stamp catalogues, would like to see Stanly Gibbons as well
instruction books - re golf, bridge, computers
self-help books
women writers- historical novels & 7 day books
Frank Magazine
children's audio and book sets
computer books
music books
would like to see sailing magazines, consumer report magazines

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Customer Survey Results
Services to Older Adults

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                                           Customer Survey Results
                                           Services to Older Adults

Question 12b:

In the last year, what types of library materials have you used while at the Library?


                       Large                                     Non-
 Audio                            Print                                              Referenc DVD    VHS
             CDs        Print               Mags      Newspprs Fiction   Pprbacks                             Other
 Books                           Fiction                                             e Books Movies Movies
                       Books     Books                           Books
       2           2         8        22        188       140       35          11         164       4   2       10

                                                Items Used while at the Library


      200                                          188
      160                                                  140



       40                                  22
                                  8                                        11                    4       10
               2         2                                                                           2

inter-library loans
phone books
cd for learning (AccPac)
I have asked for assistance once in a while, very helpful
Travel movies

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Customer Survey Results
Services to Older Adults

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                                        Customer Survey Results
                                        Services to Older Adults

Question 13:

Please tell us how often you did the following activities when you came to the Library. (Please check all that


                          Each     Almost
                                              Rarely       Never     NA      Total
                          Visit   Every Visit
Ask Staff for asistance      31          126      353         12      108      630
Attend programs              12           30      162        169      257      630
Borrow Materials            335          131       25         21      118      630
Browse Shelves              301          166       45          4      114      630
Do research                  21           64      160         88      297      630
Pick up holds               117          184      146         36      147      630
Place holds                  58          127      170         67      208      630
Read                         81           93      114         71      271      630
Use catalogue                36           63      103        101      327      630
Use computer                 43           63      112        141      271      630
Volunteer                     6            7       12        230      375      630
Other                         2            1        2         27      598      630

                                                Activities at the Library

                                                                                     Each Visit
                                                                                     Almost Every Visit






           Ask Staff Attend    Borrow Browse       Do      Pick up   Place    Read        Use      Use    Volunteer
               for   programs Materials Shelves research    holds    holds             catalogue computer

Note: In the paper version of the survey, there was a blank to fill in if the patron chose
"Other". This blank was not available in the electronic version.

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                                          Customer Survey Results
                                          Services to Older Adults

Question 14:

What Library programs have you attended in the past year? (Please check all that apply)


                                                                    Did not
                            %age of        attend if    %age of                    %age of    Total
                    Have                                             know                                               No          Total
                             Total        offered at     Total                      Total    Question
                  Attended                                          Library                                           Answer       Surveys
                           Responses      preferred    Responses                  Responses Responses
                                                                   offered it
Author Reading            47     34.06%           34     24.64%              57      41.30%                 138           492          630
Book Club                 19     19.19%           20     20.20%              60      60.61%                  99           531          630
Computer                  69     45.70%           27     17.88%              55      36.42%                 151           479          630
"How To"                  29     26.85%           29     26.85%              50      46.30%                 108           522          630
Information               69     46.94%           29     19.73%              49      33.33%                 147           483          630
Music                     54     42.52%           17     13.39%              56      44.09%                 127           503          630
Tax Clinics               19     22.89%           11     13.25%              53      63.86%                  83           547          630
University                41     33.06%           22     17.74%              61      49.19%                 124           506          630
Other                     16     61.54%            4     15.38%               6      23.08%                  26           604          630

                                                  Activities at the Library

                                                                                    Have Attended
                                                                                    Would attend if offered at preferred branch

   70                                                                               Did not know Library offered it







        Author Reading   Book Club   Computer      "How To"    Information          Music        Tax Clinics          University
                                      Class        Program       Program          Programs                            Courses

Note: In the paper version of the survey, there was a blank to fill in if the patron chose "Other". This blank
was not available in the electronic version.

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Customer Survey Results
Services to Older Adults

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                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

Question 15:

Please tell us any other suggestions you have for programs.


Answer    NA      Total
 121      509     630

Program Subjects

I would be interested in films: Travel, Art, etc.
Dance Films & discussions, Adult Animation Films & discussion (eg Japanese & US Festivals of animation)
Contemporary Art Documentaries (eg Andy Goldworthy)
art appreciation specific as to artist and/or period.
Displaying local artists work is a plus for the library and users. Adds colour and interest.

Art, History, local NS History
more history, biography
Cultural. local history
program re: Local history, regional history, local ship wrecks, art shows
We like to go to movies which have a historical background. Would it be possible to have something like "The
truth behind the movie" There is not one decent history of Ireland in the whole of the Metro library system and
so we had a hard time finding out about the Irish rebellion of 1920 something re the moive "The Wind that
Shakes the Barley."
I was set to attend the Genealogy seminar at Cole Harbour a few weeks ago and was disappointed when it was
cencelled (ammonia leak) and not rescheduled.
Genealogy courcses and exchange of books from Spring Garden Rd. to other libraries.

computer learning for Seniors.
More computer classes
basic computer programs such as internet , e-mail and word processing
I wish you would offer computer programs beyond the basic levels.
More computer familiarization sessions. Basic to more advanced levels.
how to use printers
I would like to have more classes for beginners computer classes (I am poor with machines so I need individual
I especially apreciate the Tuesday afternoon computer instruction made available.
More advance computer programs Author readings (which can be expensive)
More computer classes, more "how-to" classes

Learning Spanish or French. Support or social groups for Seniors.
more language classes
a program in coversational Gaelic
How about ESL classes?

book club on mystery topic

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Occasional book club meetings.

I would like to see a writing group.
creative writing club, (where you share writings each week) home renovation ideas for seniors (easy
More courses on writing your own book.

have used talks by university, also computer class.
Would like to see courses offered as used to be offered through continuing education
I think it's great to have profs from Universities talking about various issues they teach.
I would like to see more university courses at big libraries.
University offers excellent as are the general information sessions.

More info sessions of interest to seniors or the adult group.
More programs for older adults
Senior classes
Senior women & work, more specific promotion.
Would like to see presentations on government benefits for seniors @ 60 & 65 years of age. That would help
making decisions about when to start the Canada Pension etc. what health & medical help there is available for
seniors - Federal, Provincial, including Veterans benefits.

I had often thought that in the Senior complex across the highway, past the Mountie station, that there might be
some seniors with poor eyesight that might enjoy having someone read to them. Even the daily newspaper.

continue to offer new and different programs
what abot a home workshop
Booking collecting club, antique books, how to value books
want to see The Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore) at KG. Great evening a good deal of interest.
just keep it up for children, they are the most important people
I prefr factual to fiction but quality always trump topic I attend a wide range of programs.
I attended a Quilting program and really appreciated the imput maybe this is something that might take off if
offerred in the winter time.
What about current events discussion gropu weekly or bi-weekly.
Homework help for school kids, (Maybe you do one already, I've only done tutoring)
Estate planning, tax planning ideas for older adults
Using herbs in cooking as a substitute for salt, fat, sugar; guide to the Opera (vacabulary, music, composers,
etc - 8 operas at park here next year!
more travel programs
Programs for expectant mothers. Political literature.
Meetings among HRM - developers & public re Development, new roads etc.
cards & bingo but don't look for me to play either
One evening discussion with public as to why your people do not use the libraries any more & what can be
More children programs and guests speakers, would like to see more discussions on gardening, basic
photography computer usage. Teach usage of Library Guide plus tours.
hour long workshops, eg tai chi, yogan
To learn about other countries and also other provinces.
comparitive religion course
more speaker series
Mixing young people with older people - adopt a grandmother or grandfather. Each generation has a lot to learn
from each other.

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                                        Customer Survey Results
                                        Services to Older Adults

Enjoy programs offered by library and attend as many as possible. St. Mary's courses at Alderney are excellent
and much appreciated. Prefer how-to programs, as well as various St. Mary's courses.
Photography class!
You are doing a great job with what you have but it might be fun to organize movie nights once a month
showing a recent release for a minimum fee. Also, how about offering computer upgrade courses in the major
programs such as Excel, Word and Paint Shop?
Information about preparing taxes, deductions,use of computerized tax preparation, e-filing,ANY changes in
regulations. Investing for seniors,tax sheltering,life insurance, trusts and wills, etc. Perhaps have tax
accountant, and lawyer. Also any govt funds available for energy conservation. Maybe over 2-3 sessions.

Program Times/Locations

I don't have any suggestions off hand but I do wish more programs were offered for adults at Captain Spry. I
am always disappointed to find the most interesting things offered at other branches (mainly Killam or Spring
Garden) which I could get to easily.
Bring some of the interesting programs such as they have at the Keshen, Spring Garden and Alderney
branches, to Captain Spry branch. Not everyone this side of the Arm is either a youngster or uninterested in
serious or "heavy" topics.
As a senior I do not go out very much in the evening so would prefer daytime programs
more course type programs at North Branch
Morning programs on nutrition, health, wellness, organizing, grandparenting, educational topics, travel, packing,
personal experience accounts on travel, and downsizing and moving.
Programs in the evening starting at 6. By the time I get home do not want to travel again.
At A G should have more focus on Dartmouth things of interest: info on Dart Museum, for e.g. from new
Director/ info on new NSCC campus being built / updates on progress of Harbour Cleanup on our side/ update
on rapid transit plans
have more morning programs for adults.
a program on genealogy research on the internet at either Keshen Goodman or Tantallon
More computer training even short periods of time - say 1 hour.
More programs that are held at other branches - music, art film, craft, health, local history, author readings etc.
Daytime adult programs, teen programs.
live music programs for Tantallon. Spring Garden gets everything musical.

please advertise your programs in a better form
Better advertising, larger, more prominent posters at other public locations.
Advertise more about the services/and programs available. One finds out usually only by visiting the library.
Seniors programing should put it in the masthead.
advertise the programs more

Non-Program-Related Comments

Place adults books on the lower floor. Make the children use the stairs to the second floor.
I particularly like the web site. I frequently order books from the listings and also I put in requests for the library
to obtain books I have read about or have seen in bookstores.
I would like to see more variety of bookmobile shelved material for 60+ patrons with regard to aging well and
healthily. Otherwise I prebook my reading materials online and utilize Musquodoboit Valley Bookmobile to the
maximum for infill reading.
Make people using computers shut up!!

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

I am not familiar enough with what you do offer to comment at this time. I see lots of people when I do visit at
different times of the day, little folks too, so I know you have plenty to offer.
programs to teach teen-agers and adults about using library to read rather than socialize and talk across the
room and cell phone.
I think you are doing a faulous job already and would attend more if I could.
n/a, not to interested in programs
You give us three days for a DVD / VHS with one movie on it, how about more time when there is four and
more movies on one. We know that you don't charge us if we are late, we still feel guilty.
Library system is excellent - no suggestions at this time.
forget programs, extend hours
more classical music
I am more interested in reading books than in programs right now. I volunteer a lot in the community so am
busy many evenings.
In the past libraries were quite, but CWS is so noisey with children they should be in separate part of the library.
Private meeting rooms for books clubs "seniors areas", 'children's areas' -ie pre School
family hour
replace the computers, that will ease workload of staff who have to assist customers who don't understand it.

I would think you are pretty stretched already -- cut out programs that are poorly attended. Locate other places
where these events take place.
I believe your 'programs' are good, necessary and useful, but I am not sure that they are appropriate for a
return KG to a real library status QUIET
Have adult only hours or days!!
People should be able to volunteer (reshelving books etc.) assisting with programs or book choices.
I think what you offer in #14 is wonderful, I just haven't made use of it, too busy to bother at this time!
I'm a caregiver for my 92 year old Mom & I can't get out to attend programs.
Perhaps more computers as hire seems to he alot of young people here.

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 16:

What do you think might discourage other older adults from using the Library?


Answer   NA        Total
259    371        630

Lack of Knowledge / Awareness
Being unable to check items out because returned items have not been checked in.
Difficulty reading the numbers on the spine, and spine titles covered up with stickers making it hard to find
specific titles, especially fiction.
Unfamiliararity mostly.
Lack of understanding of how to use the library and lack of knowledge of the wealth of materials that are housed
Like me I do not understand a lot about the Library.
No knowledge of what is available. (4)
the necessity of being able to use the computer
Lack of knowledge of how to use Library's facility - too embarrased to ask. (3)
lack of new info re computers
Lack of knowledge of what the library is really like ie. inviting, friendly, the variety of material & programs on
Lack of awareness of facilities and programmes
Confusion checking out
lack of computer skills - not understanding how the library is set up
being computer illiterate? we've been cut off at the pass!
More regular assistance in using the automatic check out would be helpful.
Lack of computer knowledge if they don't own home computer
If they felt they had to use the computer to find selections. I find the staff excellent so it would be important for
the to periodically ciculate and offer assistance if someone appears to require assistance.
If I may be facetious, Fear of the unknown.
Unsure of where to look for things. Not asking because one feels backward about coming forward..
Library-phobia (they think books are for elite) - transportation problems - need more literacy training - need to
celebrate free public libraries
 Knowing how to use the computer system.
mobility problems
no home computers (or know how) to book computer time or research activities & poor hearing to access phone
no transportation (2)
Fear of Technology
do not know immense help that is available, also, selection, including magazines & large print books
lack of awareness of programs and all the great 'stuff' available - ie large print audio etc.
your computers
not being able to look up books because not able to use computer

                                                                                                          Page 51 of 97
                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

not easy to access building and not much in the way of comfort inside. Some people, I know, are put off by the
They may need literacy assistance
May their vision is not good but with the large print books there is no excuse, maybe they are not aware of these
books. I have viewed a few and they are the answer for certain persons.
they may be unsure of the procedures & no cost with library use
not being aware of what is available.
necessity for computer competence 1. order books 2. use encylopedia
A general hesitancy to attend, lack of confidence in accessing information.
The fact that they don't realize what a host of free services that we have at our library. I tell everyone how happy
I am with our library.
I know many adults that never consider getting a book from the library. I think a person needs to be introduced
to the Library when they are young.
Apathy; lack of transportation lack of awareness or non availibility of interesting programs/materials at nearest

Noise / Youth
noise (6)
Noisy teenage louts hanging around the computers
Noisy teenagers
I think many older adults are intimidated by the number of teens hanging about outside and inside the library. I
had an unsettling experience recently with about half a dozen skate boarders who were using the area in front
of the branch I use to jump off a near by picnic table and crash directly in front of the doors. They were not
inclined to stop until a police car arrived.
Too many kids just using the place to hang out. They are not interested in using the library, but tie up computer
stations and make a lot of noise. I have been told by another senior that they won't go to the branch at night
because the only entrance does not feel safe.
noisy children around, the teen-agers at Keshen after school They can kind of take-over.
The noise level, especially staff speaking in 'loud' voices, and more especially the noisy kids not disciplined by
parent or guardian or staff. NOne of this chaos is necessary!
Noise!, talking across the room
Children running and talking aloud while persons are trying to read.
noisy kids playing computer games - often in small groups
The library now appears to be a day care. The no noise policy does not seem to exist anymore. Often it is not
even quiet. It use to be a place where you could go to read or to study but not anymore.
noisy children, not enough tables/chairs, not enough computers. (It's lovely to see children here but at times the
noise is a bit much)
dancing, music
Distractions of conversations, cellphones and abnormally loud earphones used by those listening to their own
Lack of peace & quiet.
Number of children using the computers makes it difficult for a senior to get access.
kids roaming around the doors & skate boards
noisy children sometimes it is awful
High noise level.
The presence of loud teenagers swearing and pushing
unruly children
all the noisy children, it can really be loud.

                                                                                                          Page 52 of 97
                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Sometimes to much noise & talking.
Older adults are accustomed to quietness in libraries. KG is often quite noisy.
too damn noisy cell phones & talking & partying, (children's section not a problem)
noisy children
Noise from children's area when trying to concentrate.
noisy individuals etc.
the noise and the rude staff
rough running youth c/w no care for elderly
Not enough comfortable seating in magazine area; too much noise
noise- talking - cell phones
young adults very loud
quite noisy, very few people seem to be quiet
Noisy children (and adults)
Noise level is increasing, time to ban cell phones.
skate boarding around property
Traffic, noise levels when play school gets out.
Teens and children running around unsupervised.
kids are sometimes noisy when programs held in reading area instead of activity room
I was in AG the other day to use the computers and the majority of the computers were being used to check e-
mails, facebook or play games. It would appear the homeless have found a place to spend their time.
chatter/noise from young childen
noise, distraction (with so many people, staff (reshelving & children)

Facilities / Accessibility
steps/stairs (6)
Physical access difficulty.
Uneven walk ways. Sidewalk lips at the curves to trip on. Parking in the fire lanes(safety). Notes on doors don't
cut it.
Sidestream smoke entering library when windows are open means I don't use the reading room.
Feeling crowded at computers.
location, parking, hours of operation. Clayton park is hard to get out of. Traffic lights need to be improved. None
of the new librarys seem to be in comfortable walking distance for anyone. Doors have to be lighter, maybe a
carport to drop off a senior or handicapped person so they can stay drywhile you go and park the car. Wider
aisles for wheelchairs, so a person with a helper & the wheelchair person can browse together.
Nothing, it seems easily accessible, however a person in a wheelchair may have trouble getting around inside
between the shelves near the magazines. I am not in a wheelchair so I can't be sure.
physical barriers e.g. steps, insufficient seating, inability to use computers due to lack of familiarity, poor
vision,MOBILITY, unaware of other library resources e.g. cd's, dvd's,magazines.
The Main Branch has limited accessability for those with limited mobility. (eg. washrooms)
1- poor accessibility 2- difficulty in parking
Difficulty reaching top/lower shelves. Spring Garden sheles are lower than Alderney Gate Library.
crossing Alderney Drive is difficult for seniors. The walk signal is too short. I walk at a normal pace and it usally
changes when I'm at the halfway mark.
steps into SG library
I think the heavy doors could be a problem. At CWSC you have to walk down the pool end of the building to
reach the doors opened by a button then walk back. There is an elevator but it is not obvious.
more large print shelves too high or low
poor signage

                                                                                                           Page 53 of 97
                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

toilets rather grotty
Probably the stairs. It might be an idea to switch somethings from upstairs to downstairs & downstairs to
upstairs so older adults don't have to use the stairs as often or not at all.
The stairs, the classroom look.
Accessibility - stairs may be a problem;
security, long walk, poor lighting,
accessibility (steps up to main floor)
There is not much public space that welcomes you into the Spring Garden facility. Line ups at the check-out.
books are too close to the floor
books on low shelves
wheelchair accessability
Lack of space and no seating near large print materials. Rather difficult for disabled persons, older adults find it
difficult to reach books etc. on bottom shelves.
Stairs/drafts/crowding/ lack of toilets, etc.
low shelving
items (DVDs & Books) on lower shelves difficult to identify and reach.
A person in a wheelchair can take an elevator to the washroom - but does anyone have any ideas about
reaching the soap & towels from a wheel chair.

limited Sunday Hours - Sunday closing after 4/30.
closed on Mondays
short hours
hours per day, per week too broken up. Like to have library open daily, and all week.
Not being open the hours they can get a ride or help from family or friends.
limited, inconsistent hours
weekend hours

Crowded / Busy

too crowded
hard to get a computer (2)
Lineups for computer courese KG branch
see question 10 as to overcrowding due limited space a noise factor
Accessibility Confusion from lack of space
lack of space
perhaps lack of space
Again, crowded area moving around & getting in & out of library.
sometimes it's crowded.
maybe lack of wheelchair/walker space for elderly people with physical limitations (Woodlawn is small)
Woodlawn, overcrowding


No parking facilities

                                                                                                          Page 54 of 97
                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

bad parking facilities
Parking is perfect, flat accesss (no steps to climb)-it is quite warm in the summer so better air conditioning
would be welcome
The parking at Keshen Goodman is sometimes difficult
I would
love to facilities, the misconception that the area of the North End library is nit safe.
Lack of parking
no nearby parking
Lack of parking, lack of free parking. Not feeling welcomed by staff. Not being greeted.
Lack of parking facilities at SG. Most other libraries have free parking.
Having talked to "older adults" I think the consensus is that parking is a problem and that they don't like going
into a dark parking lot at night. For older adults I think daytime programs are preferable.
Cost of parking and limited free parking at Aldernay Gate.
Difficulty Parking
Lack of parking, transportation and personal safety
parking difficulty, safety at night,
 Parking isn't easy.
location of library, once you park the amount of walking required to reach facility.
Parking for Spring Garden Road, lack of good public transportation in many areas


transportation (11)
lack of transportation (6)
Transportation Problems
Their ability to get around.
For outlying areas certainly the inaccessibility for mobility challenged individuals is an issue.
they may not have transportation
probably transportation, distance
lack of transportation, heavy doors
accessibility by bus?
difficulty getting around
transportation to and from, although you have an excellent home delivery service.
getting to the library
Transportation if you don't have a car
transportation facilities
Access. I drive but older adults may not have that option. I don't know how public transit works here.
transportation, no family or friends to help them
lack of public transit
can't get here
Not being able to get there on their own.
getting out lat in Winter
Lack of suitable transportation.
difficulty getting there.
access because of disability or lack of money for transportation
1-maybe transport 2

                                                                                                          Page 55 of 97
                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

inability to drive
Perhaps they do not drive and it would be inconvenient otherwise.
disabilities, transportations
ability to get there
some seniors find Alderney Gate too difficult to get there in winter, although they live close by
Lack of local transportation, inconvenience of wheelchar access.
 Public access by Transit, disabilities
transportation if they don't drive
For some it might be unable to use buses or they may need someone to accompany them.
Public transportation to the library
Distance, traffic, etc.
poor accessibility to many areas
distance from home -lack of transportation

Other Comments

poor vision physically unable
poor eyesight and a lack of 'machinery' to play audio-books
disability, age, distance, hearing, sight, poverity
Inability to read or hear well.
I only could say that if an older Adult has problems with their eye sight wuld be the only reason for not using the
Library. I know I certainly appreciate the librarys, they fill in alot of very good hours; but I'm fussy what I read.

Your movies are not aimed for adult public, it is violence, horror & dumb stuff. I always have to search
Nothing I can think of--possibly more copies of large print books.
Shortage of books especially "non-fiction", Poor search facilities for 'non-fiction' books; needed - a card index
lack of programs that appeal to them.
waiting time to check materials out
waiting for books to come in
The titles or the ? of DVDs should in bold block caps! Library codes should not obscure title.
More musical programs to draw them in.
too many videos, ousting books
Lack of new books, magazines, etc. We don't need so many computers. Lack of reference material. Having to
ask to read a daily newspaper. No coffee.

walking alone after dark
the area (alderney gate)
The traffic on the Dartmouth Road.
evening programs are not a consideration
evening programs
unwillingness to come out alone,
Seeing people asleep in hideaway places.
access to Library. No lights for crosswalk for people and cars.

Education and previous habits.
No interst in reading or attending programs.
People read, but exchange books among themselves.
They are not readers or have vision problems.

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                                    Customer Survey Results
                                    Services to Older Adults

not allowing bingo & cards in the library. I hate both but then I'm only 73 1/2.
non love of books, too much TV!
If a man were not strong and in his mind not want to use the lady's washroom, he could be trapped by the men's
my wife would never be able to get back in.

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                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

Question 17:

Do you regularly pick up the Library Guide?


  Yes      No      N/A     Total
   372      217       39     628

                                      Picking Up the Library Guide

                                         6%                          No



                              Picking Up the Library Guide - by



                                                                              Page 58 of 97
                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

Female   Male      N/A       Total
   257    114            1     372

 AG       B        CWS       CH      DN       HN       KG     MOB    MH       S        JDS       SH       SGR
   42         28     13        24         6        7     81      3        3       14         6        2     53

                                                                                                      Page 59 of 97
Customer Survey Results
Services to Older Adults

                           Page 60 of 97
                                  Customer Survey Results
                                  Services to Older Adults

TA     W        N/A       Total
  17       66         7     372

                                                             Page 61 of 97
                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

Question 17a:

If yes, from where?


  AG       B         CWS     CH      DN            HN       KG          MOB         MH        S         JDS         SH       SGR
    25         23       9      15         2             5     49           4             1        11            6        3     24

  TA       W      Library Other      N/A       Total
    18         53      99    11       135        493

                                     Picking up the Library Guide - Location




     60                                       49                                                       53

     40   25    23                                                                       24
                            15                                                                18
     20                9                                           11                                               11
                                 2    5                 4                 6         3

                                                            Picking up the Library Guide - Location
Bank                                                               3%
Bloomfield School
Drugmart (2)
Ferry Terminal (3)
Seniors Centre

                                                                                                                         Page 62 of 97
                               Customer Survey Results
                               Services to Older Adults

Library Other   NA     Total
    347    11    135     493

                                                          Page 63 of 97
                                Customer Survey Results
                                Services to Older Adults

TA     W        Library Other   N/A    Total
  18       53        99    11    135     493

                                                           Page 64 of 97
                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 17b:

If no, can you tell us why not?


  No       N/A      Total
   127      228       355

Not Interested / No Need
no interest (15)
rarely am looking for that kind of reading material
It means that I have to go to the library
Mostly slanted toward interests and age groups that aren't relevant to me
the few times I have read it, the information has seemed to be principally for the young. I wholeheartedly
endorse this, as the young need all the literary encouragement they can get !
I come for the print materials - don't need a guide
little value
I come for a purpose.
no requirement/need (5)
didn't think I would use it.
not really relevant to me
just don't want to

Not Aware of it

didn't know about it (15)
I am not really aware that it exists. My wife, who is younger, and is a school teacher, uses it regularly, and tries
to encourage me to attend the programs. But I don't follow through.
Didn't know about it. I will ask about it now.
don't know what it is
At the time I didn't know about Guide (2)
not familiar with it (2)

Use Other Means for Information

I get the new news at your computer site.
Info I need is on the web.
I use the web site for information.

Forget / Don't think about it

don't think about it (18)
forget (4)

                                                                                                           Page 65 of 97
                                        Customer Survey Results
                                        Services to Older Adults

I usually have such a load of books, etc. that I forget
Always forget when I go to the library
I never think to. I haven't time to participate in programs during the day or evening right now. When I retire I will
happily participate and find out more, perhaps find out more about volunteering in the future.
Just didn't think. Shall from now on.
seldom think of it while at library
haven't thought about doing it.
in a hurry, forget about it

Don't see it
don't notice it (3)
Not prominently displayed.
Don't see it (3)
never see them there
I don't think of it, they should be at self checkouts


no reason (5)
Sometimes difficult to read - small print
will do tonight
I should do this more often, I have particular interests
Too vague, use some of our ideas
rarely anything evenings / weekends
at the library
If I see it I will
Do not go to the Library often enough
pick up sometimes
Since I do not have time to go to programs I don't want to waste the paper.
pick up occasionally (5)
If I see them I will.
selecting, borrowing, returning books suffice
Picking up DVD's for the most part.
no adult programs for me in SH
I pick it up occasionally - use computer
I wasn't aware it changed - I have held on to one I got last spring at AG
do not have time (2)
prefer to browse shelves
wife knows all
programs at Library branches not accessible

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                                             Customer Survey Results
                                             Services to Older Adults

Question 18:

In what other ways do you find out about what’s happening at the Library?


Library       News-                     Friends      Call the
                           Posters                                  Radio           Other          Total
Website       papers                   or Family     Library
        180         155          132          129            83              63              53         795

                                         Finding Out What's Happening at the Library






               80                      155
                                                    132           129

               40                                                                   83
                                                                                                   63          53

                       Library   News-papers       Posters      Friends or        Call the        Radio       Other
                       Website                                    Family          Library


Visit the Library (17)
Library Guide (7)
On Line / Website (4)
Library notice board (3)
The Coast (2)
from staff (2)
Feds (Writer's Federation)
Masthead News
Bedford Magazine
chalk board
none of the above

                                                                                                                      Page 67 of 97
                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

I don't find out, never hear, usually don't know
'sign' in entrance of parking lot
word of mouth
aquaintances, I have no friends in Halifax
I go almost every week, I read the guide and notices
asking questions every time I go to the Library
usually I don't know unless I happen to see a poster, from now on I'll try to pick up a library guide
never knew they had anything at my branch except Children's programs
have been going to a library since I was about 5 years old in England & Canada
come to read newspapers
see if anything being held

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                                        Customer Survey Results
                                        Services to Older Adults

Question 19:

Have you used the Library website (


                      Did not
  Yes           No     Know        NA        Total
                      About It
     326          241      31           32      630

                                             Using the Website



                                                                   Did not Know About It

                Responses by Gender - Female                             Responses by Gender - Male

                       2%                                                    1%

                      4%                                                    3%

          16%                                                                              30%
                                  36%                            24%

                                              60-64                                               60-64
                42%                           65-74                                               65-74
                                              75-84                          42%                  75-84
                                              85+                                                 85+
                                              N/A                                                 N/A

                                                                                                      Page 69 of 97
                           Customer Survey Results
                           Services to Older Adults

                      Did not
         Yes     No    Know      NA        Total
                      About It
Female     193    156      20          0      369
Male       129     84       11        10      234

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 20:

If yes, have you used the website at the Library or from a home computer?


 Library  Home
Computer Computer
       142        281          423

                                     Library or Home Computer Use





                         150                              281

                                 Library Computer    Home Computer

                               Library or Home Computer Use by Gender

                         175                                         Female

                         150                                         Male

                          50                                 113
                          25                    55

                                 Library Computer    Home Computer

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                            Customer Survey Results
                            Services to Older Adults

          Library   Home
         Computer Computer
Female           84    166   250
Male             55    113

                                                       Page 72 of 97
                                          Customer Survey Results
                                          Services to Older Adults

Question 21:

How have you used the website?


                                                                                                      To look up
                                       To                 To find  To send in a              To find
               To search To                   To find                                                 magazine
                                      check            information comment or                links to
                  the    place               out about                                                     or      Other
                                       my               about the     ask a                    other
               catalogue holds               programs                                                 newspaper
                                     account              Library   question                   sites
Responses            291   268     233                  83               54            47          44           43     43
Percentage       26.31% ###### 21.07%               7.50%            4.88%         4.25%       3.98%        3.89% 3.89%

                                                         Website Usage





        150     291

                                                                54            47        44          43         43
              To search   To place To check my To find out    To find To send in a To find links To look up   Other
                 the       holds     account     about     information comment or to other magazine or
              catalogue                        programs about the        ask a         sites     newspaper
                                                              Library   question                   articles


To place suggestions (13)
renew items (8)
fill out this survey
to find distant telephone numbers or addresses not in local phone books
to ask library to consider purchasing books identified in radio programs or in newspaper reviews
send e-mail/ check e-mail apply for pension.
haven't used the website for a long time

                                                                                                                      Page 73 of 97
                                    Customer Survey Results
                                    Services to Older Adults

yet to use more often
we don't have a computer
computer illiterate
employment/volunteer opportunities
my daughter uses this system & includes me
childrens' computers
books on order, book reviews
Novelist, I really like this database, I have saved searches
book suggestions, reviews & lists of genre books
Have seen the website but have not used it
Just for computer courses
to check on new book orders
to help solve crossword puzzles
to extend time to 9 weeks
I have suggested books that are not available. I never seem to get any feed-back on same.
If I need info from the computer world/internet, the staff provide all the aid I need
staff member helps me

Note: In the electonic version, the option "To find Information about the Library" was left off in
error. When entering paper versions on-line, these answers were placed under "Other." The
data above extracts those answers and puts them in their proper place.

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         Customer Survey Results
         Services to Older Adults



                                    Page 75 of 97
                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 22:

Do you have any suggestions on how we might make the website easier to use or more interesting?


Answer     NA      Total
   134      496      630

Operation / Navigation

Accounts link needs to be more prominent.
Indicate when the catalogue is not fully functioning, or publish a schedule of maintenance periods. It is
frustrating to plan to use it, then find it just happens to be fully or partially down.
not always available.
I think it has improved greatly over the years I have been using it. My only comment would be that occasionally I
would like to just go back to where I was in the listing of an author's books and it is awkward as you can't use
the back button on the desk top but have to go back in a more convoluted way to get to the materials you were
browsing in initially.
Just make it easier to go back to previous pages without starting over!!!!!
Make the website easier to navigate within, i.e., to move back and forth without being obliged to go out and re-
enter the site to continue.
I find it very hard to use the search, for books, DVD's etc, as it never returns back to where you started your
search from, hence you have to find the page again.
Again, make it available on Sunday from home computers. Also, I am not sure if it is my computer or your
program, but at times when I look for more information about a CD, I have lots of trouble getting back to
searching. I seem to always end up back in the information page when I select "back" or "return to searching".
When you are searching and return to the list after looking at the details of an item- you are at the top of the list -
not at the item - it slows you down to have to scroll down.
It's kind of involved to book a computer from home. Would be nice to be easier
Too many digits to type for access to Library computer.
It would be nice to have the sign in or path to it clearly shown on the Homepage. Kind of confusing if you don't
know where to go!
It is not obvious that to go to ones account, you must first click 'search the catalogue'.
make the system simpler to use, and 'user friendly'
I would like it if I did not have to enter my library bar code in each time. Like the bank sites, they have a box to
tick to save your account number, why not have one on your site for this purpose?
Make the Bar and Pin #`s saveable.
I find the list of new books low - takes time to load the covers of the books. Also when I look at the catalogue
for a possible hold and want further information about the book or the author, I sometimes get stuck in an
endless circle. The bar code is a drag to remember -- name recognition would be easier.
when I request several new titles, the system does not 'remember' my card no. Since it 'remembers' the no
when I place holds, it would be helpful for requests, too.
I find it is not accessible early am - 6am
The website seems to be down a lot. Maybe something can be done about that.
The more user-friendly the website the better. eg I sometimes suggest titles or DVD's I think would be great for
the library collection - to find the place on the website to recommend titles/DVD's is not as visible for easy as
you think. Initially I had to ask for library assistance to find where I had to go!

                                                                                                            Page 76 of 97
                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Quite easy to use now although checking on your account perhaps could be a little more accessible, perhaps
by its own prominent button on the main page.
I would like to access my account from the home page.
easier sign-on at Library, eliminate entering bar code number
Get the bugs out. Twice in the last 6 months, I have been stuck with fines because your website advised that a
book had been renewed when, in fact, it was not.
Create a tutorial on the home page, I keep finding things out by accident and I have been using it for over a
I wish I could lock my library card number in every time I put a book on hold, I always have to put library number
on your home page I found it difficult to figure out how to get to my account the first few times I used it. "search
our catalogue", I only tried as a last resort. I found it very frustrating before I completed this survey I clicked on
your home page and asked my husband (who uses the computer a lot) how he would find my account
information. He didn't even think of clicking on 'search our catalogue'. I find the rest of the site fairly easy to
Cannot do a search and then login to place a hold on a found item. Have to login and repeat the search. This is
a nuisance. Site navigations is somewhat difficult, it's hard to find the catalogue from the home page.
Basically I like the layout. I would like a slightly larger font on the menu items most of all I would like much more
prominence for MY ACCOUNT/RENEW LOANS. I always forget where it is and is suspect it is a high usage
It's not the easiest to get around. you have to know where things are to find them. Don't have time to just
I've made comments as they've occurred to me. However: 1. the 'logon' box should appear on the home site. 2.
The 'Logon Section' no longer stores our access numbers, so we have to keep them at hand and type them in.
List materials together due on same date. Click on that one date to renew all materials due on that date.
The web site seems very slow compared to others.
correct glitches (I have had some problems with the 'system' changing my hold list')
put 'LOGIN' on home page
When using the search option, it should have the # of found items mentioned at the beginning.

Content / Appearance

Have two sights, one geared to the kids which I cant understand very well, and one geared for older adults
Have a section , well highlighted on the home page, listing all the new additions for the past week, or month.
When you click on a write up about a book or movie a lot of times it does not detail the story, just who is in the
I haven't tried , but can you download/print material from this site? It would be especially handy for reference
material that doesn't circulate.
make sure the titles in the displays describe the contents accurately
Highlight the most common functions performed on a main page that is not cluttered.
to keep track of books you have read
highlight upcoming events. Advertise short programs for people to learn to use the website.
post Next Months' club info as well as current month (Book Club)
more new additions!
install tutorials, become one stop shopping for information, library=info=reliability- to much on the web is bunk.
speed, a more stimulating layout and a little zeal & energy to reach out & excite about life long learning
especially through this unique public service especially when many other countries; eg France & UK are having
their service reduced and neutered.

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                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

I wouldn't have known about the links, or wouldn't have used them if I hadn't met HPL worker at Word on the
Street festival. She told me all about it, great stuff!
when searching the catalogue give an outline of the content of the book.
please show hold expiry date as well as suspend to date
More advertising about available programmes
No -- however, I am biased against the idea of providing an "interesting" site: clean, simple page layouts, plenty
of well-categorized links, and limited use of splashy graphics are more important than providing an upbeat "web
less busy.
increased access to database services
Perhaps away to narrow choices better ie. gardening books, recipe books, maybe I could have but didn't take
time out to figure it out.

Positive Comments

I find it is excellent. (2)
No, the website is user friendly. / easy to navigate (8)
It seems great / terrific as is. (7)
not at the moment, I'm quite satisfied with the selection and the services.
No I like it just the way it is / meets my needs (5)
I find it easy to use from home and have even taught my friends how to use it. To be honest, I have better
success finding things at home via the website than when I have asked for help at the Help Desk. On one
occasion, I asked when I was at the library and she couldn't find what I was looking for. I looked on the shelves
in that area myself and found just what I wanted. It didn't show up on the screen when she looked.
I think it's pretty good.
It is very good (3)
I use the automated service for book renewals & to check fines etc. I find it a great service.
quite good as is/ at first found it hard to navigate but took a short programme at the Library on the then " new"
site which was very useful
There is more than enough information in this website if you are interested. I have learned so much in the short
time since I was introduced to in by Emanuel. A great help and love it.
no- think it takes care of all I want when I visit a Library - staff helpful!
more visuals
It seems to be straight forward.
I am very pleased by Library & staff.
seems OK


My one suggestion isn't about the website but about the telephone calls I get to let me know I have books on
hold. I know I have them on hold and wish I could avoid the manpower involved in this step. It is completely
unnecessary in my case.
would like to attend senior classes to become more computer literate.
To have with the periodicals The Illustrated London News.
sometimes difficult to get Government sites for reporting unemployment.
a seniors program to learn basics
ask me after I complete my computer beginners classes.
Cancel children playing games, while others wait & wait & wait!

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                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

expand Woodlawn library
computer kiosks in shopping malls, schools, arenas, auditoriums, federal, Provincial and Municipal buildings,
banks, real estate offices, hairdressers, etc.
I haven't used it. Perhaps a session on using the library website. I never thought of it. Being an octogenarian so
far I just use my computer for e-mailing my family. Need to branch out!
teach more basic computers
Yes, abandon it
I only know the very basics of looking things up on the computer.
Have times when it is quite to do research or read. Impossible with all the screaming.
When the new library is built please remember mobility- challenged persons by having more easily accessible
stacks, elevators and handicapped parking would be wonderful!
stop suspension on holds from expiring after 30 days. It is very frustrating to be away and to come back to find
a hold has come in and expired and you have to start over again.
Coffee should be offered at lectures, tax payers worth a coffee??

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Question 23:

Please tell us any other comments or suggestions you have to help us better meet your needs.


Answer     NA      Total
   532       98      630

Facility Layout / Accessibility
Hope we soon have a new library on Spring Garden.
The main branch is in DESPERATE need of a new building.
I know there is only so much that can be done to retrofit an outdated facility to meet today's needs and I
appreciate that Spring Garden is very restricted. I have been spoiled by other branches that offer longer hours,
more open space, self service, better accessibility, expanded computer access, etc. Also, is there anything you
can do about cigarette smoke coming into the building? I am thinking about an innovative, visionary approach
such as declaring the library grounds to be smoke free. Leadership by the library will embolden other
organizations to follow suit (eg Public Gardens). It's just a matter of time as the next logical step to a healthier
Why I mention height of shelves is because I am only 4ft10" tall, also wear glasses so looking up is not always
the best and reaching books is difficult.
Top shelf is impossible to reach safely and anyone with restricted vision or bifocals or short of stature does not
have access to top shelf materials.
A new library on Spring Garden would be great -- with more inviting public space for programs and meetings.
more privacy at computer. I don't someone reading account # or private e-mail over my shoulder
a new building with free parking (what a dream!) at Spring Garden would be very helpful.
your bathroom facilities need upgrading.
Library could be closer to Flamingo Dr.
a lending library @ Halifax Shopping Centre
Additional seating other than at computer terminals. Better display of new books - ie. like the upright stand at
CH branch, it's too congested traffic wise where you have them placed at the moment, especially when there is
a program for children in progress.
A little more informal seating arrangement.
A lot of "older adults" have bifocal glasses, titles on the upper shelves are sometimes difficult to read, and
bending down to read the lower shelves is also difficult. is it possible to have moveable stools / chairs or a
different type of racking system - one which rolls up?
no stairs to climb
Today I find the air stale in here, Sat April 20.
See previous remarks 1-more visually stimulating environment - colour-life-energy 2-layout poor & drab- lacks
energy (yet again) and excitement. esp reference area. 3-Dare I say it - a new range of facilities, 'cafe'
restaurant, meeting areas 4-send staff to look at & experience elsewhere and where is the joy? 5-involve local
arts communities, display areas etc. 6-lettering & general signage poor, lacking energy.
HRM needs to replace Spring Garden Library, it is tired!
Downtown library - needs to be replaced; needs free parking, self check-out machines; lounge type sitting
areas that Keshen Goodman has. I prefer to go to Keshen.
The community wants a bigger branch in a well chosen location. Area is growing rapidly and at a recent HRM
Community 'vision' meeting a new library was high on the priority list. (Bedford)
More space (2)
Woodlawn needs updating and refreshing, plus more space.

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                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

 In fact, I think we need a much bigger library in every way! (Bedford)
I know the library needs larger premises. Pleas do not move from Spring Garden and please remembers it is a
Memorial Library.
My only comment is that Woodlawn Library needs more space and has been in this situation for many years. I
would be nice to be able to move around without bumping into people or things. Woodlawn also needs more
space for its check-out desk.
Woodlawn needs refreshing & enlarging, more space, fresh paint, brighter lights
As I now use Woodlawn on a regular basis I find it to be too small for everything offered, but you know this
already. Time for larger quarters!

For the 60+ crowd, kudos for making some allowances and offering, no fines, for example. However, I only just
discovered this accidentally. I was told it is in the new user info but, remember some of us have had our cards a
long time. I wonder what a survey of seniors would reveal as to their knowledge of this perk? Definitely a
promotion of services for active library user seniors would be nice.
reduce the age to 60 instead of 65, sometimes it's hard to get things back on time and you have to pay a fine.
Most places recognize 60 as a senior. I feel the library should as well. Thank you.
When leaving messages re: items on hold, could the phone # to call with questions about the items be
included. Ex. "Please call Halifax Regional Library @ 490-xxxx if you have any questions about this message."
More staff at times. I realize again this is a money issue.
I have already made my written comments about the Video hold system, so I won't beat that dead horse again.
Is there anyway you could borrow a book if you have forgotten your card?
I would like to see the Mobile Library visit Sambro, NS
I recently moved here from a much larger city with a much larger library system. As a result I sometimes use
inter-library service. I am always amazed at how often you can't get the book requested. I'm wondering if it is
because I don't offer to pay a substantial amount for the service. Just asking! I have always been a big library
user so being in a small system like Hfx. is frustrating at times. I wish there was a way the university & public
libraries could share their collections making it easier for the library patrons.
When a telephone call is received from the automated system, the security requirements are somewhat
annoying and perhaps of questionable necessity (are you so and so, enter press 1 if you are, enter your PIN
number etc). As soon as I answer the phone and realize it is the library, I usually know that a book I have on
hole is ready for pickup, and I don't bother going through the rest of the security check. There seems to be too
much use of these automated menuing systems, as I find although they might be useful to the originator, can
be quite time consuming and a bit of a nuisance to the customer.
I have a friend who would like to see no holds allowed on DVDs.
notification of holds on-line rather than by phone
When the Library telephones to tell me or my husband something pertaining to a book, we are denied the
information unless our library code is punched in. I can never remember my code so I hang up without getting
the message. I think this requirement is unnecessary.
Sometimes I find the wait times for very popular books are very long; a complaint:
Is there still a 'Shut In' service for aging or immobile users?
You give 3 days for a DVD, or VHS with 1 movie, why not give more time for the ones with 4 & more movies on
them. Though you don't charge us older adults for being late, we still feel guilty.
People are very helpful, but I do wish I did not have to wait so long for books I have ordered.
I think the administration of the library is slow to follow through on suggestions, eg. holds pick-up times &
getting new books to the shelves, telephone computer message should be improved, small improvements
shouldn't take years to be implemented. Thank you.
I always used the Bookmobile every Friday. It was easier to get there. I felt I had lost a friend when they took
them away. So did inner city children.

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

 I have just recently began using the Woodlawn Library & have taken out 7 novels in the past 2 months. have
read 6 of the novels, my concern is with how people who borrow books treat them poorly, food spots, turned
pages marking stop, start reading. Perhaps a promotion on how to use a bookmark might help to keep the
books for a longer period of time.
I know notification of holds by e-mail is coming , could you advise as to when and turn off the phone nuisance
I have no complaints, thank you. I wonder if very frail old people, or disabled folks, might appreciate a service of
'sit down there while I find the book you want.'
I would like to be able to access the catalogue of books but because of vision problems (CNIB) I am unable to
do so myself so always have to have someone else do it for me.
Is it possible to formulate programs and general information to the public thru email?

have someone with special knowledge for helping seniors, not 'there's a seniors books with all that information
in it "but to know the 'info' and assist me. The staff always help me if I call but if they know more of the things
seniors (or anyone else), maybe have an 'answer person' service.
when I receive the computerized telephone call stating that a book I requested is available I feel I am on the
telephone too long getting that information. It amazes me that if the answering machine takes the call it appears
far more simple and less lengthy.
I note that computer usage seems to run in cycles. There are many hours that usage is almost nonexistent. But
still one hour is all that is allowed. I don't see why during low usage hours that more than one hour cannot be
allowed. Also, I note that many users have access to a 2nd card, consequently, they spend more than one hour
on the computer which is another way to get around the one hour limit.
self-serve checkout is slow and often doesn't work
Delivery of books to shut-ins is much appreciated, I may volunteer for that myself. I used to volunteer at the
Library in my home town in England. I don't suppose there is as much demand now, because of TV etc.
One criticism - please get rid of the automated phone calls. they just don't work well.

book discussion group on International detective books.
Summer programs for Adults
I think you should offer a course in learning to use the library computer. I tried to get instruction @ both
branches & I was given the most cursory explanations & then left to my own devices! At age 78, I have no
intention of owning or using a computer anywhere but @ the library, your former system was just fine. I do ask
the staff @ the Spring Garden branch to look up books for me, but it is not comfortable to have to do so!
Discussion group for seniors - the group at Spencer House has disbanded, but Main Branch Library has a
much larger participant base to draw on. Subjects should be intellectually stimulating (eg: current affairs,
politics, etc.) to help seniors keep the brain cells working. I would be happy to help set up such a group.
I would like to see a photography course offered at the library. Perhaps a creative writing course. What about a
seniors chat/ support group? (From ages 50 up)
I think, for the volunteer fair, it would have been helpful to have a speaker. However, all the booths were very
forthcoming with their info.
Signs for upcoming programs etc. more visible.
intergenerational workshop - multi-cultural displays
We need more interesting classes for Seniors.
The St. Mary's Lecture series are excellent. Today I notice 'Our Rich Past' series @ 1:30, too late to attend the
1st one which I was very interested in when I checked at desk, the clerk did not know about or have sheets to
hand out, I think you need to push information ahead of time and in the newspapers. Thanks
Pre-school reading sessions, movies (in winter) & science slides
Senior book clubs, or speakers etc. to seniors.

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                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

I would like more programs for children 5-10 year old on making things. Speakers on Basic Digital Cameras
and gardening, lawn care, car maintenance and plant perennial seed exchange and ground care for planting.
There are quite a few seniors, stressed and experience depression from being alone and it affects their
families; if there was a way to let them be aware of the workshops you have available to them, it would help to
get them involved and away from their regular routine which also would be helpful to them.
It might be interesting to 'test' a once a month "stitch and learn" session. For example, knitters, crocheters and
even hookers, could bring their craft that they are presently working on to teach the rest of the group. This
instills interest, improves self-esteem and acts as a social hour or 1 1/2 hr. gathering. I mean hooking mats! :}
More computer teaching & more daytime programs as evenings difficult for many seniors. More attention to
seniors, since we are becoming large part of population, particularly when design placed for new library, soon I
more computer courses
 I volunteer at Scott Manor House and the library co-operation and programs are appreciated. I also hear many
favourable comments in the community.
I would like to have more computer familiarization sessions so that I could use the library's computers.
About 15 years ago I took 3 literature courses at the Spring Garden Library and enjoyed them very much. Just
a though you might explore!
Would very much like to see more of the masterpiece Theatre TV programs (new version of Agatha's Miss
Marple, as an example) including all movies such as Lord Peter Wimsey. English mysteries.

Hours of Service
It is a mystery why the downtown branch cannot be open on Mondays.
improve hours - would like to see evening openings & all year around Sunday opening. When you are alone you
like to have a place to go. When you have family members trying to help you they have to fit in the pickups at
the library around their work hours.
you need to be open more hours, not enough.
As I work full-time, evening hours are important to me.
open Sundays in Summer, open at 9am rather than 10am
Please open library daily - 7 days a week. I'd like to drop in anytime I wish. Taxes allow for just about any other
Monday opening at other branches.
I love the Library & staff as it is, with the exception of the hours on Friday.
be open more hours

Noise / Youth
It is too bad that they have to police kids using the library as a sort of drop-in centre. (CWS)
I've attended six universities but have found the Spring Garden Library a bitter sweet experience in comparison
to 9 years of college libraries. By comparison, some staff here (at times) behave like juvenile hoodlums with
their shrieky giggles, laughs, throwing, books/magazines around with a heavy hand. the children's section
(since they are not taught manners, proper quiet behaviour) should not be here or else place in a sound proof
compartment. Taxpayers who support the library should not be expected to endure kids their . families
disturbing the concentration of everyone else. The entitlement is not theirs! for example at Acadia University
library, if someone dropped a pin, a staff member would quickly notice & reprimand. of course, 'horrible '
behaviour exists everywhere now but the library manager should try to put a stop to it under his watch!
It all involves 'silence' as in the old days.
This is the most noisy library in any city I have ever lived. Staff very nice, but never tell people to be quiet.

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                                      Customer Survey Results
                                      Services to Older Adults

I do find the library very noisy at times -- possibly we could make people more aware that the library is meant to
be a relatively quiet area mainly used for reading enjoyment /research and not a meeting place/ gossip area .
Could we also take a look at discouraging cell phone use in the library ?
I think you are doing all you can. I have no complaints except noisy children sometimes the noise is awful, I
walk out. When you are 81 you just can't be bothered, you should be very proud of your staff they are
I can't come as often as I would like mostly because of the noise.
 I do very much mind-at Gottingen and Dartmouth North how rude and noisy the youth are at the computers -
oblivious of older people who are there for a reason.
Enclosed children's centre would be appreciated I am sure.
Library staff be assertive re "noisy" visitors to the library - whatever age
Maintain the Library as a quiet refuge

Make it feel safer
re Spring Garden Road I don' think the grounds should be used as a hang-out for bums
staff more interactive with customers - information session on conduct/behaviour in public places - Library
policy ie - rules and procedures

Selection of audio books is quite poor--an over supply of Danielle Steele, John Grisham etc. and too little
contemporary fiction of any substance. A wider choice of unabridged classics would be welcome too.
Please try to get the latest SF books by the major authors, eg David Weber, Eric Flint and John Ringo a bit
quicker after they become available in the bookstands.
I am "film noir" fan. Is it possible to add some of these to the library catalogue?
I am a DVD loaner so I would like more choices of movies & ability to rent. Some of my holds are over 200
person on waiting list.
I would love it if the DVD's were more plentiful.
I know it is almost impossible, but if there were some means of indentifying patrons who misuse library
materials, such as tearing whole pages out of magazines.
Get more DVD's please - new ones
 Lasted medical materials for baby boomers and seniors a bigger selection of new non-fiction books on display
and non-fiction paper back.
Make sure that acquisitions in cultural material (dance, classical music, theatre, opera etc.) don't get neglected
in favour of popular material. Recognize the ethnic diversity of HRM's population and further enhance the
collection with world music, ethnic movies, and books.
Well I use the Dal library as my # 1 and this library as #2. I do think you are rather weak in non-fiction, but I
guess the choices are hard in a public library. You could decide to stress certain areas perhaps? Military history
being Halifax, although not the stuff written by US generals in Iraq - that's propaganda not history!
More copies of new release novels would greatly help as it takes up to a year at times to get the books I would
like to read.
More audio books would be nice.
More old movies on DVD
Upgrade your books on high school math
Please buy more large print books
Given the size of Bedford, I think the collection should be much bigger.

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                                     Customer Survey Results
                                     Services to Older Adults

I would like to see more Religious material, there are some good Christian writers such as Tony Evans, Charles
Swindall, Phillip Yanct, Dro. Dobson Etc. Hard to obtain when Halifax is the nearest Book Store. However, I
have ordered from this Library some books such as Ghostic Gospels and the Staff were very good at obtaining
them for me.
Expand book collections ' non-fiction, history
your non fiction books tend to be reflecting views to the right , more to the left of center might be nice. Also
books on someone's book list doesn't mean a great deal .
carry popular wood working
cater more to us with the DVD movies like you have more (English Victorian style story's etc.) in your VHS.
DVD from history channel etc., movies who are true drama, not movies who are just arousing interest
The city of 10-15 thousand in Southern Ontario in which I grew up in the 1940's and 1950's, had a Carnegie
foundation public library. It's holdings were more extensive than KGs are now. A significant part of the
population that CWS serves is "disadvantaged". Substantially beefed up holdings would serve these people
Wish it was bigger & more selection. After awhile seems always same books.
More audio books on CD's.
 I need more info on Alzheimer's. The DVD's I get are wonderful -- Georgina Rae singing to seniors groups, old
songs a person so afflicted can sing along with.
Please include more Hindi books and DVD and movies and Indian music CDs
sometimes the DVD or VHS movies have scratches and other problems. I suppose this means that the public
should inform the library if these items are damaged so they can be removed from the shelves. Also sailing
magazines would be enjoyed by many.
Please start selling your outdated magazines. Would be nice coffee money for the staff. Of the 3 branches I've
visited this is the best one!
a better variety of newspapers.
more books
I think they are doing a great job but perhaps they could have larger budget to purchase more new books so
the wait lists could be shorter.
 A better selection of magazines and up-to-date books on topics of interest to the retiring baby boom generation
with more leisure time available. I personally notice a lack of magazines about genealogy and water colour
painting and also of up to date books in these fields. There is a better selection of gardening and home
magazines but it is hard to get copies of recent editions.
Have more of the older movies, and TV series available in Library ie. 1)Hogan's Heroes (the series) 2)
McHale's Navy 3) Hawaii Five O, 4) Mack & 5)Highway Patrol
Shorten the waiting time for holds by purchasing more best sellers.
The branch needs good reference materials. It is unfair to expect people to travel into Halifax/Dartmouth. How
are people in this area being served? More new books in this branch. Forum with general public here on this
question, perhaps, one night with youth only as the concern. Another concern being general public. (S)
The Woodlawn collection needs to be re-newed! Also the Cole Harbour non-fiction appears to have
Would like to see more Canadian and British fiction and non-fiction and new books for Woodlawn.

Cataloguing / Circulation
Display a list of new movies library has acquired and post them regularly so seniors can put them on hold,
perhaps a short review of DVD beside the list.
Have been told it is not possible. But would like to log on and see every book I have read and not keep taking
out the "have read"
DVDs should be categorized, example - drama, comedy, action, mystery, etc. and colour coded on end facing
you ex. red for mystery, blue for comedy etc. - use sections on shelf for copies & this would reduce staffs
working time on replacing on shelves.

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

Have a better distribution of books etc. For instance I was searching for a book on a Poetess. 11 copies were
available, 8 or 9 of those were at Spring Garden, none at my home library. Be less fussy about good donated
books which most branches do not have.
Loan period for magazines should be 10-12 days.
Suggest an area dedicated to new acquisitions this (week/month?) also a list posted in Library and on website.
improve the DVD system. materials sit in the racks too long waiting for pick up. - any way to stop the
disappearance of so many magazines?
I would like to see paperbacks sorted by authors.
Simplify the computer to search the catalogue
Most people 'look up' information on the computer, so is the use of the Library's NF books still large? or up-to-date?
When any new material comes in, it should be put right on the shelves; first come, first served.
The shelves for DVD and videos are most difficult (especially for seniors such as I). Is some kind of index
I just don't find it easy to remember by numbers and all that
 When a paperback book is borrowed, it's title should be recorded. It is very difficult to find an overdue book
when does not know it's title.
Please have more stations for searching the catalogue (and not for sending email, searching other webfiles
etc.) in the library.
The catalogue (on the website) often appears quite wayward and arbitrary. Some names just will not come up,
you have to scroll through lots of near misses before, voila, there's the one you want.
I would prefer to have all Adult books in one alphabetical filing rather than have the mystery separated as in
Cole Harbour now. I have even had a library assistant look for an author in one section then go to the other.
Keep large print books and DVDs on eye level shelf.
I've thought, if we as older people that have certain authors that we look for could go to that section and pick
them up, it would be wonderful. For instance. I have a number of Authors who I always look for. My books that I
prefer are fiction inspiration and if I could go to a section of the library where the "Inspiritual fiction books are
located it would be wonderful mainly because I cannot, at my age get low to the floor to read the authors names
or the book titles. I know it would be more work for the library staff but I know I'm not the only on who has
thought of this 'section'. Some authors names are Terri Blackstock, Lori Copeland, Lye Cote, Elizabeth Elliot
Robin, etc.
the stacks should have a brief listing of categories on the uprights as well as the Dewey Numbering (as in other
Libraries in other cities)

 Parking Getting in & out of parking lots. Street lights controlled by traffic. Sackville, Clayton Park, Bedford
libraries are just a few that could benefit from that. Seniors are nervous about pulling out in this areas with lots
of traffic as are the younger members of our families. They are accidents waiting to happen.
I appreciate the ease of parking at Woodlawn compared to Alderney Gate, very important for seniors.

Positive Comments
every thing is perfect for me
Your library services seem to be made just for me. Thanks a million. Keep us the great work!!!!
I find the Library and its staff (especially the staff) superb - should be a model for other Government Agencies.
They are friendly, cheerful, helpful and patient- just about every time I have contact with them.
Really you do a great job. I love the Halifax library system and consider myself fortunate to be able to use it.
You have an excellent staff at the Capt. William Spry branch. They are all invariably helpful, courteous and
cheerful. It is pleasant to deal with them.

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                                        Customer Survey Results
                                        Services to Older Adults

My wife introduced me to using the computer both at home and at the library for using my account. I sometimes
find it a bit confusing, but once I get started, I can usually find what I am looking for. I think that we have a good
library system, and I would encourage HRM council to continue to support the library funding so that we older
adults have ways to independently stretch our minds without relying on the bias of media outlets, who tend to
sensationalize experiences, and not let our minds continue to expand for themselves. In general, I am very
pleased with Halifax Public Libraries system.
I love using the library and enjoy all the books I borrow for myself and others (especially my grandchildren).
One of life's little pleasures. Thank you
You are doing a fine job.
You're doing great. I appreciate your services.
Great Library
I am generally very happy with the library, and since I am now fully retired and have had cataract surgery, and
new glasses I expect to make more use of it.
I should like to say that the staff are excellent, do a great job & are always polite & friendly. Keep that level of
excellence going.
My needs are met for now and I want to tell you how wonderfully cheerful, friendly and helpful I have found all of
the library staff behind the counter in Bedford at every visit. They smile, have good eye contact, recognize
people, chat amicably and not too much and make them feel they are happy to be doing what they are doing
and glad to see you. Not just me, but I have observed it as I have browsed and sauntered at my leisure. It is a
welcoming spot.
I'm actually very happy with the AG Library. The hours now are good for me & it's easily accessible by transit.
This survey is a good start. My needs are being met close to home - helpful and friendly staff at A G should be
congratulated. Also good service at Tantallon. But, both in relatively new buildings. Not always as positive at
Spring Garden Road - hard sometimes to find things.
This Library is a wonderful service. Keep up the good work.
You are doing a good job as well as you can especially when you are busy.
Continue what you are doing.
At this time I am satisfied with the service that is available. When funds are limited there is only so much you
can do.
I am generally pleased with services, would attend more programs if I had time. I find library staff very helpful
and friendly.
I have so enjoyed your university & music programs and have told any who would listen how wonderful you are
for doing it. Staff are really good and obviously know about customer service. I am particularly pleased with help
in getting inter-library loans. I am also a big fan of the 'Books for Sale' at the Libraries who do it. I also check the
shelf and usually pick up at least one if not more. I also encourage friends to check this out, and I have heard
other Library users taking about how much they enjoy it.
you're doing just fine now!, Friendly, helpful staff. Accessible facilities.
I can not think of anything. I find the Library at Tantallon, bright, clean and very friendly. I love going in there and
I feel very privileged to be able to go and get all of these wonderful things for free. I do not take that for granted.
 We all know your space is limited but is utilized at it's best; again I will say that your staff is most helpful and it
is a pleasure to visit the Woodlawn branch.
My needs are met at present. Travel a lot and exchange books with family and friends. In the future I will place
books on hold on my home computer when I am out of books. I have your website.
Staff always very helpful in every way. They are your greatest resource.
I am very grateful for all the services the library provides and are available to me.
I am happy with the Library as it is
The Library is doing a super job. We appreciate and enjoy using many services you provide. Thanks.
keep up the good work
You meet my needs pretty well, thank you. University programs here at KG are great. Keep them up, please.
I really enjoy the library, I particularly liked the table which has subjects, particularly the English novels.

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

I appreciate using the library computers.
I enjoy the Keshen Goodman facilities very much.
Keep the same staff - they all give great service, I always enjoy visiting the library. You didn't ask about ILLs -
fabulous service. Thank you.
I am happy with the Library. It meets my needs. I especially like the way I can get the books I want through the
hold process and accessing the catalogue on line.
I am very happy with the service at both Bedford and Spring Garden & Clayton Park
The Woodlawn branch location is good, re parking, walking distance for a lot of users, and is needed in this
I love going to the library & particularly the convenience of computer searches/holds etc.
Find staff very helpful and pleasant at Woodlawn.
The staff at Woodlawn are always most pleasant & helpful. It is a joy to go there.
I used to attend the old library on Wyse Road and Woodlawn is similar and just as good! The staff are pleasant
and very patient and I enjoy putting requests on hold and then eventually hearing that the holds are in!
Staff are always pleasant/accommodating and helpful. More space for Woodlawn might be in order, but this
Library meets my needs for content, accessibility and location.
I would like to say I never cease to be amazed by how the selection available is so current. I have never been
unsuccessful in finding what I'm looking for. My compliments to the staff on their pleasant and helpful manner.
super staff at Woodlawn, very helpful and efficient
you can't improve on your choice of staff members. they are all most obliging and personable.
It's a good Library system, good staff
I am very happy with everything that is offered. Thank you.
cannot think of anything as I find your staff very courteous and helpful!
They are doing a great job!!
Considering the number of personnel (mostly or, all volunteer) I think the library more than meets my needs. It's
an excellent library. NB: I do not, at present have a computer, but hope to do so in the very near future.
The staff are helpful and knowledgeable. I really am very satisfied with all the services- keep them open
especially Woodlawn.
Honestly, really quite content all aspects of library. Fulfills personal needs.
The library is one of the best values for our tax $. The library needs to be the repository for life long learning, a
place for clubs to meet, on-line tutorials and reliable info for the 21st Century. Interest our youth now in learning,
start an Astronomy club or have seniors share their learning.
Thank you for the opportunity to provide input into a truly wonderful library system. Libraries are a treasure to
preserve and a gift, one often takes for granted. My life would not be complete without access to a good library
and the joy and beauty and pleasure of books.
I come on Tuesdays in the morning because Tanya and Scott are so helpful. They are great. (CWS)
I consider at the CH Library efficiency at its highest. The staff are excellent, most helpful and most courteous.
I find the library here active & outgoing, alert, wonderful! I do really want better quality audio material, more,
better non-fiction, life, education.
I enjoy the Woodlawn Library and it's excellent and pleasant staff.
The public library has been part of my life since childhood when the Mount Allison library was part of my life.
Now with the addition of CDs and videos, and large print and audio books, I would say that public libraries are
one of the most important areas of my life.
Staff are the most helpful and friendly I've encountered in many years of library use.
I think you are doing a very good job at the Woodlawn Branch
I am very pleased with my Library
I'm especially pleased with library staff. Always courteous & helpful.
I am quite satisfied as it is at the moment.
I really can't thing of any right now. the Library staff have always been helpful, friendly, both on the phone, and
checking in and checking out desks.

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

I am quite satisfied with the service and especially the stuff at the Bedford Library.
Your staff are always helpful (thank you).
I should go more often. the Bedford library is small but is a pleasant location with helpful staff.
The library staff is just great. In my home branch. they are terrific with the kids - patient, firm & tolerant. At SG &
CWS, they are friendly & helpful. I get the feeling they are doing what they like to do. Makes the Library very
kind and comfortable.
I am contented with this library as it is at present. Thanks for a great job!
Love coming to the Library and I cannot think how it could be any nicer or more helpful.
Great library, no improvements required.
It is a nice place to visit.
I enjoyed the Art displayed and reading about the artist.
real good as it is
I think KG is almost perfect! I enjoy the coffee shop, programs and surroundings. The staff is friendly and very
helpful. We enjoy the DVDs.
overall, KG is great.
I find the library staff very helpful.
We appreciate the staff we meet every Wednesday.
The Shatford Library staff operate & function in a very creative way & are never to busy to assist you in any way
they can. Although the hours are limited & inconsistent they always have a positive & caring attitude. They also
have a great sense of humour. They are the same when you phone, they are A+.
Outside of not having the Library in my backyard, I am very happy with the staff and service. They are friendly,
helpful, go out of their way to get the books for my weird tastes and hard to find titles. If anyone has a problem
with the Tantallon Staff, it's their fault, not the staff's!!
very helpful
What can I tell you. What I think is when I ask for help it is always there. One other thing the employee - are
always so helpful and kind.
Keep up the good work.
I think u do pretty good as it is.
This branch is suited to me.
everything is ok
You really meet my needs now. staff is helpful and friendly. I borrow about 60 books a year.
The staff at Bedford and Tantallon branches have always been most helpful at all times. I thank all I have met
for their knowledge and kindness. Sorry I am too old to partake in programs. Do not have a computer.
I only know all the staff at DN, have always been very helpful & friendly so I don't know how you could improve
on this.
The staff at Woodlawn are very approachable, pleasant & efficient. I like the fact that it is a busy place and a
place where one can feel comfortable to browse, read etc.
I really feel this Library has something for everyone. Enjoy having a coffee. Building is bright airy & very
 I might add that the staff are friendly and very helpful.
I am very pleased with the services of the Cole Harbour Library and I really appreciate being able to use the self-
check machine. Keep up the good work. would appreciate more open hours at times but find the present times
very satisfactory.
None, other than comments in this survey. You're doing an excellent and much needed community service -
well done!
I haven't met an unhelpful staff in either library. They deserve a lot of credit. It's not easy dealing with public
every day. They are our biggest advantage in the 'Help' department. there is always room for improvement, but
if it isn't broken don't try and fix it.
I enjoy every thing the library offers. libraries are never obliged to reduce their services.
overall I think the Keshen Goodman Library is good, staff are uniformly pleasant, lots of windows, etc;

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                                       Customer Survey Results
                                       Services to Older Adults

In my opinion the HRM Library System does an excellent job of meeting citizen requirements.
With regard to the functioning sad attitude of the Shatford Library Staff: in spite of the limited and inconsistent
hours, the Library staff maintain their good humour, friendly and positive attitude, and efficient functioning,
whether in person or over the phone! It is a real pleasure to deal with them.
I have been using Woodlawn Library since its beginning. I have never found anything to complain about. The
girls are always willing to help whether its the photocopier or finding a book. I am handicapped and find it
difficult to read titles on the bottom shelf but someone always helps me. My husband who is a carrier
sometimes uses the library for research and has been very grateful for the help he receives. They are a great
There is absolutely nothing else to be done to 'meet my needs'. (moved to Bedford in 1968, so started out with
Bookmobile, then library at Sunnyside Mall to now, I just walk across the street). Wow.
1. It would be great to have a library in our village. The bookmobile & books-by-mail are wonderful services, but
we miss out on all the programs under #14. 2. Top marks to our librarian Debbie, she is a gem!
Branch is very comfortable with great staff. Excellent selection of materials and programs. Staff make best use
of inadequate space.

none (3)
That the $10million the Casino is receiving to have more bigger & better bill boards be funnelled, all or a good
chunk of, to the public library systems, where learning & pleasure are one. (Hfx Herald April 12, 2007)
I wish the library book sale was somewhere more accessible and one didn't have to stand in long lines.
Perhaps a warehouse or forum or the exhibition park. Lots of parking and space. The library should have donor
cards that would be available when a person dies if you knew that person would have liked a donation made in
their name. If they have a program like this it is very low-key. Perhaps a little publicity. The same would apply to
xmas and showers and other festive occasions. A donation made in honour of that person. .
This paper was very hard for me to fill out but I did the best I could (please excuse my spelling and printing I am
glad I was able to fill it out the best I could it is not the paper it is me) (I get very confused all the time sorry)
I on occasion donate books (in good condition) to the Library. In Winnipeg, one could get an income tax receipt
for such donations. I believe if the HRM system were to do the same, more people might donate books.
I volunteer in the literacy and ESL programs.
not me but the current & growing crunch of poor elder women is an area where the library could be useful, I can
discuss possibilities if you like.
no, if you made it too easy you would be defeating the Purpose of Elder Fold (most) getting out
I use your service, my daughter orders books for me.
A great city needs a great library, not more sports events. As a writer I could not have put pen to paper (or
finger to typewriter) without the HCRL. Libraries are about quality of material, not quantity. We have so much
information these days but the library offers quality control. Reference staff are excellent and helpful, not
something you can say about a computer. Halifax downtown needs a new library. If money, time and resources
can be put into a failed bid for an ephemeral sporting event, why can't they be invested in a new library? Lives
have been changed by libraries. I have no real complaints about the library system, but suggest those involved
in it will have to be more assertive about it's role in the development of HRM. Library people tend to be quiet
people. We have to raise our voices and tell our stories about the role and value of libraries in human
development. They have been around a lot longer than hockey!
Continue to grow Library into an "Information centre," "a learning centre"
Please remember that computer knowledge changes daily/weekly, but printed knowledge has been around for
thousands of years, meaning for me, I prefer the 'printed copy'.

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