Tours To major fesTivals and evenTs across
            The uK and europe
              2010 evenTs guide

    Pillow is a London based company offering tours to major                  Pillow offers clients a more “independent” travel experience.
    parties, festivals and events across the UK and Europe.                   Although we offer fully packaged tours, we make sure clients have
                                                                              free time to explore individually our destinations. Clients won’t
    Founded in 2007, Pillow is a web based company meaning                    feel like they have been shuffled around tourist destinations on
    we don’t have expensive overheads so can offer excellent                  tight timetables like traditional tour operators. Clients who book
    value for money tours. We                                                                                        with Pillow should have the
    also don’t spend much                                                                                            independent spirit to see and

                                                “Don´t worry about travelling
    money advertising; instead                                                                                       do things themselves, but
    we rely on word of mouth                                                                                         the knowledge that they are

                                               on your own, we guarantee you
    recommendations, so have                                                                                         supported by a professional
    to provide well organised,                                                                                       organisation that gets them

                                                 will meet lots of like-minded
    enjoyable and fantastic value                                                                                    to destinations on time
    tours for our business model                                                                                     and in comfort, and offers

                                               travellers on our tours and will
    to succeed.                                                                                                      professional tour managers,
                                                                                                                     ground crew and office staff

                                              soon make valuable friendships.”
    Pillow tours attract a range of                                                                                  in London to give 24 hour
    clients, typically young travellers                                                                              assistance.
    or professionals living in London
    temporarily but originating from                                                                               Pillow is an environmentally
    Australia, New Zealand, South                                                                                  aware company, and for
    Africa, Canada or the USA. However anybody who is adventurous             every tour booked with Pillow we donate £1 to the charity Trees
    and fun loving is welcome! And don’t worry about travelling on your       for Cities. In 2009 our donations resulted in over 100 trees being
    own, we guarantee you will meet lots of like-minded travellers on         planted in urban areas of London.
    our tours and will soon make valuable friendships. If it’s an overnight
    tour, we will do our best to accommodate you with somebody of
    roughly the same age and sex.
                                                                                                       Trees for Cities
                                                                                                       Breathing life into your neighbourhood

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ANZAC DAY ON THE WESTERN FRONT                                                                                                   2010
Whilst Gallipoli marked the first major involvement of
ANZAC troops in World War One, it was on the Western
                                                                       “It was on the Western Fro
Front in France and Belgium that saw ANZAC soldiers
                                                                                                     nt in
serve and give their lives in highest numbers during
                                                                        France and Belgium that sa
horrendous warfare. Almost 53,000 Australians and
12,500 New Zealanders were killed in France and
                                                                       the highest number of ANZ
Belgium between 1916 and 1918.
                                                                      soldiers serve and give thei
Join us for a 3 day 2 night emotional tour to some of the
                                                                                                  r lives
major ANZAC battlefields and memorials of Northern France
                                                                        during horrendous warfare
and Belgium, and attend the ANZAC Day dawn service at
Villers-Bretonneaux on 25 April 2010 to commemorate ANZAC
involvement on the Western Front.

During our tour we visit famous ANZAC battlefields of Pozieres,   We travel from London in executive 49 seat coaches with toilet
Le Hamel, Bullecourt, Messines and Fromelles and also attend      and DVD, and cross the channel using Eurotunnel which takes
the last post ceremony at Menin Gate and the ANZAC day dawn       only 35 minutes! We stay in the beautiful French city of Lille in a
service at Villers-Bretonneaux which attracted over 5000 people   city centre hotel (twin rooms all ensuite), and we use professional
in 2009.                                                          local WW1 guides.

   Tour aT a glance
   3 day & 2 nighT coach & hoTel Tour
   daTes: Friday 23 april to Sunday 25 april
   cosT: £239 per perSon
   locaTion: France & Belgium
   accommodaTion: central lille Hotel (en Suite twin roomS)

                                                                                                                                                    31 MAy
    CHEESE-ROLLiNG AT COOPER’S HiLL                                                                                                                 2010
    if you agree bank holidays should be about madness
    and mayhem then join us for our tour to the annual
    Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling.

    This event has been held for hundreds of years and consists
    of participants chasing a 7lb cheese down a very steep hill. Of
    course, carnage follows with participants rolling and tumbling
    down the hillside, much to the delight of the thousands of
    spectators. What’s the point you may ask? Not only is it fantastic
    fun, but the first to the bottom of the hill gets to keep the cheese,
    and more importantly, gets some great stories to tell.

       Tour aT a glance
       one day coach Tour
       daTe: monday 31 may 2010 (Bank Holiday monday)
       cosT: £45 per perSon
       locaTion: glouceSterSHire, england

           19 JUNE
                          LADiES DAY AT
2010 2010                 ROYAL ASCOT
    Royal Ascot is considered the highlight of the British
    horse-racing calendar, and one of the main society events
    of the English summer.

    With Pillow Tours you will travel to Ascot by executive coach,
    receive cold Pimms on arrival at the coach park, followed
    by a buffet lunch, unlimited red or white wine, and of
    course, strawberries & cream for dessert. After lunch the
    day is yours to enter the Silver Ring enclosure for great views
    of the Royal Procession and the six horse races.

       Tour aT a glance (17 june)                                             Tour aT a glance (19 june)
       one day coach Tour                                                     one day coach Tour
       daTe: tHurSday 17 June 2010 (ladieS day)                               daTe: Saturday 19 June 2010 (laSt day oF royal aScot)
       cosT: £85 per perSon (upgrade to grandStand ticketS £125 per perSon)   cosT: £65 per perSon (upgrade to grandStand ticketS £95 per perSon)
       locaTion: aScot, england                                               locaTion: aScot, england

                                                                                                        4-8           4-9          4-10           8-14
                                                                                                        JUly          JUly         JUly           JUly
PAmPLONA                                                                                              2010 2010 2010 2010
The fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona is famous for
the Running of the Bulls, however this 9 day festival is
regarded by many as the greatest festival and best party
on earth!

It all starts on the 6 July at the opening ceremony, where at
midday thousands of people gather in the town centre for the
official opening. Expect lots of singing, and for champagne and
sangria to be thrown in the air at noon when a rocket is set off
from the town hall to officially start the festival.

Between the 7 July and the 14 July the city of Pamplona
is a continuous party! Every morning at 8am is the famous
Running of the Bulls, where hundreds of people gather to test
their courage and run in front of 6 bulls as they race through           During the festival of San Fermin, we will travel to Spain by
the narrow Pamplona streets. Will you decide to take on the              executive coach and will be staying at the closest campsite to
challenge? However the running of the bulls is just a small part of      Pamplona called Camping Ezcaba. This is renowned as the party
San Fermin, it’s the non-stop street parties, the nightly fireworks,     campsite, and has its own swimming pool, restaurant and bar
the endless celebration of local music, dress and culture which          and is only 7km away from central Pamplona. We also offer day
will become your lasting memory of the festival. The atmosphere          trips to the charming city of San Sebastian, so you can recharge
needs to be experienced to be believed; virtually everybody              with a day at the beach! We offer a wide selection of tours from
seems to be dressed in white with red scarves and participating          London, or you can make your own way to Pamplona and stay
in the good natured parties.                                             with us for only £40 per person per night!

   Tour aT a glance (5 day, 4-8 july)                                       Tour aT a glance (6 day, 4-9 july)
   5 day coach & camping opening ceremony Tour                              6 day coach & camping opening ceremony Tour
   daTes: 4 to 8 July 2010                                                  daTes: 4 to 9 July 2010
   cosT: £225 per perSon                                                    cosT: £245 per perSon
   locaTion: pamplona (nortH Spain)                                         locaTion: pamplona (nortH Spain)
   accommodaTion: camping at ezcaBa, tHe cloSeSt and “party” campSite!      accommodaTion: camping at ezcaBa, tHe cloSeSt and “party” campSite!

   Tour aT a glance (7 day, 4-10 july)                                      Tour aT a glance (7 day, 8-14 july)
   7 day coach & camping opening ceremony Tour                              7 day coach & middle weeKend Tour
   daTes: 4 to 10 July 2010                                                 daTes: 8 to 14 July 2010
   cosT: £255 per perSon                                                    cosT: £259 per perSon
   locaTion: pamplona (nortH Spain)                                         locaTion: pamplona (nortH Spain)
   accommodaTion: camping at ezcaBa, tHe cloSeSt and “party” campSite!      accommodaTion: camping at ezcaBa, tHe cloSeSt and “party” campSite!

    BRiTiSH F1 GRAND PRiX AT SiLVERSTONE                                                                                                 2010
    For the 2010 British F1 GP Pillow is running
    a fantastic tour to all three days of the GP.

    We will pick you up from central London on Friday
    9 July and drive you to Silverstone in time to watch
    the second practice session that afternoon. You will
    then be able to watch the qualifying on Saturday
    and finally the race itself on Sunday, before we bring
    you back to central London on Sunday night.

    Instead of staying in a hotel 40 miles away from
    Silverstone, and spending hours each day travelling
    to and from the track and sitting in traffic jams, we
    camp in a picturesque setting in Silverstone Village,
    only 3/4 of a mile or 20 minute walk from the track.
    Don’t worry about entertainment at night, the campsite
    runs a nightly bar and BBQ, or you can enjoy the large scale
    live entertainment and funfair provided at the main gate of
    Silverstone race track.

         Tour aT a glance
         3 day coach & camping Tour
         daTes: 9 to 11 July 2010
         cosT: £319 per perSon (general admiSSion ticket entry included)
         locaTion: SilverStone, england
         accommodaTion: camping JuSt ¾ oF a mile away From track

2010        LA TOmATiNA

    On the last Wednesday of August each year the small
    town of Bunol (near Valencia) welcomes 30,000 people
    and over 100 metric tonnes of tomatoes for the biggest
    food fight and party in the world.

    Make your own way to Valencia and then join our tour which             Tour aT a glance
    includes a visit to a local wine and water festival the night
                                                                           3 day coach & hoTel Tour
    before, a fantastic and free addition to your trip. During our         daTes: 24 to 26 auguSt 2010
    tour we stay in a central Valencia hotel which has air con             cosT: £149 per perSon (includeS wine & water FeStival)
                                                                           locaTion: valencia, Spain
    and fantastic showers, exactly what you need after the hot
                                                                           accommodaTion: central valencia Hotel (en Suite twin roomS)
    and messy Tomato fight!

                                                                                                             16-21        23-28      30 sEPt-
                                                                                                              sEPt        sEPt        5 Oct
THE mUNiCH BEER FESTiVAL                                                                                    2010 2010 2010
The munich Beer Festival, also known as Oktoberfest, or
Wies’n by the locals, is a public beer festival held once a
year in munich, Germany.

The festival lasts for 16 days and runs from the middle of
September to the first Sunday in October. Every year around
6 million people attend, consuming 4 million litres of beer, half
a million roast chickens and 200,000 pairs of pork sausages,
making the Oktoberfest one of the biggest parties in the world!

During our six day tour we visit the Oktoberfest and enter the
massive beer “tents” which can seat around 3000 people each.
We also have an optional (free of charge) day trip to visit Dachau
concentration camp (the first concentration camp built by Hitler
in 1933) and Andechs Monastery.
                                                                     Tour aT a glance (opening weeKend)
                                                                     6 day coach & camping Tour
                                                                     daTes: 16 to 21 SeptemBer 2010
During our tour we will travel to Munich by executive coach, and     cosT: £229 per perSon
stay in tents at the legendary Thalkirchen party campsite, which     locaTion: municH (germany)
is only one and a half miles away from the beer festival. We will    accommodaTion: camping at tHe legendary tHalkircHen campSite!

supply regular shuttles to the beer festival from our campsite,
or it’s only a few stops away using the local tube service. The
Thalkirchen campsite is legendary during Oktoberfest, and the
parties at the campsite bar are always fantastic fun! If you want
                                                                     Tour aT a glance (middle weeKend)
                                                                     6 day coach & camping Tour
to make your own way to Munich, stay with us for only £40 per
                                                                     daTes: 23 to 28 SeptemBer 2010
person per night with our accommodation only package.                cosT: £229 per perSon
                                                                     locaTion: municH (germany)
                                                                     accommodaTion: camping at tHe legendary tHalkircHen campSite!

                                                                     Tour aT a glance (closing weeKend)
                                                                     6 day coach & camping Tour
                                                                     daTes: 30 SeptemBer to 5 octoBer 2010
                                                                     cosT: £229 per perSon
                                                                     locaTion: municH (germany)
                                                                     accommodaTion: camping at tHe legendary tHalkircHen campSite!

     sT paTricK’s day in dublin                                   running of The Tar barrels
    16-19 march 2010                                             5-6 november 2010
    only £175 per perSon                                         only £155 per perSon

    There is only one place                                      Watch the people of
    to enjoy St Patrick’s day,                                   Devon carrying Barrels on
    and that’s in the heart                                      their backs, oh and one
    of Ireland’s capital city!                                   other thing, the barrels
    We stay in a city centre                                     are on fire and the flames
    hostel and also visit the                                    are 20 foot high!
    Guinness factory!

    shin KicKing aT The coTswold ‘olimpicKs’                      baTh chrisTmas marKeT
                                 4-5 june 2010                                                     4 & 11 december 2010
                                 only £85 per perSon                                               only £40 per perSon

                                 Experience the medieval                                           Get into the Christmas
                                 sport of shin kicking at                                          spirit with a visit to the
                                 one of England’s best                                             stunning English city
                                 festivals in the heart of the                                     of Bath and enjoy their
                                  stunning Cotswolds.                                              traditional Christmas
                                                                                                   market and lights.

     world neTTle eaTing conTesT                                  new year in hogmanay
    12-13 june 2010                                              30 december 2010-2 january 2011
    only £85 per perSon                                          price tBc

    You can watch or try to                                      No better place to
    eat as many stinging                                         spend New Years Eve
    nettles as possible                                          than at Hogmanay in
    in one hour in the                                           Edinburgh. Check back
    stunning countryside                                         later in the year for more
    of Dorset!                                                   details.

         for more information about pillow, or for full itineraries of our tours,
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