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                                                          Apply to    Kym Cairns                                                        Couples or singles welcome
                                                                                                                                        Applications close by ?
                                                     Email address    kym@cairnsindustries.com
                                               Phone Number           0439 677 181

                                                         Start Date   Jan 2012
                                                            School    Mount Isa School of the Air
                                                                      Borroloola, Northern Territory
                                                          Location    1000km from Darwin and Mt Isa, 600km from

                                                             Working With Children Check (Can be applied for upon application)
                                                             Must be passionate about educating children, well presented, organized, flexible and energetic.
                                                             Previous experience in this field would be prederable.

                                                      My Family:
                                                      My husband and I have 2 children. A boy in Year 1, and a girl in Prep.
      My Family & Property

                                                      Our Location:
                                                      My husband and I run a Construction Company in Borroloola, Northern, Eastern Northern Territory, in the
                                                      Gulf. We employ a staff of about 25, most of which live in our camp. Borroloola is a small town with a
                                                      population of about 1000. It has all facilities and amenities such as shops and cafes.

                                                      Station life:
                                                      Our Construction camp accommodates about 20 people, mostly carpenters and labourers, We have a fulltime
                                                      cook and cleaner who cooks all meals. There is access to Austar, a pool table, swimming pool, wireless
                                                      internet and full kitchen.

                                                      Social life:
                                                      Borroloola offers opportunities for social activities, such as camping, fishing, sports etc. With a population of
                                                      1000, there are plenty of social opportunities. Weekends will be your own time. Having a car would be an
                                                      advantage to be able to explore the area, but access to a vehicle would be negotiable. There is also the
                                                      opportunity to go out for dinner.
                 More information on Parents Page
                                    about salaries

                                                      Excellent and competitive wage package offered. More information and negotiable on application according
                                                      to experience.

                  The schoolroom is located in the main house. It is fully equipped with all resources required to create a full
                  and fun learning environment. I used to be a teacher, and so have plenty of resources and teaching aids
                  available in the classroom.
                  There is access to a kitchen, outside playground and swimming pool.


                  A private air-conditioned room with a television, internet access and private bathroom. Access to Austar is
                  also available.
                  All Meals are supplied and prepared by our cook, but the kitchen is available for use if you feel like cooking.

                  Home Tutor of 2 children, a boy in Year 1 and a girl in Prep studying via Mount Isa School Of The Air,
Job Description

                  at Borroloola.

                  Responsibilities would be to teach 2 children in accordance with the Mount Isa School of the Air Curriculum,
                  and communicating with the School of the Air Teachers on a regular basis. Planning and preparation time will
                  be provided. You would be required to maintain the Schoolroom and school resources, keeping it organized
                  and tidy.

                  Hours of work:
                  Children’s school hours can vary with season but are generally 7.30 – 4.30, Monday to Friday, plus Home
                  Tutor will require additional time to prepare lessons. The will also be opportunities for extra hours, eg on
                  Saturday’s if required by us, or if desired by Home Tutor. Home Tutor is encouraged to include extracurricular
                  activities for the children outside of school if time permits, i.e. cooking, science experiments, physical exercise.

                  Morning Tea and afternoon tea is to be provided to the children from the kitchen. You will be given an hour
                  lunch break. Lunch is available in the Main Kitchen.

                  3 Times a week, and we have a Post Office in town.

                  Full mobile coverage available, Telstra only. Phone in schoolroom is to be used only for school matters during
                  school hours. Landline phone is available on negotiation if you do not have mobile coverage.

                  Wireless ADSL Internet access available throughout.
          Available on request.

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