nixon - 1970's outline by keralaguest


I.     Foreign Policy
       A. Nixon accomplished much in foreign policy
       B. Henry Kissinger
           1. Nixon’s _____________________________________
           2. Harvard Professor
           3. Greatly admired ______________________________, or practical politics
       C. Détente
           1. Nixon and Kissinger’s greatest accomplishment
           2. _______________________was the easing of tensions with the USSR
II.    China
       A. Nixon became first U.S. President to travel to ________________________
       B. The basis for diplomatic ties was established
       A. Nixon met with Leonid Brezhnev
       B. Sought to end the _______________________ of nuclear weapons
       C. Nixon and Brezhnev signed the ___________________________________ (SALT I) limiting
          nuclear weapons
IV.    Election of 1972
       A. To regain White House in 1972, Nixon resorted to “________________________”
       B. Used “________________________” to eavesdrop on telephone conversations
       C. Punished people who “__________________________” information
       D. Printed untrue stories about opposition
       E. Sent hecklers to the Democratic Convention
V.     Watergate
       A. Phones at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters tapped by “_________________”
       B. 1st attempt resulted in ____________________________
       C. 2nd attempt resulted in _________________________
       D. The FBI traced money found on the men to Nixon’s re-election campaign
       E. Nixon called the _____________ to try to get them to halt the _________________
       F. People were bribed to keep the story quiet until after the election
       G. Nixon _____________________the election of 1972
       H. Nixon tied to the activity via audio tapes
       I. To keep from being ________________________, Nixon _________________________.

Gerald Ford
   • Dealt with Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (_____________)
   • Israel went to war with Syria and Egypt
          – U.S. backed ____________________________
          – OPEC placed an oil _______________________on the U.S.
          – The price of gasoline quadrupled
   • Pardoned President Nixon
   • President after Nixon resigns
   • __________________
          – Human rights debates in Europe and the USSR
   • WIN
         – Whip Inflation Now
                • Factories___________________
                • Consumer demands down
                • __________________________rose
                • DID NOT WORK
Jimmy Carter
   • Very laid back approach and style
   • Appointed many women and minorities
   • Foreign Policy
         – Orchestrated a peace settlement between ___________(Menachem Begin) and __________
             (Anwar Sadat) at Camp David… ___________________________________________
         – Gave Panama Canal back to Panama (by the year 2000)
         – Established trade with China
         – Attempted arms limit with USSR (___________________)
   • __________________ for Americans that avoided the draft from Vietnam.

Iranian Revolution
           – Shah of Iran kicked out, _____________________________________ took over
           – Carter allowed the ______________ into the U.S. for medical treatment
           – Iranians became angry and attacked U.S. embassy
           – Kept ________ hostages for __________ days
           – Hostages not released until Reagan was inaugurated
    – Russia invaded Afghanistan. The U.S. ____________________the Olympics
    – “Stagflation” Economy

Television Era
   • _______________________
           – Comedy in war, distract from Vietnam
   • _________________________
           – Racial issues
   • _________________________
           – Success in Af-American life
   • _________________________
           – Single White Women
   • _______________
           – Miniseries on slavery
   • _____________________________
           – Wholesome American life in 1950’s

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