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Lifechanyuan is not an organization


Once joining an organization, no matter it is a religious organization, political organization,No one can speak and act freely.Anyone who belongs to an organization would have a twisted mind and imperfect personality. All of the followers of religions and political parties in the world are gamblers. Lifechanyuan is the homestead of man’s spirit and soul, the transfer station for seculars to move toward the higher level ofLIFE space, and the headspring for every individual to obtain sublimation of spiritualism and acquire spiritual wealth. Lifechanyuan will unify all methods into one general principle, and unify all religions into one uniform religion, and unify the whole world with "800 Values for New Era Human Being".But Lifechanyuan is not an organization.

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									                     Chanyuan Corpus — Chanyuan

         Lifechanyuan is not an organization
                        Xue Feng (Deiform Buddha)

    Once joining an organization, no matter it is a religious organization,

political organization, or a group of gangsters, you lose the freedom in

lifetime and soul. No one in an organization can speak and act freely. A

man without freedom is much the same as a sheep in the fold. Anyone

who belongs to an organization would have a twisted mind and imperfect

personality. The longer he stays in an organization, the more likely he

becomes a paranoia, because long time nurtured by the idea and behavior

of the organization would change one into a screw of that organization,

and in the end he will become senseless even to himself. The situation is

the same as a tiger being enclosed in the zoo. As mountains become less

familiar, the tiger would not have the courage of roaring among

mountains any longer; and it would regard the world outside the cage as a

prison while itself is in a prison. Actually, being a member of an
                     Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth
organization is gambling undecided prospect; being a member of a

religious organization is gambling soul; being a member of a political

party is gambling fate or future, even gambling for the two. Therefore, all

of the followers of religions and political parties in the world are

gamblers, and there is very little rationality in them whatsoever. These

people are clever in trifles but stupid in important things. Of course, those

leaders who jostle against each other and eventually succeed can be


     Lifechanyuan is totally different from the above various

organizations because the later are just tied by relationship of a same

organization instead of by friendship and what exists in them is only the

party spirit, while in Lifechanyuan people are tied by friendship rather

than by a same organization or party. What brings us together is that we

are in consonance with each other, love each other and we share the same

ideal and goal. Thus, the relationship among us is that of friends, brothers

and sisters, lovers, and what links us together is not the collective will,

but friendship and our worship for the Greatest Creator. Therefore,

Lifechanyuan primarily focuses on human nature and friendship, gives

full play to the special skill, intelligence, and the truth, kindness, beauty

inside each academician’s character, and emphases on the fully

enjoyment of joy and happiness of friendship.
                       Chanyuan Corpus — Chanyuan
     Religious organizations have various ceremonies and regular

gatherings, while Lifechanyuan doesn’t have these.

     Political parties have statutes and organizational disciplines, while

Lifechanyuan doesn’t have them too.

     The members of a religion or political party must hand in an amount

of money, while this is not the case in Lifechanyuan.

     Each religion or political party has a rigorous organization form and

struggle for power and status, while Lifechanyuan is different; the

position of each Chanyuan-celestial is decided by destination and will

last lifetime which in no circumstances should be replaced by others. For

example, Crane- celestial is the General President of Lifechanyuan; this

position will belong to him forever, even after he leaves the mortal world

for the thousand-year world, he will still be the General President.

Another example for the position of 8 sages of Lifechanyuan, once he or

she be among 8 sages of Lifechanyuan, he or she will be in this position

forever. Other positions such as Saints of Yin and Yang, Four Heavenly

Kings, 8 Masters, 16 Zens, etc, all of them will last lifetime. This is the

same as the stars in the sky, there is no replacement for this one and that

one; each star has its particular position and function.

     It is common that every religion or political party only protect its

own interests (of course, what is left may be granted to the others). But
                      Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth
Lifechanyuan protects for the interests of whole mankind.

     Religious organizations or political parties have conditions for

enrolling members, and they only open to those supporting them, while

Lifechanyuan open to all human beings. No matter who you are, either

religious follower, partisan ringster, leader or democratic personages,

even habitual loafer, you could be a Chanyuan-celestial of Lifechanyuan

if you are a saint.

     There is no rule and regulations, no rights and obligations in

Lifechanyuan. People are independent from each other, following their

own inclinations. We will have a party when we are cheerful, singing and

dancing; we will have no party in one even two years when we are under

a cloud. Our causes depend on the drive force in every celestial’s mind;

we carry out our enterprise on their own initiatives and we do not compel

anyone. There is a moral court deep in our heart which enables us to

make self-confession, self-lawsuit, and self-judgment. There is no need to

interfere us.

     Xue Feng is only a guide of Lifechanyuan, who is not qualified to

imperiously order others and give commands. Chanyuan-celestials

respect him because of his wisdom and friendship as well as his sincere

respect to them, and because of the same value in spirit from the inner

heart. Xue Feng will never impose his will on any celestial who is
                       Chanyuan Corpus — Chanyuan
unwilling to accept his opinion.

     In short, Lifechanyuan is not an organization.

     August 23, 2005

      Lifechanyuan from NEW OASIS FOR LIFE welcome you!

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 Follow the guide of the Greatest Creator will be beneficial to humanity,

            Blessed by God and Buddha, ideal will come true.

                        Come on, my dear friend!

            We are destined to be hand in hand in this lifetime

  Lifechanyuan, follows the Tao of the Greatest Creator, safeguard life,

                             cultivate saints.

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