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					                                                           The Rocket
                                              Volume 1, Issue 10                                             May 16, 2011
                                                                        The Giant Panda By Justin Makin
                                              The giant panda is only       in china and 27 else-    pounds. The giant panda
 “PR JH Keyboarding
                                              found in China and some where in the world in          is the world’s biggest
bringing you the news”
                                              parts in India. It is actu-   captivity. The giant     panda. They have huge
                                              ally a dieing species.        panda has been known to powerful molars too
       Inside This Issue                      This panda made the list attack humans and kill        chew on the bamboo.
Entertainment                         2       of the top 10 most en-        them. Adults measure     The giant panda is a ter-
Sports                                2       dangered species in the       around 1.2 to 1.8 meters ritorial animal. They
Art                                   3       world. Its diet is 99%        long and 75 cm. tall at  usually live up to 20 to
History                               3
                                              bamboo. There is an esti- the shoulders. They can      25 years, but the record
News                                  3
                                              mated 1600 pandas left        weigh up to 330 pounds. for one of these giant
                                              in the world. There are       The record weight for    pandas was 100 years in
Video Game Review                     4
                                              239 pandas in captivity       one of these is 550      ancient china. That is
Q&A                                   4
Weather                               4                                                              one old panda.

      Upcoming Events                                  Osama Bin Laden is Dead By Madison Dave and Travis Drake
-5/17 Softball @ Elgin

-5/18 School Board Meeting

-5/19 FCCLA Parent Night
                                                       Americas most         9/11. If you don’t know      steer planes into build-
-5/20 State Track @ Monmouth
                                              wanted terrorist was           what that is, he was the     ings. They say that
-5/21 State Track @ Monmouth                  Osama Bin Laden. After         one who caused the twin      Osama Bin Laden was
-5/21 Softball Districts @ Irrigon            they think he died, peo-       towers to crash to the       like the boogeyman, the
-5/23 Community BBQ, Art Show, Awards Night
                                              ple spread it all over the     ground. Also, when that      monster under their bed.
-5/24 6th Grade Move-Up Day
                                              internet. Some people          happened he killed over
-5/25 State Softball 1st Round                                                                            Also, the older children
                                              think it was illegal to kill   three thousand innocent
                                                                                                          understand more parts of
                                              Osama. The Al Qaeda            people. Some people
                                              leader was moving when         don’t actually think he is   9/11. The younger chil-
                                              he got shot. Also, the         dead. They say that be-      dren didn’t know what
                                              officials didn’t describe      cause the news networks      was going on. Also, they
                                              the movements in more          won’t show any of the        were kind of confused
                                              details. It is necessary       pictures of the killing or   about what was happen-
                                              that the Navy investigate      anything.                    ing and why.
                                              the situation.                         Children learn
                                                     The reason why          that the world is a scary
                                              the people wanted to kill      place because strangers
                                              him was because he was         can bring hatred and
                                              the one that planned
Page 2                                                                                                 The Rocket

                          Thompson Square By KyliSue Johnson and Jessica Harp

                This band consists   they haven’t won any yet. Some         Fight” and “I Got You.” Some of
of Keifer Thompson and Shawna        of their songs are, “Are You           their associated acts are Jason Al-
Thompson. As you may have no-        Gonna Kiss Me or Not?” “Let’s          dean, The Band Perry, Jim Collins,
ticed they are hus-                                                                           and David Lee
band and wife.                                                                                Murphy.
Keifer was born and                                                                          “Are You Gonna
raised in Miami,                                                                             Kiss Me or Not”
Oklahoma and                                                                                 was released July
Shawna was born in                                                                           12, 2011. “Let’s
Chatom, Alabama.                                                                             Fight” was re-
They first met at a
                                                                                             leased in 2010.
singing competition
                                                                                             “I Got You” was
in Nashville, Ten-
nessee.                                                                                      released on May
                                                                                             9, 2011. You can
                                                                                             find all of these
Square is nominated
for a few of the                                                                             songs on ITunes
CMA Awards. Since                                                                            and YouTube.
they are sort of new

                  Sports Profile: Harrison Barnes by Patrick Roe and Kaleigh Waggoner
         Courtney Vandersloot        Gonzaga player that had ever got
grew up in Kent, Washington.         an invite. She also made a Gon-
Her parents are Bill and Jan         zaga record; 11 steals in one game.
Vandersloot. She achieved a 3.83              One of Courtney’s coaches
high school GPA. Courtney aver-      remarked, "Courtney is the heart
aged 26.0 points, 7.0 assists, 5.0   and soul of our basketball team.
rebounds, and 5.0 steals per game    She is a tremendous leader, hard
as a senior at Kentwood High         worker, and one of the greatest
School. She was named state          competitors in women's basketball
tournament Most Valuable Player      today. She comes up the biggest
after finishing one point shy of     when the spotlight is the brightest,
the Washington state record for      a true gamer. Her court vision,
                                     ability to set her teammates up and
points in a tournament with 113.
                                     her ability to get into the lane and
                                     make things happen make her an
        Courtney is now a senior     imposing threat. All the while she
at Gonzaga University. She is the    remains humble and is always fo-
third overall pick for the WNBA      cused on the team's success."
draft. She was invited to the USA
World University Games Team
Trials. Courtney was the first
Volume 1, Issue 10                                                                                             Page 3

                                      Osama Bin Laden By Sydney Callahan
        On May 9 , 2011 the U.S.
                                        Osama bin Laden, then the U.S.          plan for when we were about to
had received consent to interview
                                        will be able to protect U.S. citizens   killed him. There was no back
Bin Laden’s wives. The U.S. had
                                        better. Even though the U.S. had        up data or anything else to
requested this to see if they could
                                        received permission to do this,
get anything from bin Laden’s                                                   send to other people that
                                        they could not get any productive
wives about any further attacks                                                 could be used to harm the
                                        information on what Osama was
and or threats by other terrorists.                                             U.S. was planning to do.
                                        doing or planning before he was
By taking these family members of
                                        killed. Osama, also had no escape

                                              Shoes By Emily Ross
         There are different kinds      heat. They also have Adidas.            green and the two straps that are
of shoes. There are high tops,          They are a type of shoe that is         linked together are the color of
Vans, Converse, and Nike. The           very cool. Crocs are like sandals       bright hot pink. Those two colors
type size you get effects how           they are really cool. They come in      are really awesome, but really you
much they are. Also, there are flip     different colors, decorations,          can have more than two colors.
flops, high heels, and sandals that     styles, and forms. There are also
can be worn in the summer time          different shoe laces. That main
so your feet will not suffer the        color of flip flops are bright neon

                                       Joan of Arc By Jacob Hendrickson
         Joan of Arc was a mighty      watch on her                             mind she maneuvered all her
soldier, but before that she was a     and soon                                 forces around Burgundy and with
soldier she was a peasant born in      sent for her.                            one clean battle she destroyed
1412 to the parents of Jacques         When she                                 them. Although they still had the
d’Arc and Isabelle Rome in the         arrived from                             two British castles to take care of,
tiny village of Domremy. She was       Chinon she
                                                                                once they took Orleans she built
a mere maiden when she decided         went straight
                                                                                up her army for two days and on
to come to Frances’ aid. She sug-      to the king
gested that they go around to all      and was                                  the morn of the third day she split
the towns and gather all those who     given con-                               up the full force into equal force.
to were willing to fight and so she    trol of the                              She had the Duke of Ellenton take
did and as she rallied troops. She     entire                                   one of the forces to one British
gained support from local towns        French army                              castle and she took the rest to the
and cities that were not controlled    and with that she marched straight       second castle. The French army
by Burgundy.                           to Orleans and started the siege.        crushed the remaining British and
        As she gained support, the             Although there were at           Burgundy forces, except for some
king watched as her tiny group of      least two British castles and a huge     small villages of rebels and trai-
untrained presents became well         Burgundy force outside of the city,      tors. Orleans was saved and she
armed knights, although it was         it was near impossible with the          was given permanent control of
nothing compared to the army of        odds 3 to 1. But with her strategic      the French army.
France. He decided to keep a
              The Rocket Q & A with Bailey Lankford By Patrick Roe and Kaleigh Waggoner
What college would you like to         What is the most difficult chal-       Where do you live?
attend?                                lenge these days?                      Pilot Rock
OSU                                    Dance team
                                                                              What is your favorite beverage?
What do you want to become?            What do you like to do in your         Juice
A teacher                              free time?
                                       Ride my horse                          What is your favorite breakfast?
What’s the best thing about Pilot                                             Germans
Rock?                             What type of electronic equip-
It’s small                        ment do you carry around with               Your most prized possession?
                                  you?                                        My horse
Who is the historical figure you  My Ipod Touch
most admire?                                                                  What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Shirley Temple                    If you could live in another                Chocolate
                                  country, which country would it
Who is the living person you      be?                                         What sports do you play?
most admire?                      Italy                                       Dance and softball
Bailey Weinke
                                  What do your friends call you?              What is the nickname that you
What is your proudest accom-      Bell                                        have for sports?
plishment?                                                                    Bell
Making state dance team           How old are you?
                                  14                                          Where were you born?

                                        Angry Birds By Gunner McCall
         There is a video game that    popular Angry Birds game to the                     Weather
I like to play. It is called angry     Blackberry Playbook.
                                                                              5/17   Thunder Storms
bird. It is a game was you shoot a              You can play it on the IPod          Hi:59° Lo:40°
bird at these things. If you hit one
                                       Touch, on another cellular device,
of those things you get points. You                                           5/18   Showers
                                       or on your computer. The com-
have to get lots of points to go on                                                  Hi:64° Lo:39°
to the next level. There are over      puter game costs $10.99. The I
two hundred different levels and       Pod Touch has a lot of other games     5/19   Partly Cloudy
they keep adding more. They keep       too. You can even buy an Ap that              Hi:68° Lo:41°
adding more because it is a very       lets you have more games on your
                                                                              5/20   Partly Cloudy
popular game.                          I Pod. Plus the I Pod can play mu-
                                                                                     Hi:71° Lo:44°
        There are also lots of dif-    sic and take pictures. It can also
ferent types of birds. There are 12    take videos. The I Pod has 2 giga-     5/21   Showers
of them. One is red. One is blue       bytes at the most and like only 355           Hi:68° Lo:40°
and tiny. There are a lot more, but    megabytes at the least. Two g’s is
these are the main ones. Co-CEO                                               5/22   Showers
                                       a lot of memory. So if you want a
                                                                                     Hi:68° Lo:44°
Mike Lazaridas announced a cou-        fun game like angry birds just go
ple of days ago at the Blackberry      and get an I Pod Touch.                5/23   Showers
Word Conference that Rovio will                                                      Hi:47° Lo:42°
indeed be bringing the hugely

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