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OTS_Newsletter_issue_3 by gegeshandong


       July 2010

                                                  Keeping the Momentum

                                                   The summer weather isn’t the only             Of course, the program starts with
                                           thing heating up this month. July represents   the Stewards. We are constantly engaging
                                           the 1-year mark since registration opened      new organizations to help them understand
                                           for Stewards, Collectors, Haulers and Proc-    potential obligations under the Rules for
        Few words have had as much         essors of the Used Tires Stewardship Pro-      Stewards. The combined efforts of all par-
impact on me as those of Gandhi.           gram - and the momentum keeps building         ties within the stewardship community
“Be the change you want to see in          thanks to you!                                 mean that a long-term, sustainable market
the world,” he wisely advises. Leav-               Today we have over 400 Stewards        for used tires is more of a reality than ever
ing a legacy of positive change is         submitting monthly remittance reports and      before.
what drives me and I know I’m not          payments. Over 5,700 Collectors have                  In other news, OTS has launched a
alone. While a healthy culture of          joined the program and another 40-50 new       new initiative that targets Tire Stewardship
constructive feedback is certainly in      registrations still come through the door      further up the chain of responsibility. The
play across Ontario’s tire steward-        each week. Hauler registrations are nearly     Tire Life Check Tour will visit over 70 lo-
ship community, the various stake-         triple what was expected at the outset.        cations and events from June to October.
holders are clearly committed to           Some of these registrants have served the      Look for the teams and vehicles at a com-
positive change.                           scrap tire industry for many years, while      muter station or event near you.
        A case in point is the May         others are relative newcomers, energized
Special Tire Collection event cham-        into action with the help of Transportation
pioned by the Ontario Automotive           Incentives put in place by OTS.
Recyclers Association (OARA) in                    Processor registrations have in-
partnership with OTS. The event            creased as well. With OTS, the industry no
went the extra mile by supporting the      longer needs to watch tires leave the Prov-
Sunshine Foundation – a charitable         ince to serve lower-value applications. As
organization that helps make               told through the “Closing the Loop” feature
“Dreams for Kids” with severe dis-         on page 3, today Processors have access
abilities and life-threatening illnesses   to all the materials required to meet their
come true. OARA’s pledge to match          customers’ stringent demands. Furthering
member donations inspired organi-          the objectives of the program, Processing
zations like Liberty Tire Recycling        Incentives are driving further investment
Canada to make considerable contri-        and growth by rewarding Processors for
butions, while outreach support from       recycling and marketing tire-derived prod-
Environics Communications helped           ucts. As a case in point, three new Proces-
to ensure a solid response.                sors are currently in various stages of set-
        The end result? Finding fitting    ting-up operations in Ontario.
homes for 32,000 tires and raising
$64,000 for the Sunshine Founda-
tion. Congratulations to OARA for
showing us how change for the bet-
ter can become part of the job.            Meet the OTS       Profile: Tirecraft          Closing the Loop        The 2010 OTS Tour
                                           Revenue Coordina-                              on the Auto Sector
                   - Andrew Horsman        tor
                                                              The stewardship of          National Rubber         Teaching Ontarians
                                           Tips for improving small tire dealers          turns car tires into    to give their tires
                                           remittances.       keeps OTS rolling.          car parts.              some TLC

                                           Pg 2                   Pg 3                    Pg 3                    Pg 4
                                              riod. For example, TSF Remittances
                                              for the reporting period of July are
                                                                                                 National Rubber: Car Tires to Car Parts—Pg. 3
                                              due by August 31.

                                              2. Stewards can make the filing process
                                              easier by taking care to accurately fill out   July 1st 2010: Opening day for Collec-
                                              the TSF Remittance form – paying spe-              tors to submit Claims for the April
                                              cial attention to registration number, re-         2010 – June 2010 period
                                              porting period, signature, tire quantity,
                                              dollar amounts, and HST.                       July 23rd 2010: Tire Life Check Tour at
                                                                                                 the Aylmer Car Show
                                              3. TSF Remittances with a zero balance
                                                                                             July 24th & 25th 2010: Tire Life Check
                                              owning must still be filled with OTS.
                                                                                                 Tour at the Fergus Truck Show
                                              Faxed copies are also acceptable.
                                                                                             July 29th 2010: Tire Life Check Tour at
Diana Fernandes – OTS Operations              4. Newly registered Stewards are re-               the Toronto Zoo
Centre                                        quired to remit TSF payments back to
                                              the September 1, 2009 OTS Program              July 30th – August 2nd 2010: Tire Life
Introducing Diana                             start date, up to the current reporting            Check Tour at Kempenfest (Barrie)
                                              period, or from the business start date if
        My role as Revenue Coordinator        after September 1, 2009.                       July 31st 2010: Closing day for Haulers
in the OTS Operations Centre means                                                               to submit Claims for the April 2010
that I'm responsible for day-to-day trans-    5. Stewards may avoid penalties and                period
actions for Tire Stewardship Fees (TSF),      interest charges by filing on time. The
                                                                                             July 31st 2010: Closing day for Proces-
which are received monthly from Stew-         late filing penalty is 10% of the TSF pay-
                                                                                                 sors to submit Claims for the April
ards. I deal directly with the approxi-       able. Remember, interest charges may               2010 period
mately 530 Stewards registered with           be applied to any late TSF remittances.
OTS, answering questions about the                                                           July 31st 2010: Closing day for Stew-
Used Tire Program, following up for clari-    6. If you determine you are not a Stew-            ards to submit June 2010 TSF Re-
fication on TSF remittances, and doing        ard as part of the Used Tire Program,              mittance Reports and payment
my best to help correct errors or missing     you must confirm in writing to OTS.
information that might get in the way.                                                       July 31st – August 1st 2010: Tire Life
        My role also entails reaching out     7. Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) came                 Check Tour at London Ribfest
to organizations that may be Stewards         into effect July 1, 2010, which means
but who have not yet registered, to offer     that TSF remittances starting with the         August 4th 2010: 1st Meeting of the
a reminder of potential obligations and       July reporting period should include              OTS Technical Advisory Committee
                                                                                                (contact OTS for details)
provide assistance with registration.         HST. TSF payments with reporting peri-
From time to time, I assist organizations     ods prior to July 1, 2010 will have only       August 16th – 18th 2010: OTS at the
in clarifying their status – for example,     the GST applied to them. The new TSF              AMO 2010 Annual Conference and
where a company has registered as a           remittance form which includes HST is             Tradeshow
Steward but later discover they in fact       available on the OTS website
are better classified as a Collector. Fi-                               August 31st 2010: Closing day for
nally, in addition to keeping funds mov-                                                        Haulers to submit Claims for the
ing swiftly through the system, I provide     The OTS Operations Centre is available            May 2010 period
OTS management with support in the            8:30AM - 5:00PM Mondays to Fridays at
form of regular reporting and meeting         1-888-687-2202 or by email at Stew-            August 31st 2010: Closing day for
input.                               if you need informa-             Processors to submit Claims for the
                                              tion or want to resolve operational is-           May 2010 period
Tips and Suggestions:                         sues.
                                                                                             August 31st 2010: Closing day for
                                                                                                Stewards to submit July 2010 TSF
1. TSF Remittances are due monthly                                                              Remittance Reports and payment
and the deadline for filing is the last day
of the month following the reporting pe-                                                     September 16th – 18th 2010: OTS at
                                                                                                the OTDA Annual Conference and
Independent Stewards keeps OTS                related services in passenger, light         are independent tire dealers that are an
rolling                                       truck, truck, industrial, agriculture and    integral part of every neighbourhood in
                                              off road tire segments. The company          Ontario.
       Whether cruising through a golf        meets customer needs by importing tire
course, harvesting a field, or keeping        brands and product lines that are not        About Al’s Tirecraft
thousands of commuters on track, tires available from current domestic supplier
supplied by Stewards help keep life in        partners.                                           Al’s Tirecraft started as a family-
Ontario rolling. Take a closer look, and             Stewards like Tirecraft remit a       owned and managed business, expand-
you see that Stewards play an important Tire Stewardship Fee (TSF) for every               ing through partnership and acquisi-
role in helping to ensure all on-road and tire supplied into the Ontario market.           tion. The company previously operated
off-road tires in Ontario are successfully The TSF funds Program activities such           6 company-owned stores and 6 partner-
recycled and find new life in tire derived as collection, transportation, processing       ship stores until joining the Tirecraft As-
products.                                     and manufacturing of recycled rubber         sociate Program in 2006, which led to
       Stewards can be vehicle manu-          products and support other aspects of        partnership in Tirecraft Canada in 2008.
facturers, tire brand owners, or first im- Program operation.                              Tirecraft now has 45 Tirecraft associ-
porters of tires. For instance, Al’s Tire-           Many of the over 500 Stewards         ates throughout the province.
craft, which was established in 1967 in registered with the OTS program are
Burgessville, Ontario as Al's Tire, is a      automobile, tire manufacturing compa-
tire dealer that offers a full range of tire- nies and large retail chains. Others still

                                             manufacturer of construction, agricul-        Bavington of National Rubber.
                                             tural and transportation parts with plants    “Previously, we could not guarantee the
Closing the Loop in the Automotive           in Ontario and Ohio. Each year, Na-           availability of scrap tires, so we had to
Sector                                       tional Rubber Technologies sells 100          under-design how we used them in our
                                             million pounds of rubber products to the      products. With a regular supply, we can
       An ideal outcome for any recy-        Automotive Industry and Industrial Mar-       optimize our formula for the right
cling program is a closed loop system        kets. While using recycled rubber over        amount of recycled rubber, ensuring the
where the original producers or import-      virgin material has obvious environ-          highest quality at the best price.” By
ers are also the customers for recycled      mental benefits and potential cost sav-       supporting the collection of tires and
products. For OTS, car manufacturers         ings, the practice has not always been        connecting haulers with Ontario recy-
are an important Steward group while         easy. In the past, uncertain availability     clers, OTS is helping to ensure compa-
their dealer service centres represent a     of scrap tires and competition from low       nies like National Rubber are able to
major segment of the collector market.       value disposal option such as incinera-       provide environmentally-superior op-
Now with help of companies like Na-          tion made the supply chain unpredict-         tions that meet the demands of first-
tional Rubber Technologies, vehicle          able.                                         class manufacturers.
manufacturers including Ford are step-              Fortunately, times are changing.
ping into the recycled rubber product        “OTS has created a more ready supply
consumer role as well.                       of scrap tires which allows us to meet
       National Rubber is a vertically       the stringent demands of automotive
integrated recycler, processor, and          Just-In-Time manufacturing,” says Greg
                                             aways like easy-to-read tire mainte-
                                             nance tip sheets, tread depth check
                                             wallet cards and tire pressure gauges.
                                             A sampling of events to date include:
                                             Canada Day in Ottawa, Poultryfest near
                                             Grimsby, Timmins Rotary Ribfest,
                                             Busker Festival in Kingston, Brockville
                                             Riverfest and the Pickering Farmer’s
 2010 OTS Tour:                              Market. Watch for the TLC Touring
 Teaching Ontarians to Give Their            Team at upcoming events such as the
 Tires Some TLC!                             Fergus Truck Show, Kempenfest in Bar-
                                             rie and Rotaryfest in Sault Ste Marie.
 From farmers in Smithville to cottagers     Safe travels and see you on the road!
 in Gravenhurst, Ontarians are learning
 how to give their tires some “TLC.” The
 OTS “Tire Life Check” Tour now rolling
 across Ontario, consists of two teams of
 tire maintenance experts that are work-
 ing hard to educate people on how to
 properly maintain and prolong the life of
 their tires.
 The campaign kicked off mid-June with
 an initial focus on connecting with daily
 drivers at busy commuter stations in
 Toronto and Ottawa. In late June, a full
 roster of festival and event stops also
 got into full swing.
 Education is a top priority for the teas.
 TLC tour staff distribute information,
 survey drivers on their knowledge and
 current habits and demonstrate how to
 measure tire pressure. TLC tour vehi-
 cles, with their bright green pop-up
 canopies and displays, should be easy
 to spot at community events near you.
 Also keep an eye out for TLC give-

Through End of April, 2010

          584                                5771                             140                23

          $46,017,361.18                          72,651 tonnes                        12,508 tonnes

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