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Why Should You Advertise on Facebook (PDF)


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How To Market On Facebook: Facebook Pages For Business

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Why Should You Advertise on Facebook?

As more and more companies advertise on Facebook, youre probably thinking, Should I join
Facebook, too? Why should I advertise on Facebook? What can I gain from it?

Dont worry. Many other companies who havent joined the Facebook bandwagon are having the
same thoughts. But whether youre zeroing in on the local market or want to go international,
Facebook is a good place to start advertising your brand. Heres why:

Its a growing social network. One reason why you should advertise on Facebook is you get access
to more than five hundred million active users. These are people who log onto the network every
day and interact with their friends, click ads, and play online games. All it takes is to get through to
a portion of these users. Once a number of Facebook users hear about your brand and like it, their
friendshundreds of them (each Facebook user has at least 130 contacts)are sure to know about it.

You reach a large group of people with purchasing power. Another reason why you should
advertise on Facebook is that you can get your brand seen by people who have the capacity to
buy. Facebook is not just for teenagers. Some of the social networks leading users are between
26 to 34 years old, people who are working and have the money to spend.

Facebook lets you connect directly with your customers. Still another reason why you should
advertise on Facebook is that you get to be up close and personal with the people who like your
brandpeople who may have bought from your company or heard of it. These are people who
already know youand theyre telling their friends, too! Unlike traditional advertising in which you
get your brand in front of thousands of people, many of whom youre not sure are even interested
in your products, Facebook lets you reach only those people interested in your brand. This
happens with the Like button. When people like your brand on Facebook, your ad goes on their
walls and their friends see it.

It doesnt cost you much. You dont have to spend much on ads. Thats another reason why you
should advertise on Facebook. You can start with a simple fan page and gather your fansyour
customers or people who like your brandand announce new offers, sales, and other promotions.

Get through your target audience. Another reason why its so much easier to advertise on
Facebook is that the social network enables you to present your ads to users from a specific state
or city. Obviously, theres no point in advertising to people who do not have access to your brand
or live in a different country or state and arent your actual market. By reaching out only to potential
customers, its so much easier to close a sale.
Its versatile. Another reason why it pays to advertise on Facebook is because it gives you so many
ways to promote your brand. Aside from the usual fan pages, you can do a poll, invite people to an
event, get people to sample your products, hold a contest, and upload a video ad. Skys the limit!

With all the advantages that Facebook brings, why are you still stuck on traditional advertising? If
you havent gotten on Facebook yet, do it now. Dont let your brand be left behind!

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How To Market On Facebook: Facebook Pages For Business

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