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					                            Motor pool reservations need to be made at the controller’s office

                           University Motor Pool Procedure
Starting in the fall of 2009, The University Motor Pool opened a second location in Eugene to
serve the University of Oregon campus on an interim basis. The partnership between the
University of Oregon and Oregon State will provide short term vehicle rentals while a
permanent solution to the State Motor Pool closure is evaluated.

Reservations can be completed online at UO drivers are
encouraged to complete the online Driver Authorization form prior to submitting a reservation
to streamline data entry and communication between Motor Pool staff and customers. For
questions please call 541-346-2000 (6-2000 from a campus phone). University Motor Pool is
open Monday-Friday from 7am-5:30pm.
                             How to Use the Online System
Driver Authorization Form

In order to streamline the data entry process, please start your reservation process by filling out
the online Driver Authorization Form. It is important that you fill out this form for the person
that will be picking up the vehicle and for anyone that will be driving the vehicle. The person
picking up the vehicle will need to present their driver’s license and driver’s certification card. If
you are renting a 12 passenger van, you will need to present your drivers certification card with
a van sticker. Please Note: You can fill this form out at anytime for any certified drivers in your

Step 1: Select College/Department

        Select: University of Oregon

Step 2: Remaining Information

   1. Enter the address of your program. If you don’t have an office space use the general
      ASUO address : 1228 University of Oregon EMU Suite 4, Eugene, OR 97403
   2. UO ID number
   3. Last Name

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    4. First Name
    5. Work number or number you can be reached.
    6. Email address
    7. Job classification= Student
    8. Date of birth
    9. Drivers license number
    10. Drivers license expiration date
    11. State of issue

Be sure to print a copy of the Driver’s Authorization Form and take it with you to University Motor
Pool. You will need this form AND your drivers certification card.

Reserving a vehicle

Fill out a PO at the controller’s office and reserve your vehicle a minimum of 48 hours before your trip
to guarantee that a vehicle will be available. Vans need to be reserved a week in advance due to high
demand. The earlier you reserve your vehicle, the smoother the process. Please note: if you wait until
the day of your trip you will not likely get the vehicle of your choice or any vehicle at all.

Driver Information
                                                             After you fill in the information, the
    1.   Driver’s Name
                                                             system will remember your information
    2.   Email
                                                             and preferences.
    3.   Driver’s phone number
    4.   UO ID Number
    5.   ASUO- (Your Program Name)
    6.   The index code (this is the account that the funds will be coming from)
    7.   Additional Email: ALWAYS PUT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS HERE: This will
         ensure that the controllers will get the final billing information.

                                                                                 ASUO- (your program name)

                                                                                   Your program OS number

                                                                             Insert here

Rev 2/11
Trip Information

    1.   Pick up location (always put Eugene unless you plan to drive to Corvallis to pick up your vehicle!)
    2.   Departure Information and Return information
    3.   Destination
    4.   Number of passengers
    5.   Vehicle Preference: You need to fill out a first and second choice.
    6.   Additional Comments: Be sure to include any information that might be helpful to motor pool.
         ALSO include in this area the PO number (Be sure to ask the controllers for help!)

                                                                                               Choose Eugene!

                                                                                      Additional Comments that
                                                                                      might be helpful to motor
                                                                                      pool AND the PO number.

Purchase Order Procedures:

An email confirmation will be sent within 5 to 30 minutes. The confirmation email will include your
reservation number which the controllers will add to the PO. Take a copy of the confirmation to the
ASUO Controller’s office and fill out your PO and passenger list. The passenger list will be faxed to DPS to
insure that the UO can contact others in case of an emergency. You will need to take the white copy of
the PO and your driver’s certification card to motor pool to pick up the vehicle.

Other Options for Rentals

        State Motor Pool is still available in Salem. Previous Motor Pool procedures apply.
        Other options for rentals can be found at

Rev 2/11
Rev 2/11

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