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How To Market On Facebook: Facebook Pages For Business

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Facebook Marketing Information

If youre not seeing good results in marketing your brand the traditional way, maybe its time you
take your brand to a whole new level and do Facebook marketing.

Why go on Facebook? So many companies are now on Facebook and are reaping the rewards. If
your business still isnt doing Facebook marketing, youre missing out on a wealth of opportunities.

Facebook lets you have access to more than 500 million active users all over the world, a big
chunk of which are working people who have money to spend. Each of these users has at least
150 contacts, so you can image how you can expand your brand by tapping this market.

One of the things thats stopping companies from doing Facebook marketing is that they dont know
how to go about it. Because Facebook is a new phenomenon, there arent any clear-cut ways to
crack it. It was a trial-and-error thing for the earliest people who tried Facebook marketing. So if
youre feeling clueless, dont worry. You are not alone.

But there are things you can do. For example, it helps to observe how other brands are
approaching their Facebook marketing. Some marketers start by simply putting up a fan page to
build and grow their fan basethat is, the network of people on Facebook who are interested in their
brand. They engage their fans through status updates and by posting pictures and links that are
related to their brand. Through these techniques, many of these marketers get to know what goes
on in their customers minds.

As in any other relationship, you dont want to irritate your fans by bombarding them with special
promos and offers as soon as they join your fan base. Many advertisers new to Facebook
marketing think only of the money factor and forget that social networking is basically about
creating and maintaining relationships.

What sets Facebook marketing apart from traditional advertising is that the possibilities for growing
your brand are endless.

Its only on Facebook that you get to do fun marketing. For example, some companies carry out
contests in which contestants who are Facebook users get to post entries and invite their friends
and contacts to like their entry. This is how word of mouth works on Facebooka user asking
another user to like an entry, a page, or a photo. The other user in turn may ask another to do the

Another factor that makes Facebook different is that it doesnt require a big budget. Putting up a
fan page is free. Placing an ad can be done for as little as $20. Some companies who have gone
the Facebook marketing route attest that their customers have increased via a simple ad placed
on the social network. This is a boon -- especially for small businesses and nonprofit organizations
who do not have the big bucks that large companies have. Facebook marketing is simply about
being creativeits not about the money.

If youve been doing traditional advertising and marketing for some time, it helps to keep in mind
that not everything that works in a newspaper or television advertisement will work on Facebook.
Be prepared to throw all that wisdom out the door.

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How To Market On Facebook: Facebook Pages For Business

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Description: Learn how to reap the rewards of advertising on Facebook and take advantage of targeting your consumers the easy way.