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					Astral Drive Elementary

  Safe Arrival 462- 6078
         DATES TO REMEMBER                                    Prince Edward Island and large areas of New
October is Mi’kmaq History Month                              Brunswick, the Gaspe´ and Newfoundland. There
Oct 1-31      Walk to school month                            have been people living here for more than 11,000
Oct 5         PTO meeting Room 215 - 7:00pm                   years!
Oct 5         Cross country running club Gr. 3-6
Oct 7         SAC meeting, library - 5:30pm                        SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS
Oct. 12       Thanksgiving – School Closed
Oct 16        PTO Planting Day                            A reminder to parents and care givers: for
                                                          safety reasons, please do not send
Oct 16-25     Science &Technology Week
                                                          students to school until 8:10 am in the
Oct 17        Pumpkin Patch 8:30 – 3:00pm                 morning nor 12:30 pm at lunch time.
Oct 21        Picture retakes                             Supervision is not available until 10
Oct 22        Halloween Howl gymnasium 6:30 pm            minutes before the bell. We appreciate
Oct. 23       NSTU Provincial Conference                  your support.
              Day -No Students Present
Oct 30        Food Bank Friday
Oct 31        Halloween                                   INTERNATIONAL WALK TO SCHOOL MONTH
Nov 4          Parent Teacher Interviews (1:00-4:00)
Nov 5          Parent Teacher Interviews (6:00-8:00)      On October, Astral Drive Elementary School will join
                                                          hundreds of schools across Canada to participate in
               TRAFFIC SAFETY                             International Walk to School Month in October. This
                                                          initiative is designed to make streets and communities
Parents and Guardians, please remember when dropping      safer, increase the physical activity levels of students and
your children off at school:                              improve our environment. It is hoped that the campaign
     Astral Drive Driveway is for Pedestrians only       will begin to reverse the habit of driving to school – a
     slow down when approaching school zones             habit that has clearly become ingrained. In Canada,
     wait for the crosswalk guard to clear the           neighbourhood schools report that more than 50% of the
         crosswalk before proceeding through              student body is frequently chauffeured to school.
     drop off students in the designated area
     do not park in no parking zones                     Active Healthy Kids Canada recently released a report
     heed the instructions of the crosswalk guard        which showed that Canadian kids are falling behind in
     refrain from cell phones or distractions which      physical activity levels and only about 23 percent of
         may compromise your driving                      Nova Scotia children are using active transportation to
     no turning or backing up in the driveways           school. Some of the health risks of inactivity include
         children could be there                          earlier inset of heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2
    Thank-you for helping to keep our children safe!      diabetes and high blood pressure.

                                                          Improved health is not the only benefit of walking.
         MI’KMAQ HISTORY MONTH                            Additional advantages include a healthier environment
                                                          and safer communities. Greenhouse gas emissions are
    Mi’kmaq History Month, October 2009 - October         reduced     when     people    choose      non-motorized
    is celebrated as Mi’kmaq History Month. This is a     transportation, which is an important factor in improving
    time when communities learn about and celebrate       air quality. Traffic congestion around schools is also
    the history and contributions of the Mi’kmaw          reduced, and neighbourhood life is revitalized by the
    people. The history of the Mi’kmaw people is very     increased presence of people on the streets.
    long and their homeland, called Mi’kma’ki, is very
    large. Mi’kma’ki, is made up of all of Nova Scotia,
For more information on International Walk to School         support our grade two readers. We have been working
Month visit the Active & Safe Routes to School at            hard to bring our student achievement up in all areas and .                                        hope to see improvement in this year’s assessment.
                                                             Carole Olsen, our Board Superintendent, will be sending
 CHILDREN PLAYING AFTER SCHOOL ON                            home a letter to parents regarding the Annual Report to
         THE PLAYGROUND                                      Community, this month as well.

The construction project on the playground has been            GRADE 5 MATHEMATICS ASSESSMENT
completed and children now have access to all play
areas.                                                       As part of its strategy to improve student achievement, the
A reminder to parents there is no supervision on the play    Halifax Regional School Board is continuing its assessment of
grounds after dismissal. Children are asked to go directly   mathematics.
home or to their caregivers.
If parents and/or caregivers allow students to play after    The Board will be conducting an individual
dismissal on school property, we ask you to ensure your      mathematics assessment with all Grade 5
                                                             students (excluding those on an Individual
children are supervised carefully and within your sight at
                                                             Program Plan for mathematics). The assessment
all times.                                                   will take place October 20-22 and the second part
From 2:15- 2:45 pm students are still working in the         of the assessment will take place January 19-20.
building, we appreciate quiet play outside the windows
so students will not be distracted.                          The assessment will be administered by the student’s Grade 5
                                                             classroom teacher during class time. The information gained
      LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES                             through this assessment will help the Board and school
                                                             determine our next steps in improving mathematics
              KIWI & NUTS                                    achievement. Please note that this assessment will not be
         SENSITIVITY TO SCENTS                               counted as part of a student’s overall evaluation in Grade 5
                                                             mathematics. However, you will receive a parent report
Parents and guardians are reminded there are                 indicating your child’s achievement on this assessment.
students and staff at ADES with life
threatening allergies to Kiwis and nuts.                           GRADE 2 LITERACY ASSESSMENT
Please refrain from sending in snacks and
lunches that contain kiwi and nut products. Many juices      The Halifax Regional School Board is continuing its
contain kiwi, please do not to send in juices which          assessment of student achievement in literacy at the grade 2
contain those blends.                                        level during the 2009-2010 school year. Commencing October
Perfumes and scents, especially in laundry detergent and     19th and continuing through to November 13 th, all grade 2
fabric softeners, can make students and staff who are        English program students will be assessed in English and all
            allergic to these products very ill. Please      grade 2 French Immersion program students will be assessed
                                                             in French.
               choose unscented products whenever
                possible, and remember to not wear           If your child is in English program, your school’s literacy
                fragrance when in the school.                coach will work along with your child’s classroom teacher to
                                                             administer the individual reading assessment to each student
     ANNUAL REPORT TO COMMUNITY                              in grade 2. If your child is in French Immersion program,
                                                             your child’s teacher will work along with the school literacy
                                                             coach or a trained French Immersion assessor to administer
Every school in HRSB will be sending home a Report           the individual reading assessment in French to each grade 2
to Community the first week in October. This report          French Immersion student.
focuses on the 2008-2009 school year and reviews our
plan for student learning and achievement. This              This assessment is aligned with the provincial Reading and
document reports how our students performed last year        Viewing Curriculum Outcomes to give a quick “snapshot” of
on the Department of Education (DOE) and Halifax             each student as a reader. The information from the HRSB
Regional School Board literacy and mathematic                Literacy Assessment is intended to be used along with
assessments.     In several assessments our students         teachers’ ongoing classroom assessments in order to support
exceeded HRSB and DOE average scores. However with           individual student development in reading. Your child’s
                                                             individual assessment results will be provided to you in a
our grade two literacy assessment, our students’ scores
                                                             student report which you will receive from the school.
indicated we needed to focus our instruction on fluency
and comprehension. In response to this data we held a
number of Professional Development sessions for
teachers as well as organized reading blitzes to help
   GRADE 6 LITERACY ASSESSMENT                                                            PTO NEWS

Students in grade six will write the DOE grade 6 literacy
                                                                    We hope everyone is settling in to their back to school
assessment ( ELA) from October 6-9. These assessments were
designed to evaluate each grade 6 student’s performance in          routines by now. The kids seem to all be adjusting to
relation to the grades 3-5 reading and viewing and writing          their new classes. Before we start to talk about October’s
outcomes. This assessment identifies students whose                 events, I’d like to urge everyone, if they have any time
assessment results indicate the need for additional support.        available, to please reply to the request for Safe Arrival
Your child’s individual assessment results will be provided to      volunteers that was sent out earlier this week, we still
you in a student report which you will receive from the school      need people to cover many shifts.
in the spring.                                                      A Special Thank You
                                                                    Thank you so much to everyone who came
   PEBS: POSITIVE EFFECTIVE BEHAVIOR                                out to support our first annual Back to
               SUPPORTS &                                           School BBQ. We had a couple of technical
     FOCUS ON BULLYING PROGRAM                                      issues with a BBQ that didn’t arrive and one
                                                                    of the BBQ’s running out of propane mid evening which
PEBS: Students at Astral Drive Elementary have been                 made for long line ups!! We want to thank everyone for
working hard to receive Star Awards for positive behavior.          being so patient. Rookie mistakes aside, we had a great
Every class has a weekly student draw. We also have a draw          crowd and managed to raise almost $1000 for the school
for individual classes to recognize collective, respectful          and a good time was had by all. A special thanks needs
behavior. Thank-you to parents who have helped us by                to be given to the families who volunteered for this event
sending in rewards such as: pencils, erasers, balls and T-shirts.   and to the Maskell family for donating all the hotdogs
If you have small toys (i.e. McDonalds), hats, certificates, etc
that you could donate to help out with this program we would
                                                                    and hamburgers; we couldn’t have done it without you.
greatly appreciate it.                                              Thank-you to the Perry’s for bringing their barbeque.
Each month students will be attending an assembly to                Please be sure to attend next year as we’ll be sure to
celebrate positive behavior and to review our “Focus on             have an abundance of BBQ’s.
Bullying” program. Over the next few months every class
takes part in our anti bullying program which consists of three     We have a few important dates in October for everyone
modules. Each module contains a series of lessons that help         to mark on their calendars:
children develop skills and strategies to deal with bullying
behaviors. Our aim is to educate all students to help ensure a      PTO Meeting
peaceful and safe school.                                           This coming Monday, October 5th, we will be holding a
                                                                    PTO meeting at 7:00 pm in room 105. Everyone is
                                                                    welcome to come and see what we have planned for
                  TERRY FOX RUN
                                                                    fundraising and events for the year. We welcome your
                                                                    ideas and input.
A big thank you to each and every parent and
volunteer who chaperoned and helped at                              Fall Greening Day
crosswalks for our Terry Fox Walk. Thank                            Friday October 16th the children will be
you also to Nathan and Dora Power who                               planting trees and shrubs around the school
provided our flags. It was a huge success!                          and in the new boxes on the playground.
Stay tuned for our total pledge amount which                        This will be done during school hours but
will be announced in November’s newsletter. Well done               we still need volunteers to help with the
everyone!                                                           effort. Please email Rebecca Lamb at 433-
                                                                    0850 or if
                FOOD BANK FRIDAY                                    you are able to lend a hand.

A big thank-you to everyone who brought in donations                The 2nd Annual Pumpkin Patch
for the Food Bank in September. We              had a               Saturday, October 17th come on down to the school
great response with a total of 512                                  between 10 am and 2 pm. We will be selling pumpkins
items. The two classes with the most                                of all sizes, gourds, hay bales and corn stalks as well as
donations in grades P-2 were Primary                                fresh valley apples. We will also have
Baker, 41 items, and Primary Stevens,                               coffee, hot chocolate and donuts
with 40 items. For grades 3-6, 5 Veinotte brought in 34             available. This is a great
items and 4-Leedham brought in 31 items.                            opportunity to support your school
The Food Bank greatly appreciates your generous                     and shop for your Halloween
donations. Let's try to match that amount on OCTOBER                supplies. We still need a few volunteers to help run this
30th which will be our next Food Bank Friday!                       event. If you have even a couple of hours we’d love to
have you join us, please contact Rebecca Lamb at 433-         legislation requires that everyone must wear a bike
0850 or                          helmet. Children are reminded not to drive their bicycles
                                                              on school property.
Halloween Howl
Be sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, October          Please NOTE: Scooters, skateboards, Heelys, batons,
22nd.The Howl is one of our children’s                        hardballs and roller blades are not to be used at
favourite events of the year. As usual,                       school.
this year there will be dancing, games,
cookie and craft decorating, a spooky                                          DOGS AT SCHOOL
room and a Halloween set decorated
for you to have your child’s pictures                         It has come to our attention that several students
taken. Once again a whole lot of volunteers are needed        have a fear of dogs. They are afraid when they
to make this event successful, volunteer request forms        meet dogs on the playground or by the
will be sent home next week.                                  entrances. If you bring your dog to the school,
                                                              please remain well back from the building,
                                                              entrances and lineups so students have a “dog
               REMEMBRANCE DAY                                free path”. For safety reasons, dogs must be on
                                                              a short leash, well mannered and controlled at all times.
In memory of our veterans and in honour of all our            Dogs must be handled and supervised by an adult. Thank
members of the Canadian Armed Forces, all students in         you for your co-operation.
P-6 will attend our Remembrance Day
Service in the Astral Drive Junior High                                       COMMUNITY NEWS
Gymnasium on November 10, 2009 at
9:00 am as follow-up to individual                            Art Classes
classroom discussions and activities.                         Marijke's Art Class offers weekend
During the service, we will be asking any                     children's art classes in downtown
of our students who belong to a service                       Dartmouth starting September 26 and
organization such as beavers, cubs, guides, cadets, etc. to   continuing throughout the year.
wear his or her uniform and join our colour guard. The        The class schedule is available on the
colour guard will take a place of special importance          website at
during the assembly.                                          Phone 466-4823 for additional information.

We would like to include a special presentation featuring     Car Seat Information
photos of family members who have served, or are              Did you know that 8 out of 10 car seats are
currently serving, with our Armed Forces. If you have         installed or used improperly? One of our
                                                              teachers, Mrs. Jennifer Ralph (currently on
photos that could be scanned and added to our
                                                              maternity leave), is a certified volunteer car seat
presentation, we would be honoured to include them.           safety technician.
You may also email them to Ms. Grant at                       If you have any questions at all about how to We would like to have all the      keep your children safe on the road or would like help learning
photos in no later than Friday, October 23.                   how to install your car seats, email her at
Unfortunately, any photos passed in after Friday, will
not be included in the presentation. All photos will be
returned, so please be sure to include your child’s name      Rhythmic Gymnastics
and class along with the photo in a sealed baggie. These      Register you daughter for Rhythmic Gymnastics – dance with
can be photos from the past or a current photo.               ribbons, hoops, balls and ropes. Your daughter will wow you
                                                              with their dance and gymnastics routine after a few months.
                                                              This activity provides a social environment
We invite any parents or grandparents who have been
                                                              where the girls will have fun, get great
involved with our armed services or peacekeepers, to          exercise and flexibility work which will
join us for their special place of honour at our service.     benefit them in all other activities.
Due to fire regulations, space is limited, therefore the
service is for the student body only and invited guests.      Fall Term: October 2 – December 11, 2009
                                                              Friday nights: Pre-competitive (age 6-9) 6-7pm;
                      BICYCLES                                recreational program (Age 4-6) 6-6:45pm

                                                              Contact Julie Jeffery 492-3677 or Meghan Milloy 445-9440,
Only students from Grades 2-6 are
                                                              A flyer with more details is available at the school office.
permitted to take their bikes to school.
Please      Remember,       Provincial

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