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October 11 2011 Safety Committee Meeting Minutes


									                                 Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV
                                       453 Maple Street
                                     Grove City, PA 16127

                                     SAFETY COMMITTEE
                                     RECORD OF MINUTES

Chairperson:           Brenda Marino                Date: __October 11, 2011

Department:            Human Resources              Time meeting started:     3:00 P.M.

I. Call to Order – Brenda Marino, Chairperson

II. Roll Call:
                                                                Representative  Present/Absent
Brenda Marino, Director of Human Resources                           Employer         Present
David Hofing, Technician                                             Employee         Present
Paula Jesteadt, Teaching Assistant                                   Employee         Present
John Kassi, Special Education Program Supervisor                     Employer         Absent
Denise Martone, Frew Mill Instructor                                 Employee         Present
Pauline Peluso, Physical Therapist                                   Employee         Present
Kristen Salina, Clarence Brown Community School Principal            Employer         Absent
John Suchonic, Coordinator of Operations and Maintenance             Employer         Present
                 Of Plant
Donna Volpe, Secretary, Director of Business Services                Employee         Present
Melissa Wyllie, Director of Non Public School Services               Employer         Present

III. Introduction of Visitors

Mark Nease, PSBA School Claims Service Loss Control Specialist, reviewed workers’
compensation loss/claims analysis for the period of July 1, 2011 to October 7, 2011. The analysis
showed that three slips/trips/falls claims occurred at a total incurred cost of $32,962.10; four
cut/injured claims occurred at a total incurred cost of $660 and one caught in claim, four strain
claims and twelve struck by claims had been experienced at no total incurred cost. Currently
$1,918.40 has been paid out. MIU IV’s 2011 experience modification factor of 1.036 is based on
claims incurred in 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10. The experience modification factor may not
increase or decrease at more than 25% per year. Claims are capped at $42,500 per person. Mr.
Nease will be invited back next fall to review the 2011-12 loss/claims analysis running from July 1,
2011 through June 30, 2012.
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Wyllie, seconded by Suchonic and carried, the minutes of the September 13, 2011
safety committee meeting were approved as presented.

V. Discussion of Unfinished Business


VI. New Business

1. Review of written employee accident investigation reports and breakdown.

The committee reviewed employee accident investigation reports covering the period of September
15, 2011 through October 6, 2011. Concern was expressed over a September 26, 2011 incident in
which a student ran to the back of a room and grabbed a pair of unsecured scissors before being
disarmed by the teacher. Securing devices that could be used as a weapon and the type of scissors
left unattended were discussed.

2. Review of safety suggestions and requests for corrective action.

None submitted.

3. July 1, 2011 – September 30, 2011 inspection of MIU IV, Clarence Brown Community School
and Frew Mill School.

The July 1, 2011 – September 30, 2011 inspections of MIU IV and Frew Mill School were reviewed.
John Suchonic, Coordinator of MIU IV Operation and Maintenance of Plant was commended for
implementation of electronic door locks at the administration office.

Ms. Wyllie and Ms.Volpe noted that the print shop storage area is looking better; the salvage room is
filling up and that loose network cable in the field technician area needs diced off.

 Ms. Martone noted that broken floor tile containing asbestos in Mr. Lucidore’s classroom at Frew
Mill School is becoming dislodged and needs to be dealt with; railing and skid strips have been
added to the outdoor steps; a request has been made to provide emergency lighting in Ms. Novak’s
classroom; certain electrical outlets need to be fixed and some concern exists over the remoteness of
the location of Mr. Mancini’s classroom.

Review of the quarterly inspection of Clarence Brown Community School was deferred until the
November meeting.

4. Liberty Mutual “Drive Safely to Work” Campaign.

Liberty Mutual Group’s “Drive Safely to Work Week” Campaign to promote safe driving to MIU IV
staff during the week of October 3 through October 7 was deferred until the November meeting
5. Guidelines for Moving of Classrooms and Offices

Discussion of “Guidelines for Moving of Classrooms and Offices” was deferred until the November

6. Follow up on August 23, 2011 In-Service Day Activities


7. By-Laws Review Follow Up.

Review of the By-Laws was deferred until the November meeting.

8. MIU IV Fire and Tornado Drills.

Report on the fire and tornado drills held at MIU IV on August 17, 2011 was deferred until the
November meeting.

9. Review/Revise Rolling Agenda Action List

Review/Revision of Rolling Agenda Action List was deferred until the November meeting.

10. Other


VII. Rolling Agenda Action List

Mt Chestnut Method of Communication

Walkie-talkies have been purchased for use at Mt. Chestnut Early Learning Center. Ms. Marino
asked how they are working and Ms. Peluso shared that they have been a great tool for them as they
have several students that have health concerns.

Mt Chestnut Parking Lot Deterioration

Concern over the deterioration of the Mt. Chestnut Early Learning Center parking lot has been
referred to the Director of Special Education. The Director reported that some repairs have been
made to the lot and that additional work on the parking lot is not anticipated at this time.

Automated External Defibrillator/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Terri Clark, Dan Gomola, Andy Grossman, Brian Grossman, Liz Kingsley, April Kisamore, Ruth
Klingensmith, Jill Manczka, Brenda Marino, Crystal McFeely, Virginia Moore, Lois Roach, and
Melissa Wyllie initially received CPR/AED/First Aid training. Training was conducted at Superior
Ambulance building on December 20, 2010. From the checklist provided at the training, the team
developed a procedural guide for reference purposes. The machine is in place in the foyer of the
building addition adjacent to the vending machines. Certification must occur every two years.
Signage, courtesy curtain, emergency codes for trained staff and necessary supplies such as towels,
sheets and razors needs to be addressed.

Provision of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to personnel at secondary sites needs to be addressed.

An automated external defibrillator cardiopulmonary resuscitation drill needs to be conducted.

MIU IV Critical Incident Plan

Printing and distribution of the MIU IV Admin Building critical incident plan has been completed.
An emergency evacuation fire and tornado drill was held on August 17, 2011.

 Introductory comments by presenters to program participants also need to be implemented. The
introductory comments should cover:
                   * Sign-in/Sign-out Procedures
                   * Schedule of the Day (breaks/lunch/end time)
                   * Location of Restrooms
                   * Completion of Evaluation Form
                   * Evacuation Routes/ Severe Weather Locations/Lockdown Procedures
                   * Critical Incident Plan
                   * AED Location and Trained staff Members
                   * AED/911 Team

Off - Site Crisis Management Plan

The Frew Mill Critical Incident Plan needs updated. Ms. Wyllie requested a copy of the existing
plan for review.

The committee reviewed the emergency planning update for Mercer, Butler & Lawrence County
sites. The big question is “Where do the kids go in an emergency?” Emergency evacuation drills
should be planned.

Clarence Brown Community School emergency evacuation plan revisions will be undertaken in fall,

Mars Middlesex Community School safety plan is being reviewed for update purposes by Ms.
Wyllie, Ms. Salina, Head Start and Mars Area School District officials.

MIU IV Admin Building Emergency Lighting.

 The safety committee provided all staff with keychain flashlights as part of August, 2011 annual in-
service activities.
MIU IV Vehicle Safety Measures

Laminated contact and procedure information, First Aid kits, and safety triangles are in place in all
MIU IV vans.

Communication of Best Safety Practices to Staff

 Additional discussion is needed on the communication of best safety practices to staff. The
secretary has provided samples of safety practices to the committee for consideration. The secretary
will look into membership in the National Safety Council.

Employee Emergency Contact Information

 Staff has been informed that Human Resources Department is compiling voluntary emergency
contact information for use by the Human Resources Department and the employee’s supervisor in
case of emergency so that the appropriate party may be notified. Approximately 125 responses have
been received to date. Staff is encouraged to provide the contact information to Human Resources if
they have not already done so and to keep the information updated.

Safe Driver Techniques Refresher Training

Safe Driver Techniques refresher training will be scheduled during the 2011-12 year.

Safety Committee Refresher Training

Safety committee refresher training will be conducted on December 13, 2011.

Fingerprinting Area Safety Measures

A mirror has been hung in the fingerprinting area to enhance the safety of personnel working in that
area. The mirror will permit personnel to see clients approaching them.

MIU IV Building Security

Installation of enhanced security at MIU IV Admin Building has been completed. The security
system and electronic locks will communicate. Cost totaled $24,000. A memo announcing the
implementation of safety procedures regarding the system has been distributed to MIU IV directors,
supervisors and presenters.

Mt. Chestnut Sign-in/Sign-out Procedure

Concern exists over the lack of a sign-in/sign-out procedure at Mt. Chestnut. The problem is that the
facility has multiple tenants creating enforcement issues.
MIU IV Shop Exhaust Fan

Concern was expressed over the loss of an exhaust van that serviced the shop area. The fan was
disconnected and removed during the renovation. The Coordinator of Operations and Maintenance
of Plant will communicate with Renick Brothers about the concern.

Clarence Brown Community School Outside Lighting

Outside lighting at Clarence Brown Community School continues to be a concern. Employee falls
and personal safety are issues in the parking lot area because of poor vision that occurs at different
times of the day and due to adverse weather conditions. The issue is difficult because the building is
not owned by MIU IV.

Student Restraint Measures

The issue of a safety concern resulting from a growing number of support staff unable to perform
student restraint procedures thus placing remaining staff at risk will be referred to the Special
Education Director and Executive Director for consideration.

North Liberty Early Intervention Delivery Site Air Quality

Air quality at North Liberty Early Intervention delivery site has been questioned. The matter will be
referred to the Director of Special Education with a recommendation that a dehumidifier be
considered as a possible solution.

IX. Next Meeting --- Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 3:00 in Conference Room C.

X. Adjournment --- On a motion by Jesteadt, seconded by Peluso and carried, the meeting was
adjourned at 4:15 P.M.

                                                        Robert L. Barber

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