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Alternate Ending


Alternate ending to a story from a Timeless Voices book.

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									                                   Alternate Ending

       Tom Benecke was clenching to the side of his apartment building for three

hours now and fatigue and hunger were now setting in. As it began to rain his fingers

became slippery. With a gust of wind Tom could no longer hold on. Falling he though

it would never end his life flashed before his eyes. One of the lower rooms had left

their trampoline out on the veranda. Tom was caught by this a gently tossed around

before jumping off and hurrying to the window. After repetitive rasps on the window

a small boy came to the door and kindly let him in. As a token of gratitude tom gave

the boy the remaining change in his pocket and rushed down the stairs to the front

door. He frantically looked for a store that was open at three in the morning. He

eventually found a twenty-four hour convince store. The dingy looking storefront had

recently got a shipment of paperweights. After begging the clerk for this item that he

was ten cents short of buying. The clerk kindly let him slide. He took his long walk

home a stumble up the six flights of stairs to his room. After retrieving the key from

his neighbor and explaining he lost his on a trampoline tom entered his room. He

quickly weighted his crumpled yellow paper and shut the window to avoid another

mishap. Tom climbed into bed with his wife and hastily went to sleep.

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