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Minutes Feb '11 by keralaguest


									Minutes of the 15th meeting of THE NORTHWICK SURGERY PATIENT GROUP held on 16 February 2011

      Ms Avril Candler (Chairman)                Practice Staff:
      Ms Priti Bodani                            Mrs Bali Kharay
      Ms Diane Davidson                          Dr Anjum Zaidi
      Ms Pamela Fitzpatrick
      Mr Brian Saperia
      Ms Sania Sehbai
      Mr Maurice Soffa
      Mr Jon Spain

      Apologies :
      Ms Hanna Corbishley
      Mr Ramesh Daswani
      Dr Alihusein Dhankot
      Dr Fergus McCloghry
      Dr Shazia Mushtaq
      Mr Joe Posner
      Dr Ruth Topper
      Dr George Varghese

      Item Discussion
      11/01 New Member
            Avril extended a warm welcome to Pamela Fitzpatrick on her first attendance at a
            meeting of the Group.

      11/02 Minutes
            The minutes of the meeting held on 17 November 2010 were accepted as a correct

      11/03 Rear Entrance (item 10/35 refers)
            Bali announced that the PCT had refused to authorise the canopy on the grounds that
            it was for cosmetic purposes only. However, the partners had now agreed to fund it
            themselves and work would begin next month. The Group expressed its appreciation
            to the partners for this generous gesture.

      11/04 Chairman’s Report
            Avril referred to her report which had been circulated before the meeting and in
            particular she said that the Friendship Groups were now on an even keel with firm
            dates scheduled until the end of June. Sania said that she was particularly pleased
            with the women’s group where some members who had previously been
            unforthcoming were now coming out of their shells. The men’s group was more
            problematic with quite low numbers and it was hoped that the doctors would make
            referrals in future. (Action: Doctors)

              It was agreed that the Men’s Friendship Group would be advertised on the electronic
              display and both groups in the Practice booklet, with those interested asked to leave
              their details at reception. (Action: Bali)
11/05 Open Day
      Avril said that the idea of holding an open day had been mooted some years ago, but
      she strongly recommended that it should no longer be pursued as it would serve no
      useful purpose. The Group concurred with this, but it was agreed that, in order to
      involve patients a little more (one of the reasons originally put forward for holding an
      open day), the Practice newsletter should include an item about the Patient Group
      and possibly the latest Chairman’s Report, and should be put on the website as well as
      at the reception desk. (Action: Bali)

11/05 Pharmacy Issues
      It was noted that Eltroxin was currently in short supply and a generic was being used

11/06 Appointments System
      Avril said that Shaheen, the pharmacist at Superdrug, had mentioned to her that many
      patients complained to her about the difficulty they had in making appointments. This
      led to a lively discussion in which it was noted that the appointments system was the
      single most complained about issue affecting more or less all surgeries. No matter
      how hard the Practice tried to make life as easy as possible for patients in this respect,
      difficulties would clearly persist. It was agreed that the written guidance produced by
      Bali and Brian should be sent to local pharmacies to help them advise patients if
      necessary. (Action: Bali)

11/07 Complaints & Suggestions
      A report from the sub-committee was received and noted.

        It was noted that the one major complaint mentioned in the previous report had not
        yet been fully concluded.

11/08 Report from Practice Manager
      Bali said that there were a number of targets which the Practice was expected to
      achieve but it was ahead of the game.

        The PCT was in some disarray as a result of the Government’s NHS reform

        She said that Dr Dhankot was proving popular with patients.

        New hydraulic couches and screens had been installed.

11/09 Feedback from Doctors
      Anjum said that it was now proving longer for patients to get hospital appointments, a
      portent of things to come. As far as the proposed GP Commissioning was concerned,
      the Practice would follow whatever is decided in Harrow generally. It seemed that
      senior PCT staff would be taking redundancy and then become consultants
      undertaking commissioning for the GPs.

11/10 Fundraising
      Diane suggested that patients should be encouraged to donate books to the surgery
      which could then be bought by others for a small price on an honesty basis. The
       Group felt that on balance this was not worth pursuing, particularly as Bali pointed out
       that the surgery had in the past been a dumping ground for old magazines.

11/11 Dates of Future Meetings
      11 May 2011
      10 August 2011

       Suggested items for inclusion in the agenda should be forwarded to (020 8907 2049).

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