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									                                                  PCGN Newsletter
                                                   January 2012

                                            “Cultivating Communities One
                                                  Garden at a Time”

                                  Funding Sources: Grants that could help get your project growing
                                       1) Edible Trees Grant from Tree Canada: Would you like to plant some edible trees
                                               in the region? Check out the application at http://www.treecanada.ca/
                                        2) Sustainability Network – Diversity Mini-Grants http://sustainabilitynetwork.ca/
                                       3) City of Peterborough Community Grants: This funding supports local community
                                              garden projects with up to $1000. More details at www.peterborough.ca

                                    Winter: A Great Time to Start Planning!
 Seedy Sunday                       Take stock: What seeds to you have left from last year? Do
 Peterborough’s Annual Seed                       you have pots to start seeds in?
          Exchange!                   Read Notes/Remember: What did well in your garden?
      Sunday March 11                   What do you wish you had grown more of/less of?
    Preparation is now well             Seed Catalogues: Leafing through seed catalogues,
 underway for this year’s Seed       dreaming of gardens to be is a great hibernation activity.
Exchange. If you are interested     Looking for Land: Need space to grow? Contact the PCGN,
  in vending, promoting your         for a plot near you; or talk to your neighbours & friends
   community organization,             about forming a group to start a community garden.
 donating seeds, presenting a
workshop, volunteering or want
   to know more, please see
http://urbantomato.blogspot.com                Community Garden Group Winter Activities
   or contact Jill Bishop at      Celebrate Your Garden! Host a party, preserve potluck or gathering. Document the season
  urbantomato@gmail.com           Increase Community Connections: Does your garden represent the neighbourhood it is in?
  More details coming soon!        How can you increase awareness of the garden? Can you connect with local food banks?
                                    Teach Yourself Something New: Skill share. Encourage each member of the garden to
                                                         share a skill that they possess with the group.
                                       Reflect on the Past Season: What worked? What didn't? Document your findings
                                      Get ready for next season: Find new gardeners to fill plots. Outreach to community
                                       organizations. Plan for inputs such as compost in the spring. Look into expansion?
                                                            *Adapted from the ACGA & Garden Matters

        *It’s Winter!
       Eat More Kale
                                  If you have any questions or comments or would like to learn more about the Peterborough
                                                      Community Garden Network, please contact us at:
                                                             Email: pcgn@greenup.on.ca
                                                             Phone: 705.745.3238 ex. 204
                                                Or Drop By: 378 Aylmer St. N (Peterborough Green-Up)
                                                Web: http://ptbocommgardennetwork.blogspot.com

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