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Newsletter - January-February 2009


									January/February 2009                                                                           Volume 4.0
                                       The Southern Ontario Animal Rescue

                         Welcome!               FOSTER FEATURE                    Luna is smart as a whip and would
                       Yes, we’re                                                 make a great agility or fly ball team
                       back!                                                      member.
                       November &
                       December                                                   She is currently in a wonderful
                       were terrible                                              kennel, where the owner is taking
                       months for me,                                             her to obedience classes for us!
and I was unable to get the newsletter
                                                                                  Here is what she had to say,
out. For this, my sincerest apologies.                                            recently:

On the rescue side, however, there is                                             “I am taking her to my obedience
excellent news! Finally, after 7                                                  classes and she has been
months in a kennel, and being                                                     absolutely kidding
bounced around, Shayla was finally                                                she would be competition material
adopted to a wonderful couple. It was                                             if she was a purebred.
love at first sight and she’s doing very
well in her new home.
                                                                                  She has become a real sweetie
Also, Nikita’s foster mum “failed”                         Luna                   and she has been out playing with
fostering and adopted her. We’re                                                  all the other dogs.....An intact
thrilled for Nikita as we couldn’t think   Luna is a sweetie - very smart &       bitch, a spayed bitch, intact male,
of a better home for her!                  eager to please!                       neutered males. She plays like
                                                                                  she did with Kiera with an Akbash
Keira is now in foster and doing well,                                            mix I have here right now, but she
despite having to have emergency
                                           Rescued with only hours to spare
“zipper surgery” to remove a chunk of      before being euthanized, this little   is sweet and gentle with my 17
broadloom from her stomach! Just           girl is approximately a year old, 45   year old blind Siberian....licks him
what we needed – emergency clinic &        lbs., and 23' tall. She has a scar     in the face.
surgery costs over the holidays.           on her throat from being tied to a
                                           chain her entire life. She behaves     At class tonight she was a star. So
Please check out Luna, who is still in     like she has been hit and will         please don't adopt her until the
a kennel and would love a foster or        cower down.                            classes are finished - she will be
forever home of her own.
                                                                                  really an awesome dog by then.
We have a busy year planned –              Luna was in a foster home with         She is making me look good in
please don’t forget to check out our       Keira, a cat and a 9-year old child;   class.”
Upcoming Events & mark the dates           unfortunately, the home was not
on your calendar.                          able to continue due to previously     Cats are a definite no-no for Luna.
                                           undisclosed health problems. Her
                                           foster mom said Luna's favourite       If you are interested in adopting or
                     The Gang at SOAR      part of the day was when she got       fostering Luna, please contact us.
                   (Furry and otherwise)   to play with the kids.                 She will be ready by March or
                                           Luna needs to be in a forever
                                           home that will follow our rules and
                                           guidelines that will allow her to
                                           come into her full confidence as a
                                           beautiful, bright, loving companion.
Page 2                                                                                    The Howler
                                       16 Annual All About Pets Show          • Basic house rules – be alpha in
WE DESPERATELY NEED                    April 10 – 12, International           your pack
FOSTER HOMES!                          Centre, Mississauga
                                                                              • Positive training techniques &
We are in desperate need of foster     Pet First Aid Course – April 25,       tools
homes. There are dogs in need          Brampton – St. Jude’s Church           • Introducing your dog to your
that we cannot help because we                                                home
simply do not have enough foster       BTFA Bronze Show – May 2 –
homes. We are turning away             Vineland, ON                           Breakfast, Lunch & Materials
approximately 5 dogs per day                                                  included.
because we have nowhere to place       Woofstock – June 13 & 14 – St.
them.                                                                         Cost = $95.95 + GST
                                       Lawrence Market, Toronto
If you are interested in becoming a                                           Reserve Your Space Now -
                                       Canada Day Celebrations – July         Limited Seats Available - Please
foster home for one of our dogs or
                                       1 – Chinguacousy Park,                 click here
would like more information on
                                       Brampton                               (
fostering, please contact us.
                                                                              seminar.html) to register.
We provide the food and medical        Brampton Summer Festival –
care. As a foster, all you have to     August 3 – Chinguacousy Park,          Payment MUST be received no
do is provide the home and love.       Brampton                               later than Monday, February 16,
                                       Brampton Fall Fair – September
    Adoption & Foster                  17 – 20, Brampton                      Please Note - you MUST be pre-
        Policies                                                              registered to attend - no "at door"
                                       2 Annual Howl-o-Woof Party –           registrations.
All rescued dogs have been spayed      October 24 - St. Jude’s Church,
or neutered, microchipped, fully       Brampton
vaccinated and vet-checked.
                                       5 Annual Christmas Party –
Applications are NOT processed on      November – St. Jude’s Church,
a first-come, first-served basis as    Brampton
we strive to match the right dog to
the right home.

If the application is approved, your   Basic Behaviour Seminar
references will be checked and a
home visit will be conducted.          Saturday, February 21, 10 am – 4 pm
Please go to our website for more      St. Jude’s Anglican Church
information.                           1000 Central Park Dr.                  Can you afford a dog?
                                       Brampton, ON
                                                                              Consider the hidden costs
                                       This full day fundraising seminar is
                                       designed to teach you; how to          Americans may be waiting
                                       read and understand canine body        breathlessly to find out what kind
                                       language, choose a dog suited to       of dog the Obama’s decide to
                                       your lifestyle and be the leader of    bring to the White House, but any
                                       your pack.                             pet owner can warn you there’s
                                                                              plenty to consider beyond what
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!                   Topics that will be covered are:       breed to take home.
                                       • Reading canine body language         Even if you decide not to pay a
Basic Behaviour Seminar –              • Different breeds & their training    breeder $800 to $2,000 for a pure-
February 21 – 10 am to 4 pm            needs                                  bred puppy, you can expect to pay
                                       • Matching a dog to your lifestyle     $100 to $350 if you adopt from a
See below for more info.
                                                                              shelter. And costs can mount
                                                                              rapidly from there, with annual
Page 3                                                                                     The Howler
expenses for large breeds often
topping $2,000.
                                         depending on the size of your dog
Among the one-time costs new             (an average of $300 to $950 per                              THE
owners can expect after bringing         year). Canned, or wet, food tends                          RAINBOW
home a dog:                              to be more expensive.                                       BRIDGE
• Basic supplies: Food bowls, a          • Health care: Expect to pay $200
leash and toys can cost $35 to $50       to $300 a year for nonemergency       This is where we remember our
even if you restrain yourself.           vet bills, including an annual exam   pets who are waiting for us at the
Crates can cost an additional $50        and preventive care for common        Bridge. Please contact us if you
to $200, depending on the size.          problems such as heartworm,           have a pet you’d like remembered
                                         fleas and ticks. Owners also          here.
• Transport: Small-dog owners            should anticipate that if there’s
may want to get a carrier, so they       ever a need for emergency
should add another $45 or so to          services, they can be very
their budget. A hammock or               expensive.
vehicle harness for a larger dog
typically costs $25 to $50.              • Grooming: Professional
                                         grooming services are a necessity
• License: Most municipalities           for certain breeds. Prices vary
require licensing, which typically       widely depending upon location
costs $10 to $30, more if your dog       and breed. It’s advisable to do                     Pete
is a restricted breed.                   some Internet research as to what      Loved & missed by Lori & Justice
                                         groomers in your area charge. Pay
• Spaying and neutering: Getting         particular attention if you’re
your dog fixed runs at least $200        interested in a large dog with long
or more. This expense,                   hair, such as an Afghan Hound,
however, is often included in the        Shih Tzu, etc.
adoption fees charged by animal
shelters and rescue groups that          • Sitters, walkers: Extras such as
require pets to be altered.              doggie day care can cost $25 to
                                         $50 per day, depending on region.
• Training: Puppy training or            Dog walkers typically charge $15
obedience courses cost $150 or           to $20 per walk, based on the
so for an initial series of classes.     length of time they’re out.

• ID tag: One optional cost is           • Boarding: Again, rates can vary
having a microchip implanted             widely, but as a benchmark expect
under the dog’s skin, which              to pay $20 to $60 per day, with
provides a permanent                     rates rising around holidays and
identification tag if the dog is lost.   during peak summer periods.                        Rozi
Vets charge about $50                                                            Loved & missed by Jan & Ann
Recurring costs include:

• Food: What you can expect to
pay to feed your new pet will
depend on the size of your dog
and the quality of the food. A 15-
pound bag of dry food can cost
anywhere from about $25 to $80,
and will last two to four weeks,                                                            Molly
                                                                                   Loved & missed by Sheila
Page 4                                                                                              The Howler
                                            “I was one of the lucky ones to know
                                            Bugsy. He was a great ambassador
                                            for pitties. He was kind, and gentle,
                                            and loving. He will be greatly missed.

                                            The world is a sadder place today.
                                            You were blessed to have him in your
                                            life, we all were, but he has crossed
                                            the bridge now, and has gone to play              Who Are We?
                                            with Blue and Daytona, where there is
                                            no pain, no sadness, no sickness. He
                                            touched so many, and so many grieve      Southern Ontario Animal Rescue’s
                                            with you.”                               goal is to find loving, lifetime homes
                                                                                     for our dogs. We screen potential
                                            Sleep well, my little man – I still      adoptive homes carefully, including
                                            miss you terribly.                       home visits and follow up visits.

                                                                                     All dogs available for adoption
                                                                                     have been altered, vaccinated and
           Bugsy Malone
    Loved & missed by Jan, Ann &            S.O.A.R. Has Joined                      When possible, our dogs are
       everyone who met him                 CanadaHelps.Org                          fostered with real families to ensure
                                                                                     that they are sound, good-natured
November 1 saw SOAR lose a                  CanadaHelps, a public charitable         pets.
wonderful ambassador.                       foundation (896568417RR0001),
                                            is Canada's only donation portal         S.O.A.R. is a Registered Charity
Bugsy Malone lost his battle with CRF
(Chronic Renal Failure). He had been        that provides access to all of           (#85044-6212-RR0001) and
off his food and suffered 3 seizures the    Canada's 80,000 charities, from          governed by a Board of Directors.
day before, so we knew it was time.         national organizations like national
                                            cancer charities to smaller groups       S.O.A.R. Board of Directors:
He went peacefully to the Bridge, held      like local animal shelters and soup
in Jan’s arms and surrounded by             kitchens.                                President – Jan Paquete
Grandma and Uncle Rich. Many
thanks to Dr. Meredith Geldart and all                                               VP - Richard Gruszczynski
                                            Learn more about                         Treasurer – Ann Potter
the wonderful people at Caledon
Mountain Veterinary Clinic for their here                     Secretary – Gaynor Ward
care of “the Dude” the last few weeks                                                Executive Directors –
of his life and, especially his last day.         Ellen Van der Kooy
                                            ages/AboutUsOverview.aspx                Tish Gruszczynski
My world is a little darker now without                                              Mari Lou Powell
my light to make me smile. He was           To donate or view SOAR’s page,           Rhett Butler (honestly – ed.)
brave, strong & independent to the          please click here…
                                                                                     Email us at:
He had touched so many lives &    
made so many people smile & laugh.          arityProfilePage.aspx?CharityI 
He was an amazing dog! He loved             D=95259
everyone he met - people & dogs                                                      Mail us at:
alike. Despite being weak & feeling
like crap, he insisted, a week before
                                                                                           The Editor, The Howler
he died, that he attend the Howl-o-
Woof party.                                                                                   14 Bingham Road
                                                                                           Brampton, ON L6V 2K1
The words of one of his “nurses”
(vet tech) say it best:
Page 5                                                                                   The Howler
            Join Our                     DOGS IN THE NEWS                   "You hear about family dogs
                                                                            protecting their owners, but this
    Sponsorship Program               Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman,           dog had nothing to do with this
Southern Ontario Animal Rescue        Child from Attacker                   woman or her kid," Jones said.
(SOAR) is pleased to present our      "He was like her guardian angel."
new Sponsorship Program. For          raydogsaveswomanchildheldatk-
just $5 a month, you can help us      993                                   After the alleged thief ran away,
pay for vet and kennel bills of the                                         Angela quickly placed her son,
dogs we rescue and help find          November 5, 2008                      Jordan, in the car and tried to drive
them a forever home.                                                        off. Before she could, though, the
                                      PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- The           dog jumped into her backseat,
As you can imagine, many of them      wandering 65-pound Pit Bull mix       waiting with her for the police and
come to us with several medical       might have seemed menacing to         animal control officers to arrive at
conditions so we ensure the dogs      some passerby, but one woman          the scene.
are healthy and that they pass a      will always remember him as her
temperament test before placing       "guardian angel."                     The dog was transported to a local
them in the loving home of an                                               shelter and if his owners don't step
adoptive family.                      The dog, which authorities think is   forward within five days, Jones
                                      lost and not a stray, successfully    said, Angela and her family plan to
Your sponsorship benefits would       thwarted a robbery attack on a        adopt the saviour she named
include:                              mother and her 2-year-old son,        "Angel."
                                      who were held at knifepoint
    SOAR monthly newsletter          Monday afternoon.                     Animal control officers and shelter
     emailed to you which includes                                          workers believe Angel is lost, and
     pictures and stories of dogs     The Florida woman, who has been       not a stray, because of his good
     you helped rescue and            identified by authorities simply as   health, sturdy weight and mild
     information on upcoming          "Angela," was leaving a play-         temperament.
     SOAR events                      ground with her toddler son in Port
                                      Charlotte when a man approached       "It's funny, that someone's
    Advance notice/registration of   her in the parking lot with a knife   irresponsibility could have saved
     all of S.O.A.R.’s educational    and told her not to make any noise    someone's life," Jones said of
     seminars & events, including     or sudden movements.                  Angel's possible owners.
     discounted registration fees
     upon presentation of your        Angela didn't have to do either to    For Angela, it doesn't matter
     sponsorship card                 protect herself and her child -- a    where the dog came from; just
                                      dog mysteriously ran to the scene     that he was there when she
    Exclusive invitation to          and charged the man, who quickly      needed him most.
     S.O.A.R.’s members-only          fled.
     events                                                                 "I don't know what his [the thief's]
                                      "I don't think the dog physically     intentions were -- I don't know why
    Annual tax receipt               attacked the man, but he went at      he did it, but I'm glad that -- we call
                                      him and was showing signs of          him Angel -- I'm glad that Angel
    Comfort in knowing you           aggression, just baring his teeth     showed up because I don't know
     helped saved an animals life!    and growling and barking. It was      what would have happened,"
                                      clear he was trying to defend this    Angela told NBC2 News.
                                      woman," Animal Control Lt. Brian
If you would be interested in being   Jones told Pet Pulse.                 For a small town with a population
a sponsor, please let us know and                                           of 46,452, animal control officers
we can send you a sponsorship         "I don't know what this man's         were kept busy Monday afternoon.
package that will contain all the     intentions were, but it is very       Jones says they department also
details about how your payments       possible this dog saved her life."    responded to a report about a boa
can be made.                          The exceptional part of the story,    constrictor in a church parking lot.
                                      Jones said, is that the dog had
                                      never met or even seen the
                                      people it quickly jumped to defend.
Page 6                                                                                    The Howler
The snake found its way into a car     ccexclusive. The MAF exclusive         funding breakthrough research
engine and was able to be                                                     studies benefiting animals in some
removed without being harmed. It       includes a question and answer         100 countries, spanning all seven
took three people to move the          session conducted by three             continents. MAF has its
massive, seemingly random              veterinary oncologists from the        headquarters in Denver. The
placed snake.                          Colorado State University Animal       Foundation has funded nearly
                                       Cancer Center – the largest facility   1,400 humane animal health
"It's funny, because we aren't a big   of its kind in the world. Questions    studies. Charity Navigator ranks
place," he said of the Gulf Coast      have been submitted from owners        MAF as a four-star charity, the
town. "And we can go for four or       whose dogs are suffering from          highest rating. For more
five months without the media          cancer, animal lovers, as well as      information, call 800.243.2345, or
contacting us about a story. It's      dog breeders, boarding kennel          visit
been a busy week."                     managers and others.         
                                       The Web presentation also
Officers from the responding
                                       includes canine cancer facts and
county sheriff's office canvassed
                                       updates from the Sprecher
the area and were unable to locate
                                       Institute for Comparative Cancer
the suspect described as being in
                                       Research at Cornell University             HAPPY BEGINNINGS
his 20s, tall and dark haired.
                                       College of Veterinary Medicine.        This section is dedicated to our
                                       This prestigious institute is at the   Dogs who found their “forever
                                       forefront of research benefiting       homes”.
                                       both animals and humans. Links
                                       are provided to Cornell's “Pet         Each newsletter will feature lucky
      HEALTH WATCH                     Owner's Guide to Cancer” and           dogs who have been adopted and
                                       other cancer educational sites.        are now enjoying loving homes.
Canine Cancer #1 Fear of
                                       Also at the MAF canine cancer
Dog Lovers - Crucial Facts             presentation Web page are links
for Dog Owners                         to many of the leading veterinary
                                       and canine cancer centers in the        United States and the United
articles.asp?ID=1239                   Kingdom. Dog owners/lovers can
                                       learn about and access the
Denver, January 13, 2009: Dog          excellent resources closest to their
owners and lovers in the United        home.
States view canine cancer as the                                                            Dioge
greatest health threat to their        MAF launched an unprecedented
beloved pets. They are correct.        global campaign to raise funds to
One in four dogs die of cancer.        cure canine cancer in the next 10
Cancer is the number one cause         to 20 years, and while seeking the
of death in dogs over the age of 2.    ultimate cure, will develop more
Morris Animal Foundation (MAF)         effective treatments for dogs
has posted on its Web site,            suffering from cancer today. MAF,        is funding canine cancer research
a canine cancer exclusive of           at many of the top veterinary
special interest to dog owners and     colleges in the world. Learn more
dog lovers everywhere. The MAF         about the campaign at
canine cancer Web exclusive  
features information and insight                                                       BG & Lou-Lou
from two of the world's leading        About Morris Animal Foundation:
colleges of veterinary medicine        Morris Animal Foundation,
and canine cancer research             established in 1948, is dedicated
centers, Colorado State University     to funding animal health research
and Cornell University. View the       that protects, treats and cures
presentation at:                       companion animals and wildlife.
                                       MAF has been at the forefront of
Page 7                                                             The Howler

                     SOAR WAS THERE…                         th
                                                           4 Annual Christmas Party
                  Just to prove we actually are out &
                  about in a neighbourhood near you!

                   1st Annual Howl-o-Woof Party

                                                            Glory tellin’ Santa her list


                   Mari-Lou working the cash table

                                                             Santa and some friends

                           Scooby & Friend

                                                             Rich with his caricature

                         Bugsy makin’ friends

                                                        Our wonderful artist – Sam Gorrie!
                    Bugsy posing for his last event

                                                                                more pics…
Page 8                                                                                         The Howler
                                         GLOBAL PET FOODS,                      Roll out dough to thin sheet, put
                                         Hurontario & Airport Rd.,              flour on sheet and cut dough with
                                         Brampton                               cookie cutter of your choice.

                                         CALEDON MOUNTAIN                       Place on oiled cookie sheet. Bake
                                         VETERINARY HOSPITAL                    at 300F. for about 45 minutes, for
                                                                                hard lightly toasted biscuits.
                                         ACS Logistics, Brampton
                                                                                Let sit in turned off oven to finish
                                         DUE NORTH KENNELS,                     drying if you like.
  Tish announcing Raffle Winners         McCracken’s Landing

                                         FORRESTDALE KENNELS

                                         BINGO COUNTRY, Brampton

                                         Brian & Carol Carrigan,
     Ellen & Cora in the kitchen
                                         WEXFORD EMERGENCY
                                         CLINIC, Hwy. #10 & Wexford
                                         Rd., Brampton

                                         CANINE FOUNDATIONS, Barrie
    Leashes
    FLAT Collars                                                               The Howler is an independent
    Blankets                                              GRANNIE              publication, produced by private
    Beds                                                                       individuals. Its intention is strictly for
    Toys                                                  ANNIE’S              information only.
    Dishes                                                DOGGIE
    Crates                                                                     This newsletter and its entire contents
    Foster & Adoptive Homes                               RECIPES!             are Copyrighted  No part may be
                                                                                reproduced in whole or in part without
    Land to build a shelter of our
                                         Granny Annie is very popular in        the express written permission of
     own!                                                                       Southern Ontario Animal Rescue.
                                         her neighbourhood! She loves to
Of course, any monetary donation         make treats for all the dogs. If you
you wish to make is always very          have a great recipe you’d like to
much appreciated.                        share, send it in!

                                         Garlic Bites
                                         1 cup flour
We’d like to take this opportunity to    4-6 cloves garlic
thank the following organizations for    1/4 cup hot water
their continued support, whether it’s    1/8 cup chopped nuts or seeds
items to raffle off, medical services,   1 tbs. vegetable oil
food, etc. Without their generosity,     1 egg, beaten
we would be lost.                        dry milk powder

PET VALU, Sandalwood Pkwy &              Mix all ingredients in bowl (or food
Kingspoint Plaza in Brampton             processor) and add enough milk
                                         powder to make firm dough.

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