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                                                                                                                                January 2012
Family update
We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and great New Year. Our lives have
still been really busy as there have been lots of changes going on. The most exciting
was the arrival of our son Joshua Levi Corrigan, he was born on December 21 at 2:55
am. This was by far my best labor, still really intense but much shorter than with
John and James. I was in active labor from about 9pm until 3am and had about 20
minutes of pushing. He was much bigger than the other boys weighing in at 8lbs
5.6oz and 19 inches long. I was able to do the birth all natural which has made my
recovery much easier. He came out perfect and is so sweet and peaceful. We are
thankful that the Lord has entrusted us to raise him. John and James really like their
little brother and are always wanting to give him hugs and kisses and hold him.
Around Thanksgiving time we began asking John when baby Joshua would come out
and he simply said Wednesdays; and every time we’d ask him he’d say Wednesdays.
Sure enough baby Joshua was born on a Wednesday! Our Christmas was good, but
didn’t fully feel like Christmas as we were packing up getting ready to move into our
new house. A few days after I got out of the hospital we moved into our new house,
on December 27th. We were able to move in before the house was completely
finished, we could move in once they put the carpet and tile in. There are sill some
things that are being worked on but for the most part it is almost done. It was crazy
timing to move into a house, right after having a baby but thankfully we had 5 of
Ryan’s friends come help us move! So we have slowly been unpacking and settling
into our new place, it has been challenging for me to not do too much, but I’m
learning to be patient and that everything will eventually get done. We are enjoying
living in our new house, and are excited for the construction to soon be complete!
The boys are loving the new house, having more room to run around and also
enjoying playing in the backyard!
one thing internship
The last one thing internship ended on December 20th. We were unsure of how everything
would play out since my due date was December 11th and the last week of the internship is
quite busy. The timing of everything was perfect. Ryan went to the one thing graduation at
10am on Dec 20th the last event of the internship and I was having a few contractions,
which intensified throughout the day and baby Joshua ended up being born late that night!
The Lord is good and His timing is good!! We were thankful that Ryan was able to finish
out the internship well, then be able to fully enjoy his newborn son! It was so encouraging
seeing the lives of these young men in Ryan’s core group radically changed throughout the
six months of the internship. On January 12th Ryan will be getting a new core group of 9
guys. There will probably be about 80 interns who will be in this next internship. We are
excited to see who the Lord brings and excited to see how He will change their lives!!
Please be praying for these interns as they are preparing to come out to Kansas City. Pray
that the Lord would meet them in radical ways and encounter their hearts with His love!

                                              Please note our new address:

                                  7904 E 134th Terrace Grandview, MO 64030

Ryan & Sally Corrigan. 7904 E 134th terrace Grandview, MO 64030. 303.229.0570. .

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