SUNY Plattsburgh Walking Tour by ewghwehws



         Let’s Get Started
                      Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                                               ge                                 

Walking Tour Destinations

                                                                                                                                                                        F IE

  	 1.	Kehoe	Administration	Building

  	 2.	102	Broad	Street
  	 3.	Redcay	Hall
  	 4.	Hudson	Hall

  	 5.	Hawkins	Hall

  	 6.	Ward	Hall


  	 7.	Beaumont	Hall
  	 8.	Yokum	Hall
  	 9.	Feinberg	Library
  	10.	Angell	College	Center
  	11.	Champlain	Valley	Hall
  	 2.	Whiteface	Hall	
  1                                                                                                                   13
  	 3.	Algonquin	Hall

  	14.	Clinton	Dining	Hall

                                                           c             17                                       11
  	15.	Sibley	Hall                                       na
                                                  S   ara
  	16.	Saranac	Hall	&	College	Store                                 18
  	17.	Student	Health	Center                                                  16
  	18.	University	Police
  	19.	Memorial	Hall

  	 0.	Myers	Fine	Arts	Building


                                                                   19                      za                     9


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                                                                                           1                                            Ave
                                                                                        P                P                 7

                                                       Broad Street
                                      atts                                          2
                                  n Pl
                                                                                        Bee reet

Legend                                                                                                       4


      Residence	Halls
      Classroom & Administration	Buildings                                        t
                                                                        off S
      Emergency	Phones                                              kerh
      Handicapped	Parking                                                                           3
  P Visitor	Parking,	permit	required	8	a.m.	to		
      4:30	p.m.	Monday	through	Friday.	
      Permits	are	available	at	the	Student	Accounts	
      window,	1st	floor	Kehoe	Building.                                            rt St                                                                   oute
                                                                              Cou                                                            et, R
                                                                                                                                    a   Stre
                    Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                          

Kehoe Administration Building
                                                                                      Visitor Parking
         Your	first	stop	is	the	Kehoe	Administration	Building.	Inside	Kehoe,	
    >>   you	will	find:
                                                                                      Visitor parking is available
                                                                                      right outside the front doors
                    Student Accounts, 1st floor                                       of Kehoe and also in the lot
                      Processes	student	bills	and	distributes	refund	checks.          behind Kehoe to the right.
                                                                                      Before beginning this
                         Graduate Admissions, 1st floor                               tour, please visit Student
                         Provides	admission	assistance	and	services	for	              Accounts on the first floor
                         graduate	students.                                           of Kehoe to obtain a free
                                                                                      visitor’s parking pass. A
                        Cardinal Connections, 1st floor                               parking pass is necessary
                        The	Student/Alumni	Center	for	Professional	                   Monday through Friday from
                      Development	connects	students	with	alums	who	can	               8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                   help	them	find	work	opportunities.

             Career Development Center, 8th floor
             Offers	individual	career	counseling,	mock	interviews,	                   Hours
         internships,	and	job	search	assistance.                                      Offices are open Monday
         International Student Services & Admissions, 2nd floor                       through Friday from 8
                                                                                      a.m. to 4:30 p.m. most of
         Provides admission	assistance	and	services	and	student	support	for	
                                                                                      the year. Summer hours
         international	students.
                                                                                      are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
         Registrar, 3rd floor                                                         Monday through Friday.
         Assists with course	registration	and	keeps	academic	records.                 Classroom buildings are
                                                                                      generally open from 7:30
         Financial Aid, 4th floor                                                     a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays.
         Prepares student	aid	packages	and	organizes	work-study	programs.
                                                                                      Dining halls are open
         Undergraduate Admissions, 10th floor                                         during the fall and spring
         Provides	admission	assistance	and	services	for	freshmen	and	                 semesters only. Days and
         transfer	students.                                                           hours vary at each hall.

102 Broad Street
         Exit	Kehoe	through	the	main	doors	facing	the	parking	lot	and	walk	over	to	Broad	Street.	Cross	Broad	
    >>   Street	at	the	traffic	light.	You	will	see	102	Broad	Street	in	front	of	you,	which	houses	our	Global	
         Education,	Adirondack	Experience,	and	Expeditionary	Studies	programs.

                           Adirondack Experience and Expeditionary Studies, 1st floor
                           •	 Take	courses	in	Sea	Kayaking,	Rock	and	Ice	Climbing,	and	Free-Heel	Skiing.
                           •	 Rent	equipment	for	a	very	affordable	price.
                           •	 Research,	plan,	train	for,	and	go	on	an	expedition	with	the	Expeditionary	Studies	major.
                           Global Education, 2nd floor
                           •	 Study	for	a	year	or	semester	abroad	in	Canada,	Mexico,	Chile,	Australia,	Spain,	
                              or	England.
                           •	 Participate	in	National	Srudent	Exchange	or	National	Outdoor	Leadership	
                           •	 Over	400	more	locations	are	available	through	other	SUNY	campuses.
                    Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                    

Redcay Hall
         Continue	down	Beekman	Street	to	Redcay	Hall	on	your	right.	The	School	of	Business	and	Economics	
    >>   (SBE)	is	located	in	Redcay	Hall	along	with	several	academic	programs.	

                        Academic Programs in Redcay Hall
                           •		Anthropology
                            •		Computer	Science
                              •		Criminal	Justice
                              •		Sociology
                             Academic Programs in the School of Business and Economics
                             •		Accounting
                               •		Business	Administration
                                •		Economics
                                •		Entrepreneurship
                                •		Finance
                               •		Global	Supply	Chain	Management
                            •		Hotel,	Restaurant,	&	Tourism	Management
                         •		International	Business
                         •		Management
                         •		Marketing

Hawkins Hall
         Cross	Beekman	Street.	The	building	in	front	of	you	is	Hawkins	
    >>   Hall.	This	campus	landmark	building	is	on	the	site	of	the	original	      Resources and
         teacher’s	college,	the	Normal	&	Training	School	at	Plattsburgh.          Facilities in
                                                                                  Hawkins Hall
                        Academic Programs in Hawkins Hall
                           •		Geography                                           • Damianos Nursing Skills
                              •		Nursing
                               •		Honors	Program                                  • Giltz Auditorium
                               •		Latin	American	Studies                          • Krinovitz Recital Hall
                               •		Mathematics                                     • Hans & Vera Hersh Gallery
                              •		Nutrition                                        • Hawkins Patio Snack Bar
                             •		Political	Science                                 • President’s Office
                          •		Women’s	Studies

Ward Hall
         Ward	Hall	is	the	yellow	brick	building	behind	the	pond.	Ward	Hall	is	home	to	several	academic	programs	
    >>   and	archaeology	labs.

                       Academic Programs in Ward Hall
                         •		Counselor	Education
                          •		Human	Development	&	Family	Relations
                           •		Social	Work
                           Resources and Facilities
                           •		Counseling	Services	Clinic
                          •		Human	Osteology	and	Paleopathology	Lab
                         •		Historical	Archaeology	Lab
                   Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                  

Hudson Hall
         Exit	Ward	Hall	and	past	the	pond	on	the	right	is	Hudson	Hall.	Enter	through	the	doors	facing	the	
    >>   pond.	The	office	of	the	Dean	of	Arts	and	Science	is	down	the	hall	to	the	right.

                          Academic Programs in Hudson Hall
                            •		Chemistry
                             •		Geology
                              •		Geography
                              •		Environmental	Science
                              •		Environmental	Studies
                             •		Physics
                           Resources and Facilities
                         •		Center	for	Earth	and	Environmental	Science
                         •		Environmental	Chemistry	&	Geochemistry	Labs
                         •		Lake	Champlain	Research	Institute
                         •		Remote	Sensing/GIS	Lab

                           North Country Planetarium
                           The	North	Country	Planetarium	to	the	right	of	the	
                           entrance	doors	facing	the	pond.	It	is	used	as	a	classroom,	
                           astronomy	lab,	and	presents	shows	to	the	public.	Shows	are	
                           tailored	for	all	age	groups,	from	pre-school	to	adult.
                           SUNY	Plattsburgh	students	can	participate	in	converting	
                           older	show	programs	into	computer-controlled,	digital	
                           presentations	for	other	planetariums.	Students	learn	to	
                           digitize	materials	and	then	write	computer	programs	to	time	
                           the	projectors,	music,	&	lighting	so	shows	run	automatically.

Beaumont Hall
         Go	back	to	the	pond	and	then	up	the	outdoor	staircase	at	the	end	of	Hudson	Hall	
    >>   nearest	the	parking	lot.	Cross	the	footbridge	over	Broad	Street.	Beaumont	Hall	is	
         the	first	building	on	your	right.

                      Academic Programs in Beaumont Hall
                         •		Biological	Sciences
                          •		Psychology
                           Resources and Facilities
                           •		Auditory	Research	Labs
                           •		Beaumont	Laboratory	Classrooms
                               •		DNA	Sequencer
                                 •		Environmental	Health	and	Safety
                                  •		Genetics	Laboratory
                                  •		Neuropsychology	Clinic	and	Psychoeducational	Service
                                  •		Traumatic	Brain	Injury	(TBI)	Center
                    Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                     

Yokum Hall
         Yokum	Hall	is	directly	in	front	of	you	as	you	cross	the	footbridge.	       Smart Classrooms
    >>   There	are	nine	Smart	Classrooms	in	Yokum	used	by	all	majors.	              These special classrooms
         General	education	classes	are	also	frequently	taught	here.                 let instructors go beyond
                                                                                    the blackboard and
                       Academic Programs in Yokum Hall                              lecture with multimedia
                         •		Audio-Radio	&	Digital	Media	Production                  presentations.
                          •		Communication	Studies                                  We have over 30 smart
                            •		Journalism                                           classrooms in 9 buildings.
                            •		Public	Relations	&	Organizational		                  The teaching stations
                            	 Communication                                         in these rooms feature
                           •		TV-Video	Production	&	Broadcast	Journalism            computers that control
                         Resources and Facilities                                   ceiling-mounted projectors,
                       •		All	Points	North	Online	Magazine                          VCR/DVD players, amplifiers,
                   •		ALT	Convergence	Media	Online	Outlet                           mixers, and stereo speakers.
                   •		Audio	&	Video	Labs
                   •		Center	for	Journalism	and	Communication
                   •		PSTV	Campus	Television	Station

Feinberg Library
         Continue	down	the	walkway	to	Feinberg	Library.	Enter	at	the	far	left	corner	of	the	building.	The	
    >>   Reference	Room	and	computers	for	accessing	the	electronic	library	catalogue	are	on	your	right.

                       Resources in Feinberg Library
                         •		Reference	&	electronic	search	areas	                 •		Carrels	for	independent	study
                          •		Full-text	scholarly	journal	databases	              •		Inter-Library	Loan
                            •		Over	300,000	books	and	1,400	periodicals

                              Rockwell Kent Gallery
                                Down	the	hallway	and	past	the	Reference	Room	is	the	Rockwell	Kent	Gallery.	
                                If	open,	feel	free	to	go	right	into	the	gallery.	The	Rockwell	Kent	Gallery	at	
                                Plattsburgh	State	contains	the	most	complete	and	balanced	collection	of	
                                Kent’s	work	in	the	United	States.

                        Claude J. Clark Learning Center
                          Go	back	out	into	the	Library	lobby	and	head	downstairs	and	enter	the	Learning	
                          Center	on	your	right.	The	Learning	Center	features:
                           •		Free	tutoring	in	200	courses
                           •		Writing	lab	and	writing	tutors
                          •		Open	24	hours	during	finals	week	

               Feinberg Computer Lab and Extended Computer Labs
                   Leaving	the	Learning	Center,	the	Feinberg	Computer	Lab	is	on	your	right.	The	labs	features	
                    over	200	state-of-the-art	computer	systems	equipped	with	Microsoft	Office,	Internet	
                     Explorer,	and	Mozilla	Firefox,	some	with	discipline-specific	software,	scanners,	Zip	drives,	
                     and	CD	writers.	Resources	include:
                      •		Open	12-16	hours	daily	with	extended	hours	during	finals	week
                     •		Free	black	&	white	laser	printing
                   •		Small	fee	for	other	printing	services
                   Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                      

Angell College Center
         Leave	the	Computer	Lab	and	walk	down	the	hall	to	the	right	into	Angell	College	Center—you	will	
    >>   pass	the	services	below	as	you	walk	through.

                       Student Support Services (SSS)
                         The	office	on	your	left	provides	academic	services	for	first-generation,	modest	
                          income,	or	disabled	students.

                           Educational Opportunity Program Office (EOP)
                              The	Educational	Opportunity	Program	(EOP)	is	a	support	program	for	students	
                               from	financially	disadvantaged	families.	EOP	students	who	also	meet	
                                academic	guidelines	benefit	from	advisors,	tutors,	and	financial	assistance	to	
                                help	them	succeed.

                                Angell College Center Information Desk
                             Continue	walking	through	the	Angell	College	         Greek Life —
                          Center	and	the	College	Center	Desk	will	be	on	          Fraternities &
                          your	right.	The	College	Center	Desk	offers:             Sororities
                          •		Discount	tickets	for	area	events	and	attractions     Membership is about 6% of
                       •		Buy	stamps	and	send	mail	off-campus                     our student population.
                   •		Burghy	DVD	and	Video	Den	                                   Our fraternities and
                                                                                  sororities logged over 6,000
             Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism                         community service hours
                   Ahead	of	you	is	the	Center	for	Service	Learning	and	           and raised $23,500 for
                     Volunteerism.	Opportunities	include:                         charities last year.
                        •		Project HELP—volunteer	at	local	schools,	soup	         The Office of Fraternity and
                        kitchens,	nursing	homes,	and	roadside	cleanups.           Sorority Life (2nd Floor of
                        •		Alternative Breaks Program—gain	service	               the Angell College Center)
                       experience	during	both	winter	and	spring	breaks.	          sponsors Up ‘Til Dawn, an
                      •		Community Service Scholarship—scholarships	are	          annual fundraising event
                   awarded	for	community	service	to	new	students.                 for St. Jude’s Children’s
          •		Student Service Corp—scholarships	are	awarded	for	                   Hospital.
             community	service	to	upper-level	students.                           Our clubs, organizations,
                                                                                  and teams raised $20,000
         Campus Express                                                           this year alone!
         On	your	left	is	Campus	Express,	a	convenience	store	with	snacks,	
         beverages,	newspapers,	magazines,	health	and	beauty	aids.

                   Student Association, 2nd Floor
                   The	College	Center	is	also	home	to	our	student	government—the	Student	Association.	A	
                   $65	per	semester	fee	provides:
                   •	 ree	shuttle	service	around	the	city	of	Plattsburgh	         •	 Sunday	night	movies
                   •	 iscounted	buses	home	for	holidays	                          •	 Weekly	ski	trips
                   •	 ponsored	trips	to	Burlington,	Montreal,	New	York	City	      •	 On-campus	concerts

         Places to Eat in Angell College Center
          •		Fresh	Express	serves	breakfast	all	day.
          •		Tim	Hortons	serves	coffee,	sandwiches,	and	baked	goods.
          •		Subway	&	Green	Grocer	serves	subs,	fresh	fruit,	and	veggies.
          •		Sundowner	Café	serves	baked	goods,	salads,	sandwiches,	grilled	food,	pasta,	and	pizza.
                    Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                       

Champlain Valley Hall
         Return	to	the	first	floor	and	exit	through	the	doors	to	the	right	of	the	Sundowner	Café.	Go	through	
    >>   the	courtyard	and	up	the	short	flight	of	stairs.	Champlain	Valley	Hall	is	in	front	of	you.	The	oldest	
         building	on	our	campus,	this	was	once	the	nurses’	residence	for	Champlain	Valley	hospital.

                        Academic Programs in Champlain Valley Hall
                          •		English
                           •		Foreign	Languages	&	Literature
                           •		History
                           •		Philosophy

Residence Halls
         Continue	down	Rugar	Street	to	Whiteface	Hall.	Whiteface	is	one	of	two	residence	halls	that	are	home	
    >>   to	WISE:	Whiteface/Wilson	Initiative	for	Student	Engagement.	First-year	students	can	opt	to	live	in	
         Whiteface	or	Wilson	Halls	and	take	advantage	of	extra	academic	and	residential	support:	
                                  Two	Resident	Mentors	on	each	floor	help	students	transition	into	college	
                                  life	and	participate	in	activities	with	students	at	least	4	times	a	semester.	
                                   One	Faculty	Mentor	for	each	floor	attends	workshops	with	students	to	
                                   bridge	the	gap	between	academics	and	residence	life.	Your	mentor	will	
                                   have	office	hours	right	in	your	building!
                                   First	Year	Advocates	are	assigned	to	freshmen	who	choose	to	live	in	other	
                                  residence	halls.	These	advocates	help	students	with	transition	questions	
                                  and	issues.

                 Residence Hall Resources and Facilities (All Residence Halls)
                  •		12	residence	halls	to	choose	from	on	campus—all	coed,	all	non-smoking,	all	for	the		
               							same	price
            •		400	free	long-distance	minutes	per	month	and	unlimited	on-campus	calls	(phone	not	
            •	 Free	internet	access	(2	ports	per	room)	and	free	cable	TV	access
            •	 Furniture	includes	a	bed,	desk,	chair,	and	dresser	for	each	       Off-Campus Housing
               student                                                            Many students who move
            •	 Rooms	have	keyless	combination	locks	and	halls	are	accessed	       off-campus live within
               with	proximity	cards.                                              walking distance of the
            •	 Resident	Assistants	(RAs)	on	each	floor	and	a	full-time	           college, but they must live
               Residence	Hall	Director	in	each	hall                               on-campus for their first
            •	 Laundry	facilities	in	each	hall	with	a	$35	fee	for	unlimited	      two years (four semesters).
               washer	&	dryer	use—no	coins	needed!                                On-campus housing is
            •	 Activities	include	games,	crafts,	community	service,	and	          guaranteed for all four
               health	&	safety	information	sessions                               years. The college does
            •	 Main	lounge	on	the	1st	floor	with	a	television,	piano,	vending	    not own any off-campus
               machines,	and	a	pool	table.                                        housing, but listings are
            •	 Kitchenettes	in	each	hall	have	a	microwave,	conventional	          available in the Housing &
               oven,	stove,	and	a	full-size	refrigerator.                         Residence Life Office.
                    Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                     

Algonquin Dining Hall
         Algonquin	Dining	Hall	is	the	next	building	on	your	right.	It	is	one	of	two	main	dining	halls.	
    >>   Algonquin	has	become	the	“green	hub”	on	campus,	offering	organic	and	locally	grown	produce	as	
               well	as	biodegradable	take-out	packaging.
                   Hours	are	11	a.m.–8	p.m.	Monday	through	Friday	and	9	a.m.–9	p.m.	Saturday	and	Sunday.
                    Little	Al’s	Takeout	offers	the	Algonquin	Hall	menu	for	diners	on	the	run.	Hours	are	11	
                    a.m.–8	p.m.	Monday	through	Friday	and	9	a.m.–9	p.m.	Saturday	and	Sunday.

Clinton Dining Hall
         Cross	Rugar	Street	at	the	crosswalk.	Clinton	Dining	Hall	is	down	the	long	sidewalk	between	Mason	
    >>   Hall	and	Hood	Hall.	Enter	through	the	main	doors	and	go	downstairs—just	let	the	attendant	know	
         you	are	on	a	self-guided	campus	tour.
                    Clinton	Dining	Hall	features	several	display-cooking	areas:	Asian	Wok	station,	Planet	
                        Healthy,	and	the	Pizza	&	Pasta	Station.
                           Clinton	offers	continuous	service	Monday	through	Friday	from	7:00	a.m.–9:00	p.m.	
                            with	hot	breakfast	express,	full	brunch	and	dinner	on	Saturdays	and	Sundays.	Meal	
                            card,	cash	or	debit	accounts	allow	entrance	and	unlimited	portions	of	food.	Each	
                            platform	will	have	a	different	option	every	day—there	is	a	great	deal	of	variety	in	
                           this	dining	facility!

Sibley Hall
         Exit	Clinton	and	return	to	Rugar	Street.	Turn	left	and	follow	Rugar	Street	to	Sibley	Hall.	Sibley	Hall	is	
    >>   on	your	left.	Enter	through	the	main	doors.			

                        Academic Programs in Sibley Hall
                            •		Adolescence	(Secondary)	Education
                               •		Childhood	(Elementary)	Education
                                •		Communication	Disorders	&	Sciences
                                  •		Curriculum	and	Instruction
                                  •		Educational	Leadership
                                  •		Hotel,	Restaurant,	&	Tourism	Management
                                 •		Literacy	Education
                               •		Special	Education
                            Resources and Facilities
                          •		Alzheimer’s	Disease	Assistance	Center
                          •		Child	Care	Center	(infant	through	pre-k	education)
                          •		North	Country	Teacher	Resource	Center
                          •		Speech	and	Hearing	Clinic
                      Samuel D’s
                        Samuel	D’s	is	the	hands-on	laboratory	for	the	Hotel,	Restaurant,	and	Tourism	
                         Management	program.	The	restaurant	serves	lunch	on	Tuesdays	and	dinner	on	
                         Thursdays.	The	coffee	shop	is	open	weekdays	from	8:00–11:00	a.m.	(Reservations	are	
                         required	for	lunch	and	dinner,	please	call	(518)	564-4260).
                      Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                 10

Saranac Hall
                          As	you	walk	down	the	sidewalk,	you	will	pass	Mason	and	Kent	Residence	Halls.	After	
                 >>       Macomb	Residence	Hall,	the	next	building	on	your	right	will	be	Saranac	Hall.

                      College Store
                   Enter	the	College	Store	on	the	main	(street)	level.	The	store	offers	texts	and	materials	for	
                  courses	and	SUNY	Plattsburgh	t-shirts,	sweatshirts,	gifts,	and	more.	Hours	are	weekdays	
                 8:30	a.m.	to	5:00	p.m.	and	Saturdays	from	noon	to	4:00	p.m.

Student Health Center
                         Exit	the	store	and	turn	left.	Go	down	the	stairs	and	past	the	Telecommunications	
                 >>      office.	The	Student	Health	Center	is	directly	in	front	of	you.
                   The	Center	provides	women’s	health	services,	psychological	services,	a	walk-in	clinic,	
                   allergy	injections,	and	nutritional	advice	to	students	on	weekdays.	Students	needing	
                   urgent	care	on	nights	and	weekends	can	go	to	Plattsburgh’s	Champlain	Valley	Physician’s	
                  Hospital	just	one	block	from	campus.

University Police
                          To	the	left	of	the	Student	Health	Center	is	the	University	Police	Department.	The	
                 >>       main	entrance	is	on	the	far	left	side	of	the	building.
                   University	Police	patrols	the	campus	24	hours	a	day.	It	provides	instructional	
                   programming	for	students	on	self-defense,	escort	service	to	and	from	campus	buildings,	
                  and	enforce	student	codes	of	conduct.

Memorial Hall
         Follow	the	parking	lot	outside	the	University	Police	Department	back	to	Rugar	Street.	Memorial	Hall	
    >>   is	the	next	building	on	your	right.	Enter	through	the	main	doors	facing	the	street.

                        Athletics in Memorial Hall
                           •		NCAA	Division	III	sports	(Go	Cardinals!)
                            •		Intramurals	(70%	of	our	students	are	involved)
                             •		Basketball
                             •		Gymnasium
                             •		Indoor	pool
                                 •		Recreational	sports
                                   •		Racquet	ball
                                   •		Sports	clubs	
                                 Fitness Center
                                 Go	through	the	doors	to	the	left	of	the	main	entrance	and	down	two	flights	of	
                              stairs	to	the	Fitness	Center.	Membership	benefits	for	just	$65	per	semester	are:
                             •		Equipment	includes	cardiovascular	machines,	free	weights,	and	circuit	weights
                             •		Free	sessions	with	a	personal	trainer
                            •		Nearly	40	group	classes	each	week,	including	aerobics,	spinning,	kickboxing,	
                           and	yoga
                    Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                   11

Myers Fine Arts Building
         Cross	Rugar	Street	at	the	crosswalk.	Myers	Fine	Arts	Building	will	be	in	front	of	you	on	the	left.	Enter	
    >>   Myers	through	the	doors	facing	the	parking	lot.	Inside	Myers,	you	will	find:

                       Academic Programs in Myers Fine Arts Building
                          •		Art
                           •		Music
                            •		Theatre                                               Art Resources
                                                                                     in Myers FIne Arts
                           Resources and Facilities                                  Building
                            •		Hartman	Theatre	
                          •		MIDI	Lab	and	Audio	Technology                           Studios
                         •		Music	Practice	&	Rehearsal	Rooms                         • Ceramics
                      •		Myers	Lobby	Gallery	(student	exhibits)                      • Photography
                                                                                     • Drawing
                     Burke Gallery                                                   • Printmaking
                       Go	upstairs	to	the	Burke	Gallery.	If	open,	go	right	into	     • Graphic Design
                       the	gallery.	This	gallery	hosts	about	7	exhibits	per	year	    • Sculpture
                         and	has	several	special	collections.                        • Painting
                             Regina Slatkin Study Room                               Facilities
                             The	study	room	houses	a	glass	collection	and	           • Foundry
                             allows	students	to	study	other	pieces	in	the	           • Metal Fabrication
                             collection	close	up,	including	antiquities,	tribal	     • Macintosh Lab
                            arts,	and	Asian	works,	as	well	as	early	modernist	       • Wood & Metal Shop
                           works	by	Rodin,	Bonnard,	and	Cézanne.

                       Plattsburgh State Art Museum
                       Our	art	museum’s	collection	includes	over	5,000	works	of	art	from	antiquities	to	
                      modern	pieces.	The	collection	is	displayed	not	only	in	the	museum’s	galleries	but	all	
                     over	campus	through	the	Museum	Without	Walls	program.

              Nina Winkel Sculpture Court
                    Enter	the	Nina	Winkel	Sculpture	Court	either	through	the	back	doors	of	the	Burke	Gallery	
                       or	by	passing	the	Slatkin	Room	and	following	the	hallway	to	your	left.	Nina	Winkel	
                         used	terracotta,	stone,	bronze,	and	copper	to	create	works	in	themes	ranging	from	
                          mythology,	the	Bible,	WWII,	and	her	life	experiences.
                          •		The	New	York	Times	names	it	as	among	the	best	galleries	in	upstate	New	York.
                          •		The	sculpture	court	displays	45	years	of	artistry	by	the	late	Nina	Winkel.
                         •		The	last	piece	of	art	she	ever	finished	hangs	on	the	far	wall.
                       •		It	is	the	largest	space	in	the	country	dedicated	solely	to	the	art	of	one	woman.
                    Exit	through	the	back	doors	of	Nina	Winkel	by	the	Art	Office,	go	out	onto	the	walkway,	
         and	enter	Kehoe	on	your	right.
         We	hope	that	you	have	enjoyed	this	tour	and	discovered	many	unique	and	interesting	things	at	
         SUNY	Plattsburgh.	We	welcome	you	to	stop	by	Admissions	Office	before	you	leave.

>> Want to Learn More?
         If	you	have	any	questions	please	stop	by	the	Admissions	Office	on	the	10th	floor	or	Graduate	
         Admissions	on	the	1st	floor	of	the	Kehoe	Building.	Office	hours	are	8:00	a.m.	to	4:30	p.m.,	Monday	
         through	Friday.
         Phone:	(518)	564-2040	or	toll-free	1-888-673-0012	
                              Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                                           1

Getting to SUNY Plattsburgh                                                                                Montreal

Estimated Travel Times by Car                                                                                       Burlington
                                                                                                                      89   Montpelier
				•	Albany,	NY:	2.5	hrs.
                                                                              Saranac Lake
				•	Binghamton,	NY:	5	hrs.                                                     Lake Placid
				•	Boston,	MA:	5	hrs.                                                       ADIRONDACKS

				•	Buffalo,	NY:	7	hrs.
                                                                                        Lake George
				•	Hartford,	CT:	4.5	hrs.
				•	Montreal,	Canada:	1	hr.              Buffalo            Syracuse        90

				•	New	York	City,	NY:	5.5	hrs.                         NEW YORK                                         Albany                       Boston
				•	Rochester,	NY:	6	hrs.                                                             88
				•	Springfield,	MA:	4	hrs.
				•	Syracuse,	N.Y	4.5	hrs.        Estimated Travel Times                                                            CONNECTICUT

                                         Albany, NY:           2.5 hrs.
General Travel Information               Binghamton            5 hrs.
                                         Boston                5 hrs.
				•	Bus	(Greyhound)	-	The	station	is	about	one-half	mile	from	the	campus.	
                                         Buffalo               7 hrs.
				•	Rail	(Amtrak)	-	The	station	is	about	a	mile	from	the	campus.

                                         Hartford              4.5 hrs.
				•	Air	(Continental	Connections)	-	Roughly	two	miles	from	the	campus,	on	Rte.	3.
                                         Montreal              1 hr.
				•	Taxi	Service	-	taxis	from	these	stations	are	available	and	affordable.
                                         New York City 5.5 hrs.
Driving Directions                       Rochester             6 hrs.
				•	From	Albany	(N.Y.C/Long	Island,	New	Jersey,	Western	New	York,	Massachusetts,	Connecticut)
                                         Springfield            4 hrs.
           1.	Take	the	Adirondack	Northway	(Interstate	87)	north	to	exit	37	(Plattsburgh)
                                         Syracuse              4.5 hrs.
          2.	Turn	right	at	the	traffic	light	and	proceed	east	on	Route	3
          3.	Go	1	mile	to	where	Route	3/Cornelia	Street	intersects	at	a	“Y”	with	Broad	Street
          4.	Bear	right	on	Broad	Street
          5.	At	the	third	traffic	light,	turn	right	and	the	Kehoe	Administration	Building	will	be	directly	in	front	of	you	
				•	From	the	East	(Vermont,	New	Hampshire)
          1.	Take	I-89N	in	Vermont	to	exit	17	(Rte	2)
          2.	Bear	right	on	Rte	2	and	follow	the	signs	to	the	Grand	Isle	Ferry
          3.	Take	the	ferry	to	New	York,	then	follow	314W	to	the	second	stoplight
          4.	Turn	left	on	Rte	9	and	follow	Hospital	signs
          5.	Continue	past	hospital	entrance	to	the	end	of	Beekman	Street
          6	The	Kehoe	Administration	Building	will	be	directly	in	front	of	you	
				•	From	the	North	Country	(Watertown,	Potsdam,	Malone)
          1.	Take	US-11	N	until	junction	with	NY-190	in	Ellenburg
          2.	At	the	flashing	yellow	light,	turn	right	onto	NY-190
          3.	Follow	NY-190	all	the	way	to	NY-3	(Plattsburgh)
          4.	Turn	left	onto	NY-3/Cornelia	Street
          5.	Go	approximately	2.5	miles	to	where	NY-3/Cornelia	St.	intersects	at	a	“Y”	with	Broad	Steet
          6.	Bear	right	on	Broad	Street
          7.	At	the	third	traffic	light,	turn	right	and	the	Kehoe	Administration	Building	will	be	directly	in	front	of	you	
				•	From	the	North	(Montreal,	Canada)
          1.	Take	Rte	15	South	until	you	reach	the	border
          2.	Continue	on	Adirondack	Northway	(I-87)	south	to	exit	37
          3.	Turn	right	at	the	traffic	light	and	proceed	east	on	Route	3
          4.	Go	1	mile	to	where	Route	3/Cornelia	Street	intersects	at	a	“Y”	with	Broad	Street
          5.	Bear	right	on	Broad	Street
          6	At	the	third	traffic	light,	turn	right	and	the	Kehoe	Administration	Building	will	be	directly	in	front	of	you	

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