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									                            Fernando J. Martinez, M.D., M.S.

Faculty Appointment:        Professor of Internal Medicine
                            Director, Pulmonary Diagnostic Services
                            Co-Medical Director, Lung Transplantation

Specialty:                  Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Clinical Interests:         Interstitial lung disease, COPD, lung transplantation,
                            exercise physiology, respiratory muscle function, pulmonary
                            rehabilitation, dyspnea, cost-effective use of diagnostic
                            resources, lung volume reduction.

Research Interests:         Interstitial lung disease, COPD, respiratory muscle function,
                            physiologic response to lung transplantation, optimal
                            diagnostic approach to the evaluation of dyspnea.

Degree:                     M.D., 1983, University of Florida School of Medicine
                            M.S., 2001, University of Michigan School of Public Health
                            Biostatistics and Clinical Study Design

Residency:                  Beth Israel Hospital 1984-1986

Fellowships:                Boston University Pulmonary Center 1986-1989

Certifications:             1986, Internal Medicine
                            1988, Pulmonary Medicine
                            1989, Critical Care Medicine

Faculty Appointment Date:   9/01/1991

Clinical Address:           A. Alfred Taubman Health Care Center
                            3rd Floor Taubman Center, Reception Area’s A & C
                            3916 Taubman Center
                            1500 E. Medical Center Drive
                            Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5360

Appointments:               Toll Free: 1-888-284-5864 (LUNG) or (734) 763-7668
Nursing:                         Toll Free: 1-888-284-5864 (LUNG) or (734) 763-7668
                                 Option selections: Appointments – 1
                                 Medical Records – 2; Billing – 3; Test Results – 4
                                 Prescription Refills – 5
                                 Leave a message or to speak to a nurse - 6

M-Line physician consultation: 1-800-962-3555
Clinic Fax:                    (734) 936-3494

Academic Office Address:         University of Michigan Health System
                                 3916 Taubman Center
                                 1500 E. Medical Center Drive
                                 Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5360

Academic Office Telephone:       (734) 763-2540
Academic Office Fax:             (734) 936-5048

Recent Articles:
1.    Han MK, McLaughlin VV, Criner GJ, Martinez FJ. Pulmonary diseases and the heart.
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