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The Diana Award                Diana Award

Youth Support Services         Derbyshire Yout...

Campaigning for young people   Barnados
Youth Leadership Training Programme   British Red Cro...

Young UK Ambassadors                  British Youth C...

BTEC First Diploma in Music           Cadet Vocationa...

Path to Independence                  Catch 22
Big Challenge Youth Leadership                 Changemakers

Youth Act/Giving National Challenge programme Citizenship Fou...

Leadership Award                               Clubs for Young...

Creative leadership programme                  Contented

Inspire Change                                 Dance for Life
Make a Difference project   Diversity Hub

Campaign for Change         ESSA

Youth in Action             Ignite

Leadership Foundation       Lucca Leadership
Muslim Youth Helpline Volunteering   Muslim Youth He...

Leadership through campaigning       People and Planet

Young Consultants                    The Mighty Creatives
Political Education for all                      UK Youth Parliament

WYSE International Leadership Programme          WYSE International

Young Adviser Core Training (Youth training in
\Regeneration and Consultancy)                   Young Advisors

Youth Leadership at Sea                          Jubilee Sailing...
Youth Participation Programme/Young
Community Leader                      ICA-UK

Youth Support Services                Medway Council

National Peer Mentoring Programme     Mentoring and B...

Leadership in the Community           Mobex North East

Action-centred leadership             National Deaf C...
ENVOY                   NCVYS National ...

Raleigh expeditions     Raleigh Interna...

YouthBank Grantmakers   YouthBank UK
Youthtrain/Step Up     Derbyshire Yout...

Councillor Shadowing   British Youth C...
The Youth of Today Fellowship   Changemakers

Shadow a Government Minister    UK Youth Parliament
Mobex Challenge    Mobex North East

MAP                Mobex North East

I...ME Mentoring   CSV Education
Join our Land's End to John O'Groats summer
cycle tour                                    The Otesha Proj...

Arts Award opportunities                      Arts Award
Vietnam Youth Tour                      Global Voluntee...

BTEC First Diploma in Public Services   Cadet Vocationa...
UpRising Leadership Programme - Apply NOW!   UpRising Leader...

Young Activists Network                      Childrens Right...
Projects Abroad volunteering projects   PROJECTS ABROAD
Global Action Teams   Oasis UK
University Internship with READ International   READ International
Run a Community Book Drive - improve access to
education in East Africa!                      READ International

Dancing Heath                                  Green Shoes Arts
Guerrilla 48-Hour Film Challenge          Guerrilla 48 Ho...

Threesixty – the UK gap year from Oasis   Oasis UK
Open Day June 16th 2010   Concordia
Exposure: Journalism   EXPOSURE ORGANI...
Exposure: Video Production   EXPOSURE ORGANI...
Exposure: Graphic Design                          EXPOSURE ORGANI...

Volunteer worlwide - it doesn't cost the Earth!   VAP
DofE opportunities                 The Duke of Edi...

Volunteer Advisory Panel Members   Manchester Acti...
Working in the Outdoors - Volunteer Scheme   Essex Boys and ...

Trainee Youth Worker Placements              Essex Boys and ...
Residential volunteer                            Vitalise

Playscheme opportunities                         Markfield

Personal Development, Leadership Opportunities,
Accreditation                                   Sea-Change Sail...

Get Involved in Radio                            Higher Rhythm Ltd
care- worker for disabled people         Cool2Care

Sheffield Youth Council                  Sheffield Youth...

Teacher Volunteer at the UCC (18 - 25)   Future Stars

Youth Leadership Course 2011             Momentum
Cycle to sustainability this summer!   The Otesha Proj...
Youth International Asia Program   Youth International
Youth International South America program   Youth International
Sustainability Summer Cycle Tours   Otesha
               Contact email                     Opportunity Description

                                     <p> The Diana Award is for young people aged 12-
                                     18 and gives recognition to those who make
                                     selfless contributions to their communities and
                                     invest a huge amount of energy and compassion
                                     to improve the lives of others. For a nomination
                                     to be successful, you will need to provide
                                     evidence that the young person in question has
                                     made an outstanding, sustained and selfless
                                     contribution to their community, over and above
                                     what would be expected of their peers. Also, they
                                     need to have demonstrated exceptional personal
                                     qualities such as compassion and leadership,
                                     selflessness and courage, particularly by acting as
                                     a positive role model for others. Contact us for       the next nomination deadline.</p>
                                     <p> Derbyshire Youth Service offers a wide range
                                     of things to do and places to go for young people
                                     aged 11-19 years old, all of which can be enjoyed
                                     out of school hours. Accredited programmes
                                     include Youthtrain/Stepup;ASDAN short
                                     courses;Duke of Edinburgh; ASDAN Community
                                     Volunteering; Peak Award;Sports Volunteer
                                     Award;Recruit into Coaching     &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

                                     <p> Barnardo&#39;s needs your help to influence
                                     the Government to make the right choices for
                                     children in the UK. By campaigning with us you
                                     can make a real difference to
                                     children&rsquo;s&rsquo; lives. Take part in our
                                     campaign and show that you believe in children
                                     too. We are calling on politicians to remember
                                     the UK&rsquo;s most disadvantaged and
                                     vulnerable children in the run up to the general
                                     election, and need you to make sure they hear
                                     our call for change. There are times when we will
                                     need your voice to make sure an issue gets the
                                     attention it deserves. If you are interested in
                                     hearing about our future campaigns, why not sign   up now to be a Barnardo&#39;s campaigner.</p>
                                       <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Young people
                                       can become full British Red Cross volunteers from
                                       the age of 15 &ndash; but that doesn&rsquo;t
                                       mean you can&rsquo;t start getting involved
                                       even earlier.There are opportunities to develop               skills from age 13</span></p>

                                       <p> The British Youth Council (BYC) is led by
                                       young people for young people, aged 25 and
                                       under, across the UK.&nbsp; We connect with
                                       our community of member organisations and
                                       network of Local Youth Councils to empower                  young people to have a say and be heard.</p>

                                       <p> Cadets from all four Cadet Forces over 16
                                       years of age with an interest in music are now
                                       able to earn a vocational qualification equivalent
                                       to 4 GCSEs at A* - C level (4 Standard grades at
                                       levels 1-3 in Scotland). The Level 2&nbsp;BTEC
                                       First diploma in Music has been designed to
                                       develop a basic understanding of music as a
                                       profession and combines both technical skills
                                       with practical elements and research. Upon
                                       completion, cadets will have demonstrated an
                                       understanding of all aspects of performance
                                       including solo and ensemble work and how to
                                       manage rehearsals. They will also learn how to
                                       market, budget, advertise, programme and
                                       publicise a music event. Cadets are expected to
                                       be able to play a musical instrument prior to
                                       enrolling in the course, but do not have to be                           able to read music.&nbsp;</p>

                                       <p> Path to Independence is the work we do with
                                       young volunteers to support other young people
                                       to learn the skills they need to be independent.
                                       Skills like managing money, handling relationships
                                       and running a home.When you join the
                                       programme you will go on a two-day group
                                       training course in &#39;Being a Youth Peer
                                       Worker&#39;, which will introduce you to youth
                                       peer work and help prepare you for your
                                       placements and project. Following the training,
                                       we will match you to another Catch22 service or
                                       partner organisation where you will assist them in   delivering activities to other young people.</p>
                                          <p> The Big Challenge is recruiting for its Youth
                                          Leadership Team. UnLtd and Changemakers have
                                          been funded by Vodafone and V to give away a
                                          &pound;60K prize fund to young people between
                                          the ages of 16-25 to turn their project ideas into
                                          reality. And this is where you come in! As a
                                          member of the Youth Leadership Team you will
                                          have the opportunity to influence people at all
                                          levels and make a positive change to society.
                                          Working in a team, it is your responsibility to
                                          choose the Big Challenge theme for the year -
                                          something that you feel is an important and
                                          relevant challenge or issue for young people. You
                                          will then call upon and encourage other young
                                          people to submit their innovative project ideas to                  the Big Challenge competition.&nbsp;</p>
                                          <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Youth Act aims
                                          to empower young people and adults working
                                          together to find solutions to problems in their
                                          local community and engage in active
                                          participation and action with local decision-
                                          makers to bring about a change                   locally.</span></p>

                                          <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Provides the
                                          platform for developing the skills and kowledge
                                          young people will need if they want to progress   into club based youth work</span>.</p>

                                          <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Contented
                                          designs and delivers inovative leadership and
                                          learning programmes tailored to your                     community, cluster or consortium</span>.</p>
                                          <p> dance4life empowers young people to take
                                          action in pushing back HIV and AIDS.dance4life is
                                          run by students partnership worldwide (SPW).
                                          SPW is a youth-focused international
                                          development agency and is a global leader in
                                          supporting young people to address the urgent
                                          issues which affect their lives. SPW offers training
                                          in the form of workshops and overseas                     placements</p>
                             <p> The making a difference project is a Diversity
                             Hub volunteering project for people from
                             Leicester City, to make a difference in their
                             communities by reducing bullying through a
                             number of volunteering opportunities. There are
                             3 different kinds of opportunities you can take
                             up. The first is a short-term opportunity, which is
                             a one-off volunteering event. The second is a part-
                             time opportunity, which is a few hours a month.
                             The third is a full time volunteering opportunity,     on a regular basis.</p>

                             <p> Are you a student aged 11 to 19?
                             something to say but fed up with no one
ESSA currently offers Campaign for
                             Change training for students. The training aims to
                             support students like YOU to speak out about
                             your life at school or college. You can get help,
                             support and advice to campaign about anything -
                             from tree planting and eco-schools to staging a
                             play about gun crime. There are so many ways to   Campaign for Change - it&#39;s up to you!</p>
                             The vision for the project is an inclusive and
                             vibrant role for young people at the heart of
                             British society - active, influential and respected
                             from the grass roots in communities to the
                             highest levels of government. The project aims
                             for young people to act as agents of positive
                             change, enriching their own lives and
                             communities and having positive impact across   the UK and beyond

                             <p> Leadership Foundations&nbsp;Program is
                             a&nbsp;6 day&nbsp;program through which you
                             can learn how to unleash your potential&nbsp;by
                             gaining&nbsp;deep insights into your purpose in
                             life, and by developing the skills required to lead
                             effectively for the good of all. Participantswill
                             experience practical ways to increase awareness
                             of there selves and others, get to grips with a
                             foolproof model for ethical decision making and
                             discover how to manage your thoughts and     emotions.</p>
                                        <p> Volunteering for Muslim youth helpline
                                        doesn&rsquo;t just involve spending your free
                                        time doing something good for the community. It
                                        involves being the helping hand for someone in
                                        desperate need, challenging the status quo on
                                        issues that go unnoticed but need to be
                                        addressed, empowering the Muslim youth to
                                        have their say and finally it gives you the
                                        opportunity to meet other young people who are
                                        just as passionate and versatile as you. We
                                        provide training to all our volunteers and
                                        continue to work with them to develop new skills
                                        and move onto playing bigger roles within and                         outside of the organisation.&nbsp;</p>

                                        <p> There are People &amp; Planet groups in
                                        roughly 130 schools, colleges and universities
                                        across the UK. People &amp; Planet can come
                                        directly into your school or college and run a
                                        campaign workshop to a class or year group. Our
                                        workshops are designed to be fun and engaging
                                        but also introduce young people to important
                                        global topics. Also, groups meet regularly during
                                        term time to discuss and plan campaigns at their
                                        college or university. Activities can include
                                        holding stalls, publicity stunts, e-mail campaigns,
                                        lobbying decision makers and running events
                                        such as debates, gigs or club nights which
                                        highlight the issues you care about.</p> <p> So
                                        whether you are school, college or university get
                                        in touch to find out how you can make a
                                        difference with People &amp; Planet. We&#39;ll
                                        provide you with support, resources and all you
                                        need to make a big impact,</p> <p> email:    </p>

                                        <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">A number of
                                        programmes working with schools to develop   leadership using creative arts.</span></p>
                                <p> Political Education aims to increase voter
                                turnout by teaching young people how important
                                it is to vote, take part in society and&nbsp;the
                                decision making process&nbsp;at a local
                                and&nbsp;national level. We are campaigning for
                                compulsory political education taught in both
                                primary and secondary education, ages 5 to 14,
                                with a then optional GCSE/standard grade   available to all students.</p>

                                <h3> <span face="">The WYSE (World Youth
                                Service and Enterprise) International Leadership
                                Programmes take the form of a 12 day intensive
                                training, where participants from many different
                                cultures, religions and socio-economic
                                backgrounds come together to form an
                                international learning community.&nbsp;WYSE is
                                for people who care about what&#39;s
                                happening in the world and are willing to do what
                                they can to make a positive difference. The
                                programme provides an opportunity to
                                experiment with new models, creating a holistic
                                view of the world we live in that is underpinned
                                by the need for shared values and an awareness
                                of our ultimate interconnection.</span></h3>
                                <h3> <span face="">The programme is open to
                                young people aged 18+, and will be held on
                                31<sup>st</sup> July-12<sup>th</sup> August
                                2011 in Italy. This exceptional venue has been
                                dedicated to the advancement of inter-cultural
                                understanding for young people. </span></h3>
                                <h3> <span face="">Please email&nbsp;<a
                                href="">ilp@wyse-     </a> for more information. </span></h3>

                                <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Young Advisors
                                are young people aged between 15 and 21, who
                                show community leaders and decision makers
                                how to engage young people in community life,       regeneration and renewal.</span></p>
                                <p> Promote the integration of people of all
                                physical abilities through the challenge and
                                adventure of sailing&nbsp;tall ships on the open        sea.</p>
                               <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Work with
                               voluntary and statutory organisations across the
                               UK that want young people to have a more
                               meaningful say in their own lives, in communities            and in wider decision-making.</span></p>
                               <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Various youth
                               programmes including youth forums and a
                               council that develop the voice and influence of    young people.</span></p>

                               <p> Through the national peer mentoring
                               programme MBF&nbsp;promotes the expansion
                               of peer mentoring opportunities for children and
                               young people in&nbsp;a primary, pre-16 and post-
                               16 setting across&nbsp;the education and
                               voluntary/community sectors.&nbsp;MBF is
                               working in partnership with ASDAN&nbsp;to help
                               projects achieve accreditation for peer mentors
                               and project co-ordinators through a short course
                               award which can also contribute towards the
                               certificate of personal effectiveness      qualification.&nbsp;</p>
                               <p> Leadership in the Community aims to provide
                               training resources for individuals who are
                               working, or wanting to work, in a community or
                               with community groups, to enable them to
                               become active leaders and initiators of
                               change.LinC is accredited through
                               the&nbsp;National Open College Network at
                               Levels 1 &amp; 2 and is ideal for young people
                               who have the aptitude and commitment to offer    something to their community.</p>

                               <p> <span class="Apple-style-span" style="line-
                               height: 16px; font-family: arial, sans-serif; color:
                               rgb(92,92,92); font-size: 13px"><span style="font-
                               size: 16px">Our&nbsp;<em>Getting
                               Ahead</em>&nbsp;events are for deaf young
                               people who want to get to meet other deaf
                               teenagers whilst developing all sorts of useful life
                               skills that will help them now and in the future. It
                               won&rsquo;t be all about work, the sessions will
                               be fun and there will be lots of opportunities to
                               relax and socialise too during these residential   weekends</span>. &nbsp;</span></p>
                      <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">ENVOY is
                      NCVYS&rsquo;s national youth forum and is a
                      network of young people aged between 11 and
                      25 from across England. ENVOY members are
                      active participants, working in partnership with
                      NCVYS staff and members in all areas of
                      NCVYS&rsquo;s work. ENVOY plans and presents
                      the Young Partners Award ceremony, they help
                      to organise the NCVYS annual conference. They
                      are also active participants in NCVYS from taking
                      part on recruitment panels to helping write the
                      ENVOY news bulletin. They attend high-profile
                      launches and events with media and politicians
                      and attends residential weekend trips twice a
                      year to have discussions and to take part in a   range of fun activities</span>.</p>

                      <p> Regardless of your background, education
                      path, nationality or race, we believe that a
                      Raleigh expedition should be open to anyone
                      who&#39;s up for an adventure. You will be
                      making a difference by volunteering overseas and
                      learning about yourselves and different cultures.
                      We call you all venturers and you&#39;ll all be   volunteering together on expedition.</p>

                      <p> YouthBank is an innovative grantmaking
                      initiative run by local young people for young
                      people. Young people decide how their local
                      Youth bank is run, and award grants that support
                      local community initiatives that benefit young
                      people in that area.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> You
                      can join a local YouthBank and receve accredited
                      training in a range of subjects (including
                      grantmaking, decision making and leadership) as
                      well as make grants to help community initiatives
                      in your local area.&nbsp; Other opportunities
                      that you can access from being a YouthBank
                      grantmaker include becoming a Young Trainer,
                      joining our Trustee Board as well as attending      regional and national events.</p>
                                   <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">Throughout all
                                   of our services young people are encouraged to
                                   be involved in the decisions on what is on offer,
                                   to shape the services to meet their needs. The
                                   youth service also hosts the County Youth Forum
                                   which enables young people to have a say in how
                                   the County Council delivers a wide range of   services in their local community.</span></p>

                                   <p> Every day, councillors make decisions that
                                   affect the lives of everyone in their communities.
                                   So why shouldn&#39;t young people have a say
                                   in them?</p> <p> Our local councillor shadowing
                                   programme gives more than 600 young people
                                   the chance to do just that, by experiencing the
                                   day-to-day role of a councillor.</p> <p> Young
                                   people can work alongside councillors to learn
                                   leadership skills, have their say and make a
                                   positive difference to their local community.</p>
                                   <p> Councillors can use the opportunity to bring
                                   young people closer to understanding how
                                   decisions are made, and inspire a new generation              of leaders.</p>
                                <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">As a Fellow,
                                you&rsquo;ll be involved in:</span></p> <ul> <li>
                                <span style="font-size: 16px"><strong>A summer
                                residential:</strong> This inspiring event brings
                                all Fellows together to learn and
                                network.</span></li> <li> <span style="font-size:
                                16px"><strong>Local groups:</strong> A group of
                                around 30 Fellows from your local area will meet
                                twelve times a year and follow an exciting
                                programme of current affairs, global issues and
                                local networking opportunities.</span></li> <li>
                                <span style="font-size: 16px"><strong>Social
                                networking space:</strong> You&rsquo;ll have
                                access to an exclusive social networking space.
                                This allows you to chat to local group members
                                and Fellows across the country and access shared
                                materials.</span></li> <li> <span style="font-size:
                                16px"><strong>Learning log:</strong> Each
                                Fellow completes an online learning log that
                                documents their experience of the Fellowship.
                                This can be used to showcase your skills in job
                                applications, interviews, UCAS personal        statements and more.</span></li> </ul>

                                <p> Can you imagine what it&#39;s like to be one
                                of the most powerful people in the country?</p>
                                <p> To make big decisions? Meet key players
                                from business and politics? And have to answer
                                to the people you represent?</p> <p> The Youth
                                of Today is giving 480 young people aged 13 to 19
                                the chance to spend the day with a Government
                                Minister.</p> <p> This once-in-a-lifetime
                                opportunity will allow you to go where they go,
                                see what they see and do what they do.</p> <p>
                                You&rsquo;ll gain an insight into what a Minister
                                does, how Government departments work and   what it takes to be a leader.</p>
                              <p> <strong>Mobex Challenge is a programme
                              funded through the Northern Rock Foundation
                              and aimed at young people who are not in
                              employment, education or training
                              (NEET).</strong></p> <p> <strong>The aim of the
                              programme is to support young people to identify
                              and develop skills that will help them not be
                              NEET.</strong></p> <p> <strong>The programme
                              uses outdoor activities such as climbing,
                              canoeing, mountain biking waterfall jumping,   weasling and much more.</strong></p>

                              <h1> <strong>Adventurous
                              activities!!</strong></h1> <p> Funded through
                              the DCSF - Youth Opportunities Fund - this
                              programme is aimed at 12 - 19 year olds and
                              takes place on Friday &amp; Saturday nights.</p>   <p> Get in touch for more information.</p>

                              <p> <span style="font-size:
                              16px">&nbsp;I&hellip;ME (Impact, Motivate,
                              Empower) aims to provide support and
                              mentoring for young people in care (LAC) in
                              Islington and those described as &lsquo;children
                              in need&rsquo; aged 10 &ndash; 18.</span></p>
                              <div id="cke_pastebin"> <span style="font-size:
                              16px">The world can be a daunting place for
                              young people: finding an identity, dealing with
                              family, school, peer pressure, and an uncertain
                              future.</span></div> <div id="cke_pastebin">
                              <span style="font-size:
                              16px">&nbsp;</span></div> <div
                              id="cke_pastebin"> <span style="font-size:
                              16px">By providing young people with a mentor
                              with whom they meet weekly, the I&hellip;ME
                              project seeks to offer support, a source of advice
                              and inspiration, and a means of planning the
                              future and building on life skills.</span></div>
                              <div> <span style="font-size:
                              16px">&nbsp;</span></div> <div> <span
                              style="font-size: 16px">We are currently looking          to recruit men</span>.</div>
                             <p> <strong>Want to do something fun,
                             challenging and worthwhile this
                             summer?</strong></p> <p> We have a couple
                             spots left on our Land&#39;s End to John
                             O&#39;Groats summer cycle tour! We&#39;ll be
                             taking in the delights of the UK from our saddles,
                             performing a play, making the world a better
                             place, learning new skills, meeting new friends,
                             and generally making mischief...wait, did we
                             mention that you&#39;re invited? If you&#39;re
                             18 to 28 and passionate about creating a
                             sustainable future, then come ride with us. Places
                             are first come, first served, so get your skates on!
                             If you have any questions or would just like to
                             have a chat about it, then give us a call on 0207
                             702 4137.</p> <p> You need to be 18 years old to
                             take part. If you want to join a tour but are
                             younger than 18, take a look at our upcoming <a
                             target="_blank">September 10-day tour</a>
                             hosted at Fforest Camps in Cardigan Bay,
                             Wales.</p> <p> <img alt="Cycle tours members"
                             style="width: 198px; height: 206px;" />&nbsp;
                             <img alt="Otesha"
                             src=""           style="width: 275px; height: 206px;" /></p>

                             <p> Arts Award aspires to support any young
                             person to enjoy the arts and develop creative
                             leadership skills.</p> <p> Offered at levels 1, 2
                             and 3 on the National Qualifications
                             Framework.</p> <p> Arts Award can be achieved
                             at three levels:</p> <ol sizcache="0" sizset="7">
                             <li id="bronze"> <a
                             color="#810081">Bronze</font></u></a></li> <li
                             id="silver"> <a
                             color="#0000ff">Silver</font></u></a></li> <li
                             id="gold"> <a
                             ><u><font   color="#0000ff">Gold</font></u></a></li> </ol>
               <p> GVN has the pleasure of announcing our new
               Youth Tour program. Designed with 15-17 year
               olds in mind, this program has been created to
               allow teens the chance to take part in one of our
               rewarding volunteer programs. This gives them
               the opportunity to immerse themselves in a
               developing country, experience another culture,
               and foster their personal growth, whilst helping
               communities in need.</p> <p> The Vietnam
               Youth Tour program will provide teenagers with
               the opportunity to immerse themselves in a
               developing country, experience another culture,
               and foster their personal growth, whilst helping
               communities in need.</p> <p> Based in the
               central region of Vietnam, volunteers will be
               surrounded by lush green rice paddies, rich
               traditional culture, beautiful beaches, and
               delicious Vietnamese food.</p> <p>
               <strong><u>The Program</u></strong></p> <p>
               The 2 week Youth Tour will take place in Central
               Vietnam between July 25<sup>th</sup> and
               August 7<sup>th</sup> 2010.</p> <p> Teen
               volunteers would be supervised while caring for
               babies, and playing games or teaching arts and
               crafts to the gorgeous children in the orphanages.
               <p> <a
                               <p> Are you aged 19-25 and are passionate about
                               changing your community and Britain for the
                               better?&nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> The
                               UpRising Leadership Programme is now recruiting
                               60 young people for our 2010-2011 cohort, and
                               our <a
                               2010.pdf">2010-2011 Application</a> is now
                               posted on <a
                     </a>. Deadline for applications <strong>is
                               Friday 14 May 2010.</strong></p> <p>
                               &nbsp;</p> <p> Developed by the Young
                               Foundation, UpRising&rsquo;s mission is to open
                               pathways to leadership for talented young adults
                               from diverse backgrounds and to equip them
                               with the skills, knowledge, networks, confidence
                               and power to transform their communities and
                               Britain for the better.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p>
                               The part-time programme runs over the course of
                               one year for young adults aged 19-25 who live,
                               work or study in the London boroughs of Barking
                               &amp; Dagenham, Newham, or Tower
                               Hamlets.&nbsp; UpRising offers young people the
                               opportunity to:</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>   Gain leadership skills for their future careers</li>

                               <p> The Young Activists Network is CRAE&#39;s
                               under-18 membership. It is free to join if you are
                               17 or under.</p> <p> By joining, you can help
                               CRAE to promote and protect children&#39;s
                               human rights in England.</p> <p> As a member,
                               you will:</p> <ul> <li> Get lots of information
                               about children&rsquo;s rights</li> <li> Get our
                               bulletin (every 6 weeks) packed full of
                               children&rsquo;s rights news</li> <li> Find out
                               how to get more involved in CRAE&rsquo;s
                               work</li> <li> Be able to have your say on
                               Government policy and plans</li> <li> Be able to
                               get involved in local and national
                               campaigning.</li> </ul> <p> All you need to do to
                               join is fill in the form below and send it to CRAE at     </p>
                             <h3> Projects Abroad</h3> <h2> &nbsp;</h2>
                             <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> With <strong>Projects
                             Abroad</strong> you can enjoy adventurous
                             foreign travel with a chance to do a worthwhile
                             job. Over 5,0000 places are available each year to
                             teach conversational English (no TEFL required)
                             or gain experience in medicine, conservation,
                             journalism, business and many other
                             professions.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Placements
                             are available throughout the year and last from
                             two weeks upwards. Volunteers receive
                             substantial overseas support and are not
                             isolated.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> No teaching
                             qualifications or local languages are needed. All
                             degree disciplines welcomed.</p> <p>
                             &nbsp;</p> <p> Volunteers are needed in
                             Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Costa
                             Rica,&nbsp; Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, India, Jamaica,
                             Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal,
                             Pakistan, Peru, Romania, Senegal, South Africa,
                             Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo and
                             Vietnam.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Find out more
                             at</p> <p>
                             &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p>
                             Projects Abroad</p> <p> Aldsworth Parade</p>
                             <p> Goring</p> <p> Sussex</p> <p> BN12   4TX</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Tel: 01903
                        <h3> <span style="font-size: 16px">Apply now to
                        depart in Summer or September 2010, or April
                        2011</span></h3> <p> <span style="font-size:
                        16px">If you&#39;re 18-25 and want to serve in a
                        different culture and make a lasting impact then
                        Oasis Global Action Teams are for
                        you.</span></p> <p> <span style="font-size:
                        16px">We place short term mission teams from 2
                        weeks all the way up to the full gap year, to work
                        at Oasis bases and Christian partner projects in
                        seven countries across the globe. You could work
                        with vulnerable children in Uganda, care for
                        those affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa, teach
                        football to young people in India, and a whole lot
                        more.</span></p> <p> <span style="font-size:
                        16px"><em>&quot;I found my time in Uganda
                        nothing short of life-changing. The people I met
                        were inspiring and</em> <em>they showed me
                        what is important in life. My time in Uganda also
                        showed me that I want to help</em>
                        <em>people and I have therefore decided to
                        become a doctor. I feel like I have changed for
                        the</em> <em>better and will never take life for   granted again.&quot;</em></span></p>
                                     <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;Undertake a READ Project
                                     Internship and you&#39;ll gain a realm of
                                     valuable transferable skills, making you 70% more
                                     employable! &nbsp;</p> <p> This is an
                                     opportunity to:&nbsp;</p> <p> - Develop a
                                     portfolio of skills which you can take with you
                                     when you graduate, for either the voluntary or
                                     private sect</p> <p> - &#39;Give something
                                     back&#39; and help thousands of children both in
                                     the UK and East Africa</p> <p> -Gain invaluable
                                     experience in project managment, volunteer
                                     management and fundraising</p> <p> - Be given
                                     real responsibility and ownership of your own
                                     project.&nbsp;</p> <p> A project intern is
                                     committed to managing the READ Book Project in
                                     his/her university along with 3 other project
                                     leaders. They are ambassadors of READ both in
                                     their university and in their community. Project
                                     Interns are motivated and enthusiastic students
                                     who have a high degree of maturity, integrity and
                                     commitment. They should not be afraid of a
                                     challenge and be ready to honour a year long
                                     commitment.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>About
                                     READ</strong></p> <p> We are network of
                                     regional student-volunteer-led projects collecting   disused books from schools across the UK. We
                                     <p> <span style="font-size: 16px">&nbsp;<span
                                     class="Apple-style-span" style="line-height:
                                     18px">The Campus Book Drive is a stand-alone
                                     project aimed at collecting ANY kind of book,
                                     from your university campus. In line with READ
                                     International&rsquo;s mission, the primary
                                     destination for any book collected through these
                                     Campus Book Drives is Tanzania or Uganda,
                                     provided it matches their syllabus. Books that are
                                     not appropriate are sold online (with the help of
                                     BWB) to raise funds for READ, or, as a last resort,
                                     recycled. The Campus Book Drive is designed to
                                     run from September to June, to coincide with a
                                     university academic year. Each university project
                                     will need two Project Leaders; a Campus Book
                                     Drive Leader and a Fundraising Leader. Each
                                     Project Leader position will require a
                                     commitment, on average, of roughly 6-7 hours a
                                     week. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop
                                     skills in project and volunteer management,
                                     event planning, time management and
                                     organisation.</span></span></p> <p> <span
                                     style="font-size: 16px">&nbsp;<span
                                     class="Apple-style-span" style="line-height:
                                     22px"><strong>About   READ</strong></span></span></p> <p

                                     <p> Dancing Heath is a project that encourages
                                     and supports young dancers living in Heath,
                                     Dagenham to become dance leaders in their local
                                     community.</p> <p> Training Week - tuesday 1st -
                                     friday 4th June, 11 - 4pm, Wood Lane Sports
                                     Centre, Wood Lane, Dagenham, RM8 1JX</p> <p>
                                     An opportunity to develop &amp; share your
                                     talents whilst learning more about a career in
                                     dance through practical experience and
                                     advice.</p> <p> The training week will provide
                                     you with the skills you need to run your own
                                     dance sessions. Practical workshops, career
                                     advice, a theatre trip &amp; accreditation.</p>
                                     <p> After this you will be supported to facilitate a
                                     workshop in your local area and take part in a
                                     community celebration event.</p> <p> For more
                                     information or to register, please contact Lauren
                                     Crowley on 07791 368 357, or email, <a
                           </a>. Places are            limited.</p>
                        <p> Hi!</p> <p> Germination are running a great
                        opportunity for 14-16 year olds<br /> from
                        Newham. It&#39;s a competition called the
                        Guerrilla 48 Hour Film Challenge<br /> and it will
                        be a brilliant experience for anyone who is
                        interested in media,<br /> film-making, learning
                        about team-work or facing a fun and creative<br
                        /> challenge. The task is to work in a team to
                        come up with a<br /> community-based, guerrilla-
                        style random act of kindness and then make a
                        film<br /> about it. You&#39;ll be competing
                        against other teams for prizes and will get<br />
                        professional camera training, mentors and tv
                        editors to help you.<br /> <br /> Stratford Circus
                        and the MET Police are supporting the
                        project.<br /> <br /> The four-day challenge takes
                        place over two consecutive weekends and you<br
                        /> would have to be available for all the days to
                        take part. The first weekend<br /> will be spent
                        training and planning and will be at Stratford
                        Circus. The<br /> following weekend will be Sat:
                        supervised on location in Newham and Sun<br />
                        (voluntary): editing at CTVC offices (they run
                        Truetube which is an on-line interactive<br />
                        youth debating site) near Tower Bridge.<br /> <br

                        <p> It&rsquo;s a year of bringing transformation
                        to the whole community; emotionally, physically,
                        socially, spiritually, environmentally; holistic-
                        threesixty-degree-transformation. What might
                        you do? Youth work, detached work, mentoring,
                        work with the homeless, football coaching,
                        church planting, arts/dance workshops, running
                        gigs&hellip;the list is almost endless!
                        You&rsquo;d be part of an Oasis hub with solid,
                        mind blowing training throughout the year. You
                        can even do half your year abroad. Change your   world. Do threesixty.</p>
                                  <p> Concordia is a charity committed to
                                  international volunteering as a means to
                                  promoting intercultural understanding and
                                  peace.</p> <p> Our International Volunteer
                                  Programme offers the opportunity to join
                                  international teams of volunteers working on
                                  short-term projects in over 60 countries in
                                  Europe, North America, Middle East, Latin
                                  America, Africa and Asia.</p> <p> On&nbsp;
                                  Wednesday 16<sup>th</sup> June 2010
                                  Concordia is having an open afternoon at their
                                  office in Portslade.</p> <p> Please pop in to have
                                  a chat about volunteering opportunities abroad
                                  with the staff and volunteers: this is a great
                                  opportunity to enquire about the new 2010
                                  Summer Programme just released!</p> <p> You
                                  will also be able to read through our
                                  partner&#39;s programmes. Everyone welcome
                                  and refreshments provided.</p> <p> Projects
                                  available on <a
                                  t-search</a></p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Address:
                                  Concordia, 19 North Street, Portslade, Brighton
                                  BN41 1DH</p> <p> <img align="left" height="76"   hspace="12"
                      <p> <font face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel"
                      size="2"><font face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel"
                      magazine</strong></font></font></p> <p> <font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2"><font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2"><br /> The 28-
                      page Exposure Magazine is produced six times
                      annually. Exposure magazine is designed to
                      educate and inform young people, as well as to
                      guide adults on how to deal with young people.
                      Young volunteers express freely their
                      experiences,feelings and ideas through the
                      publishing of articles, reviews, poems,
                      photographs and illustrations.
                      </font></font></p> <p> <font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2"><font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2">Young
                      volunteers at Exposure are involved in all stages
                      of production, developing ideas and planning
                      work, researching, interviewing and gathering
                      information, writing copy, generating and
                      manipulating images, laying out pages and
                      preparing for print, magazine distribution and
                      review. </font></font></p> <p> <font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2"><font   face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2">As well as
                      <p> <font face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel"
                      size="2"><font face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel"
                      size="2">Exposure&rsquo;s in-house video-
                      editing facilities give young people their first taste
                      of the film industry. Exposure produces a range of
                      films on issues important to young people: music
                      videos, promotional videos, commercials,
                      documentaries, dramas, and recordings of live
                      events. A number of Exposure videos have won
                      awards and been shown at national events and
                      film festivals. Exposure&rsquo;s videos can be
                      viewed on Exposure&#39;s YouTube site at <a
                      </font></font></p> <p> <font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2"><font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2">During the
                      year, with funding from the Haringey Youth
                      Opportunities Fund, Exposure ran &lsquo;<a
                      html">Music Factory</a>&rsquo;, enabling young
                      volunteer filmmakers to produce three music
                      videos to help local young musicians promote
                      themselves on the internet, and &lsquo;<a
                      _video.html">Mind Pictures</a>&rsquo;,
                      enabling young people with mental health   problems to recount their personal journeys by
                      <p> <font face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel"
                      size="2"><font face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel"
                      size="2">Graphic design activities have played an
                      important part in Exposure&rsquo;s success over
                      the years, as evidenced by the professional look
                      of both Exposure and Junior Exposure magazines.
                      It is testimony to the high standards achieved by
                      Exposure that clients in the youth sector regularly
                      commission the charity to produce posters,
                      leaflets, logos, flyers and newsletters.
                      </font></font></p> <p> <font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2"><font
                      face="Verdana,Arial,Ariel" size="2">During the
                      year grants from Haringey Summer University
                      and then National Lottery Awards for All enabled
                      Exposure to employ a freelance design trainer to
                      work with young volunteers to generate images,
                      illustrations and layouts for Exposure&#39;s
                      media products, using professional digital
                      equipment and computer software packages.   </font></font></p>
                      <h3> Workcamps typically bring together a
                      temporary community of 10-20 international
                      volunteers from different backgrounds to provide
                      services to local community projects throughout
                      the world. The volunteers carry out unskilled
                      tasks that would not otherwise be possible
                      without paid labour.<br /> <br /> Short term
                      projects last for 2-4 weeks with the main season
                      from June to September and a smaller
                      programme the rest of the year. It is also possible
                      to volunteer for longer periods (1-12 months).<br
                      /> <br /> All volunteers must pay a placement
                      fee. This fee is the main income of VAP. It is
                      needed to pay all our costs for running our
                      programme. (wages, communications, travel to
                      meetings, conferences, office running costs.)<br
                      /> <br /> The fee for a project in the Standard
                      Programme (projects in Europe, North America,
                      Japan, South Korea and Taiwan) is &pound;150.
                      This placement fee includes your membership of
                      VAP and will pay for your food, accommodation
                      and the social programme for the duration of the
                      workcamp. If there is an additional fee to pay this
                      will be indicated in the project description. These
                      occur when there are special projects as with     teenagers or study programmes which cannot be
                                     <p> Please click on the opportunity area
                                     below:</p> <ul> <li> <div> <a
                                     color="#0066cc">Volunteering opportunities
                                     </font></u></a></div> </li> <li> <a
                                     color="#0066cc">Physical opportunities
                                     </font></u></a></li> <li> <a
                                     color="#0066cc">Skills opportunities
                                     </font></u></a></li> <li> <a
                                     color="#0066cc">Expedition opportunities
                                     </font></u></a></li> <li> <div> <a
                                     color="#0066cc">Residential opportunities
                                     </font></u></a></div> </li> <li> <div> <a                href="/en/content/cms/About_Us/Work_for_us/
                                     <p> As a orgnaisation we work across the
                                     Bouroughs of Manchester, Trafford and Greater
                                     Manchester, the views of young people and local
                                     service delivery&nbsp;are important to us,
                                     we&nbsp; know that change is only possible
                                     through action and the remit of the Youth
                                     Advisory Panel is to help shape and influence
                                     local service delivery, if you live in Manchester
                                     then this an opportunity for you to get invloved
                                     and make a difference.</p> <p> We meet once a   month.</p>
                                   <p> Part of Essex Boys and Girls&nbsp;Clubs,
                                   Stubbers Adenture Centre&nbsp;provides a range
                                   of land and water based adventurous activities
                                   for people of all ages and abilities.&nbsp;
                                   Climbing, Quad Biking, Jet Skiing, Sailing,
                                   Tunnelling, Archery and High Ropes are just some
                                   of the activities that are on offer.&nbsp; You
                                   can&nbsp;find out more about Stubbers by
                         </a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>
                                   Stubbers&nbsp;volunteer scheme for 15 - 18 year
                                   olds is set up to progress young people into the
                                   outdoor industry.&nbsp;To reward our
                                   volunteers for all their hard work we put them
                                   onto activity courses, such as</p> <p>
                                   sp;&nbsp; PWC (personal water craft &ndash; Jet
                                   Ski),</p> <p>
                                   sp;&nbsp; Quad Bike E.A.S.I rider&#39;s
                                   course,</p> <p>
                                   sp;&nbsp; First Aid</p> <p>
                                   sp;&nbsp; RYA Sailing level 1 + 2</p> <p>
                                   &middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nb   sp;&nbsp; BCU Kayak 1 and 2 star</p> <p>

                                   <p> This opportunity is open to &nbsp;young
                                   people aged 18-20 who have been registered as
                                   unemployed for at least 6 months and are
                                   claiming Job Seekers Allowance.</p> <p> As part
                                   of the delivery team at Essex Boys and Girls Club
                                   you will work as a Trainee Youth Worker.&nbsp;
                                   You will work with a range of youth clubs
                                   throughout your six month placement and be
                                   involved in the delivery of our activities and
                                   training programme.</p> <p> The salary is
                                   minimum wage and dependant on the successful
                                   completion of the scheme there maybe further
                                   opportunities.</p> <p> For further information
                                   on this opportunity you can contact Ron at the
                                   EBGC central office on 01245 264783 or email <a
                                       <p> As a residential volunteer at one of our
                                       Vitalise holiday&nbsp;centres for the disabled,
                                       you will be providing companionship, practical
                                       help on outings and with activities,and
                                       supporting guests with daily personal and social              needs</p>
                                       <p> &nbsp;</p> <style type="text/css"> #toc,
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                                       { color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: 'Times New
                                       Roman'; font-size: 12pt; text-align: left; }</style>
                                       <div> <p dir="ltr"> <span><span lang="en-
                                       GB">We run a range of after school and evening             sessions and holiday playschemes for disabled

                                       <p> &nbsp;The Sea-Change Sailing Trust provides
                                       residential opportunities for young people and
                                       vulnerable adults to learn and develop in a
                                       unique environment. By living and working
                                       together aboard a traditional sailing vessel they
                                       participate in a wide range of life skills and are
                                       encouraged to take increasing responsibility for
                                       their contribution and group decisions. We offer
                                       a graduated set of programmes from entry level
                                       tasters to extended residential periods with   accreditation.</p>

                                       <p> Become a presenter on Doncaster&#39;s
                                       LOCAL radio station, <a
                                       target="_blank">Sine FM 102.6<br /> </a><br />
                                       We can provide training, to help you become a
                                       radio presenter, reporter or researcher,
                                       supporting you to join the 90+ weekly presenters                who host shows 24/7 on Sine FM</p>
                                <p> Cool2Care recruit, train and place care-
                                workers to support families with disabled
                                children and young adults. If you are interested in
                                working with disabled people and caring for
                                them, have an outgoing, fun personality and
                                would value&nbsp;being trained to help support
                                disabled people, please get in touch, we would            love to hear from you.</p>
                                <p> <font size="2">Anyone from Sheffield aged
                                11-21 (0r 25 if you have disabilities) can<br /> join
                                us! Any individuals or groups of young people are
                                welcome to join<br /> and get their voices heard
                                in our city! Benefits=more skills for life<br /> (e.g.
                                organisations skills, communications skills), more
                                confidence,<br /> positive image for young
                                people, new friends, possible trips,
                                <p> We offer a volunteer opportunity for young
                                people and adults to work with us teaching
                                children of all ages and abilities to help them gain
                                entry into state run schools.&nbsp; The
                                education we provide to children is free of charge
                                and is financed by our Charity and the fees
                                charged for those who volunteer.</p> <p> Your
                                work will be to help the centre staff delivering an
                                educational programme and helping with the
                                everyday running of the centre.&nbsp; You may
                                be teaching a classroom of children or one on one
                                work to meet specific needs of individual
                                children.&nbsp;</p> <p> The opportunity can be
                                from 2 weeks to 3 months, however, we would
                                suggest a minimum of one month as this will
                                enable you to fully immerse yourself in the
                                culture in Accra, Ghana and be effective as a
                                teacher to the students through consistency and
                                the development of relationships.</p> <p> You
                                do not need qualifications to teach or come from
                                a background of teaching, we will provide you
                                with the support you need to enable you to
                                develop a good manner of teaching.&nbsp; What
                                is essential is that you are good with people, are   able to motivate yourself and are fit and healthy
                                <p> MOMENTUM INTERNATIONAL YOUTH
                                LEADERSHIP COURSE 2011</p> <p> A unique
                                personal development programme for young
                                people with potential</p> <p> Applications now
                                open!</p> <p> Deadline 30 April 2011</p> <p>
                                For full information please follow the link on our          home page.</p>
                     <div class="ad_details"> <p> <strong>Gear up for
                     a two-wheeled revolution &ndash; join a 2011
                     Otesha UK cycle tour!<br /> </strong></p> <p>
                     Want to do something fun, challenging and
                     worthwhile with your summer? This year there
                     are two tremendous six-week tours to choose
                     from: Northern Soul (10th June &ndash; 23rd
                     July) and Tartan Trail (5th August &ndash; 17th
                     September). We&rsquo;ll be taking in the
                     delights of the UK from our saddles, performing a
                     play, making the world a better place, learning
                     new skills (bike maintenance, theatre, consensus
                     decision-making, sustainable and group
                     living&hellip; the list goes on), meeting new
                     friends, and generally making mischief.</p> <p> If
                     you&rsquo;re 18 to 28 and passionate about
                     creating a sustainable future, then come ride with
                     us. Find out more at <a
           </a>. Places are first
                     come, first served, so get your skates on!</p> <p>
                     If you have any questions or would just like to
                     have a chat about it, then give us a call on 0207
                     377 2109 or email</p>   </div>
                              <p> <strong><span lang="EN-CA">Youth
                              International is an experiential learning program
                              that combines international travel, inter-cultural
                              exchange, adventure, volunteer community
                              service work, and
                              homestays.</span></strong></p> <p>
                              <strong><span lang="EN-CA">Teams of up to 14
                              people between the ages of 18 and 25 travel
                              together with two group leaders. For a full 12
                              week semester, they explore three different
                              countries in one region of the
                              world.</span></strong></p> <p> <strong><span
                              lang="EN-CA">Through a balanced combination
                              of experiences, each Youth International team
                              member is set up for an intense and dynamic first-
                              hand education about the region in which they
                              are traveling. At the same time, they are
                              presented with a unique environment and
                              opportunity for self-discovery.
                              </span></strong></p> <p> <strong><span
                              lang="EN-CA">(*Youth International does not
                              affiliate with, or adhere to, any specific religious
                              or philosophical doctrine, and has no political
                              affiliations or agenda.)</span></strong></p> <p>
                              <strong><span lang="EN-CA">Youth International
                              has been sending groups on learning adventures   abroad since 1997, and offers three separate
                              <p> <strong><span lang="EN-CA">Youth
                              International is an experiential learning program
                              that combines international travel, inter-cultural
                              exchange, adventure, volunteer community
                              service work, and
                              homestays.</span></strong></p> <p>
                              <strong><span lang="EN-CA">Teams of up to 14
                              people between the ages of 18 and 25 travel
                              together with two group leaders. For a full 12
                              week semester, they explore three different
                              countries in one region of the
                              world.</span></strong></p> <p> <strong><span
                              lang="EN-CA">Through a balanced combination
                              of experiences, each Youth International team
                              member is set up for an intense and dynamic first-
                              hand education about the region in which they
                              are traveling. At the same time, they are
                              presented with a unique environment and
                              opportunity for self-discovery.
                              </span></strong></p> <p> <strong><span
                              lang="EN-CA">(*Youth International does not
                              affiliate with, or adhere to, any specific religious
                              or philosophical doctrine, and has no political
                              affiliations or agenda.)</span></strong></p> <p>
                              <strong><span lang="EN-CA">Youth International
                              has been sending groups on learning adventures   abroad since 1997, and offers three separate
<p>&nbsp;</p> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <div
class="ii gt adP adO" id=":1fx" style="font-size:
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span" style="border-collapse: collapse; color:
rgb(34, 34, 34); font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-
size: medium; "><span style="border-collapse:
collapse; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-family: arial,
sans-serif; font-size: 13px; "><b>Otesha Cycle
Tours<br /> <br /> Do you want to make the
world a better place next summer? Silly question,
here&rsquo;s your chance to become part of a
sustainable mobile
community.<em>&nbsp;</em>Pedal across the
UK visiting schools and youth clubs, organic
farms, fascinating sustainability projects and
plenty more. Join an inspirational team of other
volunteers, excited to share and learn all about
environmental and social sustainability. Get
skilled up in everything from bike maintenance to
consensus decision making and learn lots about
sustainable and group living.</b></span></span>
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0845 3372987

01629 536562

020 8550 8822

0845 458 1489

01276 601701

0207 336 4800
020 7033 6970

0207 566 4141

0207 793 0787

07976 811506

0207 808 1780

  0208 981 5104

(029) 2051 2247

+44 (0)20 7566 8576
0207 435 8171

01865 245678

0116 2616 834
020 7553 9890

0207 372 7184

0161 223 4225

023 8044 9108
0845 450 0305/ 0161 232 8444

0163 433 2286

0161 787 8600

0191 2302830

020 7490 8656
020 7278 1041

020 7183 1270

0116 2427446
01629 536562

0845 458 1489
020 7033 6970

020 7553 9890
0191 2302830

0191 2302830

020 7278 6601
01276 601701
020 8709 9029

020 7278 8222
+44 (0)1903 708300

07949694821 / 07791 368 357
01273 422218
0208 883 0260
0208 883 0260
0208 883 0260

0844 2090927
01245 264783

01245 264783
01539 814 682

0208 800 4134

01621 857840

01302 327769
0845 123 5484

0114 2463897 ext. 211


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