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The Benefits of a Cruise and Stay Holiday


The Benefits of a Cruise and Stay Holiday

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									         The Benefits of a Cruise and Stay
There is nothing like the feeling of going on holiday, particularly when your means of travel
involves standing on the deck of a luxury cruise ship dreamily, but purposefully, heading to your
destination. But when you eventually reach land, some people suffer from the 'good headache'
i.e. 'What to do when I am here?' and 'What if we can't go there?' and so on, causing unwanted
and avoidable stress. With the outstanding range of cruise deals we offer, one can see why such
anxieties arise. However, with a cruise and stay holiday, the dynamics all change. Here are
some reasons why a cruise and stay deal could be right for you and some examples of what to
expect when you get to your destination.

The best of both worlds

Ideally suited for those getting on a luxury cruise liner for the first time, a cruise and stay offers
you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation in a more traditional sense. Holiday makers have
the option of staying in a hotel at one of the various locations the ship stops before or after the
cruise, thus returning to the familiar style of holidaying. Some also allow you to break up the
cruise, stopping at a destination for a couple of days before joining back up with the boat
further in its itinerary.

Do what you want...or not

Some cruises can lay on a schedule for you, offering you the very best tours and activities to
participate in at your scheduled stop. If, however, you wish to visit some friends in the region or
simply spend some alone time with a loved one, the opportunity to do so is there, thus ensuring
a flexible, hassle free cruise experience.

Research, research and research

Cruising off to spectacular places all over the world is as exciting as it is memorable, but it is
important you have explored all the options open to you before landing on your final decision.
Try contacting your cruise company for more details on the opportunities that await you.

These are just a few tips to help you optimise your cruise and stay experience. A cruise and stay
deal is just one option open to those who want explore the oceans in style. No longer exclusive
to retired couples, cruising has become popular for the whole family and is a great way to
spend your summer holidays. Why not see what all the fuss is about and book yourself on one
of the fabulous Cunard cruises available.

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