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									    How To Avail Huge Discounts In Your
               Air Travels?
Come festive season and you see all the airlines offering huge airfare discounts. Are these
discounts real? Should you avail them? Read on to find out. As it is the festive season of the
year, most of the airlines have started throwing huge discounts on their airfare just to woo
customers and rake in profit. Now as a customer it is your duty to be informed and do not fall
for scams. Though most of these discounts are genuine and have no hidden costs, some of
airlines indulge in scrupulous activities and make a trap for the customer to fall in. This article
will help you identify such deceptions and will make you more aware of what goes in the

Discounts have always been a great way for airlines to make money. Ironical as it may sound, by
offering discounts and calling more customers, airlines make large profits than otherwise. Let us
know how they do it. When it comes to festive seasons, the airlines hike the travel fares. Then
they offer discounts and make profit from the hike. So in actual, airlines do not lose any money
from fares. In fact there is no discount as well it is just a marketing gimmick in which a lot of air
travellers fall without suspicion. So, is there a way out of this prank scheme, well there is so
read on.

To make sure you never fall for such traps, always book your tickets well in advance. This would
save your money and also keep your ticket reserved. Then check the trends in the airfare during
the proximity to the festive season, you would be surprised to find that the prices of the tickets
must have doubled. Then after a few days you would hear or see banners of huge discounts on
their websites. This again means that there are no discounts for the customers but a smart way
of making more money. Though there are some airlines like the Continental airlines booking
and Northwest airlines booking services which are transparent but they should be treated as

So, the next time you see some airline offering discounts shun them and research the internet
for the best airfares. Owing to the popularity of internet, almost all of the airlines have their
own websites which they update every day. Check on them and also go through customer
review forums to find out the best deals. There are many experts online that will help you plan
your travels for free. Ask them and also depend on your knowledge that you garnered through
your research. Travel safe and never fall for such traps.

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