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					              Winter 2011

Mission:   MADD Canada’s Red
   To      Ribbon Flies Again
 Stop      MADD Canada’s red ribbon is a simple, yet         “This little red ribbon packs a big message,”
           powerful, symbol in the fight to stop impaired    Ms. Dubyk said. “It reminds people to plan
           driving. For 24 years now, the red ribbon has     ahead for a safe ride home if they’re going to
Impaired   flown during the holiday season to remind
           people to plan ahead and drive sober.
                                                             be drinking. It reminds people that impaired
                                                             driving put lives at risk. It reminds people
                                                             that the deaths and injuries resulting from
Driving    As MADD Canada National President Denise
           Dubyk explains, “every red ribbon represents
                                                             this violent crime are needless and totally
           someone who has made the commitment to
  And      always drive sober. It means our roads and
           communities are a little bit safer.”

           MADD Canada hosted a national launch for
   To      this year’s Project Red Ribbon campaign at
           Province House in Halifax, where we were
           joined by the Honourable Bill Estabrooks,
Support    Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
           Renewal for Nova Scotia; the Honourable
           Ross Landry, Minister of Justice and
Victims    Attorney General for Nova Scotia; and Halifax
           Regional Police Chief Frank Beazley. We were
           also pleased to welcome representatives           “Allstate Canada has been proud to partner
   Of      from our Project Red Ribbon sponsors: Title
           Sponsor Allstate Insurance’s Mike Duffy,
                                                             with MADD Canada for almost 25 years. Our
                                                             agents were part of this campaign in its early
           Agency Manager for Halifax Region; and            days and we’re proud to be here again this
  This     Official Sponsor Irving Oil’s Neil Moore,
           Canadian Operations Manager. Following an
                                                             year, helping to spread this important, life
                                                             saving message,” said Allstate Insurance
           official ribbon cutting ceremony, red ribbons     Company of Canada President and Chief
Violent    were tied to MADD Canada’s KIA Soul, which
           is adorned with our messaging and logos.
                                                             Executive Officer John O’Donnell. “At
                                                             this time of year especially, when social
                                                             gatherings and holiday toasts are common,
 Crime.    The red ribbon is a strong symbol of each
           wearer’s commitment to sober driving. It
                                                             all Canadians need to be reminded of the
                                                             power they have to stop impaired driving and
           also serves as a tribute to all victims who
                                                             make our communities safer.”
           have been killed or injured in impaired driving
           crashes. Every year, approximately 1,200          Working together with Allstate Canada, and
           people are killed and 68,500 are injured in       other sponsors such as Irving Oil, MADD
           impairment-related crashes.                       Canada, its volunteers and supporters plan

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       Red Ribbon Flies Again                                                                                         Matters
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       to distribute millions of red ribbons across the country
       between now and January 3, 2012 when the campaign                           Project Red Ribbon
                                                                                   Campaign Sponsors
       MADD Canada’s red ribbons are available through the
       MADD Canada web site, Chapters and Community
       Leaders and Allstate offices across the country. Red
       ribbon car magnets are available at Canadian Tire
       stores. MADD Canada is also offering a text-to-donate
       program. Show your support for Project Red Ribbon by
       texting “ribbon” to 45678 to make a $10 donation. In               Title Sponsor
       return, you’ll receive a special red ribbon pin. (You will be      Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
       asked to send a second text to “MADD” and receive a
                                                                          Official Sponsor
       link to a secure web page to input your mailing address            Irving Oil
       to receive your pin.) Your donation will be added to your
       cell phone bill.                                                   Corporate Sponsors

                                                                          BMO Financial Group

                                                                          Campaign Member
                                                                          Micro Consulting

       LCBO Employees, Customers
       Show Their Spirit of Giving
       In Ontario, MADD Canada’s red ribbon will be front and          “As a socially responsible retailer, LCBO is a longstanding
       centre at LCBO outlets during the month of December,            supporter of MADD Canada’s goal to help prevent
       as the corporation embarks on its annual Spirit of Giving       drinking and driving,” said Bob Peter, LCBO President
       campaign.                                                       & Chief Executive Officer. ”Programs like Damages
                                                                       deliver impactful anti-impaired driving messages and
       Each year, for the full month of December, LCBO asks            strategies. We’re pleased to raise funds so students
       customers to support MADD Canada and four Ontario               across Ontario can receive such an effective educational
       children’s hospitals through donations at the checkout.         program.”
       This year’s campaign promises to be bigger and better
       than ever, as LCBO employees at checkouts will be               MADD Canada thanks LCBO, its employees and its
       asking shoppers to add a $2, $5 or $10 donation to              customers for their generous and ongoing support
       their purchase or deposit their loose change in the             to help produce and deliver effective programs that
       MADD Canada Project Red Ribbon boxes. (In previous              resonate with students and help them understand the
       years, staff asked for $2 donations or change for the           power they have to stop impaired driving.
       Project Red Ribbon coin boxes.)

       LCBO hopes to top the almost $1 million raised last
       December for MADD Canada.

       Thanks to the generosity of LCBO customers and
       employees, the funds raised last December will result
       in more than half a million students experiencing this
       year’s School Assembly Program, Damages, and learning
       how to make safe, responsible choices to help stop
       impaired driving. In each of the past two years, LCBO
Page   funds have been used to pay for 600 free screenings of
 Two   MADD Canada’s school program in Ontario.
National President’s Message

Coping With Loss During the Holiday Season
                         Hustle and bustle, tidings of good        all right to cry for our loved one. We know that we can
                         cheer, Christmas carols, messages         grieve the fact that Darryl is not with us for Christmas,
                         of peace and joy are now all around       no matter how long it has been. We know that whatever
                         us. It can be an especially difficult     works for us, in terms of keeping or changing our holiday
                         time for victims of impaired driving      traditions, is okay.
                         as we learn, again, how to juggle
                         our emotions.                             If you or a loved one is having a tough time this year, I
                                                                   invite you to read the MADD Canada Holidays & Hope
                     The holiday season floods our                 publication for ideas and tips – like those listed on this
                     hearts with memories of loved                 page – that might help you navigate the emotional road
                     ones killed and those struggling              this holiday season takes us down. And if you need to
with injuries as a result of impaired driving. Sadly, we           talk to someone, never forget that support from MADD
know there are many families who now face their first              Canada’s Victim Services is just a phone call away.
Christmas after the devastation of an impaired driving
crash.                                                             Being part of the MADD Canada family fills me with
                                                                   strength. Knowing others understand is comforting. I
My family faced that first Christmas in December                   know I can reach out when I need to be comforted and
2000. My son-in-law, Darryl, was killed in an impaired             that gives me strength to help support my daughter and
driving crash in May of that year. His wife Tammy and              grandsons. This energy comes from my MADD Canada
two young sons – Dylon, 6, and Joshua, 2 – were left to            family - where there is always a hug and a listening ear,
mourn. As Christmas drew near, we had absolutely no                a friend on the phone.
comprehension of what it would look like. My daughter
tried her best to carry on with traditions that were               I wish you all peace, health and comfort this holiday
meaningful to the boys, yet the reality that nothing would         season.
ever be the same continually broke her down.

Since that Christmas, we have moved forward while
never forgetting. We find great comfort in knowing that
we are not ‘expected’ to heal in a specific way or within          Denise Dubyk
a specific time. We know that, after 11 years, it is still         National President

   Holiday Coping Tips
   Continuing the holiday traditions after the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming and painful. The following checklist -
   taken from MADD Canada’s Holidays & Hope - may be a useful guide to planning what will work for your family this year.
   For the full checklist, or for other tips and coping strategies, go to
   html or you can call 1-800-665-6233, ext. 222 to receive a copy of the brochure.
   Check what you would traditionally do and then circle what you might want to do this year.
   Share this with your family or have them do one of their own and compare notes.

   Decorations                               m Invite friends over                    m   Bake the usual holiday foods
   m Decorate as usual                       m Eat alone                              m   Buy the usual holiday foods
   m Modify your decorations                 m Change time of dinner                  m   Go to religious services
   m Ask for help                            m Change routine of dinner, such as,     m   Do not attend religious services
   m Let others do it                          this year do a buffet                  m   Attend the religious service but at a
   m Make changes, such as: an artificial    m Change location of dinner, eat in a        different time
     tree instead of a real one                different room                         m   Attend a totally different service in a
   m Have a special decoration for your      m Ask for help                               different place
     loved one                               m Cook something special to honour       m   Spend quiet time alone
   m Eliminate the tree or other               your loved one                         m   Visit the cemetery
     decorations                             Traditions                               m   Open gifts on Christmas eve
   Dinner                                    m Keep the old traditions                m   Open gifts on Christmas day
   m Prepare as usual                        m Attend holiday parties
   m Go out for dinner                       m Go to an entirely new place                                                          Page

       Bringing Campaign 911 to the Waterways
       Boating season is still months away but MADD Canada         Alcohol is a factor in more than 40% of recreational
       is already gearing up to spread the message about           boating fatalities. Thirty-seven per cent of boaters in
       sober boating with more Report Impaired Boating –           Canada admit to consuming alcohol every time they
       Call 911 signs, thanks to a new grant from Transport        boat, and nearly two-thirds admit to consuming alcohol
       Canada.                                                     sometimes when boating.

       In 2010, MADD Canada received a Transport Canada            With this year’s grant, MADD Canada hopes to install
       grant for a pilot project to install 50 Report Impaired     100 more signs across the country. This year’s project
       Boating – Call 911 signs at marinas, docks and boat         also includes the production of a radio PSA to air during
       launches in Ontario, the Atlantic Region and British        the 2012 boating season to raise further awareness
       Columbia. The signs were part of an overall effort to       about the risks of impaired boating.
       raise awareness about the dangers of operating a boat
       while impaired and to let the public know that they         The signs are a partnership between MADD Canada,
       should report suspected impaired boaters.                   Transport Canada, local police services, emergency call
                                                                   centres, municipalities and public and private marinas.

           Mark Your Calendars for 2012 National Conference
           for Victims of Impaired Driving
           MADD Canada’s National Conference for Victims of         The highlight of the weekend is the National
           Impaired Driving (formerly known as the National         Candlelight Vigil of Hope and Remembrance to be
           Victims’ Weekend) is taking place in Toronto, Ontario    held on the evening of April 28. For more information
           on April 27-29, 2012. A weekend of informative,          on the weekend, contact or visit
           healing presentations and workshops is planned.          the Victim Services section of our web site.

       Impaired Driving: It Will Cost You Big Time
                                                    A new MADD Canada video and brochure, entitled Impaired
                                                    Driving: It Will Cost You Big Time, is available in Ontario to outline
                                                    the significant administrative and legal consequences of impaired
                                                    driving charges in that province.

                                                    Learn more about Ontario’s longer suspension periods, alcohol
                                                    education and treatment programs, vehicle impoundment and
                                                    ignition interlock program by viewing this video or downloading the
                                                    brochure from our web site.

                                                    MADD Canada thanks the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario for
                                                    their generous support of this project.

                                                                        Technology Sponsor
                                                        Gold Technology Partner
Page                                                    Alcohol Countermeasure Systems
   ARC Sponsors
   Campaign 911
                                                                              Organizational Sponsors
                                                                      Official Sponsors
                                                                      Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

                                                                      Fonora Textile Inc.

                                                                      Hill Street Marketing Inc.
                                                                      Proud maker of MADD Virgin Drinks


                                                                      NB Liquor

                                                                      Corporate Sponsors
                                                                      Impact Auto Auctions

                                                                      Newfoundland Labrador
                                                                      Liquor Corporation
   MADD Canada is pleased to announce the
   Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) as the Title                  Car Rental Sponsor
   Sponsor of our 2012 Campaign 911 program.                          Discount Car and Truck Rentals Limited
   ARC’s Board Chair, Wally Dingman, presented a
   cheque for $100,000 to MADD Canada National                        Corporate Supporters
   President Denise Dubyk at the Leadership                           BMO MasterCard
   Conference in September.                                           Fine Lines Sign Co. Inc.

Become a                 Guardian of Hope
                                             and save lives this Holiday Season
Join MADD Canada today                                            How monthly giving
by making a monthly gift.                                         benefits you:
Your monthly gift provides a consistent and reliable              It’s easy. Just tell us whether you would prefer to use
source of funding for our programs and services.                  your chequing account or your credit card.
Your monthly gift is cost-effective. Pre-authorized               It’s flexible. You’re in control. You can increase,
donations can be processed more efficiently than                  decrease, pause or stop your donations at anytime.
single gifts, leaving even more money to support our              It’s convenient. You’ll receive a consolidated charitable
life-saving programs. We guarantee that a minimum                 receipt for all your donations for the previous year in
of 97% of your monthly gift will be directed to our               late February.
                                                                  It’s rewarding. By joining Guardians of Hope, you will
Your monthly gift will help                                       receive our quarterly newsletter, MADD Matters, plus
ensure that we are able to                                        our annual report. You will also have the satisfaction of
continue to reach people with                                     knowing you are helping to secure a better future for all
our life-saving message before                                    of us. Together, we can make a difference.
so many more lives are lost.

  To join today, please contact Dawn Regan, Director of Public Awareness & Partnership Campaigns, at 1-800-665-6233, ext. 223.

        Allstate’s Dave Pereira Takes on President
        Role with MADD London Chapter
                              This past September, MADD               “After my initial involvement with Project Red Ribbon,
                              London Chapter suffered a               things sort of developed organically,” says Mr. Pereira.
                              tremendous loss when Chapter            “I found myself getting involved in more events and
                              President Maggie Doran passed           fundraisers as the year went on.” His involvement
                              away after a courageous battle          increased over the years and he eventually joined the
                              with multiple sclerosis. Dave           Board of Directors of MADD’s London Chapter, serving
                              Pereira, a long-time MADD Canada        as Director-at-Large.
                              volunteer and Assistant Director
                              of Business Development with            Mr. Pereira knows he has big shoes to fill as the new
        Allstate Canada, stepped in as the new President of the       Chapter President, but is confident in his team’s direction.
        Chapter.                                                      “I think our main priority will be to carry on with the work
                                                                      the board has prioritized. We have a lot of exciting
        Dave moved to London four years ago to begin a new            fundraising initiatives on the horizon, and we’ve laid the
        role within Allstate Canada. It was then that he first        groundwork for some thrilling projects going forward.”
        volunteered as the Allstate Canada liaison for the launch
        of MADD London’s Project Red Ribbon campaign. He              The Chapter has already donated a breathalyzer to the
        remembers it as a powerful experience, and one that           London Police Service as part of its 2011 initiatives and
        motivated him to get further involved with MADD Canada.       has big pursuits planned in 2012, including revamping
                                                                      the Chapter offices, putting together a new web site, and
                                                                      exploring social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to
                                                                      engage new volunteers and grow the Chapter.

                                           School Assembly Program (2011-2012) Damages
                                                 Government of                            Community Sponsors
                                                  British Columbia                        Alberta Traffic
          Presenting Sponsor
                                                                                            Safety Fund
          Kia Canada Inc.
                                                  Government                              American Eagle
          National Sponsors
                                                  Insurance (SGI)                          Outfitters Foundation
          Allstate Insurance
            Company of Canada
                                                 Saskatchewan                             British Columbia
                                                  Liquor and Gaming                        Auto Recyclers
          General Motors
           of Canada Ltd.
                                                                                          Fine Lines Sign
                                                 Corporate Sponsors                         Company
          Gino’s Pizza
                                                                                          Government of
          Provincial Sponsors
                                                 ARC Resources Ltd.                        Newfoundland
                                                                                           and Labrador
          Manitoba Public
                                                                                          Langford Pharmacy
                                                                                          Prince Edward Island
          NB Liquor
                                                 Husky Energy                             Liquor Control Commision
                                                 MJM Productions                          RBC Foundation
           Labrador Liquor
                                                 Winners Merchants                        Car Rental Sponsor
                                                  International                           Discount Car and
          Nova Scotia
                                                                                           Truck Rentals Ltd.
Page       Liquor Corporation
Looking at the Success
of Call 911 Programs                                                                                        Matters

MADD Canada launched Campaign 911 in 2007 to                 •	    The increase in calls to 911 to report suspected
empower the public to call 911 to report suspected                 impaired drivers ranges from 45% to 80% in the
impaired drivers. Through signs, billboards, public                first year of the program implementation, and the
service announcements and other materials, Campaign                increase in impaired driving charges and roadside
911 provides the public with information on the possible           licence suspensions ranges from 30% to 80%.
signs of an impaired driver, tips on what to do and safety
reminders.                                                   •	    Police interception rates of 911 calls range from
                                                                   20% to 50%.
We knew the program would result in more impaired
drivers being taken off the road and, as a result, reduce    •	    Between 35% and 45% of vehicles intercepted by
the chances of crashes, deaths and injuries. The                   police are charged with an impaired driving offence.
challenge lay with raising awareness about the program
                                                             In cases where police are not able to intercept the
among the public and, specifically, changing the way
                                                             vehicle, follow-up is crucial. Many police services
people thought about 911. When the program started,
                                                             follow up, via personal visits or letters, to the owners
many people did not think impaired driving was a serious
                                                             of vehicles which were reported in suspected impaired
enough reason to call 911; they did not consider it an
                                                             driving incidents.
                                                             The importance of that follow-up is illustrated by data
Five years later, public perception about the use of 911
                                                             collected by the Saint John Police. In Saint John,
to report impaired drivers has changed dramatically.
                                                             police collected information on the number of repeat
Today, more and more people are calling 911 to report
                                                             occurrences of 911 calls for the same vehicle. They
impaired drivers.
                                                             found that 25% of repeat 911 calls come within 30 days
                                                             of the first call. Over a 10-year period, Saint John had
                                                             64 alcohol-related crashes that resulted in fatalities or
                    elps take
         omplaint h
                                                             injuries. Twenty-six of the vehicles, or 41%, had been
Public c            ighway 17                                previously reported in a 911 call.
drunk  driver off H
             North Bay                                       Thanks to the efforts of police, governments, traffic
             June 15, 2                                      safety organizations and community groups, Call 911
                                    rts police t             programs are making a real difference. For every im-
                       911 call ale
                                      nk driver
                                                             paired driver taken off the roads as a result of a 911
                        alleged dru                          call, that is a potential crash avoided, a life saved or an
                                            Herald           injury prevented.
                                  May 5, 20
                                                             Plans are well underway for our 2012 Campaign 911
                                                             program. Our new Title Sponsor, the Automotive
                                                             Recyclers of Canada (ARC), is on board and we are
We are proud of the role Campaign 911 has played             planning a multi-site launch for the annual program in
in this important shift. Working with police services,       the spring. Watch the next issue of MADD Matters for
municipal, regional and provincial governments, traffic      more news on Campaign 911.
safety organizations and other community partners,
MADD Canada has helped bring Call 911 programs
to communities in Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario,                      Campaign 911 Sponsors
British Columbia, The Yukon and New Brunswick. There
are also province-wide programs in Prince Edward Island,
Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Alberta.

So what have we learned over the past five years? We              Title Sponsor
know that effective call 911 programs with appropriate
signage in the right locations, combined with public              Automotive Recyclers of Canada
education and awareness about the program, effectively
increase calls to report impaired drivers and increase            Official Sponsors
impaired driving charges resulting from 911 calls.                Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
Taking a general snapshot at various campaigns across             Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines Limited                   Page
the country, we know:
                                                                   Chapter Notebook
        In British                                    MADD Whitehorse Chapter held its Icon
                                                      Fundraiser at Extra Foods raising over
                                                                                                       MADD Red Deer & District Chapter held
                                                                                                       its 19th Annual Candlelight Vigil of Re-
        Columbia/Yukon…                               $560.                                            membrance and Hope in November at St
                                                                                                       Luke’s Anglican Church. As Chapter Presi-
                                                                                                       dent Aleta Neville said, the vigil is “a spe-
                                                                                                       cial opportunity for families of those killed
                                                                                                       and injured to remember and honour their
                                                                                                       loved ones.”

                                                                                                       In Ontario…
        MADD Kamloops Community Leader Rox-
        anne Engli was on hand to present Dam-
        ages, MADD Canada’s School Assembly           Pictured here are President Daniela
        Program to students at Twin Rivers Sec-       Martinson and Administrative Assistant
        ondary in Kamloops in October. CFJC TV        Talitha Emsley.
        attended and spoke to students after the
        presentation to get their reactions.
                                                      In the West…
        MADD Central Okanagan Chapter attend-         MADD Winnipeg Chapter unveiled a me-
        ed a volunteer recruitment event at Par-      morial bench at The Forks in October.
        kinson Recreation Centre this summer.         With many victims, dignitaries and volun-
        The Chapter had a fantastic response          teers in attendance, the bench was un-
        and have signed up new volunteers to join     veiled as a reminder to everyone to take a
        their group.                                  moment to remember the many innocent
                                                      people who have been killed or injured
                                                      in impaired driving crashes. The bench,
                                                      created from beautiful pink marble, will
                                                      forever be a place for people to stop and
                                                      reflect.                                         MADD Brampton and MADD Mississauga
                                                                                                       Community Leader groups participated in
                                                                                                       the Credit Valley Hospital Workplace Fair
        Pictured here are Eva Gainer (left) and                                                        in October by setting up an awareness
        Vicki Travis.                                                                                  display. In November, both groups shared
                                                                                                       proceeds from the “Lose Your Spare Tire
        MADD Upper Fraser Valley Chapter host-                                                         with Us” event, a specialized abdomi-
        ed a barbeque at a local Thrifty Foods                                                         nal and core workout session with Peter
        grocery store. The Chapter raised aware-                                                       Pereira of, held at Emil V.
        ness and funds all while customers en-                                                         Kolb Centre.
        joyed a great barbeque lunch.
                                                                                                       MADD Durham Region Chapter hosted its
                                                      In this picture are, (back row, left to right)   annual Project Red Ribbon launch in part-
                                                      Minister of Justice and Attorney General         nership with the Durham Regional Police’s
                                                      Andrew Swan; Cpl. Miles Hiebert, RCMP;           holiday sobriety check point campaign
                                                      (front row, left to right) Louise Knox, MADD     kick-off at Uxbridge High School in No-
                                                      Canada Chapter Services Manager; Ward            vember. In October, the Chapter launched
                                                      Keith, Registrar of Motor Vehicles for           a creative contest that encouraged their
        Pictured here are Jo Anne Taylor (left) and   Manitoba Public Insurance and Executive          members and volunteers to secure red
        Andrea Seymour.                               Director, Driver Safety & Regulatory Con-        ribbon box locations. Two lucky winners
                                                      trol; Devi Sharma, City of Winnipeg Coun-        won a pair of tickets to an Oshawa Gener-
        MADD Metro Vancouver Chapter hosted           cilor; and Doug Mowbray, MADD Winnipeg           als game in December.
        its 4th annual Strides for Change Walk on     Chapter President.
        September 11, at Central Park. Everyone                                                        MADD Niagara Falls and St. Catharines
        had a great time and they were able to        MADD Edmonton and Area Chapter                   Community Leader groups attended and
        show off their new MADD Metro Vancou-         hosted its Annual Candlelight Vigil in           set up an interactive awareness display at
        ver red tents.                                early December at the Holy Trinity Angli-        Brock University’s Health Fair in Novem-
                                                      can Church. Expected guests included             ber. It was their first event as Community
                                                      Mayor Stephen Mandel and members of              Leaders for MADD Canada.
                                                      the EPS and RCMP Honour Guards. The
                                                      service included a choir and bagpipe and         MADD Ottawa Chapter participated in
Page                                                  concluded with the lighting of candles for       the annual Mums for Thanksgiving deliver-
                                                      loved ones.                                      ies in late September and early October.
Later in October, the Chapter held their                                                   MADD York Region Chapter hosted their
4th annual MADD Dash/Strides for Change                                                    annual Project Red Ribbon launch in part-
event and organized a Candlelight Vigil at                                                 nership with York Regional Police’s sobri-
the Centennial Flame: on Parliament Hill.                                                  ety checkpoint in late November at St.
The Chapter also launched their annual
Project Red Ribbon campaign breakfast
awareness fundraiser in late November
at Broadway Bar & Grill, Prince of Wales

                                               Lastly, the Chapter launched their annual
                                               Project Red Ribbon campaign by hosting
                                               a brunch in early November at the Porcu-
                                               pine Dante Club.                            Maximilian Kolbe High School in Aurora.
                                                                                           Pictured here are some of the volunteers
                                               MADD Toronto Chapter participated in a      that gathered at the Chapter’s 3rd an-
                                               number of community events in the fall.     nual Strides for Change event at Nascar
                                               Pictured here are: Marlene Stephens,        Speedpark in Vaughan earlier in the fall.
                                               Chapter President; Sgt. Jack West - Traf-
                                               fic Services 51 Division; and TTC driver
Pictured here are: Marc Gagnon, Theresa        Danny Cross during a daytime sobriety       In Quebec…
Malham and Dorothy and Gaétan Gen-             checkpoint and Choose Your RIDE display.
dron at the Chapter’s MADD Dash/Strides        In September, the Chapter partnered with    To launch the 2012 Project Red Ribbon
for Change event.                              the St. Clair Garden Business Improve-      campaign, MADD West Island attended
                                               ment Area. They arranged a smashed          the annual Drug and Alcohol Awareness
MADD Sudbury Community Leader                  car, set-up an awareness display and        Day at John Abbott College where stu-
group organized a mall display in mid-No-      helped secure silent auction donations      dents got to meet with the Chapter’s
vember as part of their Project Red Rib-       for the annual Corn Fest event.             members, ask questions and get to know
bon Campaign kick-off and participated in
the Greater Sudbury Santa Claus Parade
later in the month.

MADD Timiskaming & Area Chapter
partnered with a grade 11/12 Health
Care class in late October to organize
a dramatic “dead day” at Timiskaming
District Secondary School. Thirty-six stu-                                                 our organization a little better. They also
dents participated and created the t-shirt                                                 had the chance to try on the Fatal Vision
that was worn by the students. Later, on                                                   goggles and to pick up red ribbons and
the same day, a mock crash was held in                                                     bookmarks while having a taste of the
the school parking lot in partnership with     The Chapter received proceeds from the      mocktail provided by the College.
police, fire and ambulance.                    silent auction. Lastly, the Chapter held
                                               their annual Project Red Ribbon launch in   MADD Beauce has partnered with the lo-
                                               early November at Toronto Police Head-      cal police force and Operation Red Nose
                                               quarters.                                   Chaudière in a tour of local schools dur-
                                                                                           ing the month of November. Red ribbons
                                               The MADD Windsor & Essex County             were distributed as part of the Project
                                               Community Leader group launched their       Red Ribbon campaign and awareness
                                               annual Project Red Ribbon Campaign in       was provided to students prior to the
Pictured here are some of the students         early November at a local Allstate office   holiday season. Furthermore, the MADD
that participated in the dramatic “dead

MADD Timmins & Area Chapter orga-
nized a voluntary toll/plaza blitz. Pictured
here are some of the Chapter volunteers
in action that day. The Chapter also
participated in a “Welcome to Timmins
Night” event hosted by the city. This was      (Dougall location). Also in November, two   Beauce KIA Soul will be on display in
a great opportunity for Chapter members        local fraternities held car smashes with    December at Operation Red Nose’s Com-
to showcase MADD Timmins & Area                all proceeds going to the MADD Wind-        mand Centre. Ribbons and bookmarks
Chapter activities and recruit some new        sor & Essex County Community Leader         will be handed out to drivers using the       Page
volunteers.                                    group.                                      service all through the holidays.
                                                               Chapter Notebook
                                                    and MADD Lunenburg Queens. On the
       In the Atlantic Region…                      last day of her tour, Denise was also       The MADD Cumberland County Chapter
                                                    guest speaker during the MADD Char-         is pleased to be a sponsor with the lo-
       The MADD Bay of Fundy Chapter was
                                                    lotte County Project Red Ribbon launch      cal Amherst Police Department in host-
       pleased to host the 3rd annual “Song
                                                    (pictured here) in St. Stephen, NB.         ing this year’s Operation Christmas. The
       Writers Circle” in Middleton, Nova Scotia.
                                                                                                Nova Scotia Department of Justice in
       This year’s fundraising event featured lo-
                                                                                                conjunction with Municipal Police Depart-
       cal musicians from across the province.
                                                                                                ments from across Nova Scotia as well
                                                                                                as RCMP Military Police, Vehicle Compli-
       MADD Bay St. George Chapter in Ste-
                                                                                                ance and the Department of Transporta-
       phenville, NF was successful in secur-
                                                                                                tion, will be hosted by the Amherst Police
       ing funding to co-host a conference “It
                                                                                                Department in this 2-day event to kick off
       Takes a Village” targeting middle and
                                                                                                increased enforcement in sobriety road
       high school aged youth in their region.
                                                                                                checks for the Christmas season.
       Throughout the conference, youth were
       challenged to consider responsible
                                                                                                Several Chapters have chosen this time
       choices including the impact of drug
                                                                                                of year to hold a Candlelight Memorial
       and alcohol impairment among their age
                                                    Many other Chapters reported success-       Event to honour the lives of those lost
       group. MADD Atlantic Regional Director,
                                                    ful Project Red Ribbon launches including   due to an impaired driving crash.
       Paul MacKenzie, presented the keynote
                                                    MADD Charlottetown, at the Charlotte-
       speech on the second day of the confer-
                                                    town Mall. The MADD Kent County event

       On that same weekend, several other
       Newfoundland Chapters including MADD
       Bay of Islands, MADD Exploits Valley
       and MADD Gander participated in a Vol-
       unteer Training Day in Grand Falls, Wind-

       Several MADD Chapters in Nova Scotia
       were honoured to have National Presi-
       dent Denise Dubyk attend their local
       Project Red Ribbon launches during her
                                                    (pictured here) was supported by the
       5 day tour in the Halifax area. Among
                                                    Saint Paul Fire Department. MADD East       Picture here is MADD Labrador’s Candle-
       those were MADD Halifax, MADD An-
                                                    Prince held their launch in conjunction     light Vigil.
       napolis Valley, MADD Yarmouth County
                                                    with a local hockey game.

         Make the Smart Choice to
         Ride Alcohol-Free This Winter
         MADD Canada and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile               snowmobile while impaired is no different than driving a
         Organizations (CCSO) are teaming up again this winter to         car while impaired,” said Denise Dubyk, MADD Canada’s
         reduce alcohol-related snowmobile fatalities and injuries.       National President. “Alcohol affects driving ability, judge-
                                                                          ment, reflexes and reaction times. If you’re out on the trails
         Every year since 2002, the two organizations have promot-        impaired, you’re risking your life and the lives of those
         ed a National “Zero Tolerance” Awareness Day in January,         sharing the trails with you.
         as part of International Snowmobile Safety Week. Alcohol
                                                                          The CCSO mobilizes its provincial and territorial associa-
         is a major factor in snowmobiling fatalities and injuries.
                                                                          tions to enlist participation from Canada’s 673 snowmo-
         In 2006, 52% of fatally injured snowmobile operators had
                                                                          bile clubs in the safety week activities.
         been drinking. Further, alcohol was a factor in 49% of se-
         vere trauma admissions resulting from snowmobiling.              “Every winter, senseless and preventable tragedies occur
                                                                          on our trails because people operate their machines after
         MADD Canada appeals to its local Chapters and Commu-
                                                                          drinking,” said CCSO Executive Director Dennis Burns. “We
         nity Leaders across Canada and to media to raise aware-
                                                                          are asking everyone to ‘Make the Smart Choice’ until the
         ness about the dangers of snowmobiling while impaired.
                                                                          riding is done for the day, for their own safety and for the
Page     “We need people to truly understand that operating a             safety of others.”
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         The Responsive Marketing                     Jim Waters                                  Susan Finkbeiner
         Group Inc.                                   John & Jose Watson                          Susan Toller
                                                      Karel & Yoka ter Brugge
         Silver $1,000 +                              Michael Adelson
         Canada Dry Mott’s Inc.
         Caring Hands Publishing                                                 MADD Canada is a member of Imagine Canada and we are
         Encana Cares Foundation                                                 proud to use the Imagine Canada trustmark that demonstrates
         Miller Memorial Foundation                                              our organization’s commitment to responsible management
         The Nev Foundation                                                      and accounting of funds that donors entrust to us.
         Vancity Community Foundation

           To receive a charitable receipt for the 2011 tax year, your donation must be made on-line or by phone by December 31,
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