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                                                   Santa Margarita Catholic High School 

                                    THE BLUEPRINT
                                     THE BLUEPRINT                                                                                     Blueprint@smhs.org
    VOL.21 NO.6

      INSIDE                Big Dog on Campus
                            By Denise Fernandez and Melissa Zornig
    World News pg. 2
                                  Ever wonder what the               toy and is extremely happy
                            drug dog, Qwynn, actually
     Is it Safe to Travel                                            to know he did well.
                            does and has to go through                     Christine informed us
     to Mexico?             f o r p r o p e r t r a i n i n g ? We   that she started to train
                            were lucky enough to inter-              Qwynn when he was still a
                            view the head of the                     puppy at 8 months. The dogs
                            Interquest Detection Ca-                 usually take around 3 to 4
      Features pg. 3        nines. Her name is Christine             months to train until they are
                            and has been working and                 fully ready to work on the
     New Prom Rules         running this program for 12              job at schools.
                            years.                                         She also told us how
                                  Some basic informa-                training a drug dog is much
                            tion she gave us was that                more different than training
                            Qwynn is trained to smell                a seeing-eye dog. With see-
     Health pg. 4, 5        odors of illegal drugs, alco-            ing-eye dogs they are never
                            hol, firecrackers, and pre-              to be touched by the public
                            scription drugs. When the                too much except for by its       Qwynn, the drug dog, ready to go!Photo courtesy of
    Medical Anomalies       dogs are on the job they’re              blind owner. The reason for      Fernandez and Zornig.
                            trained to find these prod-              this is because the seeing-
                            ucts like a game. The dogs               eye dog cannot be distracted                                              Are they trained dif-
                                                                                                      she never allows her inside
                            search through the lockers,              by anything other than help-                                        ferently then seeing-eye
                                                                                                      because she wants to al-
                            cars and backpacks at ran-               ing their owners live their                                         dogs?
     Sports pg. 6,7         dom. Once they find some-                life.
                                                                                                      ways keep it “strictly busi-
                                                                                                      ness” with Qwynn. Qwynn                  - Ye s , d r u g d o g s a r e
                            thing, of the odor they are                    Drug dogs are also                                            trained to sniff drugs and al-
                                                                                                      sleeps outside in a large ken-
    Steve Fryer Interview   trained to look for, Qwynn               taught not to be played with     nel to rest up for another         cohol, while seeing-eye dogs
                            sniffs the subject again and             a lot because the most fun                                          are trained to guide people
                                                                                                      long, busy day coming up.
                            sits quietly. He is trained to           the dogs should have is on the                                      who are blind.
                                                                                                            We had the chance to
                            just sit there and not do any-           job looking for the odors they                                            Where does Qwynn
                                                                                                      interview with Christine.
                            thing about what he has                  should be looking for. Chris-                                       live?
                                                                                                            What do drug dogs
     Em/Liv pg. 8,9         found. As a reward to what               tine even told us, when she      detect?                                  -He lives in my back-
                            Qwynn finds, he is given his             takes Qwynn home with her                                           yard in a kennel.
                                                                                                            -Drugs, alcohol, medi-
                                                                                                                                               Do you treat him like
       Disneyland                                                                                     cines, and gun powders.
                                                                                                                                         a regular, playful dog off
                                                                                                            What do the dogs do
                                                                                                      once it smells some-               the job?
                                                                                                      thing?                                   -No, he cannot be in
                                                                                                            -The dog will sit right      the house having fun be-
                                                                                                      next to the back pack.             cause he needs to learn that
                                                                                                                                         his job is the most fun he will
Entertainment pg. 10,11                                                                                     How do you train
                                                                                                      them?                              have.
                                                                                                                                               Do you use different
       Bamboozle                                                                                            -They start out with a
                                                                                                                                         breeds of dogs?
                                                                                                      cocaine toy and our trained
                                                                                                      to sit once they smell it.               -We try to stick with
                                                                                                            What age do they             the same breed because it is
                                                                                                      start training to be a drug        a hunting dog.
                                                                                                      dog?                                     How many different
     Opinion pg. 12                                                                                         -8 months.                   schools do you go to?
                                                                                                            How long does it take              - We g o t o m a n y
                                                                                                                                         schools in 5 different coun-
       Pokeman                                                                                        to train them?
                                                                                                            -1 to 3 months.
                                                                                                            Around what age do                 Where do kids get
                                                                                                      they retire and why?               caught the most?
                                                                                                            -8 to 9 years old, usu-            -Public schools.
                            Qwynn sniffing lockers with Christine. Photo courtesy of
 Special Section pg. 13     Fernandez and Zornig.                                                     ally due to arthritis.

                            Team Robot at World Competition
                            By Karysn Kraft
                                                                           The robot competed         goes to Hailey Welch, Joe
                                  On behalf of the
Campus Ministry pg. 15      SMCHS community, con-
                                                                     with over 42,000 high school     Norman, Dylan Normandin,
                                                                     students and teams from          S e a n B e e v e r, C o n n o r
                            gratulations goes out to the
                                                                     forty-eight states in the        Conzelman, Kevin Jain,
    Senior Pilgrimage       Santa Margarita Robotics
                                                                     United States, Brazil,           David Mittelstein, Mike Kim,
                            Team which includes mem-
                                                                     Canada, Chile, Germany, Is-      David Guevara, Tim Park
                            bers of SMCHS that took
                                                                     rael, Mexico, the Nether-        and Ryan Curran and Mr.
                            part in the formation of our
                                                                     lands, the Philippines, Tur-     Gary Fox and Mr. Rennie
                            very own SM robot, which
    Campus Life pg. 16      advanced to the Atlanta
                                                                     key, and the U.K.                Stark, all is an award in it-
                                                                           Although the robot did     self.
                            First Robotics Competition
     Special Olympics       from April 16, 2009- April
                                                                     not receive any awards, the             Keep up the hard work
                                                                                                                                         Robot made by SM students.
                                                                     accomplishment of going to       robotics team!
                            18, 2009.                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of smhs.org.
                                                                     this prestigious competition

                                                                                  WORLD NEWS
The March of the Penguins is Coming to an End North
By Alexa Kosco                                                                                                                                Pole Melting
       The South American                                                                                                By Becca Caraveo
                                          stitute for Space Research and         weak to deal with these rough
coast is usually one full of miles        a member of the UN’s Intergov-                                                       The dramatic loss of ice
                                                                                 conditions, which is endangering                                                  David Barber of the
of endless sand, crashing                 ernmental Panel on Climate                                                     in the North Pole is unfortu-
                                                                                 their health. Oil spills have been                                          University of Manitoba says,
waves, tropical night life…and            Change, points out that “sea cur-                                              nately a terrifying consequence
                                                                                 a major problem to the penguin                                              “We’re actually projecting
hundreds of dead baby pen-                rents are a reflection of wind                                                 of global warming. This up-
                                                                                 population for some time now and                                            this year that the North Pole
guins??? The sad truth is that            patterns. This winter has started                                              coming summer we can expect
                                                                                 the thousands of dead penguin                                               may be free of ice for the first
dead penguins have been wash-             earlier and, so far, has been more                                             the ice cover to be 1 million
                                                                                 babies can certainly be credited                                            time in history.” The ice that
ing up on the shore of South              severe.” This means that the                                                   square miles smaller than the
                                                                                 to oil pollution.                                                           is pushing against the Cana-
American hotspots all along the           common sea currents that pen-                                                  long term average. According
                                                                                        South Americans are                                                  dian continental shelf should
coast, including Brazil, El Sal-          guins usually travel on are get-                                               to the National Snow and Ice
                                                                                 stunned by the uprise of the dead                                           survive this summer. This
vador, Uruguay and Chile.                 ting stronger and taking the birds                                             Data Center, the ice extent is
                                                                                 penguins because locals as well                                             pole is especially expected to
These dead penguins, mostly               in different directions and at                                                 declining by 2.7% per decade.
                                                                                 as scientists are still perplexed                                           show the greatest effects of
young, have been swept from               stronger forces; which could po-                                               Satellites have been used since
                                                                                 about the cause for such a tragic                                           global warming. As the wa-
Antarctica’s icy shores and               tentially explain why these birds                                              1979 to observe the diminish-
                                                                                 outcome. Although it may be glo-                                            ter absorbs more and more
have been washing up along the            are winding up on the South At-                                                ing ice caps. This year the ice
                                                                                 bal warming or pollution or rough                                           of the sun’s energy, the ice
tropical beaches, leaving many            lantic coasts.                                                                 caps have shrunk to 2.05 mil-
                                                                                 seas, we still don’t know for sure.                                         will continue to melt. Unfor-
puzzled as to why this incident                 But why are the birds                                                    lion square miles which is
                                                                                 But although the cause of this                                              tunately, 65% of the worlds
is happening.                             crashing through the waves and                                                 equivalent to the size of Cali-
                                                                                 heart-wrenching dilemma is un-                                              ice cover was lost this past
      Seeing about a few dozen            winding up on the beaches…                                                     fornia and Texas combined.
                                                                                 known, the reality is that these                                            year. “Scientists say the
penguins wind up dead on the              dead? This is what Marengo re-                                                 Mark Serreze, senior research
                                                                                 penguins are still mysteriously                                             record loss last year was due
beaches is typically the norm             fers to as one of “the big holes                                               scientist at the U.S. National
                                                                                 dying in ways that cannot be con-                                           to a combination of warm
according to Brazilian coastal            in climate knowledge” because                                                  Snow and Ice Data Center in
                                                                                 tributed to simply the cycle of life.                                       ocean currents, fluke winds,
protection agencies. However,             there is no scientific evidence as                                             Boulder, Colorado, said, “The
this past year has reached ab-            to why the baby penguins are                                                   sea ice cover this year has         and unusually sunny
normally large numbers for                dying in the first place. However,                                             reached a new record.. It’s         weather,” according to the
these poor penguins. A few ca-            there are many theories regard-                                                not just that we beat the old       National Geographic. These
sualties among these penguins             ing the penguin tragedies includ-                                              record, we annihilated it.”         unlikely conditions are not
are unfortunately unavoid-                ing oil spills, rough seas, weak                                                     The arctic ice caps con-      likely to happen again, yet it
able… but hundreds of penguins            babies, and pollution.                                                         tinue to keep melting under the     is possible. Just one of the
winding up on the same                          Pollution is lowering the                                                effects of the infamous global      many consequences of losing
beaches that many tourists                animals’ immune systems, and                                                   warming and soon enough, it         the ice in the North Pole is
flock to annually?? This heart-           increasing their vulnerability to                                              is believed that there will be      the polar bears who live in this
wrenching fact leaves officials           disease. Ocean currents are be-                                                no ice left in the North Pole.      region will either die or need
to conclude that global warm-             ing affected and cyclones are                                                  The temperature of the water        to be rescued before they did
ing and continual climate                 becoming more abundant,                                                        is expected to increase this        so. Emperor penguins of Ant-
change is endangering penguins            strongly contributing to the up-                                               summer, all while the ice is        arctica could find themselves
everywhere.                               rising in rough sea conditions.        Penguins huddle together on a           melting. Thus, the freezing of      extinct if the sea ice contin-
      Jose Marengo, a clima-              Many baby penguins are far too         piece of ice. Photo courtesy of         the water in the fall is only go-   ues to melt. TakePart.com
tologist of Brazil’s National In-                                                Google Images.                          ing to create very thin ice. A      mentions how more storms
Mexico Has Been Declared More Dangerous Than the Middle East!                                                            German expedition on the Po-
                                                                                                                         lar icebreaker, Polarstern, dis-
                                                                                                                                                             will be created as well as
                                                                                                                                                             higher water levels. There
By Morgan Brutocao
                                          I have become more than well-                                                  covered that the center of the      are many books and websites
        For most of us, it is no longer                                          experiencing the effects of the
                                          informed of the drug cartels and                                               ice cap is now only about three     dedicated on how to do your
surprising to hear about the ex-                                                 current “war”. Baja California is
                                          their malevolent plots. If you still                                           feet thick, compared to six         part during a time such as this.
treme outrage occurring in                                                       among the handful of states that is
                                          are not convinced or frankly just                                              years ago when it was 6 feet        Do your part and take a look
Mexico. To the dismay of many,                                                   enduring the most hardship. The
                                          do not care about what Mexico                                                  thick. Ice-less summers are         at the following websites:
it is in fact true that Mexico is no                                             Mexican government is doing
                                          has to offer you right now, I                                                  expected to happen within the       NSIDC.org TakePart.com
longer acknowledged as a desir-                                                  what they can to stop the drug car-
                                          strongly believe your reaction will                                            next 20 years says Mark             NationalGeographic.com.
able vacation spot. Yet still there                                              tels but the drug cartels have re-
                                          sway tremendously after learning                                               Serreze. Some scientists even       And who knows, by simply
are still some daring travelers that                                             peatedly proven that the
                                          the following information.                                                     believe that the North Pole         promoting awareness about
are willing to take their chances                                                government’s authority is simply
                                                 What is occurring in Mexico                                             may be ice free by this upcom-      the environment, you may be
at making the trek to Mexico.                                                    not enough to cease their activity.
                                          is presently known and/or referred                                             ing summer, due to the dra-         able to save a polar bear.
        Earlier this year, I was ac-                                                    Back to the topic
tually thrilled to go to Mexico for       to as “The Mexico Drug War”.           ofvacations, I personally went to       matic warming of the climate.
my first time, (Tijuana does not          This “war” involves conflicts with     Palm Springs this spring break and
count!). My plans were of course          drug cartels and the Mexican gov-      had the best spring break in all my
to visit, what else… CABO SAN             ernment forces. The drug cartels       four years of high school. Although
LUCAS! Is Cabo not the ideal              have mostly been reported to be        Cabo seemed to be the ultimate
location for a senior trip? I found       using automatic assault rifles (AK-    spot to be, I knew that I did not
myself beginning to plan my first         47’s), hand grenades, and a sur-       want to walk on the fence, possi-
trip without parental supervision,        plus of other weapons. Conse-          bly exposing myself and other
several months before it was to           quently, the death toll in Mexico is   friends to dangerous situations.
even take place.                          skyrocketing. At a House of Rep-       However, I do know some friends
        Sadly, I had to remove this       resentatives investigation on the      that DID spend their break in parts
getaway from my calendar ever             federal law enforcement’s reac-        of Mexico and returned home
since the uproar in Mexico has            tion to the brutality along the bor-   completely safe. I guess it all
continuously escalated. Obvi-             der, Representative John               comes down to where you plan on
ously, I am aware of the danger           Culberson of Texas stated that,        staying while in Mexico and who
present within the country and of         “there were more deaths in             you are with (example: family).
course I am grateful that my par-         Mexico than there were in Iraq.”       We all can only hope and pray that
ents are concerned with my                The death toll in Mexico during        the drug war will soon come to an
safety. But am I the only soon to         2008 alone was 5,630 killed, total-    end so that travelling to Mexico
be adult that would still be willing      ing to a sum of 7,882 deaths linked    can once again become a popular
to travel across the border? Ap-          to the drug cartels since Decem-       destination for vacationers, espe-      The boundary between U.S. civilization and Mexican devastation
parently, I was the only one; af-         ber of 2006.                           cially those in Southern California.    is merely separated by a fence.Photo courtesy of Google Images.
ter reading recent news reports,                 The majority of Mexico is

The Blueprint                                            The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                    April 2009

 That Peeves Me Off! Literally
  By Allison Le
         Everyone has pet              not know the words to. Here              · People who don’t pick up      your hot dog on a folded piece      door open when they go to the
peeves – everyone. Even if you         are a handful of the little       after themselves                       of bread                            bathroom
are Ghandi himself, you will still     things that bug us. Which one            · Not washing hands after              · People who use the                · People that don’t list
have pet peeves. A pet peeve           is your pet peeve?                using the restroom                     phrase “110%” (or even more         prices on websites, stores, and
is defined as a minor annoyance              · Sick people who                  · The toilet paper that rips    % sometimes).                       infomercials
that an individual identifies as       cough near you /people who        after you pull one sheet                      · When the host/hostess             · People who always
particularly annoying to them, to      don’t cover their mouth while            · When you find a really        at a restaurant totally underes-    have to be right and have the
a greater degree than others           sneezing or coughing              cute piece of clothing on the rack     timates how long a wait there       last word
may find it (this definition is giv-         · Noisy eaters              and they have like twenty in size      will be.                                   · When people continue
en by Wikipedia because, as                  · People with bad ta-       XS, two in size 3X, and not a sin-            · When you score a goal      to stare after they ask you a
Michael Scott[the Office] says,        ble manners                       gle one in your size                   on yourself in foosball or air      question, as if they need you to
“Wikipedia is the best thing                 · Vulgar talk at the din-          · People who will write         hockey.                             expand more on your answer
ever. Anyone in the world can          ner table                         something borderline mean, but                · Failing to take a back-           · Annoying nervous
write anything they want about               · Someone standing          then follow it up with a smiley face   pack into account when turn-        (forced sounding) laughs
any subject, so you know you           over your shoulder reading        :)                                     ing or backing into people                 · When you are hanging
are getting the best possible in-      the computer screen                      · People who refer to them-            · People putting their       out with someone and they make
formation.” Do you agree?                    · How opening any           selves in the third person             feet out of car windows.            plans to do something else right
         Usually pet peeves            cheap electronic item these              · Ice cream with freezer               · When you bite into a       in front of you
originate from childhood expe-         days, requires cutting up your    burn                                   jelly bean and it’s a different            · When people scratch
riences that may have “scarred         finger with an even more                 Well, if those bug you, then    flavor than what you thought it     their fingernails on a blackboard
you for life.” Having a pet            cheap and impossible to open      these will bug you even more!          was                                        These are only a few of
peeve is like having a virus. The      plastic molding covering                 · When you will be talking             · When people take           the many pet peeves that the
virus starts within your family,             · People who ride their     to someone, and their replies seem     healthy food and fry it up in       world undertakes everyday! Did
then your friends, and then fi-        bikes in the road when a side-    to be limited to “ya”, “cool”, “ok”,   butter and eat it because it’s      you find yourself saying, “oh my
nally the entire world – until you     walk is right there (even         or “word”                              “good for them”                     gosh I hate that… and that …
finally burst and flip out on          though they can’t ride on the            · When you pull a string               · Singing along with the     AND THAT!” Well hello! You
some random person that is             sidewalk)                         hanging from your shirt and it         music when you don’t actually       are an easily irritated person,
acting out your pet peeve. Here              · People who clear          doesn’t break, but only becomes        know the words.                     nice to meet you. However, be-
is an article of comfort show-         their throats in a disgusting     longer.                                       · When you ask some-         ing an easily irritated person is
ing you that you are definitely        way                                      · People who write “Keep        one a simple, straightforward       not a bad case in this scenario
not the only one who has a pet               · People that pop and       in touch!” in your yearbook but        question and the person spends      seeing that all the pet peeves list-
peeve.                                 smack their chewing gum           never talk to you again.               ten solid minutes rambling on       ed are the most annoying things
      The                 website            · People who throw                 · Saying “Let there be          about everything in the world       known to man. Well, lets take
[www.getannoyed.com] lists             cigarette butts on the beach      light” every time any light switch     EXCEPT the answer to your           this article to heart and realize
pet peeves from seeing some-                 · Driving somewhere         is flipped on.                         simple, straightforward ques-       that the world is not perfect and
one blink twice in a row to            and having the sun in your               · When there are no hot         tion                                that you probably have done
someone singing a song they do         eyes                              dog buns left and you have to eat             · People who leave the       half of these bad boys yourself.

 Major Prom-a-lama Drama Yo!!
 By Kenna Crouse
      Prom is just around the               1) Dresses that come                 3) Dresses that are back-           The following style of              3) Dresses that fall be-
corner and there are a few             above the knee.                   less.                                  dress is permitted at Prom:         tween the knee and floor.
changes that have taken place.                                                                                       1) Dresses that have a
You don’t want to be out of the                                                                                 modest neckline.
loop because disobeying these
rules will have some major con-
      Juniors are now allowed
to go stag to the dance! So grab
some of your friends and go!
BOYS: don’t be afraid to ask
someone, every girl wants to go
and will be flattered that you
took the time to ask them and
impressed you had the courage
to finally do it.                           2) Dresses that have              4) Dresses with the slit
      There have been some             plunging necklines.               above the knee.
changes to girl’s dress code and                                                                                       2) Dresses that are strap-         Make sure you buy a dress
if you don’t follow these new                                                                                   less, single strapped or double     that abides by these guidlines.
rules you will NOT get in! Just                                                                                 strapped.                           Prom is going to be a great time
follow these simple changes                                                                                                                         and it would be horrible to ruin
and you will get in no problem,                                                                                                                     your night and not get into Prom.
don’t try to bend the rules be-                                                                                                                           There are so many great
cause they are going to be strict                                                                                                                   options if you are having trou-
.How much would it suck to                                                                                                                          ble finding a long dress. The
show up at prom and not be able                                                                                                                     BCBG outlets in Carlsbad have
to get in? A LOT!!                                                                                                                                  gorgeous dresses for great pric-
      The following style of                                                                                                                        es. Also checkout bluefly.com
dresses may not be worn to                                                                                                                          for super buys on designer
Prom:                                                                                                                                               gowns!

    As the health page editors at a school with the motto “Caritas Christi,” it is important for us to share articles that reflect such
“true love for all people.” Not only is it interesting to read about people who are much different than ourselves, learning about
health anomalies will help spread awareness and allow us to embrace differences that make us unique. Hopefully, you will emerge
with a sense of respect, and more importantly love, for these people.

Sirenomelia “Mermaid Syndrome”
 By Alyssa Wolpin
       Mermaid syndrome: it is ex-          syndrome would be to monitor the       a kidney transplant a couple of years
actly what it sounds like. The scien-       glucose level during pregnancy.        ago. There were complications with
tific name for this condition is            The diagnosis for this disease can     the surgery leading to urinary tract in-
sirenomelia. Sirenomelia is a very rare     be made during the mother’s first      fection and a blood infection. But Shiloh
condition, so rare that it only occurs in   trimester through a sonogram. The      continues to fight against the odds and
one out of 100,000 births. A person         only treatment after the child has     is thankful for her second chance at
with sirenomelia has legs that are          been born with this condition are      life.
fused together producing the same           several surgeries.                             Milagros Cerrón was nick-
look as a mermaid. A person’s feet                 There have been a few ex-       named Peru’s “miracle baby”.
can stick out on each side (like fins)      traordinary cases of Sirenomelia.      Milagros’ legs were fully separated on
or a person can have no feet at all.                                                                                            Milagros Cerrón nicknamed Peru’s “miracle baby”. Photo
                                            Until TiffanyYorks, there had been     September 7th, 2006. Milagros took her       courtesy of Google Images.
Mermaid syndrome is a fatal disease.        no survivors of sirenomelia. She is    first steps at two years old. But, doc-

                                                                                                                               The Smallest Girl In
       There have been around 300           now the oldest survivor at 20 years    tors said Milagros would still need more
cases of children being born with           old. Doctors told her parents that     surgeries and 10 to 15 years fully re-
sirenomelia, only 3 cases in which the      she had little or no chance or sur-    cover.
child has survived. A child with
sirenomelia usually dies within one or
two days of their birth. It would seem
                                            vival. After Tiffany endured many
                                            surgeries, her legs were separated.
                                            At the age of three, Tiffany learned
                                                                                           More research needs to be done
                                                                                   to increase the survival rate of
                                                                                   sirenomelia and there are always ways
                                                                                                                               the World
                                                                                                                               Michelle Loftus                        dial dwarfism to have a signifi-
like the cause of death would have          to walk. What was once believed        to help. Unfortunately, there are no               Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley
                                                                                                                                                                      cantly lower stature and weight
something to do with the patients legs      to be impossible was defeated for      foundations currently benefitting           born February 13, 2003 seems
                                                                                                                                                                      levels. Primordial dwarfism re-
being combined into one limb, but it is     the first time.                        sirenomelia. If you are interested in       like a normal infant, with just that
                                                                                                                                                                      sults in some of the smallest
caused by the abnormal development                 The second girl to overcome     this             cause,             visit   information provided. What if
                                                                                                                                                                      people in the world.
of organs like kidneys and bladders.        mermaid syndrome is eight-year-        www.madisonsfoundation.com , a              we told you that she weighed
                                                                                                                                                                             Some primary symptoms
       There is no certain cause of         old Shiloh Pepin. Shiloh was born      foundation created to support parents       just 2 pounds and 8 ounces?
                                                                                                                                                                      occur in the womb. Pregnant
sirenomelia as of right now. Suspected      with one partially working kidney,     and families with children with rare        Kenadie is one out of 100 people
                                                                                                                                                                      woman will notice that her
causes are the following: maternal          no lower colon and no genital or-      diseases. Hopefully in the near future,     in the world to be affected from
                                                                                                                                                                      belly does not increase in size
diabetes mellitus, poor prenatal care,      gans. Shiloh struggled with health     research will find a better solution to     the disease of primordial dwarf-
                                                                                                                                                                      over the time. This is because
or possibly genetics. Prevention of this    issues her entire life and received    help these unique cases.                    ism.
                                                                                                                                                                      of the failure of the fetus to
                                                                                                                                      Doctors told Kenadie’s

Tree Man Infection
                                                                                                                                                                      grow normally in the womb.
                                                                                                                               parents that she will most likely
                                                                                                                                                                      The baby is born extremely pre-
                                                                                                                               not make it through the night.
                                                                                                                                                                      maturely at only 35 weeks. Af-
    By Lindsay Mortenson                                                                                                       After eight months of continu-
                                            contain the virus and it spread        makes him unable to fight against                                                  ter birth, the child will grow at
                                                                                                                               ally defying doctors’ expecta-
       Dede Kosawa is a man who             drastically. Now, in his mid thir-     the virus. The combination of the                                                  a very slow rate, with the head
                                                                                                                               tions, she was diagnosed with
suffers from probably the rarest skin       ties, the warts devour his arms        two result in a turmoil of dermatol-                                               growing the slowest. The joints
                                                                                                                               primordial dwarfism. She will
disease ever discovered. His arms           and legs in a branch like fashion      ogy mayhem. Gaspari originally                                                     are looser, resulting in more dis-
                                                                                                                               not grow past 30 inches or weigh
and legs are contorted with wood-           and are very heavy. He is un-          thought that Kosawa might have the                                                 location of the hips, knees, or
                                                                                                                               more than eight pounds.
like structures protruding from his         able to use his hands and has a        AIDS virus due to a very low pres-                                                 elbows. Appearance will also
                                                                                                                                      Kenadie is now 5 years
skin. He has become known as the            difficult time completing regular      ence of white blood cells, however,                                                be altered among these indi-
                                                                                                                               old and is able to run, laugh, walk,
Tree Man of Indonesia. The struc-           activities. Unable to keep a nor-      that turned out to be false and it was                                             viduals. They have distinct nose
                                                                                                                               and is beginning to learn how to
tures were found to be common               mal job, Kosawa has resorted           determined that Kosawa’s condition                                                 and eyes, as well as abnormally
                                                                                                                               talk. Her parents are proud to
warts caused by the HPV virus that          to joining a local “Freak Show,”       was even more rare. Despite his                                                    small or missing teeth. They
                                                                                                                               say that Kenadie omits a feel-
have grown at an extreme rate.              and begging on the streets. It pro-    unique immune system, he has                                                       may develop scoliosis or high
                                                                                                                               ing of happiness to others and
Researchers describe it as the “per-        vides him with enough money            shown very good health throughout                                                  squeaky voices.
                                                                                                                               that is her strongest achieve-
fect storm” of all skin diseases, which     to support himself and his two         his life and his family does not share                                                    Although this condition is
is when multiple viruses come to-           children.                              the same problems as he does.                                                      extremely rare, most of these
                                                                                                                                      This is a disorder in which
gether to produce one major defect.                After taking many tissue               Dr. Gaspari is confident that                                               victims do not live past the age
                                                                                                                               growth is proportional but se-
       Kosawa told American doc-            samples, Gaspari did in fact con-      the virus can be cured by taking                                                   of 30, being as there is no treat-
                                                                                                                               verely delayed, beginning in the
tor, Dr. Anthony Gaspari, that the          firm that the welts and warts are      regular doses of Vitamin A. He says                                                ment for this disorder. Fortu-
                                                                                                                               womb. Because this disease
warts started when he was a teen-           from the very common Human             that Kosawa “may never have a                                                      nately, the smallest girl in the
                                                                                                                               originates so early, they have
ager after he cut his knee in an ac-        Papilloma Virus. Kosawa also           normal body again, but the warts                                                   world, Kenadie, is able to live a
                                                                                                                               very low birth weights. After
cident. They started out small, but         suffers from a rare genetic blun-      should reduce in size and he should                                                normal life style with the ex-
                                                                                                                               birth, their growth rate is stunted,
after a while his body was unable to        der in his immune system which         be able to use his hands. I hope to                                                ception of her petite appear-
                                                                                                                               causing individuals with primor-
                                                                                   improve his appearance and the                                                     ance.
                                                                                   quality of his life. Kosawa can also
                                                                                   freeze off remaining smaller warts.
                                                                                   He has undergone several surger-
                                                                                   ies that have removed about four
                                                                                   pounds of his root like appendages.
                                                                                   Kosawa can now see the outline of
                                                                                   his toes and can somewhat use his
                                                                                          This medical mystery was
                                                                                   solved through the dedication of
                                                                                   many doctors and researchers.
                                                                                   Hopefully with more commitment
                                                                                   and perseverance, Kasawa can live
                                                                                   a like he did before this tragic virus      Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley gives her father kisses. Photo courtesy
Tree Man before his many surgeries. Photo courtesy of Google Images                engulfed his body.                          of Google Images.

A Dummies Guide to Safe Piercings
By Gaby Duva and Lauren Vargas
                                                                                                                                                  I Hate Hiccups!
                                                                                                                                                  By Adam Enochs

    We know that many teenagers get piercings, so we thought it pertinent to pass along this useful
information. Piercings have been around for years and have cultural ties to Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Almost any part of
your body can get pierced. The most common types are ear piercings, but there are several different varieties of piercings. Not to
mention the many different types of jewelry such as plugs, studs, and bars, to name a few. Here are some things to think about
before you get any type of body piercing.
     Factor these risks before getting the piercing.
     · Infections which can be caused by hepatitis,
                                                                                                                                                  It’s the question on everybodys mind!
        HIV, tetanus, bacteria, and yeast                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Google Images.
     · Allergic reactions
     · Excessive bleeding                                                                                                                               Everyone gets them. Every-
     · Damage to nerves or teeth                                                                                                                  one hates them. But what causes
     Every person’s body is unique and healing time varies.                                                                                       these strange and obnoxious jolts
     Here is a list of some expected healing times for                                                                                            in our bodies?
     different piercings according to Center for Young                                                                                                  Hiccups are caused by a
     Women’s Health.                                                                                                                              sudden contraction of your dia-
Pierced Body Part            Time it Takes To Heal                                                                                                phragm, which separates your
Ear lobe                     6 to 8 weeks                                                                                                         lungs and stomach. This in turn
Ear cartilage                4 months to 1 year                                                                                                   causes your vocal chords to close
Eyebrow                      6 to 8 weeks                                                                                                         suddenly, making that annoying
Nostril                      2 to 4 months                                                                                                        “hic” sound. What you eat can
Tongue                       4 weeks                                                                                                              contribute to your hiccups. Spicy
Lip                          2 to 3 months                                                                                                        foods, soda and eating a large
                                                                        This girl is a veteran when it comes to ear peircings! Photo              meal very quickly can all lead to
Navel                        4 months to 1 year                         courtesy of Gaby Duva                                                     a sudden outbreak. But how can
      So now that you know some of the risks, the healing time, and you decided you really want that piercing, what’s next? Unless                you get rid of them?
you’re 18 or older, mom or dad is going to have sign for you and give consent. Finding the right piercing salon is also key. Ask trusted                There are no over-the-
friends or family members who have piercings for advice on a reliable location. Look around for things such as piercing license,                  counter medicines for a random
clean and sanitary work stations, clean gloves, and especially needle type. (Depending on the state, some piercers are required to                outbreak of the hiccups. This is
have their piercing license). Make sure that all the instruments are either brand new and disposable or be sterilized in pouches,                 mainly because cases generally
Center for Young Women’s Health. Always be sure to strictly follow the after care rules for whichever part of your body is pierced.               don’t last longer than an hour.
Good diet and exercise will help the piercing to heal. DO NOT move or play with your piercing-or you will suffer the risk of                      Ask anyone how you can get rid
infection. Remember, if you like it, leave it.                                                                                                    of your case and the response

Breath of Hope Club Helps to Fight Cancer
                                                                                                                                                  will inevitably be the cure, fol-
                                                                                                                                                  lowed by “I swear it works. Try
                                                                                                                                                  it!” Here are the most common
By Aria Bendix
                                                                         throughout the body, so there       fundraising/kenbendix! This is       home remedies.
       What started off as a        in some way.
small idea in a club meeting               The fundraiser was held       is no specific place to target.     a cause that has touched my
                                                                         Most importantly, since there       heart and I guarantee that it will         Holding Your Breath: This
turned out to be a huge             by Dance Dynamics, a local
                                                                         is no cure for this disease, all    touch yours as well. It is my        is a widely accepted cure. The
fundraiser that collected thou-     RSM dance studio where my
                                                                         funds collected must go to-         hope that you can realize, just      logic behind it is that holding your
sands of dollars. On March          sister attends and helped to put
                                                                         wards finding this cure and         as I did, how easy it is to make     breath prevents air from escap-
7, 2008 the Breath of Hope          this whole event together. By
                                                                         saving these precious lives that    a difference in the lives of         ing in the form of a hiccup. This
Club held its first fundraiser at   selling tickets, baked goods,
                                                                         have been forever changed by        people who are hurting and how       will not work though, because
St. John’s Episcopal School to      and merchandise, my club was
                                                                         mesothelioma.                       incredible it will be to see their   hiccups have nothing to do with
raise money for cancer. This        able to help raise over three
                                                                               There are few people          pain go away someday!                air or your breathing.
club is new on campus and           thousands dollars for one
helps to raise awareness,           event, an incredible feat for        who know about mesothelioma
                                                                         in California, or even in                                                      Getting Scared: This oldest
funds, and advocacy for a rare      our first fundraiser! My dad
                                                                         America, but the Mesothe-                                                trick in the book. The hardest part
cancer known as mesothe-            spoke at the fundraiser, tell-
                                                                         lioma Applied Research Foun-                                             about this is getting someone to
lioma. As the president of this     ing the audience and the danc-
                                                                         dation is a growing organiza-                                            scare you while you’re expect-
club, I knew that I wanted to       ers to live each day to the full-
                                                                         tion that is doing everything                                            ing it. It may or may not work
make a difference for people        est, since you never know
                                                                         they can to help. The Breath                                             since there is nothing triggered
and families affected by me-        when it will be your last. I
                                                                         of Hope Club supports this or-                                           by being scared that would stop
sothelioma, but I had no idea       know that my family and the
                                                                         ganization and hopefully,                                                the hiccup; however people have
how much of an impact I could       Breath of Hope club are mak-
                                                                         through this fundraiser, the                                             stood by this cure for years.
make! With one single               ing the most of each day by
fundraiser, the club raised         helping to find a cure for such      community will be able to
                                                                         spread the word about this                                                    Pinching Your Nose While
$3,195, which will be donated       a rare disease.                                                          A few of the younger dancers
                                                                         growing disease. It’s impos-        performing to raise money. Photo
                                                                                                                                                  Drinking Water: This is the only
to the Mesothelioma Applied                It is estimated, however,
                                                                         sible to know if someone you        courtesy of Aria Bendix.             cure used in my household.
Research Foundation to help         that mesothelioma will start to
                                                                         love or know will be affected                                            Pinching your nose allows you to
find a cure for this disease.       become more common in the
                                                                         by mesothelioma, so start mak-                                           stop breathing while the water
       In 2006, when my dad         upcoming years, especially in
                                                                         ing a difference now! If you                                             flows through your body relax-
was diagnosed with peritoneal       the state of California. One
                                                                         would like to join the Breath                                            ing your vocal chords and dia-
mesothelioma, I knew my life        of the primary causes of Me-
                                                                         of Hope Club, please look for                                            phragm- the causes of those
would not be the same. I fi-        sothelioma is asbestos, which
                                                                         our next meeting on ETV or                                               pesky hiccups.
nally realized, however, that       were found in old buildings in
my eyes had been opened to          California and still have yet to     talk to either me or Ms. War-
                                                                         ren in counseling for more in-                                                 These common cures have
this rare and painful disease for   be removed in many of them.
                                                                         formation. To learn more                                                 all been practiced for years, and
a reason. The world needed          Anyone who has been ex-
                                                                         about mesothelioma or to do-                                             whether or not they work all the
to know about mesothelioma,         posed to asbestos is in danger
                                                                         nate to the foundation, visit                                            time they may work for you.
and I had to do something           of contracting this disease and
                                                                         www.curemeso.org or you              Aria Bendix with her family after   Next time you have those pesky
about it, not only for my dad,      it may take many years for
                                                                         can visit my dad’s page,            the fundraiser. Photo courtesy of    ‘hic’s, give them a try!
but for everyone who had            the signs to even appear. Me-                                            Aria Bendix.
been affected by this disease       sothelioma can be found all          www.curemeso.org/
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    Boys Baseball                                   UPDATES ON
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    Girls Softball                                    SM TEAMS
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    Boys Golf

    Boys Tennis

Boys’ Volleyball “Sets” Off the Season
By Camille Del Carmen                                                         Captain Tanner Jansen believes
      The Boys’ Volleyball team          about this years team is that we     that they will be able to make a
has started off this years’ sea-         push..When the other team            comeback when the Lancers
son very strong with victories left      pushes us, we push back even         come on to our own home court.
and right. This years’ team is           harder.” The boys were excited       The following day, the volleyball
considered a fairly “young”              to be heading off to Las Vegas       team redeemed themselves by
team, consisting of five sopho-          where they competed in a two-        taking home a victory from St.
mores and one freshman with              day tournament. “Vegas was a         John Bosco. The team was led
three of the sophomores and the          lot of fun and we played the best    by senior Tanner Jansen with 14
freshman starting. This years’           we could” says setter Taylor         kills and sophomore Ryan Baine
team is lead by strong hitting se-       Hammond. Our Eagles did a            with 13 kills. Junior Michael
nior, Tanner “Big Bird” Jansen           great job in the tournament, but     McMahon contributed 16 digs
and in the middle, by sophomore          unfortunately they had to forfeit    to the Eagles win. The Eagles
Spencer Buckley. These young             the last couple of games in or-      attempt to make their comeback
Eagles have been proven to be            der to rest up for the Orange        in what is said to be the biggest
quite victorious with the team           Lutheran game that had been          game of the season, against
currently standing at 3-0 in league      scheduled for the following day.     number 9th ranked in the nation,
with victories over Servite, Bosco              But due to the mourning       Orange Lutheran. “It’s going to
and Mater Dei with the win of 3          of our SMCHS community, all          be a tough one to win, but we
games to 1.                              games were canceled and the          can probably beat them at home
      This years’ captain, Tan-          game was rescheduled to after        if we get a good crowd to get
ner Jansen, has committed to play        break. The boys headed over to       us pumped”, says Spencer
for the USC Trojans next year            Orange Lutheran on Wednes-           Buckley. So come out and cheer
and shares a few words about             day the 22th, but were unable        on your Eagles, next Monday in      Boys volleyball dominating Servite. Photo courtesy of Camille De
this years team, “The good thing         to take home another victory.        our very own gym!                   Carmen

Boys’ Golf Swings at the Tee
By Emily McCartney
       The varsity men’s golf            Chandler St. Louis, and Andrew
                                                                              Eagles’ Track and Field Soars
                                                                              By Lauren Guidice
team has been hitting their way          Levitt. Senior Kyle Simomura                  The Eagle’s track          and Daniel Glenn in the 400m.        and 4:37. Scott Anderson pole
to success since the start of their      says, “This year’s varsity golf      and field team has had an im-       Third place finishers were:          vaulted over 14' which is a
season in February. As their sea-        team is one of the most diverse      pressive season thus far.           John Tilton in both hurdle events    new personal record. This
son is coming to an end, their 7-        teams ever with 1 freshman, 2                 The boys started out       (110HH, 300IH), John Abowd           places him amongst some of
2 record shows high hopes for a          sophomores, 2 juniors, and 4 se-     the season at the 13th annual       (100m), Daniel Glenn (200m),         the best pole vaulters in the
good placing in CIF. Senior              niors and a multitude of person-     Eagle           Invitational.       Mike Holcomb (800m), JD              state . Simms took 3rd overall
Diwen Chen says, “We have had            alities which combine to create      Donnovan Sims, Dan                  Rocha (Discus), and Scott            in the long jump and 7th over-
a really great season and I’m            a really strong team”. The team      Whisnant, and Jimmy Martin          Anderson (Pole Vault).               all in the triple jump.
hoping that we’ll finish strong as       captain this year is senior Nolan    all won events. In the El Toro           At the Surf City Invita-               At the Mater Dei Meet,
a team in CIF. I wouldn’t doubt          Clark. He says, “Out of the 3        meet, Scott Anderson came           tional, Eagle milers Mike            1st Place: Donnovan Simms
another CIF victory!” These              years that I’ve been on varsity, I   in first in the pole vault and      Holcomb and Ryan Woods               took first in long, high, and
men will begin their CIF journey         am most proud to say that I am       Ryan Woods won the 3200.            both had incredible times of 4:36    triple jump. Jimmy Martin took
after the league tournament on           part of this team. It is really an   At this meet, Scott Anderson,                                            1st 300IH hurdles. The 4x400
Thursday, April 30. Their last CIF       honor to be the captain of such      Ryan Woods, Patrick Stege,                                               Relay team of Abowd, Glenn,
win was in 2007, and another             a great team. I’ll miss this next    Derek Giemont, Daniel                                                    Stege and Martin were victo-
clench for the year 2009 would           year”. Nolan is obviously very       Glenn, Robbie Costa, Mat-                                                rious.
be an awesome way to end this            proud of his team. Wish the          thew Graban, and Justin Pot-                                                    At the Trabuco Hills In-
season. The varsity men’s team           men’s golf team luck as they         ter all set personal records.                                            vitational, Jimmy Martin fin-
consists of Nolan Clark, Diwen           enter into the league tournament              In the Irvine Track                                             ishes 2nd overall in the 300m
Chen, Kyle Shimomura, Andy               and hopefully a CIF win! Con-        and Field Invitational, some                                             hurdles with a new personal
Richard, Jordan Pierson, Steven          gratulations men’s golf on a great   of the selected competitors                                              record. Donnovan Simms,
Remolacio, Kevin Dehuff,                 season!                              were: J.R. Pascual, Connor                                               Ryan Woods, Connor Prior,
                                                                              Prior, and Donnovan Simms.                                               and David Oram all had strong
                                                                              The eagles did very well in                                              performances.
                                                                              this very competitive meet.                                                     At the prestigious
                                                                              In the first league meet                                                 Arcadia Invitational, runners
                                                                              against St. John Bosco, first                                            Scott Anderson, Jimmy Mar-
                                                                              place finishers were: Jimmy                                              tin and Donnovan Simms rep-
                                                                              Martin (400m), Donnovan                                                  resented Santa Margarita.
                                                                              Simms (Triple & High                                                              The girl’s Varsity team
                                                                              Jumps), JD Rocha (Discus),                                               started off their season on
                                                                              Scott Anderson (Pole Vault).                                             March 26 th. They defeated
                                                                              Second place finishers were:                                             Rosary 72 to 54. The girls
                                                                              Donnovan Simms (Long                                                     then put in a great effort
                                                                              Jump), John Abowd (100m).                                                against Mater Dei. The girls
                                                                              In the league meet against                                               defeated J.Serra at both lev-
                                                                              Servite, top finishers were:                                             els. Also, Junior Varsity and
    Andy Richard and Kyle Shimmy practicing their game. Photo                 Donnovan Simms takes 1st in         Donnovan Sims racing for the long    Frosh/Soph have also had a
    Courtesy of Emily McCartney                                               the long, triple and high jump      jump. Photo Courtesy of SMHS.ORG     great season.
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    Boys Golf

    Boys Tennis

     A Tell All Interview with Steve Fryer
By Ryan McGuire

          Do you get the Orange      You are in a very keen area,         is very livid there. There were
County Register? Have you            very competitive.                    no movie theatres around on
ever been on OCVarsity.com?                RM: It seems like you          every corner back in the day,
Do you know ANYTHING                 like to “bash” SM a lot in the       so that was the place to be, and
about high school sports? If so,     papers about how many people         it still is. They are one of the
the name Steve Fryer has prob-       we bring to our events. What,        most well known combining
ably come up once or twice in        in your opinion, is considered       schools in the state.
a conversation. So, if you are       to be traveling well?                       RM: Do you think it is
still confused, Steve Fryer is the         SF: If they travel far, and    possible to travel too well?
sports editor for the Orange         show up to away games de-            Possibly overkill the event?
County Register’s high school        cently, I would consider that        Most of us has heard of the
sports program. Fryer has been       traveling well. I compare you        Mater Dei-Servite basketball
known to bash Santa Margarita        to [Long Beach] Poly, very           game fiasco. Your thoughts…
for our “lack of traveling”          poor traveling on your farther              SF: It can be way over
(which is true) and he has also      away games. Mater Dei and            the top at some times. Things
                                     Servite bring out a lot of their     that happened in the basketball     Steve Fryer speaks his mind. Photo Courtesy of google.com
been known to be on the nega-
tive bandwagon towards the           alumni, SM doesn’t.                  game was unacceptable, and                                                 analogy. If St. Margaret’s were
Eagles. I took it upon myself to           RM: Servite has this           when the media gets control,        cline, and therefore less talent       to play Santa Margarita, or any
get the real truth of what he        “brotherhood” at their school,       it spreads like wildfire.           than before.                           team in the Trinity League, it
and the whole group of writers       and many of them attend sports              RM: Why does the size              RM: Bering off Santa             would be like a grown 40 year
in the OCVarsity section about       games. On top of the hyper-          of the school matter in what        Margarita and Servite for a            old man playing a 10 year old
S.M. Here it unfolds…                adrenaline boys that attend the      division they play? SM has          minute, what is your take on Saint     kid in a basketball game. First
       Ryan McGuire: What is         games, their sister school, Ro-      right around 1,600 students,        Margaret’s? They are a division        to 20, it would be 20-0 in favor
your true opinion about SM’s         sary also brings out a lot of stu-   and Servite has right around        12 team (one division up on a 7        of the man. The Tartans, in the
sports program? Do you and/          dents. This is one of the times      880? Nobody cuts players.           on 7 league) and yet they are a        Trinity League, would be an
or other writers think we are        when the opposite sexes get to       Why is this?                        D.3 quality team. They have won        embarrassment, it would be no
overrated?                           “mingle” thus giving them more              SF: I’ve even had trouble    over 40 games in a row, and they       contest.
       Steve Fryer: There are        of an incentive to come out.         keeping up with the divisions.      play teams that seem to pull to-                 After the interview, my
three big factors that can de-       Therefore, Servite has even          They change all the time. Its       gether a squad last minute.            thoughts changed about Mr.
termine success: coaching,           more of an advantage com-            not longer: Division 1, Division    Knowing some people from               Fryer. He doesn’t really hate us
great parental support, and the      pared to SM. So why is SM            2, and so on. Some leagues are      there, the Tartans think they are      at all. In fact, after what I
great traditions you have makes      compared to Servite when it          now: the Sunbelt League, the        the hottest thing since sliced         learned, Steve actually is in high
you a true sports powerhouse.        comes to traveling?                  Trinity league, etc. People and     bread. Your thoughts on that.          compliment of SM. If you really
[Mike] Jacot is a great coach,             SF: Rosary and Servite         experts simply compare them               SF: Personally, I would          think about it, Santa Margarita
he is truly something special.       combine and act as one school.       to D.1 caliber leagues now.         want to see them play a more           truly does have an AMAZING
And your basketball coach            It has always been a huge so-        The main problem though is the      challenging non-league caliber of      sports program, and other
[Jerry] DeBusk is always a           cial event, even dating back to      socio-economics. Private            teams. I would love to see them        schools and counties are notic-
Coach of the Year Candidate.         my day (1970’s). The tradition       schools enrollment is on the de-    play J.Serra. Let me give you an       ing.

Boys’ and Girls Swim Team Shocks Many Boys’ Tennis
By Karenna Soto                                                                                                                                      By Karsyn Kraft
      The Santa Margarita            Delaney led the team by break-       continually dropping time. Ac-      boys are heading in the right di-               Boy’s tennis is off to a
Swim Team has shown their            ing two records so far this sea-     cording to Mike Tran, The           rections; making their goals be-       great start this season! The
immense skill and teamwork to        son; they broke the Capo             main even is the 200 medley         come accomplishments.                  boy’s team defeated Foothill 12-
all those who come to watch.         record and our school record         where the “dream team” is                 Come out and support your        6 and Irvine, 10-8, along with a
Since the beginning of the sea-      in CIF.                              determined to break the ten         eagles swim team as they com-          Northwood defeat, 13-5. With
son, the team has advanced                   The boys are doing really    year school record and is less      pete against JSerra at 3:15 on         league games beginning on
since their eighth standing. The     well in league by owning             than 1.5 seconds away. The          Thursday, April 30th.                  March 24, the boys came out
team has impressed everyone          Servite and St. John’s Bosco.                                                                                   victorious over first match of St.
especially since this year they      They won first at the Capo re-                                                                                  John Bosco, 17-1. Our boys
are such a young team due to         lays as well and showed great                                                                                   team has also beat Orange
the fact that they lost most of      effort in CIF Relays by receiv-                                                                                 Lutheran 11-7, but fell to Mater
our seniors last year. Our school    ing the title of ninth overall.                                                                                 Dei 13-5. Santa Margarita is
stands undefeated in league          The boys’ main goal is to have                                                                                  4th overall in the Trinity League
due to their defeat against St.      at least 6 people place in CIF.                                                                                 standings with a record of 2-1
Joseph’s and Rosary by a con-        Mark Reese is already on his                                                                                    (will change). This years boy’s
siderable margin.                    way with a county leading time                                                                                  varsity team is coached by
      The girls stay strong by       of a minute and 2 seconds.                                                                                      Doug Williams, with assistant
working extremely hard in            Mike Tran is slightly behind                                                                                    coach Clark Hyman. Upcom-
practices and in meets. Their        with a 54.9 in the 100 fly, which                                                                               ing Trinity League games include
unbreakable effort showed by         is 4th in school records. Tommy                                                                                 Mater Dei on April 28, Orange
dominating in relays. The team       Jancovich, Eric Martin, and                                                                                     Lutheran at home on April 30,
won first place at the Capo re-      Alex Lavayen are the team                                                                                       and ending the league season
lays and Cannon relays and           sprinters looking to make CIF                                                                                   with a match against J Serra on
placed sixth in CIF relays. Sh-      in the 50, 100 and Alex in the                                                                                  May 4. Possible CIF games are
annon Mack, Kellie Fecarota,         200. Garrison Nauman went a                                                                                     to be played starting May 12.
Alex Worthen, and Alex               CIF time of a 57 and has been        Shannon Mack swimming to the finish. Photo Courtesy of Karenna Soto
The Blueprint                                                       The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                              April 2009

                                  Emily & Olivia
Emily Misses Disneyland Adventure
By Olivia Staffon, Karsyn Kraft, and Karlie Borzansky                                    the motion of his spirit fingers. It
       Last Friday, Olivia, Karsyn,           in the summer at Disneyland.               was the best presentation we’ve
and Karlie went to Disneyland for             This summer, Disneyland is cel-            ever seen. Then after a break for
a media conference. Emily could               ebrating “Summer Nightastic,”              food, we went to a “round robin”
not come because she was sick.                which will showcase new shows              conference in which we met six
So, we arrived an hour and a half             and new lights, including the new          Disney executives to ask them
late after trying to find the                 and improved Electrical Parade,            questions. It amazed us how much
“Disneyland Resort Esplanade”                 Pixie Hollow Enchantment, a
(what even is an esplanade??).                bolder “Fantasmic”, a night-time
Apparently, there is no resort and            dance club in Tomorrowland, and
its some 400 feet gap between                 an innovative firework show.
Disneyland and California Adven-              The presentation of the new fire-
tures. We got a sweet media host,             work show was something else,
named Amy, to guide us to the                 to say the least. The passion that
place of the media presentation.              the presenter showed for this
                                                                                                                                 The two kids in the back somehow got us to the front of the space mountain
The presentation was a mock talk              firework show was abundant.
                                                                                                                                 line. Photo courtesy of Olivia Staffon.
show with various Disney execu-               He basically performed the
tives explaining what is to come              whole firework show through                                                        deal you should all take advan-        llas, which were nasty as they
                                                                                                                                 tage of! As for the rest of the        were corn instead of the desired
                                                                                                                                 day, it was time to play. We           flour. We met some hunks in plaid
                                                                                         We got cupcakes at the conference!      were able to walk right onto           shorts and Hollister tees with k-
                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Olivia Staffon.       all the __ attractions when we         Swiss tennis shoes, and immedi-
                                                                                         all of these managers love their job    flashed our awesome VIP                ately knew they were from the
                                                                                         and work on a day to day basis with     press passes (actually just            east coast. We made friends with
                                                                                         so much passion for what they do.       given fast passes, but who             them because they had a pass to
                                                                                         We were informed during this ses-       needs to know?). We met a              get us to the front of the line of
                                                                                         sion about a special deal that          sweet “cast member” (the               Space Mountain; Liv worked her
                                                                                         Disneyland is offering this summer.     word they use for an em-               “I’m going to Harvard magic”
                                                                                         From early July to late August,         ployee) who jumped over a              and Karlie pulled the “It’s my first
                                                                                         southern California residents are       rope and almost fell over in or-       time at D-land card.” It worked.
                                                                                         able to visit both Disneyland and       der to get Karlie an “It’s my          After a three hour search for ice
                                                                                         California Adventure three times        first time at Disneyland” pin          cream, we were finally fulfilled
                                                                                         over this time period for only $99!     (she has a season pass). We            of our desire and it confirmed that
This sure look like a real street behind us, doesn’t it? It’s not. Photo                 Seeing that a one-day park hopper       also hit up the Mission tortilla       Disneyland is the happiest place
courtesy of Olivia Staffon.                                                              ticket is $95, this is a really great   factory to get some free torti-        on earth. Amen I say to you.
Top 12 Things to do in an Elevator
By Lauren Hundley and Kelsey Hummer                                                      Who is That Baby Momma?
                                                                                         By Kevin Avjian
       Have you have been                             9. Pretend you are a
bored in an elevator? These                   flight attendant and review                       Mrs. Stewart, expect-            sin. My husband and I                  self or with your kids?
are some of the top 12 ways                   emergency procedures and                   ant mother, gives us the exclu-         moved out to California                      -It depends on what and
to make things go from awk-                   exits with the passengers.                 sive on her life outside of             eight years ago.                       where the vacation is- there
ward to extremely awkward.                            10.            Hold      the       Santa Margarita!                             7. Do you prefer                  are definitely times when
       1. Stare at another pas-               doors open and say you’re                                                          reading to your babies                 having Ella along makes the
senger for a while, then an-                  waiting for your friend. Af-                    1. How far along are               or singing?                            trip so much more exciting.
n o u n c e , “ Yo u ’ r e o n e o f          ter a while, let the doors                 you?                                         -I read books every-
THEM!” and move to the far                    close and say, “Hi Greg.                        -As of this week, I’m 35           day to Ella, but I also sing
corner of the elevator.                       How’s your day been?”                      weeks along (a typical preg-            to her. Most of the time
       2. W h e n a r r i v i n g a t                 11.            Stand      si-      nancy is 40 weeks). I’m due             we just make up silly
your floor, grunt and strain to               lently and motionless in the               June 3 rd .                             songs, but if she had her
yank the doors open, then act                 c o r n e r, f a c i n g t h e w a l l ,        2. Do you know the sex             choice in music it would be
embarrassed when they                         without getting off.                       of the baby and if so, boy or           the Foo-Fighters- she’s a
open by themselves.                                   12.            W h e n             girl?                                   big fan.
       3. Stare, grinning, at an-             there’s only one other per-                     -We did find out this time              8. How long have
other passenger for a while,                  son in the elevator, tap them              (we didn’t with Ella), it’s an-         you been married to
and then announce: I’ve got                   on the shoulder and then                   other girl!                             your husband?
new socks on!                                 pretend it wasn’t you.                          3. Do you have a name                   -My husband I have
       4. When the elevator is                                                           picked out for the baby?                been dating almost 15
silent, look around and ask is                                                                -Yes, but it’s a secret.           years, but we’ll be married
that your beeper?                                                                             4. Do you have any                 for 9 years on June 3 r d
       5. G r i m a c e p a i n f u l l y                                                other kids, and if so, what             (same as the baby’s due
while smacking your fore-                                                                is their name and age?                  date).
head and muttering: “Shut up,                                                                   -We have a three year                 9. Where do you
all of you, just shut UP!”                                                               old daughter named Ella- she            like to take Ella on the
       6. C r a c k o p e n y o u r                                                      is very excited to be a big sis-        weekends?
briefcase or purse, and while                                                            ter!                                         -Ella loves Dave and
peering inside, ask: “Got                                                                     5. How long have you               Busters and the San Diego
enough air in there?”                                                                    worked at Santa Margarita?              Zoo. We also spend a lot
       7. Say “I wonder what                                                                  -This is my 8 th year at           of time at the local park
all these do” and push the                                                               Santa Margarita.                        and hanging out with
red buttons.                                                                                  6. Have you always                 friends.                               How cute are Mr. and Mrs. Stewart
       8. H o l l e r     “Chutes                                                        lived in California? If not,                 1 0 . Wo u l d y o u              with Ella and another girl on the way?!
away!” whenever the eleva-                    Awkward.....Photo courtesy of              where else have you lived?              rather vacation by your-               Photo courtesy of Mrs. Stewart.
tor descends.                                 Google images.                                  -I’m a native of Wiscon-
The Blueprint                                                The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                       April 2009

                              Emily & Olivia
U-G-L-Y, You Ain’t Got No Alibi, You Ugly
By Paige Glasser, Carly Rivera, and Clark Taylor
       Have you ever seen an ani-       small worms. It is nearly blind,         ever, you can’t go wrong with            initially scared of Sam, then      thing.” However, Susie
mal and just thought to yourself,       and uses its strong senses of the        dogs…or can you? Most of us              why would she adopt him?           Lockheed grew attached to Sam
“That is probably the scariest and      nose to detect where things are          believe that all dogs are cute. I’m      People usually buy dogs be-        and still even sleeps with his fa-
most nasty looking creature I have      in their pitch black and under-          sorry to say that Sam, voted as          cause they’re so cute! How-        vorite stuffed-bear he picked up
ever seen!”? Well if you haven’t        ground habitat. These moles              three-time champion of the annual        ever, as Sam soon became fa-       and carried home one day.
ever reflected upon this, we are        reside in marshes and swamps             Sonoma-Marin Fair “World’s Ugli-         mous, Lockheed became very                Truthfully, we do not hate
here to do it for you. We have          from Canada to Georgia, and are          est Dog” contest, might change your      attached to him. Unfortunately,    these animals, they’re just plain
narrowed the animals down to            extremely hard for humans to             viewpoint on dogs. According to          just short of his 15th birthday,   ugly. We don’t know them on
what we find to be the most hor-        catch a glimpse of. The Star-            Snopes.com, the Associated Press         Lockheed had Sam euthanized        the inside though, but I bet they
rific land animal, sea animal, and      Nosed Mole is definitely the ug-         described Sam as “The tiny dog has       after a veterinarian told her      have extremely beautiful person-
pet. Really, we are not putting         liest land animal, and its not too       no hair, if you don’t count the yel-     Sam’s heart was failing. Ac-       alities. Just look at Sam, he has
these beings down because we            far away!                                lowish-white tuft erupting from his      cording to MSNBC.com,              a good sense of humor about his
love all creations of God. We’re               As for the ugliest water          head. His wrinkled brown skin is         Lockheed went on to say, “I        looks. In the end, we all need to
just curious as to how these living     animal, it is definitely, the            covered with splotches, a line of        don’t think there’ll ever be an-   remember that everything is
things were created and what their      Blobfish. It lives off the coast of      warts marches down his snout, his        other Sam…Some people              beautiful inside and out…except
purpose is.                             Australia and can be found in the        blind eyes are an alien, milky white,    would think that’s a good          for sometimes.
       After doing some intense         deep water. It has no muscle and         and a fleshy flap of skin hangs from
research on looking for ugly ani-       has a similar density to water so        his withered neck. And then there
mals, we came to the conclusion         it floats through the dark depths        are the Austin Powers teeth that
that this large nailed, furry, almost   of the ocean. It is by far the ug-       jut at odd angles.” If this descrip-
eyeless, with finger-like tentacles     liest animal in the water and pos-       tion isn’t enough, then listen to what
for a nose creature is the most         sibly in the whole world. It looks       his owner, Susie Lockheed, said
hideous. You may be asking your-        like white jello mixed with throw        upon adopting him. According to
self what is this strange sounding      up with a drawn on nose. I am            MSNBC.com, “Lockheed said she
thing? It’s called the Star-Nosed       pretty sure it has trouble mating        initially was terrified of Sam when
Mole.            According         to   with itself. Luckily it lives in such    she agreed to take him in as a res-
livescience.com, the Star-Nosed         deep water it is very hard to find.      cue dog…his appearance repulsed
Mole can grab its prey and eat it       If I were this fish I could not look     her then-boyfriend and prompted
all in under a quarter of a second!     at myself in the mirror. In water        the man to break up with her.” It is
So you better watch out for those       it looks more normal than it does        sad that Lockheed lost her boy-
22 finger-like tentacles ringed         out of water but it is still one of      friend because of Sam, but come
around its nose. Actually, this         the ugliest animals in the world.        on…wouldn’t it kind of creep you
creature is harmless to humans,                There are a lot of pretty         out if your significant other owned
for it feeds on insect larvae and       ugly animals in the world. How-          this dog? Also, if Lockheed were         Mmmm yeah. Photo courtesy of Google images.

You Go Here?!
By Kristen Pons and Lauren Meech
                                                                                                                  THE BLUEPRINT
                                                                                       Faculty Advisor                    Campus Ministry Editors            Caroline Rivera
     1.)Name and Grade?                                                                Ms. Rhodes                         Lauren Giudice                     Polina Romashkova
                                             10.)School Food or
     Logan      B o r z a n s k y,                                                     Rhodese@smhs.org                   Kyle Richter                       Amanda Rooth
                                        Packed Lunch?
Freshman                                     School Food                                                                                                     Derek Smith
     2.)As a freshman,                                                                 Editors in Chief                   World News/Health Editor           Karenna Soto
                                             11.)Denim or Cordu-                                                          Gaby Duva
how many detentions have                                                               Emily McCartney                                                       Noelle Sumner
                                        roy?                                           Olivia Staffon                     Co-Editor                          Cheyane Swarbrick
you received already?                        Denim                                                                        Lauren Vargas                      Clark Taylor
     12                                      12.)What are you                          Managing Editor                                                       Cody Webster
     3.)Miley Cyrus or                  most looking forward to                        Samantha Toth                      Beginning Staff Writers            Jake Whelan
Hannah Montana?                         sophomore year?                                                                   Kevin Avjian                       Kevin Witt
     Hannah Montana                          All the dances and ice                    News Editor                        Aria Bendix                        Melissa Zornig
     4.)Will Ferrell or                 hockey                                         Samantha Toth                      Karlie Borzansky
Adam Sandler?                                13.)What’s your fa-                                                          Kevin Clark                        Advanced Staff Writers
     Will Ferrell                                                                      Features Editors                   Camille del Carmen                 Julia Boyle
                                        vorite Pokémon and why?
     5.)Cash      or       Gift                                                        Alexis King                        Caitlin Doud                       Morgan Brutocao
                                             Squirtel, because he                                                         Adam Enochs
Cards?                                                                                 Laura Schmeltzer                                                      Becca Caraveo
                                        makes funny sounds.                                                               Denise Fernandez                   Caroline Christ
                                                                                       Entertainment Editor               Amanda Figueroa                    Kenna Crouse
     6.)If you could be one
                                                                                       Ross Kirkbaumer                    Katelyn Finneran                   Spencer Feldmann
animal for the rest of your                                                                                               Paige Glasser                      Nicolette Fernandez
life what would it be and                                                              Sports Editor                      Kelsey Hummer                      Kerri Hall
why?                                                                                   Allison Acevedo                    Lauren Hundley                     Amanda Kiepe
     Tiger, because they are                                                           Co-Editors                         Ross Kingsley                      Ashley Kotero
awesome                                                                                Ryan McGuire                       Alexa Kosco                        Karsyn Kraft
     7.)What’s your favor-                                                             Brian Sanvido                      Allison Le                         Michelle Loftus
ite thing about Santa                                                                                                     Lauren Meech                       Melissa Merrill
Margarita so far?                                                                      Opinion/Editorial Editor           Dean Navarro                       Lauren Rodriguez
                                                                                       Alex Worthen                       Elizabeth Pinner
     Our amazing pepsquad!
                                                                                       Co-Editor                          Kristen Pons
     8.)Just Dance or
                                                                                       Niki Genthe
Poker Face?
     Poker Face                                                                        Campus Life/Photo Editor            *Comments and editorial opinions expressed in The Blueprint are
     9.)Ribbon Twirling or                                                             Lindsay Mortenson                    the staff’s and do not represent the position of the school, its
Steam Room Yoga?                        Logan playin’ it cool with his goggles                                                            administration, faculty or students.
     Steam Room Yoga                    in science class. Photo courtesy of            Special Section Editors
                                        Karlie Borzansky.                              Parris Wells                            The Blueprint welcomes your comments and questions at
                                                                                       Alyssa Wolpin                                            Blueprint@smhs.org.

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                                                What’s Hot This Month
Bambozzle Left 2009!!!!
By Melissa Merrill, Amanda Kiepe, and Nicollete Fernandez
                                                                                      highlights of the day.                             Saosin took the                but sadly did nothing memorable
          Saturday, April 4 th ,            to the stage as they played the                 Before we went to watch             stage next, and put on an               that made them stand out from
started the two-day music fes-              upbeat rock song, “Run, Don’t             the Rancho Santa Margarita                awesome show (which is                  the pack.
tival known as Bamboozle Left.              Walk”. Hey Monday’s perfor-               based band, Stick to Your                 very typical of them). Com-                       Taking Back Sunday,
The Bamboozle festival origi-               mance and the head banging of             Guns, we stopped by a merch               pared to their phenomenal               the last band we caught on Sun-
nated in New Jersey, and has                singer Cassadee Pope mirrored             table to meet Hey Monday.                 show last November at UCI,              day night, left us with one of the
now migrated to the west coast.             the stage antics of Paramore.             While we waited in line, we lis-          their Bamboozle perfor-                 best memories of the weekend.
Over 100 bands played at the                The band concluded their en-              tened to the catchy music of              mance wasn’t as energetic               They performed hits from their
third Bamboozle Left festival on            ergetic set with “How You                 All Time Low as they played               and crazy and didn’t quite              past albums like “Cute without
six different stages. In order to           Love Me Now” and their hit                on the main stage.                        meet our high expectations,             the E” and “Liar,” and even
avoid sound conflicts between               single “Homecoming”.                            Like most of the people             but they put on an awesome              threw in a couple new songs
bands, the stages were spread                      Next we squeezed our               who were at the festival, we              show nonetheless and even               from their upcoming album.
apart on both ends of the festi-            way to the front of the stage as          raced to the main stage in the            treated the crowd to a few              But       it     was       during
val grounds. Merch tables lined             a rush of girls attempted to get          hopes of seeing Metro Sta-                new songs off of their upcom-           “MakeDamnSure” that the
the pathways to and from all six            as close as they could for the            tion. Even though we could                ing album.                              crowd was left stunned. Lead
stages. We had the pleasure of              next band, nevershoutnever!               barely see the members of the                      After Saosin, we               singer Adam Lazzara is known
seeing a countless number of                After waiting half an hour with           band, we enjoyed the live show.           split up to see The Used and            for his wild stage antics like
bands play on both days of the              no personal space whatsoever,             Metro Station’s set featured the          A Skylit Drive. The Used,               swinging 20-ft long microphone
show.                                       nevershoutnever! appeared                 upbeat and dance inspired                 which many people across                cords around his neck, but for
       To our surprise, a large             on the stage to the sound of              songs “Disco”, “Shake It”, and            the internet have deemed                this show, he took it all to a new
amount of kids arrived at the               screaming fan girls. Christopher          “Wish We Were Older”. We                  “The Best Band of the Day,”             level. Halfway through the
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater               Drew opened his set with his              finished our day with the                 always put on a fun show that           song, he climbed the column
grounds before any bands be-                current single “Happy”. His               heavier bands Parkway Drive               really gets the audience in-            supporting the roof of the stage
gan to play. After we waited in             happy and feel good guitar and            and Haste the Day.                        volved and makes the mosh               and hung upside down by his
the mile-long line to get into the          ukulele rhythms attracted                       Next we made our way                pit brutal. They have an                legs and sang from 20 feet
festival, we headed to the main             people walking by and breathed            over to the two main stages to            amazing sound that is so loud           above the stage.
stage to watch The Cab. The                 life into the audience. His ren-          catch the end of Shwayze’s                that the bass has the power                       The Bamboozle Left
crowd danced and bounced up                 dition of The Beatles’ “I Want            set. Cisco and Shwayze really             to make anyone’s ribcage                was a fun-packed, memorable
and down as the band played                 To Hold Your Hand” made the               got the crowd going, especially           shake. At times it even gets            weekend of music’s best acts,
the fan favorites “I’ll Run,”               performance memorable. To                 the girls. The pair concluded             hard to breathe!                        and will definitely be a yearly
“Bounce,” and their unique                  finish his entertaining set, Chris-       their performance with                             While waiting for              ritual for us, just like Warped
cover of Rihanna’s “Disturbia”.             topher played the popular                 “Buzzin”, which definitely left           Taking Back Sunday, we got              Tour. Make sure you join in on
       . After passing the merch            “Bigcitydreams”.                          the crowd with the reminder               to see Thrice. Thrice, an               the fun next year when the fes-
tables and some band signings,              Nevershoutnever!’s perfor-                that summer can’t get here fast           amazingly talented band, put            tival hits the west coast again!
we caught Hey Monday’s set.                 mance was definitely one of the           enough.                                   on a musically great show,
The female-fronted band ran on

Human or Dancer?
By Cody Webster and Dean Navarro
           In the entertainment                     There is no message we’re        chorus was questioned whether or
world, the lyrics have been stirring        receiving, Let me know, is your          not it is, “Are we human or are we
up much controversy. Here are the           heart still beating? Are we human        dancers”, or “Are we human or are
words to a controversial song by            or are we dancer? My sign is vital,      we denser”? Truthfully neither of
The Killers called, “Human”. Read           my hands are cold, And I’m on my         these titles is correct. The way it
over the words carefully and try to         knees looking for the answer. Are        goes is, “Are we human or are we
find the true meaning. “I did my best       we human or are we dancer?               dancer”. After the lyrical confusion
to notice, When the call came down          You’ve gotta let me know                 was out of the way there were ques-
the line, Up to the platform of sur-                Are we human or are we           tions on the true meaning. People
render, I was brought but I was             dancer? My sign is vital, my hands       used Google like water, and read
kind,And sometimes I get nervous,           are cold,And I’m on my knees look-       whatever blogs there were about the
When I see an open door, Close              ing for the answer. Are we human         matter.
your eyes, clear your heart, Cut the        or are we dancer?”                                   When the media got in-
cord. Are we human or are we                           The other day Dean and        volved, they too started asking ques-
dancer? My sign is vital, my hands          I got into a half an hour argument       tions. They went to The Killers di-
are cold,And I’m on my knees look-          when this tune came on in my car.        rectly and asked them to clarify the
ing for the answer, Are we human            This song not only has lyrical con-      lyrics. No direct answer was given
or are we dancer? Pay my re-                fusion, but the title is confusing in    and they said a statement would be
spects to grace and virtue, Send my         itself. In September of 2008, it de-     made on their fan website within a         The Killers guitarist sings “Human”. Photo courtesy Google images.
condolences to good, Hear my re-            buted on the radio and became a          week. The website states that Flow-
gards to soul and romance, They             hit and was on the Top 10 on iTunes      ers (the lead singer) is singing, “Are     know what it meant, but was still       a string letting other people control
always did the best they could,And          downloads. We both agree this song       we human or are we dancer” and             growing in popularity.                  our every motion. If you like to dance
so long to devotion, It taught me ev-       became popular very fast and we          said it was inspired by a disparaging                 After listening and read-    this is not trying to put you down
erything I know, Wave goodbye,              have caught ourselves singing it in      comment made by Hunter S. Th-              ing very carefully, Dean and I came     and say that you are not human. But
wish me well, You’ve gotta let me           the shower on multiple occasions.        ompson. The fans were upset about          to the conclusion that words some-      when you dance you just go through
go. Are we human or are we                                                           the confusion but most of all The          times speak differently depending       the motions without taking a second
dancer?                                            Dazed and confused, people        Killers. Flowers goes on to say, “It’s     on the listener. We both believe that   look at anything. Everyone has the
       My sign is vital, my hands are       were listening and singing up a          supposed to be a dance song, [the          when Flowers says, “are we hu-          choice to decide if they want to be
cold,And I’m on my knees looking            storm without even knowing the           beat] goes with the chorus...If you        man or are we dancer” he is ask-        “human” or “dancer.” We hope this
for the answer, Are we human or             true meaning of the lyrics. This         can’t put that together, you’re an         ing, do we let ourselves control our    has cleared up any confusion on the
are we dancer? Will your system             started an online controversy of the     idiot. I just don’t get why there’s con-   own lives and make decisions on         matter. The next time the song
be alright, When you dream of               origin of the song and how the           fusion about it.” After these state-       our own and live life without a plan,   comes on listen to the words with a
home tonight,                               words go. First, the first line of the   ments were made people still did not       or are we puppets or “dancers” on       new mind set.

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Wolf Like Me
                                                                                                                  Spring Forward into New Fashions!
                                                                                                                  By Elizabeth Pinner

By Lauren Giudice                                                                                                        With spring in full bloom, it   casins are still fashionably accept-
                                                                             really love. They put on a           is time to start your annual spring    able for spring. This necessity has
         The Coachella music          having a good time.
                                                                             great show and had excellent         cleaning and trade in those ‘last      been seen last season, but is still
festival is a three-day concert                I was incredibly ex-
                                                                             dance moves.                         seasons’ to new stylish fashion        developing into an even hotter
located at the Empire Polo            cited to see TV on the Radio,
                                                                                      M.I.A was next on the       trends for this year’s spring. Al-     trend for this spring season.
Fields in Indio, California. On       and they did not disappoint. It
                                                                             list. This was the only perfor-      though there are many hot fash-               And finally, stealing flannels
April 18, my friend Erica and         takes a lot to make me dance,
                                                                             mance I was unhappy with.            ion crazes springing up in widely      and oversized jackets from your
I had the opportunity to expe-        and TV on the Radio gave me
                                                                             With her first post-birth gig, she   read fashion magazines, some           brother or boyfriend’s closet is
rience a day of the legendary         no choice but to get my
                                                                             performed only a few songs,          well-liked fads are transitioning      for a legitimate reason. Runaway
music festival.                       groove on. The band sounded
                                                                             which did not impress. She was       over to the spring season. Flan-       shows featuring styles by Ralph
         We started off the day       almost exactly like their album
                                                                             rambling on for most of the per-     nel shirts, skinny pants, oversized    Lauren are proof of the fact that
by witnessing Billy Talent.           and the performance was a
                                                                             formance and it was clear that       cardigans, and Pocahontas-sy           men’s trends are crossing over
Having witnessed their insane         lot of fun. They were very
                                                                             the audience did not enjoy her       styles are still popping on fash-      to the women’s fashions depart-
rocking before, I was not sur-        enjoyable act to watch with
                                                                             set.                                 ion runways. However, new              ments- with a small feminine
prised to see them going crazy        one of the biggest audiences
                                                                                      Finally, it was time for    trends that are appearing in world     twist, of course. Spring is the sea-
on stage. Their performance           of the day.
                                                                             The Killers. They are my fa-         renowned fashion shows are re-         son of blossoming, so go restock
of “Red Flag” really got the                   Being a huge Blink-
                                                                             vorite band, so we weaved our        ceiving a lot of buzz and are ab-      your closet with the array of new
crowd going.                          182 fan, I needed to see
                                                                             way through the crowd and fi-        solutely closet-worthy.                trends that will transform you into
         We were super ex-            Trv$DJ-AM (Travis Barker
                                                                             nally made it near the front.               Popular trends for this         a new (or revised) you.
cited for Paolo Nutini’s per-         of Blink-182 and DJ AM). I
                                                                             Opening with “Human”, they           spring are conveniently geared
formance. It is truly a plea-         cannot even describe how in-
                                                                             commanded the stage and the          to all different types of girls.
sure watching a band perform          credible it was. AM remixed
                                                                             attention of the vast crowd.         Vivid brilliant colors, such as yel-
that is clearly having a good         many classic songs (including
                                                                             Brandon Flowers is an amaz-          low, blue, and pink were known
time: it can make a huge dif-         “Enter Sandman”, originally
                                                                             ing performer and continues to       to brighten up the majority of the
ference in the experience             of Metallica, and Queen’s
                                                                             impress me with his stage            runways. Other lady-like prints
when the performers are smil-         “Bohemian Rhapsody”) that
                                                                             presence and his effect on the       that can range from butterflies
ing and dancing while they            the entire audience knew,
                                                                             crowd. They played a variety         to watercolor floral are perfect
play, rather than just going          while Travis drummed to
                                                                             of older and newer songs.            for spring’s dresses. Girly girls
through the motions.                  them. The tent was a huge
                                                                             Closing with a powerful per-         should take advantage of this
         We then got some             dance party and everyone
                                                                             formance of “When You Were           new fad, along with sheer cloth-
food and sat down for                 was having an incredible time.
                                                                             Young” really ended the day on       ing layered with sold tanks.
Michael Franti and Spear-                      Electric Touch was
                                                                             a high note       Day two of                For those boho-chic girls,
head. Alternative Reggae is           next on our list of must-see
                                                                             Coachella was unbelievable. It       a collection of strong tribal cloth-
not usually my style of music,        bands. There is nothing like
                                                                             was one of the best days of my       ing is a definite must have for
but, looking around, it was           being right in front of the
                                                                             entire life, and I cannot wait       your closet makeover. Feather
evident that the crowd was            stage watching a band you
                                                                             until next year’s festival.          earrings, suede vests, and moc-        Photo courtesy of Google images.

Summer Concerts
By Spencer Feldmann and Lauren Rodriguez
                                                                              The Mayercraft Carrier!
                                                                             By Caroline Christ
       Summer is fast approach-       will start the tour shortly, and has                                                                               that night, John performed
ing, school children will be able     several dates in the area. Be-              John Mayer. 2,000 fans.         After this, OAR performed
                                                                                                                                                         his last show of the trip and
to frolic, homework free,and          cause singer Gwen Stefani              Cabo San Lucas. Me. This             in the lounge and Gavin
                                                                                                                                                         showcased his amazing gui-
teachers will go back to their        broke off to pursue a solo ca-         lethal combination is called         Rossdale finished the night
                                                                                                                                                         tar talents.
“lives” as bus drivers, bouncers,     reer, tragically No Doubt hasn’t       the Mayercraft Carrier.              with an amazing perfor-
                                                                                                                                                                 I had the best birth-
librarians, or whatever teachers      played a show or released an al-            Last year I went on this        mance which included his
                                                                                                                                                         day/week of my entire life!
do over the summer . With so          bum in the last five years. Luck-      cruise. Although I had an in-        hit song, “Love Remains the
                                                                                                                                                         My dream of meeting John
much free time this summer, why       ily for us, No Doubt will be tour-     credible time, I never got to        Same”.
                                                                                                                                                         came true! On my 19 th birth-
not dust off that old CD collec-      ing this summer with Paramore,         meet John. So I was deter-                 My sister and I got
                                                                                                                                                         day, you can be sure that I’ll
tion, and break out the Blink 182     and possibly Katy Perry. Other         mined to meet him/make him           special tickets to John’s
                                                                                                                                                         be sailing with John on the
and No Doubt. In case you have        big concerts to look forward to        mine this year on the MCC2!          sound check… this was my
                                                                                                                                                         Mayercraft Carrier 3!
been spending all your waking         this summer are Coldplay, Tay-                  This year, we left on       chance. Once we got in-
time doing homework, allow us         lor Swift, The Fray with Jack’s
                                                                             my 18 birthday! This was             side, John was standing on
to break the news, Blink and No       M a n n e q u i n                      definitely my chance to find         the stage nonchalantly with
Doubt are back. Yes, back as in                 We have devised a cal-       John except for a few prob-          Stratocaster in hand. He
playing, touring, recording and       endar so that you can plan out         lems: bigger boat, more se-          played with the full band for
whatever else they can come up        your summer concerts:                  curity, and more crazed fans.        an hour. I made my way up
with. Blink 182 has officially an-              No       doubt       with    The ship set sail on March 27        to the stage with my hat and
nounced their reunion and a tour      Paramore special guest: Katy           from Long Beach. John                picture to be autographed
coming in summer 2009. Yes, this      P        e        r        r       y   kicked off the day by coming         quivering in my hand. He
summer. Their last album, self                  The Fray with Jack’s         out onto the lido deck in a          was right in front of me, the
titled, Blink 182 was released in     Mannequin - Tuesday 7/28/09            mini sailors outfit and per-         John Mayer, only a foot
2003 and would be the last al-        Chula            Vista,         CA     formed a special acoustic set.       away! I tried to say some-
bum because of the hiatus. At the     Taylor Swift with Kelli Pickler-       He sang both older and               thing, but nothing came. As
most recent Grammys, the three        5/22/09 Staples Center, Los An-        newer songs.                         he was signing I looked up
members, Delounge, Hoppis and         geles, CA. Or 5/24/09 at San                  During his intense            at him and I finally said it,
Barker(NAME SPELLING                  Diego Sports Arena in San              acoustic performance I,              screeching “I love you John!
CHECK) announced they had             D i e g o , C A .                      wearing my “It’s my 18 t h           It was my birthday yester-
resolved differences and truly        Coldplay- 7/18/09 at the Home          Birthday Mayer Me” shirt,            day!” He handed me my
were back. While exact tour           Depot Center in Carson, CA             yelled at John and pointed to        stuff and looked at me, say-
dates have not been announced,        Blink 182- not posted yet.             my shirt. In response I got          ing these beautiful words, “I
this band started in Southern Cali-          Warped Tour- 6/26/09-           the best “Happy Birthday”            know, I remember”. After
fornia will surely make the rounds    Pomona Fairplex                        I’ve ever received in my life,       that it gets a little fuzzy be-
                                                                             from my favorite person in           cause I’m pretty sure at that          One of the many performances of
locally, giving you plenty of op-            Electric Daisy Carnival- 6/                                                                                 John Mayer. Photo courtesy of
portunities to see them play. An-     26/09-6/27/09- LA Memorial             front of 2,000 people,               moment I fainted and my sis-
                                                                                                                                                         Caroline Christ.
other SoCal classic, No Doubt,        Coliseum                               Youtube it, and I was dying.         ter had to smack me. Later
     The Blueprint                                                   The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                          April 2009

       Blast From The Past! Pokemon Is Back!
     By Brian Sanvido
                                                                                         various times during school.    cuss the secret behind         with any of them because my
                   Game Boys, trading             the game. The game can
                                                                                         It was motivation to play and   Pokemon’s second coming.       Pokemon are far too superi-
     cards, Pokemon, and yoyos.                   be played thousands of
                                                                                         get your Pokemon the best.           Blueprint: Why did        or to theirs and my lineup
     We are all familiar with these               ways and you can capture
                                                                                               Also, trading these       you start playing Pokemon      can not become better.
     f a d s o f t h e p a s t . L a t e l y,     so many different Poke-
                                                                                         Pokemon was a big factor.       now?                                 BP: Do you battle these
     these fads have made a                       mon making the fun never
                                                                                         Each of these creatures has          Dustin Lane: I was        friends then?
     comeback. Yoyos have been                    ending.
                                                                                         a weakness, and you must        inspired by the creation of          Dusin Lane: Yes, I do
     popping up around campus                           I found myself up at
                                                                                         have Pokemon that can ex-       a new game.                    not too often though because
     and some students are even                   night playing the game
                                                                                         ploit these weaknesses. For          BP: Do any of your        I destroy them with my pow-
     striving to start a yoyo club.If             while lying in bed. Also, on
                                                                                         example, a fire Pokemon is      friends play the game too?     erful attacks and it hurts to
     you look around, you will see                my plane rides over spring
                                                                                         very weak against water              DL: Yes, some do. I       see my friends fear me.
     people with Game Boys play-                  break I was training my
                                                                                         Pokemon, so you want one        only play with the ones who             As you can see,
     ing Pokemon.                                 Pokemon. It was only once
                                                                                         good Pokemon of every           want to be the very best       there are many reasons that
              They are trading and                other friends of mine also
                                                                                         kind.                           though.                        Pokemon has sprung up
     b a t t l i n g w i t h e a c h o t h e r,   decided to start playing
                                                                                                  To understand why           BP: Do you trade with     around campus. It could be
     building their status in the                 again that real fun began.
                                                                                         other students started play-    these friends to better your   the new version, Pokemon
     Pokemon realm. But what is                           My friends and I
                                                                                         ing, I sat down with a fellow   lineup?                        Platinum, that was recently
     the reason these games are                   started arranging battles
                                                                                         junior, Dustin Lane, to dis-         DL: I tend not to trade   released. It could be friends
     popping up around campus                     during passing periods and
                                                                                                                                                        are playing and students
     now? To better understand,
                                                                                                                                                        want to join in on the game.
     I dusted off my Game Boy
                                                                                                                                                        The only thing that is for sure
     and started playing Pokemon
                                                                                                                                                        is that this game fun.
     Fire Red version.
                                                                                                                                                              Anyone who plays this
                   After I started play-
                                                                                                                                                        game will tell you it is fun and
     ing the game, I was re-ad-
                                                                                                                                                        addicting. Its fun because
     dicted in ten minutes. Right
                                                                                                                                                        other students are sharing in
     from the beginning you have
                                                                                                                                                        on the game and this creates
     a choice of three starting
                                                                                                                                                        a Pokemon community. If
     Pokemon. You raise and train
                                                                                                                                                        you own the game, I suggest
     these creatures to help you
                                                                                                                                                        that you go home and just
     battle trainers. You recieve
                                                                                                                                                        play for a little. You will find
     badges after defeating Gym
                                                                                                                                                        yourself locked in a world of
     Leaders. After collecting
                                                                                                                                                        Pokemon that creates end-
     these badges, you may chal-
                                                                                                                                                        less fun.
     lenge the Elite Four to beat
                                                             Pokemon! Gotta catch ‘em all! Photo courtesy of Google

     By Kevin Witt and Derek Smith
                                                  cause they have a pop culture
             Don’t you hate it when you’re        theme. We sometimes find that the
     listening to the radio and the same          FM radio has some exciting com-
     song repeats every ten minutes?              ponents, but it has not achieved the
     Well my writing partner and I dislike        completeness that XM Radio has.
     it very much. We also cannot stand                     XM radio is the way to
     all the commercials that play on the         go despite the subscription fee. It
     FM radio.                                    has commercial free talk, music,
             Through our experience with          and sports. XM radio is far superi-
     radios, we have concluded that XM            or to both the AM and the FM
     radio (AKA Satellite Radio) is defi-         because it cuts out the most an-
     nitely the best. . AM Radio should           noying part of the radio, commer-
     not even be allowed to be thrown in          cials.
     to the mix because of all the nitwits                  Through our recent ex-
     that are allowed to have talk shows.         periment my partner and I have
                AM radio offers little en-        concluded that AM radio needs to
     tertainment value. The reception is          have less commercials and the talk
     very poor, and talk show hosts are           show hosts need to be more qual-
     either hit or miss. There is no reason       ified. FM radio, even though we
     to listen to the AM except for sports        like music, needs to have better
     fans and political junkies. For every-       music.
     one else, the AM radio is merely a                  We hate it when the same
     collection of boring talk shows and          song plays three times within ten
     static.                                      minutes (KIIS FM is the worst of-
                FM radio offers some en-          fender of this annoying trait). It’s
     tertainment value. There are a few           like listening to nails on a chalk-
     good stations left on the FM 102.7,          board. XM radio is flawless; yes
     98.7, 105.3 and 106.7. However,              we both agree it is
     these stations will play a popular song      “flawless”.There are more enter-
     to the point where you don’t even            taining talk shows and much bet-
     like it anymore. In the morning, FM          ter music. Overall XM radio has
     has talk shows like the AM, but FM           no contest, so listen to XM radio…
     talk shows are significantly better be-

The Blueprint                                             The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                   April 2009

SPECIAL SECTION                                                                                                                                          The effects of technology on
                                                                                                                                                         our generation.

                                                                                                                                                         mainstream of society and keep up
                                                                                                                                                         with its demands, you are going to
                                                                                                                                                         be trampled.
                                                                                                                                                                Technology has not only had
By Ross Kingsley
                                                                                                                                                         an effect on our minds and the way
       For as long as humans          things have come about by it,                                                                                      we think, but has had an effect on
have been around, technology          but it is actually taking away                                                                                     newspaper companies worldwide.
has improved all aspects of so-       from what humans are meant                                                                                         According to writer Duncan Riley
ciety. No matter how advanced         to do: think. Patricia                                                                                             from “TechCrunch” website, news-
the technology has been, any-         Greenfield, a professor of psy-                                                                                    paper revenue decreased $42 billion
thing new that is introduced into     chology and director of                                                                                            in 2007. This was the biggest re-
society has had some effect on        Children’s Digital Media Cen-                                                                                      corded revenue drop for the U.S.
the pace of life and the pace at      ter in Los Angeles, has done a                                                                                     newspaper industry. With this being
which things get done. So, what       study on how the rise of me-                                                                                       said, more and more businesses are
is technology? According to           dia and technology have im-                                                                                        now turning to the internet and mod-
“Dictionary.com”, technology          pacted the minds of nearly ev-                                                                                     ern technology to voice their prod-
can be defined as, “the branch        eryone these days. As she                                                                                          uct and get themselves known.
of knowledge that deals with the      stated in an article in “Science                                                                                          So as for students, what can
creation and use of technical         Daily”; “Reading for pleasure,                                                                                     we do? Well, although we should not
means and their interrelation         which has declined among            Avid TV watchers. Photo courtesy of Google images.
                                                                                                                                                         stop using computers, watching tele-
with life, society, and the envi-     young people in recent de-                                                                                         vision, and playing video games, we
ronment, drawing upon such sub-       cades, enhances thinking and        reflection, analysis or imagina-      really no difference between             should start challenging our brains a
jects as industrial arts, engineer-   engages the imagination in a        tion” states Greenfield. Although     someone that was 25 and some-            little more and prepare ourselves for
ing, applied science, and pure        way that visual media such as       we may think getting news and         one that was 65. So, if technology       the future. As Greenfield stated,
science”. However it is really a      video games and television do       information via the internet is go-   has negative effects on us, why          “Wiring classrooms for Internet ac-
collection of new inventions or       not”. The way in which people       ing to benefit us more than any-      are businesses and people doing          cess does not enhance learning”.
ideas that alter the normal           are successful is not their reli-   thing, it is actually going to make   so much better than they did back        With that being said, let us not be-
rhythm of everyday life.              ance on technology and fancy        our analysis and ability to think     in the 1920’s? Well, it’s because        come a bunch of technological ro-
          Technology has always       new devices, but how they re-       decline drastically. Through          so many people rely on technol-          bots, instead pick up a book because
been a part of our lives and im-      spond to problems they en-          reading for pleasure, Greenfield      ogy. The business world and the          the world demands more than just
pacted what we do. Advances           counter and how they think on       states that, “Studies show that       way humans do things is all run          our ability to use a computer. The
in technology have helped us in       their feet. However, it is also     reading develops imagination, in-     off of and dictated by the use of        world demands brainpower and our
many fields such as: medicine,        believed that all of our mod-       duction, reflection, and critical     technology. People have become           ability to adjust to whatever comes
the military, automobiles, com-       ern technology and media is         thinking, as well as vocabulary”.     used to going to the internet or tele-   our way. Sure our world will con-
puters, and especially the            not completely bad for us ei-              A study conducted in           vision to find their news and look-      tinue to invent crazy devices and ex-
internet. However, as good as         ther. “By using visual media,       1942 states that people’s visual      ing to search engines and machines       press new ideas, but if we don’t con-
technology may seem, it is ac-        students will process informa-      performance and ability to re-        to get the work done faster. But         tinue to be unique and use our own
tually more harmful than some         tion better. However, most vi-      act to things in their environment    can you really blame them? Soci-         minds, we will lose the essence of
of you may think. This is hard to     sual media are real-time me-        declined steadily from age 25 to      ety demands a fast paced life. If        character and intelligence which hu-
believe because so many good          dia that do not allow time for      65. However, in 1992, there was       you cannot stay on your feet in the      mans are constructed upon.

 By Alexa Kosco and Camille del Carmen

      6,473. As shocking as it        “buttocks area” and con-            relationships. Boyfriends and
is, that the average number of        firmed that she had sent a          girlfriends are often attached to
text messages that most teens         text message to her father.         their phone, busy communicat-
send each month. Texting mes-                                             ing with each other all through-        Texting is addictive on any phone. Photos courtesy of Google images.
                                      Bail was set at $298. Not
saging is taking over the lives       only was she publically hu-         out the day. Texting can keep
                                                                          their relationship alive, or in
                                                                                                                          COMMON SIGNS OF
of teenagers and has become           miliated in front of her peers,
a main component of most              but being arrested remains on       some cases break it apart. The
                                                                          infamous “Text Message
                                                                                                                          PHONE ADDICTION:
teen’s daily rituals. Checking        her permanent record and
your phone the minute you             have a possibility of affect-       Breakup” is all too common
wake up, texting all throughout       ing her future. Maybe a de-         throughout many teenage rela-
science class, and sending mes-       tention or Saturday school,         tionships, and texting might even           1. TXT lingo: You understand AND utilize
sages instead of doing home-          even being suspended would          hinder couples from getting to              the following text phrases: lol, brb, g2g,
work are all normal habits for        be more appropriate for this        know each other beyond the
                                                                          phone. However text messag-                 wuts ^, nbd, rofol, c ya, lylas, ily, l8r,
students these days, but obses-       case, but really? Being ar-
sive text messaging is becom-         rested? Now that is pretty          ing still remains an all too preva-         OMG...
ing an a major problem for            harsh.                              lent fad that has swept over the
teens all across the nation. For            These days teens              lives of teens everywhere.
Example, there was a case in
                                                                                                                      2. Texting Withdrawals: You feel a sense of
                                      rarely make phone calls be-
Wisconsin in February, when a         cause their favorite means of                                                   depression when you don’t have access to
14-year old girl was caught           communication is texting of                                                     your phone. When it’s not with you, your
texting in class and refused to       course. A women in Missis-
hand her phone over. She was          sippi got fired for texting on
                                                                                                                      phone is constantly on your mind and it’s all
arrested for “disorderly con-         the job, and a teen in Maine                                                    you think about.
duct”; for disrupting the class       got her license provoked
and refusing to obey to the           while texting and crashing.
teacher. Even when she was            She was fined $137, but now                                                     3. Social Isolation: You ditch your friends
obtained by the cops, the teen-       many states have new laws
                                                                          The addicting cell phone.
                                                                                                                      for your phone or text your friends when
ager refused to give up her           restricting texting while driv-
                                                                          Photo courtesy of Google                    you are sitting right next to them. Your best,
phone and kept it safe in her         ing.
                                                                          images.                                     and most important friend is your phone.
pants. A female officer later               Text messaging is also
retrieved the phone from her          the backbone of many teen
The Blueprint                                      The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                          April 2009

                  CAMPUS MINIS RY
The Senior Pilgrimmage: A Time for                                                                   SMCHS Hosts the Special
Reaffirming Faith                                                                                    Olympics
                                                                                                     By Polina Romashkova
By Alexa Kostco
          “What was the most rewarding part of the Senior Pilgrimmage?”
Austin McAnena- “The most rewarding part was understanding Jesus’ sacrifice for us as we
walked 14 miles to the mission for Him.”
Allee Campbell- “The best part for me was that I walked for Kaydee, my sister.”
AJ Cruz- “I would say bonding with those around me on the pilgrimage, also arriving was a
pretty cool feeling.”
Natalie Hamill- “The most rewarding part was the feeling of accomplishment when you reached
the mission.”
                                                                                                     Students having fun with their athlete partners
Lauren Donaghy- “The best part was forming closer bonds with classmates through a shared
experience.”                                                                                                  On Friday, April 3rd, SMCHS held the 4th annual Spe-
Amanda Haynes- “The most rewarding part of going on the pilgrimage was walking in Mark               cial Olympics on our football field. The event was organized by
and Zach’s memory.”                                                                                  Campus Ministry and was made possible by both adult and stu-
Christina Holzmann- “The most rewarding part was walking in honor of Mark and Zach, and              dent volunteers. Athletes from 9 schools throughout Southern
talking to people I’ve never talked to before.”                                                      California arrived at our campus and were greeted by volun-
Chloe Manese- “The most rewarding aspect was pushing myself to finish the entire 14 miles for        teers. The athletes were paired up with volunteers, who took
God because it was a sacrifice in itself, especially at a time of mourning and reflection that our   them to their events.
community was experiencing.”                                                                                  First, the opening ceremony was held, where all ath-
                                                                                                     letes from the 9 schools marched as they carried signs with their
                                                                                                     school name. Prayers were said, followed by a word by our
                                                                                                     principal, Mr. Dunne. Each school then prepared for their races
                                                                                                     by stretching.
                                                                                                               After each race, the athletes received ribbons accord-
                                                                                                     ing to their place and got a chance to stand on a podium and
                                                                                                     have their names announced. The students that volunteered built
                                                                                                     bonds with young athletes. The experience helped SM students
                                                                                                     feel like they were a part of something bigger than themselves.
                                                                                                               Aly Pizzurro, a sophomore who participated in the event
Seniors tired after the long journey                                                                 reflects on her experience, “The special Olympics was both fun
Kayla Saadeh- “For me, the most rewarding part was being able to accomplish something and touching experience. Just being able to see my athlete’s face
together as a class…especially with everything that happened this year. I think it really brought us when receiving their awards was rewarding enough, and I can-
together.”                                                                                           not wait until next year!” For those of you who didn’t partici-
Tori Salvatore- “Accomplishing a 14 mile walk and burning so many calories and being able to pate, make sure to sign up next year! Just listen for sign-up dates
walk so far because the destination was beneficial to my own journey in religion and finding around this time next year, and be a part of this extraordinary
God.”                                                                                                experience.
Ashley Wilson- “Walking with the whole senior class and meeting new people.”
Jenna Dato-on- “The most rewarding part was knowing that the senior class accomplished
such a difficult task with so much joy, spirituality and determination.”
Nicole Costa- “The most rewarding part was walking for Zach and Mark. It was a great way
for our class to join together in a prayerful environment.”
Nicole Johnson- “Bonding with friends and the sense of accomplishment that we all went through
it together and realizing we made I through 14 miles.”
Jordan Bellow- “It gave me an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.”

                                                            We Remember...

            Zach Raffety                                                                                                    Mark Motley
     December 15, 1991- April 7, 2009                                                                                July 23, 1990- April 7, 2009

The Blueprint   The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School   April 2009

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