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									Deploying LCD Screens As Digital Signage Is Cost Effective

Deploying LCD screens as digital signage.
Some businesses are seriously looking at deploying LCD screens as digital signage solutions, as it is one of the
fastest and most affordable solution for providing dynamic marketing to the masses.

Why is deploying LCD screens as digital signage so affordable?
The hardware used in digital advertising has driven the prices down so much so that even regular LCD and plasma
screen TVs can be used for digital advertising. With businesses competing for every single sale, business owners
are looking for that competitive edge and this is when digital marketing comes to the forefront.

Now to achieve a digital hardware solution, you need several crucial pieces, the LCD screen, a data player to hold
the adverts and of cause the correct cables to connect the data player to the TV, etc. Now the most cost effective
method is to select an LCD screen that will take a USB connector that will then connect to the data player. This is
the most simple, affordable and practical method of creating a digital signage solution.

Now using a TV for home use, is OK but there is one major problem should the hardware have to be deployed
outdoors. Here they need a special LCD enclosure, these provide the correct protection from the sun, rain and
snow. These waterproof LCD enclosures are fitted with internal heating and cooling units so the internal
temperature is perfect at any one time.

Lead in time and deploying LCD Screens as digital signage.
With advertising grade digital signage equipment, you have to bear in mind that the manufacturers have a lead in
time and this has to be included in any planning. The option seems simple and that would be to go to the nearest
electronics store and purchase an LCD screen that is made for the home market. These rarely have a lead in time
and they are readily available at a cost effective price.

Deploying LCD screens as digital signage is simple.
All advertising campaigns are planned, this is the perfect time to consider the options, it could be using a home
TV or a commercial grade TV, The planning stage of any digital signage project, this is when implementing LCD
screens as digital signage to deploy the LCD screens inside or outdoors.

Another fast solution is to use home LCD screens and put them in an outdoor digital signage LCD enclosure,
these steel LCD enclosures provide all the protection needed including being vandal resistant.

The above points are just a rough guide on how to make your digital signage solution a success as well as being
cost effective.

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