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					                                       NCUE CSIE Syllabus 2010

Course No.
Title               Computer Networks
Classroom           31101
Course Hours        Wed. 2~4
Course Credit:      3
Instructors:        Ing-Chau Chang
Office              104
Office Hours        Tue. 14:00~16:00              Wed. 14:00~16:00
                    Also available by appointment
Phone:              04-7232105 ext. 7048
Course Web:
Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, Kurose and Ross, 5th ED., Addison
Wesley, 20010
1. Computer Networks and Internets, 2nd Ed, Douglas E. Comer, 2000, Prentice

Course Objective:
Networking today involves much more than standards specifying message formats
and protocol behaviors–and it is far more interesting. Professors Kurose and Ross
focus on describing emerging principles in a lively and engaging manner and then
illustrate these principles with examples drawn from Internet architecture.
  Contents of this course are listed as follows:
Chapter 1 Computer Networks and the Internet
Chapter 2 Application Layer
Chapter 3 Transport Layer
Chapter 4 The Network Layer
Chapter 5 The Link Layer and Local Area Networks
Chapter 6 Wireless and Mobile Networks
Course Outcome:
We use the Fifth Edition of Computer Networking to continue with an emphasis on
application-layer paradigms and application programming interfaces, encouraging a
                                         NCUE CSIE Syllabus 2010
hands-on experience with protocols and networking concepts. With this course,
students are taught to integrate the most current and relevant networking

Course Requirement:
The prerequisite for the course is one year of “Introduction to Computer”.
Grading Criteria:
Grades will be based on the assignments/programming labs, presentations,
homework, quizzes, and tests.
 Check Term                                                   Percentage
 □        Active class participation                          10%
 □        Assignments                                         20%
 □        Programming Labs                                    20%
 □        Quizzes
 □        Mid-term test                                       25%
 □        Final examination                                   25%
 □        Term Project
 □        Other
Winsock Projects
Ethernet Labs
Chapter assignments

Other Comments:

Students are advised to read the textbook before coming to lectures

Preliminary Weekly Schedule (subject to change)
                        NCUE CSIE Syllabus 2010

                          Teaching Content
Week     Lecture date                                Note
                            and Process
 #1    9/16              Chap1.1
 #2    9/23              Chap1.2-1.3
 #3    9/30              Chap1.3-1.4
 #4    10/07             Chap1.5-1.6
 #5    10/14             Chap1.7-1.8
 #6    10/21             Chap2.1
 #7    10/28             Chap2.2-2.3
 #8    11/04             Chap2.4-2.5
 #9    11/11                                 Midterm
#10    11/18             Chap2.6-2.7
#11    11/25             Chap3.1
#12    12/02             Chap3.2-3.3
#13    12/09             Chap3.4
#14    12/16             Chap3.5
#15    12/23             Chap3.6-3.7
#16    12/30             Chap3.8
#17    1/06              Chap3.9
#18    1/13                                  Final